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Chapter Four

It had been three weeks and it was still hard to get Buffy to socialize with anyone. She rarely left her room, always darting back into her room as soon as she felt it was getting too crowded. Angel understood her need to be alone, to heal and deal with what had happened, but it didn't stop his worry. Giving her the space she requested, Buffy even took her meals in her room. She slept, she read, and she ate. There wasn't much else that she did besides shower and come out from time to time to visit. With Buffy taking over his room, Angel had set out to make her a room she could find more comfort in. It didn't take long for him to come up with the idea nor did it take long for him to make it happen. He gave Cordelia his ideas and his debit card and within a week the room was finished. Angel wanted to surprise her and so when he had taken Buffy her lunch, he came for their daily talk as well.

Meal time was their time. They'd eat and they'd visit with one another. Each day she would talk a little more, usually avoiding all subjects with any depth or dark secrets. Angel refused to push and pry and it's what made Buffy feel more comfortable to spend her time with him. After eating Angel expressed his desire to show her something, before leading a hesitant Buffy to the room across from his own. The tears and the gasp had startled him until she had thrown her arms around his neck. She was touched and overwhelmed that someone would go through so much trouble for her. Angel felt saddened by the fact that she had suffered for so long and something that simple had made her day. Giving Buffy her space to take it all in, Angel left the room and allowed Buffy to explore the room decorated in whites and silvers.

Back in his own room, Angel found himself unable to change the sheets that held her sweet scent and Buffy found herself missing Angel's scent. Their time spent together improved after she gained her own room. With more privacy, she felt like she could give more of her time away and so early morning walks before sunrise and walks just after sunset were taken together. They stayed close to the hotel and after finding out that Buffy loved flowers, Angel spent more time trying to make his home feel more like hers.

Flowers were added to her room daily, always fresh with not wilting, but what really touched Buffy was the courtyard at the Hyperion where Angel had flowers and fountains added for their walks. He found himself addicted to making her feel like she belonged somewhere, like she meant something to someone. Lucky for him, it worked.

Lying in his bed alone, Angel thought of the blonde who was starting to warm up to him and could not help, but to wonder if she was sleeping soundly in her bed. The thunderstorm was lulling him to sleep, but he could hear the faint sound of her heart beat in the distance and it was more erratic than usual. Was it another nightmare? He wanted to go to her, but he knew he had to wait it out until she was ready to tell him.

Brows lifting, he realized he didn't have to wait long when her heart beat got closer and his door swung open seconds after lightening lit up the sky and a boom of thunder sounded through the Hyperion hotel. He could scent her fear, hear the pounding of her heart, and before he could go to her, he felt the warmth of her body against his own after she leapt in his bed. Angel was certain that even in the dark she could see his surprise. How could she not? Glancing down at the tiny blonde snuggled against his chest, Angel debated on what he could do. A voice in his head said to comfort her and so Angel did the only thing he knew to do, he wrapped his arms around her. Holding Buffy, he could hear and feel her heart pounding in her chest, it increasing with each boom of the thunder, and it made him feel for her. She was terrified of everything.

Rubbing his hand up and down Buffy's back in a soothing motion, Angel hoped the storm would soon end so that her fear would fade, but the selfish part of him hoped it'd storm forever. He knew no better feeling than having Buffy in his arms. With her head hidden in the crook of his neck, Angel tipped his head down to breathe in the vanilla scent that was completely Buffy. He didn't deserve to have her so close, but he wouldn't leave her to suffer from the storm or from anything else ever again. He'd protect her. Feeling her trembling, Angel murmured words of comfort and soon he felt Buffy's heart beat slow down to it's normal rate.

What he wasn't ready for was to look down at her and see her looking back at him. Her hazel eyes were doe like as they stared into the very core of him. "Angel?"

There was this way that she said his name that left him wanting to hear it fall from her lips over and over again. "Yeah?"

"Thank you."

Angel nodded silently, not knowing what else to say to her. He didn't think he offered that much comfort, but to her he had. He was her guardian Angel and she owed him for it. Resting her head on his chest again, Buffy stared out the window and felt safe. The storm was scary, but her Angel was there. A tiny smile crept on her lips as the thought of him being her Angel. It felt like it. He left from time to time, she knew that much, but when she needed him, he was there. Always.

Feeling her eyes grow heavy, Buffy heard Angel's soft one word command to sleep and she knew better than to try and fight it. Wrapped in Angel's arms, Buffy soon found herself in a peaceful sleep knowing that she was safe in Angel's arms. Angel only left her arms once in the night to close the curtains just before sunrise and then crept back into the bed after witnessing her reaching out for him. Pulling her closer, Angel finally closed his eyes to sleep with her after spending the most of the night watching her sleep. Both of them content from the presence of the other, Angel and Buffy found their own calm in the middle of the storm.