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"Quinn…" Rachel moaned out through clenched teeth as her heart rate ascended to an unsteady rhythm as the blonde worked fervently and lovingly at her throat and neck. Kissing her softly and as sweetly as one could while intoxicated. Their thrumming bodies ignited together under the stars visible through the canopy of Rachel's tent and the brunette sighed – releasing her hands from their solitary location against the sleeping bag and up into Quinn's hair – pulling her body down to meet her own, and smiling as rosy lips came up to hover above her. She could feel the blonde's breath skirting across her own lips and cheekbones and she inhaled it vigorously. Perhaps this had been "it" all along – that nagging feeling in her heart that had proclaimed itself at the beginning of this trip when she had first set eyes at Quinn reading atop her duffel bag.

Her eyes scanned the ethereal face above her, and her irises blew out as Quinn opened her own – the hazel within burning with soft embers as those eyes scanned over the brunette below with much more than unbridled lust – much, much more. And before she could catch herself Rachel was bringing their lips together fiercely – moaning throatily as the contact set fire to her from within. She used her hand at Quinn's nape to toy with the baby hairs curling her fingers – her skin was so soft, and begging to be touched in return.

Rachel felt Quinn trail her tongue against her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth, obliging to it's entrance – their tongues danced together at a languid pace – a slow burn – Rachel could feel her insides writhing, and she clutched at the blonde harder still as the fire escaped. She opened her eyes again and stared in awe as she saw and felt the blonde above her – tensing as their bodies fought for shared desire – and then she quite literally lost her mind. All pretense and worry lost as her mind was overtaken by her lust - and her love? Did she love Quinn Fabray?

Her hands travelled south and caught the blonde's t-shirt vigorously, pulling at the hem of it quickly and working faster as she heard the blonde's breath catch in temptation as her shirt was being pulled off over her head.

"Just returning the favor."

Rachel whispered before re-attaching their lips. She gasped as the blonde suddenly detached their lips and locked them onto the brunette's earlobe – breathing wantonly into her beating eardrum, licking behind it as she moaned at the brunette's touch – and Rachel almost came undone right then and there.

Rachel arched off of the sleeping bag at the sensation, brining her leg up as her muscles tensed again – and without even realizing it, she was there. Her knee digging into the apex of Quinn's thighs, hitting her squarely where she needed it most, directly against her jeans. She heard the blonde gasp and then whimper at the new sensation, her head dropping into the crook of Rachel's neck as absent minded nothings fell from her lips in between quiet moans. Rachel shivered as she felt the blonde losing herself right at the corner of her ear, she shifted again, letting their bodies twine together – sending Quinn reeling once more. She was beautiful when she was coming undone. Gorgeous, Divine, Prodigiously Marvelous. And she craved the sound of it – her core aching at the sight of it – Quinn Fabray grinding down against her thigh, half naked in a bra and jeans – moaning wantonly against her neck as she placed sloppy, desire laden kisses there – lingering in the after burn.

Rachel could suddenly feel hands all over her body, tugging under her (correction: Quinn's) sweatshirt. Pulling it up slowly to tread hotly up her abdomen as she grinded back against Quinn in return. And now Rachel was the one moaning, as their centers brushed thickly in between their pulsing legs – separated by jeans and underwear. It was almost too much, and they were still mostly dressed.

Rachel's head fell back as Quinn tugged the sweatshirt off of her heated body – and then the hands had stopped their assent and Rachel looked up panting – catching sight of bright hazel eyes swimming in a sea of black, glowing as they fell to withhold Rachel's torso and bra covered chest - she felt as though she would be completely devoured.

"You're beautiful Rachel."

She barely heard the coveted whisper before rosy lips fell to the skin of her abs, sucking quickly with hot flecks of tongue, marking her skin for good – forever. She sighed at Quinn's voice, husky and full of promise as her want and her desires boiled over the surface. The brunette gasped as she felt a hand ascend to her bra to cup at her breasts – begging for them to free themselves. She arched into the touch, yearning for the pressure – for something to ease the burning of her lust in the dark….

