I'm sorry that I've fallen behind on this story. I had a new chapter prepared that I was going to post, but I lost it, along with all of my other writing(Including chapter three of 'Artist Hidden In The Sand', chapter four of 'Why Love, Gaara?', and chapter three of 'They'll Never Take You'.D'x) when I swapped my OS since none of my documents copied over to my external hard drive properly.:( But after rereading it in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing, so to speak, I realized that I don't like how rushed it feels, so I'm really considering rewriting it. If I do, I'll post it under the same title on my page and give you guys some time to go read it and decide if you like it and whatnot before I take this version of it down.

I just wanted to let you all know what's going on right now and I'm really sorry about how little I've updated any of my stories.:(