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Maka stared up at the steps that led to Death-Weapon-Miester-Academy, more commonly known as the DWMA. It was exactly as her mother had described it. The Three giant white skulls that formed the entrance, the giant eternally burning candles, and the red tiled towers that reminded her more of a fairy tale castle than a school.

But, her mother had neglected to mention one thing. The Stairs.

But Maka was an Albarn. Daughter to one of the DWMA's most celebrated miesters, and the reigning idio…reigning Death Scythe. Stairs would not defeat her. No matter how many there seemed to be. Nodding to herself, she lifted her leg, and took her first step towards her new life.


"Chill out Black*Star." Soul sighed as his friend continued to excitedly bounce around the hallways, his miester watching him with amusement.

"He's just excited Soul, he hasn't seen Maka for years" Tsubaki explained, smiling.

Soul rolled his red eyes, "I know. He hasn't shut up about it since he found out. A month ago."

Tsubaki gave him another sympathetic smile. "He'll calm down once he see's her."

Soul grunted in response, obviously not placated.

The trio continued down the halls, Black*Star leading the way, loudly announcing his presence to everyone. Soul sighed again. His best friend really was getting on his nerves this morning.

"So…" Tsubaki glanced up innocently, "are you going to the miester-weapon social tonight?"

Soul's annoyed expression changed to a blank slate of bored. Tsubaki bit her lip nervously. Soul had been annoyed before, now he was angry. "I dunno. Lord Death told me I should go."

She knew she was walking on broken glass, but she couldn't stop now. "You really should Soul, it would be so much easier for you if you could just find a partner."

He sniffed, lifting his hand and pointing at the bulletin board that held missions. "No offense Tsubaki, but I've completed fifteen missions alone already. You and Black*Star haven't even gotten your first soul together."

Soul was trying to bait her into an argument. It was his defensive mechanism. And even thought Tsubaki knew that, she could still feel her temper rising. "We may not have as many soul's as you."

"None" her interjected in his infuriating bored tone.

"But at least neither of us get's hurt every time we go on a mission."

He scowled, absentmindedly reaching up and rubbing the bandage that was still wrapped around his neck from his most recent assignment. "I don't care about how I get there, it's the end result that matters."

She sighed, stopping and grabbing his arm gently. He tensed up for a moment, before looking up at the taller girl next to him, his eyes guarded. "I just don't want you getting hurt Soul. It scares me every time I have to see you in the infirmary. And it scares Black*Star too, even if he won't admit it."

Soul felt his throat tighten at her soft tone. Letting out a heavy sigh, he nodded. "Alright, I'll go to the stupid Social if nothing comes up. But you and Black*Star better be there too."

She let go of his arm, all seriousness draining from her face and into a smile. "Of course!"

"Hey! Mortals!" Black*Star called from further up the hallway, "Your God has somewhere to be, hurry up!"

Tsubaki let out a little laugh and ran off after her partner, leaving Soul to trudge after them annoyed that he had let himself be guilt tripped yet again. "What's the big hurry, it's just another stupid girl?" Rolling his eyes, he took another few slow steps when an idea struck him. A horribly devious idea.

Tsubaki was going to kill him.


Maka sighed in relief as she reached the final step. It wasn't as bad as she had expected, but she could still feel a steady burn already developing in her legs. Smiling to herself, she looked at the bright side; at least her legs would look amazing by the end of the year. Maybe that could distract from her less than impressive chest…

While she was pondering the pros and cons of the situation, she didn't notice the bellow of happiness. Quite an impressive feat as people inside the school heard it, cringing as they did.

"Yahoo! Maka, you're back!" Black*Star screamed as he flew into the slender girl, knocking them into a roll.

"Black*Star!" Maka cried in shock as they came to a rolling stop, her childhood friend laughing happily as he rolled back to his feet. "Don't do that!"

He laughed again, throwing his head back, "Maka, your God has come to greet you and that's how you acknowledge me? And after all this time. I'd almost say you've lost your belief in me." Maka rolled her eyes and made to answer, but before she could Black*Star had already leaned back over her, "But I know that could never happen!" Again he started laughing.

In spite of herself, Maka cracked a grin as well. Even if he was kind of annoying, she was excited to see him again.

