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A scowl was placed on malfoy face as he stared at his Professor in disbelief. They had to do a project about Muggle things. Barbaric!

It was 7th year and they had a new Muggle Studies professor…his name was Professor Smith. "Now choose one thing from the Muggle world and write a report about it…every week you will give me a report…this is going to be a major grade project. The Essay as to be at least one scroll long; the project will end in a 3 weeks" he said smiling at us.

He was young around 25 with caramel locks, a nice tan skin, with deep brown eyes. All in all he was very good looking and the ladies were falling for him fast.

Crabbe and Goyle were paired up, and then there was Blaise and Potter, Pansy and Weasel. Finally it was him and Granger…that disgusting mud blood!

Draco stared at the girl beside him; yes she looked gorgeous since like 3rd year she's been filling out very nicely, but she was still dirty and in his mind fucking ugly.

"Alright Malfoy when are we going to do this" she demanded. Draco knew she wasn't in this class but they had no more students left for him. So Professor McGonagall made an exception, she asked Granger she do this with him for extra points to the Gryffindor house.

"Just meet me tomorrow around 7 pm in the commons of our dorm…since it's my project I get to choose" he snarled at her.

She pouted and he had to admit it look pretty cute but said nothing about it "fine" she sneered and walked off out of the room.

He saw Professor Smith's eyes follow her out of the room before shaking his head away. Malfoy smirked so the professor had a crush on the mud blood.

Well he's going to change that…he had a reputation going…making nobody and he means no body go out with Granger.

The bell rang and he was out of the room in a flash. "Now what am I going to do the project on" He mumbled to himself.

Malfoy was walking down the hallways when he heard a few Muggle-born girls walking by; he smirked making them blush furiously. "Hello ladies" he purred.

They stared up at him in awe, even though they knew. He took out his wand and whispered the imperious curse on them. "Follow me" he growled at them. Immediately they followed him into his dorm.

He took out the laptop from underneath this bed. Malfoy told the girls show him out to use the laptop, after the little lesson. He walked them out of dorm before Granger came back. Malfoy led them to a small hidden corner. He took off the imperious curse and erased their memories for like the past 1hr just in case.

Once he left them knocked out, he ran back to his dorm and quickly trying to find a project to work on…so he would bother granger quickly. He was looking through a list when something popped up on the screen

His attention brought to it. He licked his lips in pleasure as he felt his erection swell a bit.

There on the screen…was an add that said "To bring the women to her place" there was a picture of a blonde Muggle, big breast, her legs spread out wide. Something purple and thick inside her pussy, her hand was holding it. Her mouth open in pleasure, eyes closed.

Without even thinking about it, he clicked it and his eyes widened at the page that popped up. His eyes scanned the images, he watched the videos. Malfoy grinned evilly; he ordered everything that was on the website.

Thank you for the purchase…hope you enjoy your toys ;)

The packages will be delivered immedietly to the store...please come up and pick it up around 9 tonight.

Draco stared at the screen, he grabbed his wand and cloak going, running out of his room, down the spiral stairs to the dorm where he saw Granger laying there reading. "Hey!" she called.

But he ignored her and ran out of the head dorms room to Professor Dumbledore office.

Malfoy cursed when he didn't know the password...he tried everything on his mind until he said "Pumpkin Juice" the gargoyle rumbled and stepped aside. He ran inside and asked for a pass outside of Hogwarts.

"Alright but make sure you don't make me regret this" Dumbledore said wisely. Malfoy nodded grabbing the pass and running back outside again. While he was running he apparated to the muggle store.

Malfoy walked in and saw the store full of Muggle toys. "Excuse me do you need help?" a voice sneered to the left. Draco turned to the voice and nodded "I'm hear to pick up an order...named Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" he said, his mouth going into a grimace at the really skimpy, skinny looking girl behind the counter.

"Here you go" she said thumping three large boxes on the counter "that'll be 100 dollars" she said.

"All I have is 100 gold coins" he said smirking taking out the golden Galleons. The girl's eyes widened at the gold coins and she took them quickly "thanks and enjoy" she purred. Draco one by one took out the packages outside in the dark.

He made sure nobody was around and shrank the box to carry size then apparated back into his head dorms.

"Excuse me!" a voice shrilled. Malfoy cringed and glared at Granger who stared at me "what!" he snarled back a bit pissed off with her shrilly voice.

"I need to know what the project's about" she demanded her voice calmed down know. Malfoy smirked "listen here Granger it's my project so I can wait to tell you what the reports going to be about alright" he sneered at her.

She fumed and opened her mouth to say something more but he walked upstairs ignoring her threats. Malfoy set up his room quickly and smirked "all done know all I need her so say the unbreakable vow to me." he muttered.

He walked downstairs "there you are you ferret!" she snarled getting in his face "whoa ever heard of personal space" he grumbled shoving her away. "Now I need you to do the unbreakable vow to me" he said.

"Whaaaa?" she said confused tilting her head to the side. "You will promise that no matter what you will follow me on this project and never back down" he said. Hermione thought it over for a while before agreeing with Malfoy "all right then" she said holding out her hand.

Malfoy put her hand in his "I Hermione Granger promises Draco Malfoy that on this project that I will follow his orders and will never back down no matter what until the project's finished" she said. Malfoy smirked "that's my girl" he whispered so she couldn't hear.

He whispered the spell and a bright yellow light looped around their joined hands before sinking into her and his skin. "There we go, know Granger follow me" he said quickly walking up the stairs.

Hermione sighed and followed him quickly "alright remember no backing down" he reminded her "alright alright malfoy just hurry up" she muttered crossing her arms. Malfoy opened the door walking in. Hermione followed "oh!" she squeaked her eyes traveling down the shelves a bright blush on her cheeks "this is what I'm going to do the report on and your' going to be my experiment" he said grinning evilly.

On the spot Hermione fainted. Malfoy winced when her head hit the floor with a loud thump "that's going to leave a mark" he mumbled...

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