'Are you alright?' Snape asked, noticing Hermione's sniffling.

She honked her nose then wiped it with a tissue, quite unlady-like-ly.

'I'm fine.'

He stooped over the couch, placed a hand over her forehead. 'You're not fine. You have a fever.'

'Oh, do keep your clammy hand there, Sir. It's cooling my forehead nicely.'

Rolling his eyes, Snape indulged her and left his hand on her burning forehead for a few moments.

'Your whole face is burning up, Granger. Just get a Pepper up and be done with it.'

She shook her head stubbornly. 'I've taken enough potions as it is already. I don't want my body to build a resistance against them. I'm fine, sir.'

Snape shrugged, letting her have her way. 'Anything else I can do for you as it's apparent you are in no condition to accompany me to Diagon Alley today?'

Hermione sniffled a final time and then pulled Snape down to her on the couch.

'Why, do I detect a hint of annoyance, Severus Snape?' she whispered, fingering the frown between his eyebrows.

He shook his head. 'Just wishing I can stay here in case you pass out from your stubbornness.' He made to kiss her, but she pulled away.

'Ewww...I'm sick! Do you want to catch it?'

He raised an eyebrow. 'Then perhaps an alternative route..' His long fingers slid down, cupping her breasts confidently. 'Very warm,' he noted and slid further down to her crotch.

'Hermione, you're very hot.'

'Yes, I know.'

He stifled a laugh. 'No, I mean your temperature. Your body is burning up.'

'I'll make you hot, too,' she said mischiveously as she cupped his groin.

Snape let out an involuntary hiss.

'Granger! Is that how a proper lady behaves?' he scolded, as her hand ran up and down his hardening length.

'Ladies with burning fevers are granted exceptions and can do whatever the hell they want to satisfy their desires.'

'Hmm...' he pursed his lips thoughtfully as she urged his hands to continue.

He shoved her troublesome bra away as he kneaded her breasts. She was flushed with mild fever, not serious enough to curb her desire, obviously. He bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. Hermione moaned audibly.

'Shhhhh!' he admonished, 'Do you want the whole Slytherin room to hear?' he said in between mouthfuls of suckling.

Hermione laughed, a deep throatful chuckle unlike her normal voice. Looks like her flu had spread to give her a sore throat.

He kissed and laved her body with his lips as Hermione writhed under him. Impatient, she drew his zipper down, freeing his semi-erect cock. He sighed. 'Thrice in a day? You're insatiable, witch. And it's only noon. I'm not the young man I used to -'

He was cut off involuntarily as her mouth engulfed him. He groaned at the feel of her hot mouth on him. This was different. Her mouth was warmer, he felt encased in a furnace that was burning hot. Her tongue swirled hot traces around his shaft as he felt himself harden fully. He could barely restrain himself from fucking her mouth wantonly, deep throating the hot cavern her mouth had transformed into. His hands flew to his own jacket, discarding it at lightning speed. Gently, he pulled her up, his breath hitching at the lust in her eyes. He guided her on top of him.

'Suck me,' he rasped, closing his eyes in ecstasy as Hermione teased a brown nipple to erectness and closed her teeth around it. Every tiny bite seemed to make his cock twitch.

Bunching her skirt up to her waist, he swiftly pushed her panties aside and teased her opening with his thick head. Little Snape was already glistening with pre-cum.

Hermione groaned as he rubbed himself against her. She ground her pussy against him, hips straddling him, then pushed herself up, looking at him.

'Fuck me,' he commanded. She felt her insides fluttering at the desire in his voice. She lowered herself slowly on top of him. Both hissed as he sheathed her to the hilt. Giving her an amused sneer, Snape let go of her hips and rested both his hands behind his head.

'You're really going to let a sick damsel do all the work?' she asked, hips grinding slowly.

'You started it.'

Hermione snorted and started moving, buttocks resting occassionally on his freshly shaved testicles. It was a tantalizing sensation. Snape marveled at the sight before him, her desire for him spoke volumes despite her being sick. He felt her climax approaching, they had been intimate frequent enough for him to be able to read her movements quite accurately. The smaller movements starting to get jerky, her breath hitching, the starting clenching of her pussy walls around him. Growling, Severus Snape pulled her down so that her breasts were mashed up against his chest. His hands reached for her perky buttocks, squeezing and massaging them as she rode him out.

'Come for me witch.' And thrusted upward rapidly, fucking her senseless with his girth.

With a shudder and a wail, Hermione climaxed as she surrendered to her lover's ministrations. Snape was breathing hard now, urged on by her sensual climax. Flipping the boneless Hermione over, he started quick thrusts as he approached his own climax.

'Hmm...' Hermione said, reaching up and tweaking his already hyper sensitive nipples.

The sensation overload was too much for him and he roared as he spurted his warm seed inside of her. He collapsed on top of her, mindful to not crush her with his weight. Regaining his breath, Snape felt her forehead with the back of his hand.

'I believe your fever has broken,' he declared in amusement.

'Turned out all I needed was to work up a sweat,' Hermione said, kissing the tip of his nose, 'Thank you, Dr Snape.'

He pursed his lips, while Hermione wiped the sweat off his face. 'I hope you will be as accomodating the next time, god forbid, I get sick.'


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