"Black*Star!" A soft female voice called, causing Maka to look up, "What did I tell you about knocking people over."

"This isn't a people Tsubaki" Black*Star pointed at her, "It's a Maka."

The tall girl sighed, before turning to Maka and extending a hand. Grinning, she took it, allowing herself to be pulled up.

"I'm sorry, he just has so much energy," She smiled fondly at Black*Star, "I'm Tsubaki, Black*Star's weapon."

"Maka, miester" She greeted, looking over at Black*Star as well, "and I know, I grew up with…that."

The girls started to continue pleasantries, when Black*Star (smooth as ever) cut in. "So Maka, why are you finally here? You're like a year late. I mean, I was ahead of you already, but now I'm like, light-years ahead."

Maka smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Oh, you know. Mama decided it's time I really got into becoming a miester, and papa has been trying to get my to come up here since the divorce."

Black*Star nodded, completely oblivious to his friends slightly terse tone. "About damn time. So, you have to find a weapon partner tonight."

Maka's eyebrows went up in surprise. "W-what? Tonight? I thought we had like, all month to get a partner."

Tsubaki nodded, balancing out Black*Stars words, "You do, but Black*Star would only look for a partner on the first day."

He nodded, still looking at Maka "Of course, I only needed one look. Who needs a whole month? I knew Tsubaki was perfect the moment I met her." Behind him, Tsubaki blushed. "But I guess you can take longer, you are just a mortal after all."

Maka smiled, Black*Star hadn't changed a bit over the last few years. "Thanks Black*Star. I hope I can find a Scythe partner, that's what mama was and what she's been training me for."

Black*Star snapped his fingers, "Hey, we know…!" He looked around, realizing for the first time the absence of his friend. "Hey, where is Soul?"

As if on cue, the schools main doors opened up and the Demon Scythe in question slouched out, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of yellow jacket. Maka couldn't help but stare. In all fairness though she had never seen anyone with white hair and red eyes.

"Soul!" Black*Star called across the short distance, louder than needed, "Come meet my friend!"

Soul's eyes shifted from the blue haired miester to the thin girl that stood next to him, staring at him dumbly through large green eyes. Just another stupid girl, exactly like he thought. Slowly, he pulled a hand from his pocket gave a two-finger wave and a half smile. "Hey. I'll have to meet her later man, I got a mission."

Maka felt Tsubaki stiffen next to her. "You what?"

Soul's eye twinkled in poorly hid amusement; "Something's been stealing from some places around town. Seems harmless enough, so I figured I'd take it light and go figure it out tonight."

"Soul, you said you would go!" Tsubaki huffed, ignoring the looks she was receiving from the two miesters.

Soul shrugged, already walking away. "I said I would go if nothing came up. If I finish up early enough I'll try to swing by."

Maka watched as the youth continued to walk away and quickly disappear from sight down the steps. Something was missing, "Where's his miester?"

"Soul doesn't have a miester" Black*Star informed her, turning back towards the school, "I almost forgot, you dad told me to bring you to Lord Death when you arrived."

Maka stared after where the white haired boy had disappeared for a moment longer before chasing after her friend. "Why doesn't he have a miester?"

Black*Star shrugged, leaving the answer on Tsubaki.

"We don't know actually." She admitted, a slight frown marring her pretty face. "Soul's been to every weapon-miester social since he's got here, and each time he refuses any miester who approaches him."

Maka frowned. It was dangerous for a weapon to go on missions alone. Justin Law may have been the first weapon to succeed in becoming a Death Scythe on his own, but he was not the first to try.

Why didn't Soul want a partner? Was it simply pride? If so, that was pretty stupid.

"What an idiot" she breathed, following after her two friends.


"Oh my Maka has returned to me!" Spirit sang as he happily danced around the Death Room, oblivious to the annoyance he was causing his employer.

"Spirit, I understand you are excited, but it may do you well to tone down your emotions" Lord Death said, his tone uncharacteristically serious, "You know, given the circumstances that bring Maka her."

Spirits dance immediately came to a halt, his face deadly serious as he stared into the empty holes of Death's mask. "I know. I am her father."

