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Maka woke up with a burning back, a wicked headache and a fuzzy memory. Clearly, she'd had more rum last night than she thought. Turning over carefully to avoid hurting her back, she found a naked Soul.

Her first instinct was to scream. So she did. Soul grumbled and forced his eyes open. He laughed at Maka's horrified expression. "Good morning to you too, love," he drawled.

"Did we…?" But Maka was already remembering. "Oh God."

"That's what you kept saying lat night, too," Soul winked. Maka completely ignored him and stood up, forgetting that she was naked as well.

"Oh God!" She repeated, running her fingers through her hair. Admittedly, there was a very small part of her brain that was completely elated at last night's events.

She thought that part of her must be insane.

Soul found Maka's display of after-the-first-time-panic hilarious; he was trying hard not to laugh. Maka noticed this and snapped out of her reverie. She also noticed she was naked. Screaming again, she searched frantically for her clothes, but couldn't find them. The closest protection was the ocean, so she darted there and sighed when she was deep enough to be covered. Glancing back to shore, she saw Soul completely lose it, doubled over in laughter.

She puffed her cheeks out and screamed, "Stop laughing, Soul! This is errible!"

"Why?" Soul yelled back as he found his pants and slipped them on. Maka saw her clothes now, too, but she was too stubborn to get out of the water.

"Why?" She practically shrieked. "We…we.." She became flustered at the thought of yelling it out loud.

"Yeah, and?" Soul questioned as he began walking forward to the sea.

"I was..I was drunk! And..well, that was..not okay to do!" She finished lamely.

"You seemed perfectly okay last night," Soul cooed, now standing before her in the water.

"I was drunk!" Maka repeated, exasperated. "I didn't know what I wanted."

"Like they say, wine speaks truth," Soul smirked.

"It wasn't wine, Soul, it was cheap rum."

He laughed and shrugged. "Same concept."

Sighing, Maka forced herself to calm down. Soul was sort of right- it wasn't that big of a deal. Not exactly the way she planned on losing her virginity, but, she realized, with the right person. So it would have to do. However, she was too sober and shy to admit this to Soul, so with a "hmph", she swam back toward shore and re-dressed.

At lunch time, Soul and Maka sat around their fire with more fish. Maka pondered their situation silently. Sure, they were safe for now, but they could only live off of fish and coconuts for so long. She realized, with a heavy heart, that she was probably going to die here. But, admittedly, she was glad she was with Soul. She'd probably go crazy here alone.

They spent the day exploring the scarce island for any animal or plant that could be eaten.

They found some berries that Soul claimed were edible, and more coconuts than they could carry. Sitting down to make a meal of their findings, Maka dreamed of steak and potatoes. She wasn't used to being malnourished, and since joining Soul's crew, she'd been food deprived more than she expected.

That night, the two laid down by the dying fire, Maka making sure she kept a safe distance from her captain. She hadn't drank any rum and was not about to lose her head again. She fell asleep staring at the stars.

In the middle of the night, she woke up, shivering. The sun was far from coming back up and there was an ocean breeze that gave Maka goosebumps. She glanced over at Soul, who looked angelic in the moonlight. She tried to fall back asleep, but she was too cold. Sighing in defeat, she crawled over to Soul and got as close as possible without touching him. Without warning, he opened his eyes. Damn, what a light sleeper.

He didn't say a word, but pulled Maka into his chest and wrapped his arm around her waist. She wanted to protest, but he was so warm she couldn't bring herself to pull away. She fell back asleep within minutes.

The sun fell on Maka's bare skin and she hummed contentedly. A loud woosh make her open her eyes and she sat up. Soul had threw his (or, probably her) bottle of rum into the fire, causing it to flare up. She sauntered over to him and said, "I never thought I'd see the day. You're burning the rum?" He sighed and nodded. "It's a sad sight, but it must be done. I've got to make the S.O.S flare big enough for Kidd to see."

Maka stopped and stared at him. "What?"

He just pointed out to the ocean, where Maka could see the faintest outline of a ship.

"What." She repeated.

"Oh right, I never told you. Kidd knows we're here."

Maka had no words.

