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dreams and expectations


If there's one thing everybody knows about Lily Luna Potter, it's that she's pretty.

And if there's one thing Scorpius Malfoy knows about Lily, it's that she's ugly.

She wants for nothing, nothing at all, flounces around the school like she owns it (and she kinda does), bats her eyelashes and has everybody putty in her hands, and it almost disgusts him, the way she saunters around like a princess.

Almost, if he had never seen the real Lily.

People wonder why her brothers or cousins never bother to reign her in, stop her from luring boys to her bed, but Scorpius knows why. It's because they know her, and they know Lily goes through long phases, and they know she'll come out a better person.

The Lily they know, the one he's seen, is just a girl with red hair and big dreams, a girl who likes to climb trees and cartwheel in meadows and dance in rivers. She's a pretty girl, yes, but there's so much more to her than that, and Scorpius wishes she would show people – show him.

"Why don't you dress like this in school?" he asks her once when she's curled up in the branches of tree above him. Her outfits out here are always simple, jeans and t-shirt and sneakers, instead of the ridiculously glamorous dresses and coats and heels she wears around Hogsmeade.

Lily brushes a hand over her jeans and shrugs. "It's not what people expect."

Scorpius grins up at her. "I'll expect it."

She scoffs. "I don't care what you expect, Malfoy."

But she starts wearing jeans to Hogsmeade. He asks her out the day she does.

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