Death nodded, his voice returning to it's normal childish tone, "Perfect, because they are here!"

"Wha?" Spirit had time to ask before the door burst open and Black*Star walked in, flanked by his partner and…and…

"Maka!" Spirit cried, completely forgetting his previous conversation with Lord Death and charging towards his daughter arms wide open. "Daddy has urk!"

Spirit crashed to the floor clutching his head as Maka produced a large textbook seemingly from nowhere and expertly split the unlucky father through the center of his head.

"Nice Chop" Lord Death nodded to himself quietly.

"Don't waste your breath, I'll never consider you my father Maka stated through gritted teeth before stepping over the sobbing man, "Hello Lord Death!"

"Hey, Hi, How ya doing there Maka?" The God asked, bouncing up and down happily, "It's so good to have you back, and finally as a student. I've been waiting a long time! I'm sure you will be a great miester just like your mother."

Maka blushed at the praise Lord Death lavished upon her, feeling some of the weight on her heart shift. "Thank you."

"Not at all!" He brought out one of his oversize hands and rested it on his head, "Now, lets see here…there is a weapon-miester social tonight. I would suggest you attend."

"Of course!" Maka nodded before a thought hit her. "Um…Lord Death, where will I be staying?"

"Well…if you find another partner tonight, we can assign you a living space." Lord Death finished, clapping his hands together happily.

"And…if I don't" Maka asked, already feeling dread in the pit of her stomach.

"Well then, you can stay with your father until you do find a partner!"

Her eye twitched as she heard Black*Star snigger behind her. "O-oh…. T-thank You Lord Death."

"Not a problem!" He looked around for a moment, thinking, "Nope, I guess that's it. Well, enjoy the rest of the day! And good luck finding a partner tonight!"

He watched as the trio of student's left, leaving him with a still pouting Death Scythe.

"Maka!" Spirit wailed, rocking back and forth, "I love you Maka! I promise!"

The Reaper sighed, bringing up his hand for a reaper chop. He really hoped this wasn't going to become the norm for his weapon now that that his daughter was back.


Soul pulled his jacket tighter around his frame, his eyes set on the area below him. The report from the locals had said that every night, when they brought in a new shipment for the restaurant, they were attacked. When the chaos ended, any fish or crème that had been brought was gone. So naturally, taking up a spot on the roof seemed like a smart idea. That had been before it got cold.

He sighed. He had actually taken a mission to investigate crème and fish on a cold night? That was the opposite of cool. But it was better than dealing with another social. Where another gaggle of stupid miesters would try to be his weapon. Try to resonate with him.

He grinned, showing off his shark-like teeth to the night. One good thing had come off all that forced resonation. Whether or not a miester could resonate with him, he could give them a nice sharp jolt and trick them into (painfully) thinking it was impossible. It was one of the many tricks he had picked up in the last year of avoiding potential partners.

Still amused with thoughts about the face of the last girl who had tried to resonate with him before he jolted her, he didn't notice a cat sneak up next to him until it let out a small meow.

Jumping slightly, he glared down at the feline. "Hey, what are you doing up here?"


"I don't have any food, buzz off."


"I said I'm busy" Soul snapped, swatting his hand at the stray, whom he noted, was wearing a pointy hat.

"Meow!" the cat purred again, avoiding his hand and quickly leaping onto his lap and laying down.

Soul sighed in defeat, letting his hand drop down and start to stroke the cat behind the ears. "Whatever, at least you're warm."

Annoyed with himself at giving into the demands of a hat-wearing cat, Soul let his mind drift. Those were really green eyes…

"So, what are we waiting for?" a female voice asked, causing him to jump again. He snapped his head from side to side, but he was alone on the roof.

"Whose there?" he called out, letting his forearm transform into a blade, "Show yourself."

"I'm right here silly!" the voice said again, and he felt a small tapping on his chest.

Confused, he looked down the see the car, now sitting up with its pay resting on his chest. "Hi!"

"What the hell!" Soul jolted, falling backwards and almost slipping off the roof. The cat easily hopped off him and landed back on the roof.

"What?" the cat asked, cocking her head to one side.

"You can talk?" Soul sputtered, making sure he was secure again.

