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Chapter 1: I'm A Good Girl

Roses burn in the fire

You were nothing but a liar

Promises left broken

She's left here choking on her tears

Don't come here

Don't come near

The monster is awakening

Hear her scream

You were the real one in need

So why, tell me

Does she bleed?

~One Month Ago~

"We're moving!"


Alice looked over at Charlie and smiled. "You can come too, Charlie."

"W-wait!" Sophie intervened. "Where are we moving to?"

"Alaska?" Bella asked a little nervously.

Alice shook her head. "A place called Heavena. In Colorado."

"Colorado, Alice?" Rosalie asked skeptically.

"Don't worry. This town isn't even heard of, and it is surrounded by mountains, so it snows and rains a lot."

Mayumi fidgeted a little. "I hate rain," she mumbled.

"Colorado you say?" Charlie went back to that and cupped his chin in his hand in thought. "Hmm. I did get a job offering from there. Not many police officers since it's a pretty small town."

Alice smiled and nodded. "Then it is settled everyone!" she giggled and clapped her hands together. "We're moving out of Forks and going to Heavena!"

(Sophie P. O. V)

"People are going missing?" I asked as Matthew ran outside to play with Renesmee.

Carlisle nodded. It was clear he was worried and upset by the matter by the look in his gold eyes. "Mainly males between the ages of seventeen and nineteen."

"You think a demon is behind this?" Ethan asked.

Carlisle shrugged his shoulders and began pacing the room once more. We all watched him: Ethan, Stefan, Edward, Bella, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Jake, and Seth. We all paid close attention to his movements and hung on each word he spoke.

"There is not enough evidence to tell. Perhaps."

"What if it's just a human?" Bella asked.

"No. Things are being done too well for it to be a human. Even with many witnesses around, the person goes missing."

The room fell silent once more. Each minute felt like an hour. Finally, Ethan spoke up, breaking the silence.

"This isn't good," he said. "We need to figure something out before whatever this thing is reveals us. And I know we don't want that."

We all nodded.

"This is just like that children case we had in Forks," I said. "I say we go at it the same way."

"You mean use you as bait?" Ethan asked. "No way. We almost died last time."

"But we're stronger now," I argued. "And it wouldn't be me as bait because I'm not a seventeen year old male."

"But Sophie, there's a difference from the two cases," Bella said. "We had evidence that the dolls were behind it, but this case has no leads at all. We wouldn't even know where to start."

"Hmm," I sighed and leaned against the back of the couch. "So what do we do? Wait for boys to just keep disappearing? Wait for this thing to slip up and then we'll go?"

"Unfortunately," Carlisle said and finally sat down.

"And, if we're lucky, one of us will become a target," Emmett said with a gleeful smile on his face. I could practically see the images in his head of him beating the perpetrator to a pulp.

"Don't get so cocky, Emmett," Rosalie scolded. "We don't know how powerful this thing could be."

Everyone agreed.

(Third Person P. O. V)

"Wake up~ You sleep too much!" the girl complained and glanced over the railing.

"Get down from there before you fall," another girl scolded her and the hyper one quickly moved away, a pout on her pretty face.

"I'm bored!" she says simply. "And he won't wake up! You said he would wake up soon."

"I said no such thing!" the more mature girl argued. "I told you he would wake up, that is all! I never told you when."

"So you don't know when he'll wake up?"

The mature girl shook her head. The childish one put her hand to her lips and glanced over the railing in a safer way. Her green eyes were full of worry as she stared down into the darkness that held the boy they were talking about.

"Hey, Miss?"

"What is it?"

"When he wakes up . . . Will he remember?"

"The past?"

"No. Me."

"Oh . . ." the mature one trailed off and smirked. "Of course. How could he ever forget you? After all, you are his weapon."

Those words cheered the girl right up. She smiled widely and nodded her head. "Yup! He could never forget about me! We're the bestest friends!"

"Yes, yes you are. Now, I have a favor to ask."

(Sophie P. O. V)

The next morning was Monday, meaning I had to get ready for school, and so did Matthew. I walked over to my son's room and shook him gently.

"Come on," I whispered softly. "Time to get up, Matthew."

Of course, he just groaned and hid deeper under the blanket. "I don't wanna go to school."

