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Yet another drabble collection, but this one will be a lot shorter than usual – only five chapters, one for each of the Potters we know, starting with James the First :) Just to warn you, there will probably be crossovers when I get to the Next-Gen kids, just so it's not 3 straight chapters of OCs. Also, each drabble will be exactly 277 words, thanks to Mad (chasingafterstarlight).

This entire collection is dedicated to Mad, too. Because she's awesome and funny and brilliant and one of my best friends, and she wrote me a LucyScorpius just for a dare and it was lovely, and she helped kick my muse back into gear with that story after a bad accident involving viruses and me losing all my files. Thanks, Mad, and I hope you like these :D

Blue Candy Kisses

James Potter tastes like candy, and Lily Evans does not, contrary to popular belief, find this out in her seventh year.

She finds it out in her sixth, in a kiss that takes place behind the rocks near Hagrid's hut, during nighttime when they're both alone save for the winds that swirl and the stars that shimmer, when he's got his Invisibility Cloak – the existence of which she's just discovered, though she's had her suspicions before – draped around the both of them and is kissing her like the world is about to end.

Maybe it had, that starry night.

Too often in the following days she thinks of him, and his kiss, and the way he left her breathless and longing for so much more than he had given her. Her mind wanders during her classes, during studying hours, during her sleep, back to the evening behind the rocks. She keeps thinking about him, and that summer, she plucks up the courage and writes him a letter.

P.S., she writes, why do you taste like candy?

A letter wings its way back on a majestic eagle owl, eagerly detailing his days spent basking in rare sunlight with his friends and all their adventures in his backyard. He wishes her well, asks for her own stories, and never replies to the P.S.

When she sees him on the Hogwarts Express that September, he grins, greets her cheerfully, and gives her a small blue candy to chew on.

"It's good," he insists, running a hand through his hair, "you'll like it. I promise."

Lily pops it into her mouth and smiles. It's delicious. And it tastes just like him.

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