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~Chapter 7: The Start Of Change~

(Sophie P. O. V)

"She didn't recognize me," Molly said sadly as we returned back home.

"Well, she never met you," I said. "So she needs a bit more time before she realizes a connection."

Molly remained silent and I sighed, feeling pity for the girl. She really wanted Bella to discover they were sisters, but Molly didn't want to tell her herself.

Molly vanished up to her room as soon as we stepped foot into the house. Matthew looked up at me, his cerulean eyes worried for his friend.

"Go cheer her up," I said. Matthew smiled and nodded before running after Molly.

Stefan and I were now alone, and he took quick advantage of this fact. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back to him, his lips trailing down my neck slowly as his hands wandered over me eagerly. My heart pounded against my chest as my breathing began to pick up and my cheeks turned red.

"Sophie, I need you, now," Stefan whispered in my ear, my heart running faster than what it was a moment ago.

Stefan pressed his lips to mine and I was relishing in his taste when a thought suddenly came to mind. I pulled my lips away from his and stared up at Stefan, worry in my eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Earlier today," I began. "You looked very angry about something. You looked like you wanted to kill someone."

Stefan watched me closely as I spoke, no readable emotion on his handsome face.

"What got you so angry?" I asked.

He shook his head and kissed me for a short moment. "It was nothing," Stefan said.

"Stefan," I said, my tone asking for a real answer.

"Honest." Stefan gave me a deeper kiss than the one a moment ago and intertwined the fingers of our left hands together, my wedding ring brushing against his.

"I love you, Sophie."

"I love you, Stefan."

(Third Person P. O. V)

Lacie gasped as a strange feeling consumed her. Everyone stared at her curiously and watched as her emerald eyes grew distant and she fell forward.

"Lacie!" Ryan called and quickly grabbed the albino before she could hit the ground.

"What on Earth has happened to her?" the mature female asked, but Lacie did not hear her. Lacie only heard one voice and one voice only.

The voice of her master.

Lacie, come. he beckoned. It is time for me to awaken. Come.

"M . . . Master . . ." the word left Lacie's lips in a trance-like tone.

The word caused everyone to freeze and grow pale.

"Master?" Ryan asked.

The mature girl bit her bottom lip before running over to where Lacie's master was being held. As she approached, a sudden bright light filled the dark space he was being held in. The mature woman flinched away from the light, an arm over her eyes to keep from going blind. Lacie slowly got out of Ryan's arms and walked towards the light, her body being pulled by the sound of her master.

Come, hurry.

"Master," Lacie said and climbed into the railing that overlooked the once dark place her master was in.

"What are you doing?" the mature woman asked in shock, but could not look at Lacie for the light was just too bright.

All of a sudden, Lacie jumped forward, plummeting into the light.

"What are you doing?!" Ryan exclaimed. "You foolish girl! You're going to die!"

But Lacie had not heard him as she plummeted downwards, getting closer and closer to her master. The voice of her master had stopped, and so had the trance, but Lacie was not afraid to see that she was falling head first. Instead, she giggled and extended her arms out like a child does when they want to be held.

And that is exactly what happened.

Arms wrapped around Lacie, pulling her into an embrace. Lacie quickly buried her face into the bare chest and laughed happily.

"Master is finally awake!"

(Sophie P. O. V)

As I exited the shower, this strange feeling suddenly consumed me. I stood in the doorway, confused as to why I was feeling this way. Why had this feeling suddenly come over me? It was a foreboding feeling, but also warm.

I shrugged off the feeling and wandered into Molly's room to check on her. But, there were two lumps under the blanket instead of one. I walked over and moved the blanket away to find Matthew and Molly sleeping peacefully next to one another, Molly's small hand held protectively in Matthew's.

I smiled at the cute sight before turning off the light and leaving them to sleep. I was about to head to mine and Stefan's room when I heard my husband's angry voice coming from downstairs. Curiosity and worry got the best of me as I listened closely from the top of the stairs.

"History repeating itself?" Stefan asked angrily. "That can't be! What is killed once can not come back!"

There was silence as the person on the other end spoke.

"They are a different case," Stefan said in a lower tone. "They were brought back by an angel, but he was not. How are you so sure he is returning."

Another pause.

"So she is connected to him? No I did not know this! If I did, don't you think I would have contacted you sooner?"

What's going on? I've never heard Stefan this angry before. This instantly made me think of that expression Stefan had earlier today.

I walked downstairs, but Stefan did not hear me as he spoke to the person on the phone.

"Well I need more information than that," Stefan growled as he stood in front of the kitchen island, his back to me as he talked on his phone.

"Stefan," I said, my voice layered with worry.

Stefan quickly turned to face me, his light brown eyes wide in shock at my appearance. He spoke quickly to the person on the phone.

"We'll talk about this at a different time," he said and hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" I asked as Stefan walked over to me. I stared up at him, not feeling this worried in a long time.

Stefan cupped the side of my face in his hand, his thumb gently stroking my cheek. "It isn't anything important. Just an argument with one of the editors."