I smiled. "Come on. Preschool isn't even half as bad as high school," I chuckled.

"But I want to stay home, Mama," he begged and peaked up at me from under the blanket. My gut churned as I looked into his eyes. What was that look? Fear?

"Matthew . . . What's wrong?" I asked and sat on the edge of the bed. I picked up my adorable son and sat him on my lap as I hugged him.

He shrugged, his round cheeks puffed out slightly. He always did that before he was about to cry. "I . . . I feel like something bad is going to happen . . . It's . . . scawy Mama. . ." Matthew began to cry and instantly clung to me tightly.

I stared at him in shock, my arms still wrapped around him protectively. "Scary?"

"We'll all stay home today."

I looked up at Stefan as he leaned against the doorframe of Matthew's room, his light brown eyes intently on me. He nodded.

"Alright," I told him and tried to soothe Matthew. Honestly, what was wrong? Matthew never acted this way, so why now?

I picked my child up and walked downstairs to make him some breakfast as he continued to hold me tightly. Stefan lingered behind. I sent him a cautious glance and he just shrugged.

"That was odd," Stefan murmured when we were alone in the kitchen. Matthew sat in the living room, playing with some of his toys.

I nodded as I grabbed the ingredients to make Matthew's favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. "What scared him so much?"

"A bad dream?"

I shook my head. "No. This was different." I glanced over at the opening in the wall in the kitchen that looked out into the living room where Matthew was. I stared at my innocent son as he played Transformers with his toy robots.

Stefan chuckled and pulled me to him. He held me tight in his arms and stroked my hair. "Maybe it's nothing."

"But what if it's something?" I asked.

"Then we'll just have to deal with it, just like we always do."

I smiled and nodded. "Right."

"Matthew, come on!" I called. "Renesmee is waiting for you at the Cullens'."

"Coming!" he called from his room.

"Sophie," Stefan said in a shocked tone. "Come here."

"What's wrong?" I asked as I stepped into the living room. My eyes quickly landed on the TV and I gasped. "Isn't that-"

"Matthew's school," we both finished in unison.

The preschool. It was on the news, completely engulfed in flames. I quickly sat next to Stefan and grabbed the remote from his hand so I could put the volume up.

As of one o' clock this afternoon the Heavena Charter Preschool was consumed in flames. Most of the children were able to make it out safely, but three unfortunately are trapped; along with two teachers. Firefighters are trying their best to take out the flames, but the fire does not seem to be affected by the water. Firefighters are completely baffled by this, but are not giving up.

As the news anchor continued to talk, Stefan and I exchanged a knowing glance.

"He knew," we muttered in unison.

"But how?" I asked.

Stefan shrugged and stood up. "I don't know, but it's obvious the flames aren't normal."

"Yeah. We need to go take care of it."

"We?" Stefan asked.

"Stop being so overprotective of me," I scolded. "I'm strong too."

"But I lost you in a fire! You expect me to let you near another one!"

"It wasn't the fire that killed me!' I pointed out and grabbed my cellphone. I dialed Bella's number as I went upstairs to get Matthew. When I entered his room, he was staring out his window at the sky.

"Scawy," he whimpered and began to cry again.

"Matthew," I murmured and picked him up to take him away from the window. You could see the smoke from his school in the distance.

"Sophie! Matthew!" Bella blurted out when she picked up the phone.

"It's alright. He's okay. He's with me," I explained. "We decided to stay home today."

"Thank goodness," she sighed.

"But Bella, that fire isn't normal."

"We sort of figured. You think this is somehow connected to the kidnapper?"

"I doubt it. It just doesn't fit."

"Yeah. We'll meet you there then."

I agreed and hung up the phone, Matthew still in my arms. How did he know something would happen to the school? A coincidence maybe? No . . . There are hardly any coincidences in our lives.

"Stefan, come on," I said.

"Right behind you."

(Third Person P. O. V)

Even though the whole building was consumed in flames, the childish girl danced on the roof of the building, twirling around the flames.

"Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home,

Your house is on fire and your children are gone,

All except one and that's little Ann,

For she crept under the frying pan." the girl sang childishly and continued to dance among the flames. It almost seemed as if she were in some kind of daze.

