Alright, warning time! This story is going to be extremely sexual and all of the characters are gonna be at least a little OOC. ^^;

Okay, so this is going to be a NarutoXHinata, and I'm going to try and make this fic at least fifteen chapters, so there's gonna be a lot going on. There will be some HinataX-insert other male character whom I haven't decided upon yet here- eventually, and you'll see when you get there.:p

These chapters may be shorter than I'd like a lot of the time, and I apologize in advance for that.

Alright, last thing; Disclaimer! I don't own Naruto or any of it's characters, sadly. If I did there would be much naked Gaara.x3

Okie den, enjoy!:)

She would never tell him how much these encounters meant to her; how much she needed him. It wouldn't change anything. He would still be unattainable, just out of her reach. He would never return her feelings, always giving his heart to someone else, only needing her to alleviate the pain of his existence by relieving his physical pain, by giving him all that she could.

Her nails dug into his back as her own arched involuntarily. He groaned, pulling her body flush against his as he pumped into her, his actions becoming less reserved, more desperate. He bit down on her neck, a moan falling from her lips and he pulled back, severing them, breaking their connection. The lack of his warmth hit her like a physical blow. She covered it with a smile as he lied back panting, lids pulled down to cover his cerulean orbs. She could see them clearly in her head, the different shades and hues mingling to form the perfect sky blue. She ran a hand trough her dark hair, taking out some of the knots as he cleaned himself. He looked up to met her lavender eyes, a small smile on his lips. They'd been doing this for too long, neither of them blushed or looked away, the evidence of their sin ear in the way that his member stood even though sated and the hardening of her nipples as she flipped over, teasing him with the view.

It was all too casual and it tore her apart inside. He would say things he didn't mean while they were tangled around each other, and she knew that he didn't mean them, but she still hoped. Still prayed that if she showed him how much she cared for him, he might just let go of the girl he could never have and come running back into her arms to stay.

But at the end of the day, she knew he wouldn't stay. She knew that he would go home and think about the other girl, try and pass the time until he could see her again.

She knew that she could never compare to the one he loved.

No, Hinata could never be Sakura.

Hinata: -blushes- Wh-what were N-Naruto-k-kun and I d-doing...?

Ino: -snickers before whispering in Hinata's ear-

Hinata: ...-faints-