I instantly knew he was lying. The conversation I had heard didn't sound like anything relating to a new book.

"I'm worrying you too much," Stefan muttered and briefly kissed my lips. "Forgive me, Angel, but nothing is wrong so you don't need to worry."

I wanted to call out his bluff, but I quickly decided against it. I didn't want to reveal I knew the truth just yet. If I did, Stefan would try to hide it better, and I might not find out anything else.

Stefan kissed me again, pulling me tightly to his bare, toned chest.

Two days later, I was back at school. Stefan had enrolled Molly in the same preschool as Matthew, so the two of them were there. Molly seemed confident to go, but she froze up as soon as she actually arrive. But I'm not worried. She has Matthew, so I know she'll be fine.

As I entered the classroom, I saw Ethan sleeping at his desk. I sighed and walked over to him.

"Did you party too much again?" I giggled.

Ethan looked up at me, clearly tired. "Not . . . Funny . . ."

I sat at my desk which was right next to Ethan's and handed him a bottle of water. Ethan gladly took it and chugged down the whole thing in a matter of seconds. He sighed in relief.

"Much better. Thanks, Sophie."

I nodded and stared out the classroom window.

"Something on your mind?" Ethan asked.

"Just this feeling I've had for a while. It's nothing to worry about, I'm pretty sure it's nothing," I said.

"You sure?"

I smiled and looked at Ethan. "I'm sure."

He smiled back and nodded. "Okay."

(Third Person P. O. V)

"Are you settled in now?" the mature female asked as she stared at Lacie's master.

He nodded as he sat in a chair by the window, Lacie sitting on his lap like a child. She had her head rested against his chest, her eyes shut as she slept soundly. It actually shocked the mature female. Ever since Lacie's master had awakened, Lacie was much calmer and always by his side.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"She? I am not sure where, but she is in this town," the mature woman answered.

The man stared out the window, his eyes full of longing. "Will I be able to see her soon?"

"As I told you two days ago, you will, but first, we need to make sure you are comfortable and fully strengthened."

"We?" the man asked.

The female nearly nodded before excusing herself from the room.

The man was now left alone with a sleeping Lacie. He stared down into her dreaming face and chuckled as he placed his hand on her head and smoothed down her white locks.

"Your appearance hasn't changed at all," he whispered. "But can the same be said for your mind?"

(Sophie P. O. V)

"So the Watcher is Bella's sister?" Ethan asked as he and I were alone in the music room. We were sitting on a black piano bench, Ethan turned towards the keyboard while I had my back to it.

I nodded. "Yeah."

"They don't look anything alike to me."

"Molly created her own appearance since she was not properly given one. But, moving away from that, I'm afraid Bella won't ever feel a connection between herself and Molly."

"Well, there is no guarantee Molly was going to be recognized. In fact, I doubt anything will be noticed unless Molly reveals it herself."

"So that's what it will have to come down too," I sighed as Ethan began to play the piano.

I closed my eyes and leaned against Ethan's shoulder as he played the melody our father had taught him as a child. The only difference was that Ethan had originally learned the melody on the violin, but converted it to piano just recently.

When the melody drifted to a stop, Ethan and I sat in the silence for a few moments longer, my eyes still closed as I continued to lean against him.

"Sophie," Ethan said, breaking the silence. "That weird feeling you mentioned earlier . . ."

I hummed in response and opened my eyes, but didn't move from my position.

"I know you said it was nothing, but, I think it might be something."

"Why?" I asked and looked up into my brother's face.

Ethan looked a bit upset as he stared off into the distance, his eyebrows coming close together as his face was set in thought. His sapphire eyes looked as if they were deep in thought about something.

"Ethan?" I asked.

"I've been having a strange feeling lately too," he admitted. "A foreboding feeling, like something very powerful is coming. Powerful and dangerous."

I remained silent, Ethan's word sinking in. The foreboding feeling, that's what I had, but it was also warm, as if I shouldn't fear it. So why did Ethan feel it was dangerous?

Ethan looked down at me and smiled charmingly. "Or maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid about what happened back in Forks and my feeling has nothing to do with yours."

I nodded, unsure of what to say at the moment. Ethan continued to smile at me as he grabbed the side of my face and kissed my cheek, his lips about a centimeter away from mine, but that's what he always did whenever he kissed my cheek.

"Just forget what I said, kay?" he asked.

"Yeah," I lied.

Molly clung to my legs as we went shopping with Alice, Rosalie, Mayumi, Bella, and Renesmee. The Watcher hadn't spoken a single word this whole time we were at the mall. I at least hope I can help her become less shy in front of the others.

As Alice, Rosalie, and Renesmee were in changing rooms, I bent down to Molly's height and smiled.

"You don't have to be so shy around them," I told her. "They're family."

Mayumi stared at the floor, playing with her fingers. It didn't seem my words were getting to Molly because she pulled he straw hat down in the front to hide her face. I sighed, but didn't want to give up.

"Want to try on something?" I asked.

"Everything is too big," Molly said in a muffled tone, indication that she had her cheeks puffed out stubbornly.