"Hey, hey," she muttered to herself. "When is she going to come?"

Her answer came quickly. She felt the sudden power in the air. They were here. She smiled and stared out at the large crowd of people. Some of them had noticed her and were pointing and screaming while others did not see her at all because she was moving around too much to stay in one single place.

"Time to play!" she giggled.

(Sophie P. O. V)

I got out the car and walked over to Ethan on his black motorcycle. He took off his helmet and looked up at the burning building. Bella and the others were behind us. Esme, Renesmee, and Matthew were the only ones not here.

"What are you going to do?" Ethan asked and turned his cerulean eyes to me.

"Angel water. It's the obvious thing to do," I said.

He nodded. "Then you're going to have to do it along with Stefan. And you have to get pretty close."

"I know. But I feel someone in there, so I need you guys as back up."

"That's what big brothers are for," he said and gave me that crooked smile of his. I smiled back before turning to Stephan.

"Let's hurry," I said. I knew it was already too late for the people inside, they were most likely already dead, but I could stop the fire from spreading and killing more people.

Hidden from the public eye, Stefan and I changed into our angel forms. Me with my white hair, red eyes, and gray wings, and white sundress; and Stefan with pure white wings, light blue eyes, and a white suit. Unlike me, his hair remained it's usual crow black.

The two of us made our way swiftly to the back of the burning building where no one was.

"Do you remember the spell?" Stefan asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. I've been practicing," I said with a triumphant smile.

I lifted my hand into the air as Stefan and I spoke in unison. "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, heal this fire and cease the hellish riot!"

A sweet rain began to descend from the sky. You could hear the fire hissing under it; like a cat being forced to take a bath.

"Aw~! No fair! I didn't think you'd stop my fire so easily!" came a childish female voice.

Stefan and I both looked up to see a female around my age with very long, straight white hair and emerald eyes. She was pouting at us, her arms crossed over her chest as she stood in the remaining flames. She was barefoot and only in a baby pink sundress. She had so many stitches wrapped around her body. One around her left ankle, one around both her wrists, one around her neck, one on her right arm, and one around each of her legs.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My name?" she asked and pointed at herself. "I am Lacie!" she said her name full of enthusiasm and jumped onto one leg, both of her arms in the air as she smiled.

"Why did you set the fire, Lacie?" I asked. "Why harm children?"

"Huh? Did I do something bad?" she asked and actually sounded sincere. "They told me I was doing a good thing."

"Well you're not!" I snapped. "You're hurting innocent people!"

By this time, the last of the flames had disappeared. Lacie stared down at her feet and brought her hands slowly up to her face.

"Lacie did . . . Something wrong?" she said in an even more childish tone. "Lacie . . . No . . ." Lacie began shaking her head and clawing at her head, ripping skin and drawing blood. "No! No, no, no, no, no! Lacie did nothing wrong! I am not a bad girl! They told me it was fine! They told me . . ."

"It's not fine!" I yelled.

"LACIE IS A GOOD GIRL!" she screamed and suddenly something came crashing down between Stefan and I. We quickly jumped out of the way before we were hit by the sudden blade that appeared. I looked up to see where it had come from, but by then it was gone again.

What the . . . ?

Lacie jumped down from the roof and swung again. This time she was aiming for me and I saw where the blade had come from.

She was the blade! Lacie had somehow managed to transform her arm into a long, scythe-like blade. I kept dodging her attacks, but I suddenly was pinned to a tree and I couldn't move in time.

"Sophie!" Ethan shouted and kicked Lacie away from me.

I sighed with relief. Bella and the Cullens soon appeared as well. Lacie stared around at everyone in shock and shook her head slowly, her green eyes seemed so daze, but I could tell she knew.

"Too many," she muttered and began to run off.

"Come back here!" I snapped and was about to go after her, but Ethan and Stefan grabbed one of my wrists and stopped me. "But . . . She . . ."

They both shook their heads.

"She's nothing like we've seen before," Stefan said. "You saw how she turned her arm into a blade. We need to know more about her before we kill her."

I sighed and nodded. "Alright." Stefan was right. We can't just go in blind. "She said someone told her what she was doing was fine. Someone ordered her to do this."

Everyone remained silent.

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