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Weapon Wanted: Miester Wanted

"So, you finally caved and got a miester, huh?" Black*Star cackled as Soul rolled his eyes. "And you still got your ass kicked! That's just pathetic."

"Oh shut up, you wouldn't have done any better." Soul growled as he investigated the binding around his shoulder. "They were a three star weapon and miester pair.

"Like hell I wouldn't have, I'm the great Black*Star! I'll surpass God! If I had seen those two sissies I would have….Uh oh."

There was a scream, followed by the shattering of glass and finished with a light laugh. Looking around wildly, Soul found Strad leaning easily against the infirmary door. Gracie stood next to him, her foot still extended from the kick she had delivered to Black*Stars head.

"That was slightly overkill" Strad sighed as he wrapped his arms around Gracie before turning his head towards Soul. "Anyways, how ya holding up?"

Soul shook his shock away. "Uh, good. What are you guys doing here?"

"Lord Death is briefing us on a new mission." He smiled, "we thought we could check in on you and Maka, make sure there are no hard feelings."

"Yeah, no problem. It's not cool to hold a grudge."

Gracie smiled, relieved. "Great. Maka felt the same way. She's on her way right now, so I guess we'll get out of your hair."

Soul nodded, watching them walk away before calling out. "Hey!" They stopped, "When are we going to have a rematch?"

Strad laughed, "Anytime you want." And then they were gone. Soul smiled to himself, he would be the one visiting them in the infirmary next time. A noise drew his attention to the now broken window.

"See! That barely hurt at all!" Black*Star grunted as he pulled himself back into the room. "It's not my fault that you and Maka just suc-ah damnit!" he yelled as a book flew across the room and caught him full on in the face. With another scream he began his long descent to the ground.

"He never learns does he?" Maka sighed as she limped into the room, easily perching herself on Soul's bed. With a large grin, Soul wrapped his arms around her thin waist, gently pulling her closer.

"Sound's like someone else I know."

She glared at him, "I'm going to pretend you're talking about someone else."

"Of course" he chuckled, nuzzling her neck with his head. "How are you feeling?"

"Ugh, like I got hit by a train." Maka groaned. "But better than last night."

"Same" Soul agreed softly in her ear, leaning back into the bed. For a few minutes they stayed like that, comfortable in each other's silent embrace. "So, what did you want to tell me last night?"

Maka tensed up in his arms for a moment before settling back down. Slowly, she turned her head until she could look into her eyes. "You know my mama was a scythe miester…and my papa was her weapon." He nodded, rubbing her arms soothingly as her eyes started to water. "When mama and papa divorced…I went to live with her. She tried to get me to go here last year, but I couldn't. I couldn't just leave her." Maka started to shake, prompting Soul to pull her into a tight embrace. He feathered kisses against her face until she found her voice again. "A few years ago, she started to get really sick. I didn't know why for a long time. Then she finally told me. She had cancer. But she fought it, every day. But last year, it was too much. She had to go to the hospital a lot. And then, she had to stay there."

She went silent again, and Soul patiently waited. Finally, after a few more minutes, she started up again.

"She called me in one day" Maka bit her lip, tears now flowing freely. "She told me I had to go live with papa in Death City. I told her I wouldn't leave her. I yelled and I screamed at her. But she just waited until I calmed down. She told me…she told me it was almost over for her…then she told me she loved me." Maka gripped Soul's torso painfully tight, but he stayed silent. "And then…and then she died" She sobbed, throwing her head into the crook of his neck. "My mama died. And I couldn't do anything."

"It's okay" Soul whispered soothingly, suddenly feeling completely helpless. "It's okay."

Maka continued to shake against his frame. "I promised her, that I would go be the best miester ever. That I would be just as good as her. And…and now, because of you, and I do that." She pulled away from him, gazing deep into his crimson eyes, calming herself slightly. "Thank you Soul."

Soul felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips as he stared at her beautiful tear stained face. Leaning up, he planted a soft kiss on her lips. "I should be thanking you. You know, for not giving up on me." Maka giggled, leaning in and kissing him again.

"You're right, you should."

"Thank you" Soul laughed, kissing her on the nose. "And Maka?"


"I'm going to help you keep that promise. That's my promise."

Maka's face split into a wide smile, and she dove into Soul with a bone-crunching hug. In retrospect, with the injuries that they had both sustained, it was a poor plan. But at the moment, neither of them honestly gave a damn.


This story was the idea of Mady.98 who as you can see, was even cool enough to give up her credit for the idea. But that's not my style. So Mady, good job on an awesome idea!

"I have an idea for a Soul Eater fanfic... and I was hoping you could do it? What if it was just how Soul and Maka met but she had a tragic past and he was popular kid but he had a big secret? The setting would still be DWMA but it'd be little different than the real story :) you could decide everything like what the secrets are and how long the story is. Well? Maybe? :) I'd appreciate it a lot
p.s. you can even say the whole thing is your idea! i wouldn't care :D

Well, that's the end. Questions, comments, concerns? This was really fun to write, and if you ever have a story you want written, give me a shout out and I'll see what I can do.