And that is until a large shadow obscured her vulnerable vision – Rachel's ears picked up on the noise before her eyes could sense the incoming obtrusion. She felt Quinn panic above her before drunkenly stumbling over to fall behind her, unsuccessfully hiding her half uncovered body from view of the door that was quickly being opened before them.

"Rachel, are you i-"

Coach Beiste. She let out a loud yell towards the door in an effort to still their chaperone's hands on the zipper – buying the two of them much needed time.

"Coach Beiste! No – don't open the flap, I'm changing!"

"Oh…you're here. Good – I heard a ruckus and decided to do my nightly rounds a little earlier than usual tonight. You haven't seen the other kids around have you?"

Rachel reached for the entrance of the tent and peeked her head out shyly – effectively obscuring her own and Quinn's heated bodies from the coaches view as she answered the question quickly.

"Oh – of course not. It's just me and Quinn here. We were…um…reading."

"Alrighty then - sounds like someone dropped the onions out there – you two get some sleep now."

Rachel nodded in confusion as she watched Coach Beiste retreat and head down the campsite toward the other girl's tents, hoping to find Glee students who presumably weren't where they belonged. And as she re-zipped up her tent she turned to find a wide- eyed, half naked blonde staring up at her from beneath a sleeping bag. Rachel sighed – completely released from her mood of arousal and opted instead for snuggling up under the sleeping bag as well – curling her fingers tightly around Quinn's bare waist as she laid her head against her warm collarbone.

"That effectively ruined our endeavors for the evening didn't it?"

She heard Quinn let out a shaky laugh before placing a delicate kiss to Rachel's scrunching nose.

"It doesn't matter - who wants their first time with someone they care about to be in a drunken haze – and both of us? We're totally drunk…hopefully you won't hate me tomorrow – this was all my fault."

Rachel returned the kiss with assurance and care and love – placing it tenderly against Quinn's perfect lips.

"I'm glad you're here. I won't ever regret it – will you stay with me tonight?

"Are you sure?."

"I am for now – that's all I can ask for, isn't it?."

/ - /

When Rachel woke up she was overcome with the smell of vanilla and apricots rifling her system – and she breathed it in, inhaling the flavor of it entirely – bringing back her memories of the night before – unaware if it was all a dream or not – still unsure if her mind was simply playing cruel tricks with her. And then she felt a warm hand drawing circle patterns on her hip under the blankets and she opened her eyes slowly – letting them fall to her side where Quinn Fabray lay with her eyelids squinted open against the sun, her arm still draped over Rachel as her fingers toyed with the brunette's soft skin. Rachel smiled – happier than need be at the realness of it all. It wasn't a figment of her overactive imagination – Quinn was still here, and they were both still half naked, wrapped into one another in the early Michigan morning. Rachel sighed lowly – exhilarated, calm, serene in the blonde's careful embrace – and she watched as Quinn turned her eyes on her now awake form – smiling at her warmly.


She said lightly, almost curiously as those hazel eyes flashed brightly before dimming coolly – as the smile faded slowly from the blonde's face as worry and doubt traipsed across her features.

"I—I don't have to stay. I can leave may—"

Rachel frowned and wrapped herself back into Quinn even tighter than before. Kissing her against her hot, sun-kissed shoulder as she squeezed her to herself – holding her tightly as she fervently shook her head.

"No, babe…don't go. Stay. Just a little bit longer."

Quinn nodded and Rachel watched as a small smile crept up into the blonde's face as she sighed. The two girls fell back into a light sleep as the sun rose on the horizon – and an hour or so later when Quinn had gotten up reluctantly to return to her tent so that she could shower and get dressed – Rachel couldn't held but feel at a total loss – and she wasn't amiss to the sadness Quinn showed to leave her.

/ - /

Their last day of camping. It was amazing.