"Yep. So, what were you doing up here?" she asked, holding up a paw and inspecting her claws.

Soul ignored the insanity of the fact that he was talking to a cat. "I'm on a mission, form the DWMA."

"Oh, I've been there!" She smiled. Cat's can smile? "So what's the mission?"

Shaking his head, Soul got back into his waiting position before answering, "Someone has been attacking the workers down there and stealing fish and crème apparently. Not a big deal, but still…"

"Oh, I know all about that?"

"You do? Good, who's doing it?" Soul asked, looking back at her.

"Me" She answered simply, licking down some fur on her paw.

"Yeah, I'm sure" Soul sighed. The cat obviously just wanted more attention. The reports would have mentioned if it were a cat, besides, what kind of losers couldn't handle a cat?

"I'm more dangerous than you think," she smartly stated, strutting away from him.

"Oh shut up already, I've got to concentrate." He grumbled. Settling in again, he narrowed his eyes at the loading area again. There was a second of silence, and he heard the cat clear her throat. He ignored her. She did it again.

"What?" He snapped, not looking up.

"I thought I should introduce myself!"

Soul groaned.

"Don't be rude little boy."

"I'm not a little boy" he growled, but she ignored him.

"My names Blair" She replied brightly, pushing a hand in front of his face. Sighing, he took her hand, mumbling his own name. And that was when it hit him.

Eye's wide, he slowly rotated his head and found himself staring into a pair of mischievous yellow eyes set into a pretty face surrounded by long purple locks. A pointy hat completing the picture.

"It's very nice to meet you Soul." She purred, leaning down close to him. "So do you believe me now?"

"You're a witch?" he gulped, trying to decide what to do. Was he strong enough to challenge a witch? Doubtful.

"Oh no silly. I'm just a cat with a ridiculous amount of magic powers" She smiled, "but I have to go now. I'm going to go steal from those guys! Bye Soul!"

She moved to let go of his hand and jump down but he held steadfast. "Hey! You can't do that!"

She cocked her head to the side, "Why not?"

Soul's brain was slowing down more and more. Missions were simple. He figured out what the problem was, he found it, he killed it. But this 'cat' wasn't like them. She was just…he didn't know what she was, but she obviously wasn't evil.

"Because, it's against the law, and if you break the law I have to take you down."

She pouted, "But I have to eat!"

"Then get a job women, damn!" He hissed, exasperated. He really didn't want to attack this woman. He normally fought men. Men were easy to kill. He would have to do the unthinkable. He would have to talk her out of this. He would almost rather be back at the social.

"What if we split the loot?" she tried.

"No Blair."

"You can have the bigger half."

"No Blair!"

"Well…you feed me then!" She smiled, seeming pleased with herself at the idea.

Soul's mouth dropped open. There was no way in hell he was adopting a cat-women. "No."

"But Soul!" she cried, pulling him into a hug, "Blair has to eat! If I don't eat, I'll die! And I have to steal to eat!"

Soul fought to push the wailing female off him. His mind absently wondered if it would be possible for him to suffocate between the cat's giant tits. It would at least make a cool obituary. "I'll help you find a damn job then!"

Blair let him go, pulling away but keeping her hands on his shoulders. "Do you promise?"

This couldn't be real life. "If you promise not to steal any more."

Blair considered the deal for a moment, before nodding quickly and pulling him into another bone crushing, boob suffocating hug, "It's a deal!" She let him go and with a small puff turned back into a cat, "Well, I'll see you at home."

It took Soul a few gasps of air before he was able to comprehend what she said. "What do you mean home?"

Blair stopped to glance over her shoulder at him, "Well obviously I'm going to stay with you until I get a job. How else am I going to eat? And don't worry, I'll find your place; please just leave a window open. Bye Soul!" and with that, she was gone into the night, leaving a very befuddled Soul Eater Evans stammering to no one.

"What the fuck just happened?" Soul yelled out to the silent night when he finally regained his cool composure. When no answer came, he pushed himself back into a standing position, cracking his back before pulling out his phone to check the time. The weapon-miester social was about to begin. He wasn't even going to be all that late. "Fucking great"

Up above him the moon laughed mockingly as he climbed off the roof and started back towards his apartment to shower and change.

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