Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Obi-Wan/Anakin
Prompt: Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica

Obi-Wan sat on the transport that would be landing on Tattooine in a few hours. His hands were buried deep in the folds of his robes. At his feet in a basket, wrapped in a blanket, was the boy child that Padme had died giving birth to. Obi-Wan had never known Padme as a child but this baby was quiet, just as Anakin had been when he had first taken over his training.

A sob escaped his throat and he bent over at the waist as tears fell from his eyes. All he could see was Anakin… standing on the hill… saying those words…

"You underestimate my power!"

"Don't try it." And then came the jump… he had acted only on instinct. Slicing through flesh and bone, and Anakin fell. His screams echoed in Obi-Wan's ears.

"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!"

"I hate you!"

Tears had fallen then too. The ash from the air running down his cheeks. "You were my brother Ankain! I loved you!"

And then came the fire. Those screams shook him to his core. But he had walked away. Each pain filled step. All his senses screaming at him to go back and save the boy that had been his Padawan.

But he had kept walking…

Hours later he watched as Owen and Beru cuddled the baby. He knew the child would be well hidden here, would be loved, but still the Force was screaming at him to keep it. Slowly he turned and walked away from the baby whose crying sounded too much like screams. Obi-Wan wished again that he had stopped those screams.

But he had kept walking…