The day was spent canoeing and kayaking down the St. Clair in pairs and groups – unlike every other day, the glee kids got to choose their partners for their canoes. Rachel smiled brightly at the blonde who was walking next to her. Their hands brushed occasionally on the decent down to the river bank and as they talked to one another animatedly Rachel grew faintly aware of how bizarre this must have all looked to their club mates - Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry actually getting along – leaving the bonfire together the night before, and now voluntarily sharing a canoe – it was as if the entire universe had flipped on its axis.

Rachel laughed at the glare Quinn had given her as the blonde wobbled as she attempted to sit down inside of the canoe – they paddled together, Quinn in front, and Rachel in the back – racing in the lead against Puck and Mike. Rachel watched the blonde squeal as Brittany jumped in the water and swam over to their canoe, splashing them collectively with water as they paddled. Rachel could see Santana reading her magazine lazily in the rear and smiled at the Latina's predictability. By the end of the canoe trip they were all exhausted and given a few hours of free relaxing time before dinner. And so it was now that Rachel wandered out back towards the river looking for Quinn. She found the blonde perched up on her rock again, and she didn't have her book of poetry this time. Instead Rachel smiled as she watched the blonde gaze off at the sunset – her eyes dark and lost in the hues of red, orange and purple – the brunette sighed – because how could such beauty be real?


She whispered as she approached the broad stone – she grabbed for it, and pulled herself up – her eyes drifting up to catch the blonde smiling down at her brilliantly as her hair fell back in the breeze.

"You made it."

Rachel smiled in return – and before she could collect her thoughts she pulled Quinn toward her and kissed her passionately on the lips, welding them together as the sun and moon danced before them against the crystalline water. When Rachel pulled back for air she was panting slightly and fell apart at the image before her – pale, blushed skin – tanned from the weeks adventures – kiss swollen dewy lips and hazel eyes dark as the sea.

"I've been waiting for you to do that all day."

Was all she heard before the blonde attacked her. Their tongues battling in divine ecstasy as they fought for their mutual desire. Rachel leaned back too far and fell off of the rock into the grass below and Quinn followed, stumbling forward as they both laughed in between heated kisses and hot caresses.

As the sun fell behind the mountains Rachel came apart – the blonde's hands were everywhere on her body and yet nowhere. She could feel fingers mapping out her toned skin and legs and she could vaguely feel them moving her shirt up to her neck exposing her bra. She looked down as Quinn descended, her tongue lashing out to pull at the fabric of her bra – hovering over her pert peaks – they were begging, no pleading, to be touched.

And then they were – the blonde pulled the material aside and then Rachel could feel her nipple being delicately, sinfully ravaged by hot diligent lips. Her core ached as she arched her muscles tensing in the delight of it all. She moaned out as Quinn's tongue worked first at one and then the other nipple – taking them for her own as Rachel's hands tugged at the blonde's neck and hair - truing to obtain more of her…she needed more.

"Quinn - god, that feels so good."

And as her mind began to unravel – Rachel's hands took on a mission of their own. She trailed them down the blonde's back, settling on beautiful hips before skirting playfully at the hem of Quinn's shorts. Before the blonde could react small hands were reaching past the waistband and through the blonde's underwear to grab at her glorious backside – Rachel squeezed her palms and moaned as she pushed Quinn down into her by the ass – the blonde before her groaned out against a pert nipple as her body careened into Rachel's arching one - their cores thrumming together deliciously with the friction. Quinn let go and leaned forward - recapturing Rachel's mouth before the brunette palmed her ass again, sending them rubbing against each other wantonly in the approaching moonlight.

Quinn groaned as her eyes rolled back – her cheeks were cherry flushed and Rachel whimpered at the sight before her. She watched as Quinn re-opened their eyes, they were almost brown in the darkness and she watched as Quinn brought her hips down again of her own accord, dropping her head as she rubbed herself against Rachel's thigh and hip. The brunette almost died right there and then Quinn was staring back down at her again – her eyes much too bright and Rachel looked into them - trying to capture their unease, and then it clicked.

