Chapter One:

"Scotty to Doctor McCoy, Scotty to Doctor McCoy." The intercom system beeped twice as I frantically hailed the doctor.

"McCoy here, what's the matter?"

I cringed at the tone of irritation in the doctor's voice, knowing that the good doctors irritation was about to increase and that I would bear the blame and brunt of it. He insisted that my boys in engineering gave him more work than the rest of the crew, and had recently threatened to move some of his med bay equipment down here, to my part of the ship. He wasna going to like this at all.

"Well, you'd better get down here as soon as ye can. We've had an accident. Mr. Spock… You'd better come down. And hurry."

"I'll be right there. McCoy out."

"! He's stirring!"

A red shirted ensign called to me from the other side of the room where he stood over the prone form of the ship's first officer. I rushed to his side, calling out orders to my gathered men. They were usually good, hard workers, but with the current crisis, they wanted to stand around like silly lasses, wringing their hands in despair.

"Give him some room boys! Roberts, go fetch a blanket. Snyder, do you have those test results back yet? I have to know what went wrong, and I need to know now!"

I knelt beside Spock as the engineering doors opened with a rush of air. Dr. McCoy hurried in, a look of concern lurking behind his normal irritation. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the first officer.

"My god… Is that Spock?"


"But it can't be! That's a child!"

"Aye, that he is."

Our eyes met, his were wide with shock, eyebrow raised, almost brushing his hairline. I gave him the best smile I could muster, given the circumstances. Between us, lay Spock, a very small Spock, curled up in a much too large uniform. Dr. McCoy wasted no time in getting out his tricorder and examining him.

"He seems to be doing alright, for a Vulcan anyway. His body is under some stress and shock, but considering the state he's in, quite frankly, I'm not surprised. What did you do to him?"

"Yes, what did you do to him?"

I started at the sound of that voice. This wasna turning out at all…

"Captain Kirk! I…I didna realize you were here!"

"Well, when I hear that my first officer had an accident, I'm going to check it out. So what did happen? Why is Spock in a child's body?"

I scrambled up as Kirk glowered at me, standing with his arms crossed over his chest, a look of irritated disbelief on his face.

"Ahh, it was a terrible mistake, sir. My men and I were doing an experiment, testing out a new formula that de-ages objects using the transporter beams particle splitting properties."

"Well, apparently your formula worked. Would you care to tell me how Mr. Spock ended up in the middle of your experiment?" The captain's sarcasm was not a good sign, not at all. I rushed to fill him in on what had happened.

"Aye sir. My men had reserved the second transporter pad for the experiment. They put the different objects that we were trying to de-age onto the pad and after double-checking to make sure that the formula was put in properly, I told them to energize. The next thing I knew, Mr. Spock was materializing, but it wasna him, it was him as a wee lad. I do na know what went wrong, Captain."

"Get on it then! I can't have my first officer like this, it's inexcusable, Scotty! I'm assuming that you can reverse the formula?"

"I can try, captain, but it's highly risky, we have not done it before. The formula is for de-aging, not aging. I'll have to carry out some experiments first…"

"That's not good enough, Scotty!"

Thankfully, the Captain was interrupted from saying anything more as a medical gurney was rolled in and he had to shift out of its way. I moved out of the way as well when Dr. McCoy began barking out orders. He got his way after all, turning my engine room into a medbay. I felt terrible though, and decided to do all that I could to get Mr. Spock back to normal.

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