"See," he explained, "Kidd and I have talked over every possibility. We planned the escape situation that I used on Davy Jones' ship and decided this would be the island to try to get to. We promised each other that if the other got captured by Jones, we were to head here first."

"So, you knew the second we got on this island that we'd be saved." Maka said, monotone.

"Pretty much, yeah." Soul didn't look the slightest bit sheepish. Maka blew up.

"And you didn't think to TELL ME this? I thought we could die here! I was sitting here, thinking I would die and you never told me otherwise! I only…" She stopped herself.

"You only what?" Soul narrowed his eyes. "You only slept with me because you thought you were going to die?"

"I didn't say that!" She argued.

"But you were going to."

"Well, yeah! Desperation makes you crazy!" She felt a little bad admitting this to him, but she was too pissed to care.

Soul scowled at her. "Well, princess, you'll be glad to know that once we're back on board, you'll never have to touch me again." His voice dripped with venom.

"Good!" She yelled back at him. "You can't make me get drunk and take advantage of me ever again!"

Her captain looked shocked and livid. "Take advantage? Maka, you know damn well that was a two-way street! You wanted to-"

"Ugh stop!" Maka didn't want him to finish that sentence. "You stupid pirate!"

"You prude wench!" He shouted right back.

By the time the ship had gotten to the island, Liz could make out Maka sitting cross-armed in the sand, and Soul doing the same a good fifty feet away. The sight was so typical and childish, she had to laugh. Patty stood next to her, giggling as well.

"Well sis," she said, "Looks like they aren't a couple like you'd thought!"

"Ah, Patty, that's where you could be wrong. Three days is a long time on a deserted island. Anything could have happened." She smirked. "I can't wait to ask Maka what happened."

Soul climbed up to the ship expertly, not even bothering to help Maka. She scoffed. Not that I need any help. She climbed up the ropes just as Soul had, trying to be as quick and fluid as him.

Kidd welcomed them back aboard. "How was your three day vacation, guys?" He joked.

"Terrible." They answered in unison, before glaring at each other. Liz cracked up all over again. These two were insufferable.

"Come on, Maka," she beckoned. "Let's get you cleaned up and into some new clothes." Maka nodded gratefully and followed Liz and Patty to the girls' quarters. On their way, they passed the kitchen. Tsubaki was busy making lunch for the crew. She dropped her spoon and hurried over to Maka when she saw her. "Thank goodness you're okay!" She cooed. Maka flinched when Tsubaki hugged her too tight- her back was still stinging. "What happened?" Tsubaki asked, concerned.

"Soul whipped me." Maka answered fiercely, not bothering to explain the situation fully.

Liz snarled, "What?" as Tsubaki turned Maka and lifted her shirt to examine the wound.

"Oh boy, this looks bad. But it's been cleaned properly…Did Soul help you out?"
"Yeah," Maka admitted. Liz now looked thoroughly confused.

"So what happened?" Liz demanded as Tsubaki went to work bandaging Maka. "I want to know everything."

Maka sighed. She should have known Liz would want all the gory details. She relayed what all took place on the Flying Dutchman, earning lots of vulgarity from Liz and gasps from Tsubaki and Patty.

"And then once we were on the island, Soul cleaned my wound and…" Maka stopped, flushing.

Liz squealed. "And then?"

Maka wasn't one to lie. She took a breath and then stated, as fast as she could, "And then I slept with him and we caught fish and got in a huge fight and now I hate him." Patty giggled, Tsubaki blushed and Liz grinned knowingly. "Told you you guys liked each other! As for the arguing, welcome to relationships, hon."

"We are not in a relationship," Maka answered defiantly. "That whole thing was a mistake and it'll never, ever happen again."

All three girls gave her dubious looks.

That night, the crew sat down to an almost-formal-dinner on the deck, in celebration of Captain Soul and Maka's return. The guests of honor glared at each other and Maka refused even a sip of alcohol, but overall, it was a nice night. Everyone was cleaning up and heading off to the sleeping quarters when an enormous splash was made feet from the front of the ship. Everyone ran for the rails to see what the problem was.

Maka gasped and whispered, "Oh….shit." Soul, next to her, glanced at her inquisitively before he, too, saw the lit up ship heading for them.

"It's a naval ship," Maka said. "They found me."

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