"I – I've never d –"

Rachel was overcome with the emotion of it. She knew what Quinn would say before the blonde had even begun to speak in their combined heat. She remembered the game from the night before – and she remembered Quinn's answers. She should have been shocked – but the revelation that Quinn had never masturbated or really been touched aside from that one drunken tryst with Puck that never really amounted to much pleasure (she concluded…I mean it was Puck, he only ever thought about himself) had completely broken her. Sure, Rachel was still a virgin per se – but she was no stranger in the joys of self- pleasure.

"It's okay Quinn - tell me if you want to stop. But either way – It doesn't matter, I'm with you, that's all I need right now. Just you."

And then she watched as the blonde sighed out in relief – letting the tears fall as she moved her hips again against Rachel's hip – sighing again at the frictional pleasure of it. Rachel kissed Quinn's closed eyelids tenderly and softly as their bodies moved together under the stars – her won shirt pulled up around her collarbones and her bra undone. Her hands on Quinn's ass worked and before she could contain them she brought one forward to move between their writhing, sweating bodies. She caught Quinn's widened eyes in question and want. Begging her for an answer because she would stop at the slightest unease, but as the blonde nodded – Rachel caved into herself and moved a warm hand into the front of Quinn's underwear under her shorts – finding a trimmed patch of curls there and the hot, nob she was looking for – god Quinn was so wet. It was a revelation and Rachel moaned as she rubbed her digits against Quinn's core - intertwining them between her folds, and letting them touch and move of their own accord as she watched the blonde's widened eyes splay themselves in the shocking pleasure of it all. Quinn cried out as she felt Rachel's hand moving against her, on her – almost inside of her and Rachel felt the girl's hips buck wildly into her own with fervent need.


Quinn moaned out through guttural whispers as she bucked into Rachel's hips over and over again – both Rachel's hand and her own core pounding together at the perfect rhythm. Both girls still partially clothed – and it turned Quinn on even more. Rachel shook as she felt a soft, curious hand match her own – finding itself inside of Rachel's pants, tangled at her core – she looked up at a worried Quinn and nodded her okay as Quinn began to move her fingers against her thrumming clit.

Rachel almost came right then and there as their lips met disjointedly – their tongues moving with desire laden languidness as they dripped all of their shared love for the other in every caress and every taste. The heat was almost unbearable. And then Rachel entered a digit into Quinn's dripping center – slowly she brought it between tight walls, letting her thumb skirt over the blonde's nub over and over again.

Hazel eyes squinted closed as the blonde's hips buck faster – the rhythm of their tryst completely lost as Quinn copied her move for move. Letting her fingers begin their descent – Rachel cried out as she felt Quinn enter her softly but with beautiful pressure. And then they were kissing fervently now as their fingers dueled against the other. Matching their bucking hips against the other against the grass.

Rachel turned her head up in ecstasy as Quinn's hot lips found her throat as they humped against one another – fingers deep as they rose higher and higher in the plethora of it all. Her brown eyes caught a shooting star against the night sky – and just as it began to fade Rachel looked up again into Quinn's blazing eyes and lost all control.

"Oh, no –shit. Quinn, don – please."

Her mouth spewed out incoherencies as she rose to the ascension of her orgasm. Her muscles tensed and her back rose off the ground as the universe caved in around her – and all she could taste, see, hear, and feel was Quinn Fabray as the tremors pounded within her from her core.

"Rachel…I think I'm – I'm co – fuck."

The blonde was there as well. And as Rachel came undone she saw Quinn do the same. Her hips bucking wildly with the weight of her orgasm as her mouth widened and her fingers clenched against Rachel's skin – finding her breasts as she rode out the waves of her orgasm – Rachel's name on her kiss swollen lips as she came wonderfully against her.

As the aftershocks trickled off Rachel was left lying against the cool grass with heavy lids – She smiled as she felt Quinn's body melt into her own – their skin equally hot and sweaty with exertion. She wrapped her tired arms around Quinn's torso – secretly loving the feel of the blonde's skin against her own.

Quinn's eyes were still closed as she panted in and out to catch her breath – her beautiful chest rising and falling against Rachel's in the starlight.