"Not the jewelry," I responded. "You can try on different necklaces if you want."

Bella looked down at Molly and I. A smile crossed her face and she vanished for a brief moment before returning with a pair of cute earrings. They were crescent moons consumed in silver glitter. Bella also crouched down to Molly's height and showed the angel the earrings.

"Try these. I bet they'll look nice on you," she said.

Molly looked at Bella in shock, her mouth slightly agape and her golden eyes wide. No words escaped Molly, but she took the earrings from Bella with shaking hands. She smiled down at them and went over to a mirror as Bella and I each put one earring on Molly.

"Pretty," Molly sighed in admiration.

Bella and I nodded.

"Very pretty," I said.

"They fit you perfectly," Bella commented.

With Bella's involvement, Molly instantly cheered up and I watched her happily as she began to come out of her shell. Molly didn't talk as much, but she was talking more and even getting involved. She was no longer clinging to me, but was around Bella and Renesmee more.

I smiled happily as Alice walked up to me and took a brief glance over at Renesmee and Molly as they tried on different necklaces.

"Hard to believe they're related," Alice said.

I gasped and looked at the psychic. "Y-you know?" I asked.

Alice rolled her eyes and giggled. "Please, I knew the moment she made contact with you. Your future may be blurry to me, but I am still able to see it. I saw when she appeared and spoke to you."

"You haven't told anyone, right?" I asked.

"Only Edward knows and that's because he was around me when I had the vision. Don't worry, we've decided to go with Molly and not tell Bella just yet."

I nodded, glad to hear that.

Suddenly, Alice tensed, her eyes distant as she had a vision.

"Alice?" I asked and placed my hand on her shoulder.

Her eyes came back to the present and she looked over at me. "Someone is here to see you."


She nodded, her porcelain face serious. "But the rest of us can't go with you. It will just escalate into an unnecessary battle."

"A battle? Alice, who's here for me?" I asked.


"Lacie? Won't it turn into a battle if I go alone then?"Alice shook her head. "Not by what I saw. It looks to me like she just has something to tell you and then she'll leave."

"Is there anyone else with her?"

"I didn't see anyone else, so I doubt it. She's out in the parking lot, waiting. Go, but if I see her turning violent, I'll come to your side."

I nodded. "Let's both hope it doesn't turn into that. Watch Molly, and don't tell anyone why I left."


I exited the store, heading straight to the parking lot outside. I could see my breathe forming as I stepped foot into the cold night air. I glanced around the parking lot, but saw nothing at first. Finally, a spotted the albino girl sitting on top of one of the parking lot lamps. She stared down at me, quiet and calm, quite unlike herself.

I approached Lacie cautiously, but there seemed to be no hostility in her appearance as I came closer and closer.

"I heard you had to tell me something," I said in a normal tone, knowing it was silent enough for Lacie to hear me properly.

She nodded and jumped down from the lamp, landing softly on the cement below. Lacie walked up to me and smiled.

"Things are changing," she said.

"Changing?" I asked. "How?"

Lacie giggled. "My master has finally awakened, and he told me to tell you personally."

"Finally awakened? I'm not following at all."

"He said you might not, but that's okay he said. Master isn't mad."

"This master," I said. "Who is he?"

"Jack Reynolds."

"That name does not hold any meaning to me."

"It will, Master said so," Lacie said, a bit of her childishness seeping into her words. So she had not fully changed completely I see.

" . . . Is there some goal that he has?" I asked.

Lacie giggled and nodded. "Yes. A very important goal that he will do anything to fulfill."

"Does it involve hurting anyone?"

"Besides the females and males already given to him?"

"To him?" I asked in bewilderment. "All those kidnappings were for him? What does he want with all those innocent people?!"

"Master needed them to awaken. The male bodies were needed, and the females were just something to entertain him, but he's done with them now."

The way Lacie could say such things so simply, sickened me. How could she just talk about using people as if it were something as simple as talking about the weather? It truly disgusted me how this girl obviously had no heart.

"Are they dead?" I asked, afraid of the answer.

Lacie nodded. "But only nine of the females. The others we still have, but they are no longer human."

"They are artificial demons," I said, thinking back to what Ryan had done.

"Exactly!" Lacie giggled. "They will come in handy in fulfilling Master's goal."

"The goal," I muttered.

Lacie suddenly got a sly smile, her emerald eyes full of amusement.

"Tell me what it is."

Lacie shook her head. "Master gave me strict orders not to tell you. I only came to tell you he had awakened and things are changing. Many things." With those words, Lacie jumped high into the air, back onto the top of the lamp post. She smiled down at me.

"I'm not done yet!" I exclaimed. "I have more questions to ask you!"

But she shook her head once more before disappearing into the night.

"Damn," I whispered.

Now I knew who was behind the kidnappings, but I didn't fully understand why or who the person was. Jack Reynolds, the name doesn't ring a bell. Lacie said her master expected that, so why tell me in the first place?

"Ethan, I'm afraid you may have been right," I murmured.

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