"Quinn…" Rachel sighed as she kissed every inch of the blonde's sleepy face. Making them linger – making them indelible. And then the blonde looked up – her eyes back to shimmering hazel as she looked down at Rachel compassionately.

"Have you ever been to the Redwood forests of California?

It was an odd question to ask, but Rachel shook her head slowly – more content with the look of absolute beauty and love radiating off of Quinn's face as the blonde stared down at her.

"Well – I went once. When I was a little girl. We drove there on a family trip, we wove through Napa Valley and the mountains – ending in San Diego. But my favorite part about that entire road trip west was when we saw the redwood forests up north. Trees as tall and wide as the clouds in the sky."

Rachel nodded – entirely captivated now – wrapped up in Quinn to the brim.

"There was one that I had seen. It was taller than the rest in its cluster of forestry. It looked like any other; the bark red and wispy. But as I looked up into the sky – trying to catch a glimpse of the canopy I was overcome with the beauty of it. It was gorgeous – and I've never felt so at peace – as when I felt right then, at seven years old, playing in a field of redwoods…until I found this."

Her eyes skirted down and fell onto Rachel's and the brunette lost her breath.

"I've never known a peace like that, until you."

And just as Rachel was about to burst at the seams – she felt Quinn's lips fall to her own and trace a pattern against them – branding them with all the love and peace the blonde had to offer.

/ - /

The next morning – and the brunette felt it bittersweet.

She was never one for camping – but she sighed at the loss of it all – the meaning behind her newfound adventure with Quinn. The blonde had joined her in her tent again that night – the two tracing patterns of love and desire to hold onto forever. Unsure whether or not it would be interchangeable in the real world.

Rachel bit back the tears as she folded her tent with the help of Coach Beiste, and she let them fall as they all made their way back to the main road to catch their coach bus back to civilization – passing her and Quinn's rock as they made their exit. She watched Quinn do much the same – the blonde didn't cry, no – but the sadness was written all over her face – and her hazel eyes swam with loss.

Rachel couldn't stand their distance as they made their way down the dirt road – she re-captured Quinn's eyes over and over. Sighing whenever she spotted the blonde looking the sky. And in a moment of unplanned emotion Rachel made her way forward through the throng of Glee Clubbers towards Quinn. Santana and Brittany flanked her, and just as the Latina opened her mouth to protest Berry's intrusion, the brunette completely lost herself.

"Treasure Trail – What the fuck? Who said we wanted you up here walking with u—"

Rachel had looked past Santana and straight into Quinn's wide eyes. They locked on one another for what seemed like an eternity – and before Santana could continue her empty threats, Quinn was rushing forward brining their lips together in a searing kiss.

There were catcalls and whistles coming from Artie and Puck – but neither girl had noticed, as the other got lost in the moment – tongues piercing tongues, and lips caressing one another in the sunlight.

They were forced apart by the loud voice of Mr. Schuester – shocked no less – but still the chaperone.

"Alright ladies – enough of that. Break it up, keep it PG please."

There was a not so quiet "God, finally – the sexual tension between them was becoming almost too much to handle," From a disgusted Kurt (he was never one for public displays of affection).

Rachel and Quinn broke apart – both girls blushing as all eyes were on them as they linked their hands and continued on their walk to the upcoming bus. Rachel looked up into Quinn's eyes and smiled brightly as she squeezed the blonde's tender hand just as they were making their way to the steps.

"You know – I think I have fallen for you Quinn Fabray."

Quinn smiled back as she pulled Rachel into an empty seat – kissing her softly on the lips before turning them both toward the overlarge window at the vast view before them.

"I fell for you a long time ago. But it's nice to know that I've found my little bit of peace in this world."

Rachel smiled out of the window with Quinn…watching as the dirt road kicked up behind them as the bus set into gear – green and yellow trees flew past her vision quickly as she sighed.

"A yellow wood. "

Quinn turned to her then, her eyebrow crinkling.

"Robert Frost was right…I chose you – and it has definitely made all of the difference."