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Tsuna never expected this to happen no he thought today was going to be a normal day but then how is being the boss of one of the biggest mafia family's in the world normal?

It all started this morning. Tsuna had just woken up and was feeling quite pleased with himself because just recently he had managed to settle every thing with the Shimon and Vongola family and now both bosses were the closest of friends. Tsuna was also happy because he had recently got a passing grade on his math test for once. Not to mention that today was Saturday which meant no school. Yes, today was just perfect there was nothing that could ruin for him.

Getting up Tsuna slowly made his way to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and changed from his pajamas to his jeans and favorite shirt. He then made his way down stairs to be greeted by his mother who was busy preparing food for them. While Nana continued to cook he turned to see Lambo running around waving some kind of candy in his hand while I-pin chased after him saying something about not eating candy until breakfast.

*sigh* 'Somethings never change' Tsuna thought to himself.

"Hahaha ore-sama will eat candy whenever he wants!" Lambo laughed hysterically.

"No Lambo must wait!" I-pin lectured

'I better interfere before someone gets hurt. Namely Lambo.' Tsuna mentally sighed.

"Lambo please listen to I-pin. If you do i'll buy you lots of grape candies later." Tsuna reasoned.

" Really? Then Lambo wants to go get candy now!"

'Well i guess it can't be helped. Its better than having him cry and blow the place up with one of his grenades' thought Tsuna.

" I'll take you right after breakfast."

And with that Lambo walked of singing "YAY candies, candies Tsuna's taking ore-sama to get candies"

"I-pin would you like to come too?" Tsuna asked turning to face the girl.

" I-pin stay and help mama." I-pin replied.


"Kids breakfast is ready." Nana called.

Tsuna and I-pin made their way to the table and sat down. Lambo was there when they arrived. The three started to eat and Tsuna looked over to Reborn's seat which was currently empty. Reborn had gone to Italy with Bianchi because she had insisted that they spend some alone time together. Which was another reason why Tsuna was happy. Since his spartan tutor was not at home that meant that Tsuna didn't have to endure any of Reborn's cruel training for a while. Still he missed the baby. Shaking his head, Tsuna dismissed the thoughts from his mind and continued to eat.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a little later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mom, I'm taking Lambo to go get candy now." Tsuna said as he opened the front door.

All the while Lambo kept singing about getting candy.

"Okay, don't be out too late," Nana replied.

With that Tsuna and Lambo made their way to the store.

While walking out of their neighborhood towards the shopping district Tsuna spotted a fuming Gokudera yelling at Ryohei while Yamamoto tried calming him down. Something at the back of Tsuna's mind thought he should just ignore them but he decided to ignore it and approached the trio. As he got closer he started to hear what was going on.

" There's no need to bother jyudaime with something as trivial as that, stupid turf top!" Gokudera yelled.

"Sawada should know to the EXTREME tako head. He is the only one who can EXTREMELY do something about it!" Ryohei bellowed.

Tsuna winced, 'Know what?' Tsuna thought.

"Ma Ma calm down Gokudera, you too Ryohei. Gokudera, I think Ryohei's right; Tsuna should know after all if things get really serious Tsuna might blame himself." Yamamoto chided.

"Shut up base-ball freak what do you know?" Gokudera retorted.

At this point Tsuna decided to step in.

"What is this thing that I should know about?" Tsuna asked.

"Jyudaime/Tsuna/Sawada!" the three exclaimed in perfect unison.

"Hi guys." Tsuna beamed, " So what's the thing that I should know about?"

"Well that's uhhhh," Yamamoto began "While senpai was on one of his daily morning walks he passed by the school and ... "

"Tch," Gokudera interjected. "Turf top passed by nami-chuu and saw something that he thought you should know about."

Tsuna motioned for his friend to continue. Instead Ryohei continued where Gokudera left of.

" I saw the pineapple haired man facing of with Hibari while that Chrome girl was watching from a distance."

"What!" Tsuna exclaimed. Mukuro had gotten out of Vindice just a little while ago after the Shimon incident.

'What do I do?' Tsuna thought to himself, ' If I try and stop them from fighting I will get beaten into a bloody pulp and there goes my one day of peace but, if I let them be they'll probably end up destroying half of namimori in the process of trying to kill each other.' *Sigh* 'I guess I have to stop them after all I am their boss, though they never actually listen to me.'

"I think we should go to Nami-chuu and stop those two from killing each other." Tsuna declared

'Even if there's a chance of me getting killed.' Tsuna thought sadly.

"Well if jyudaime says so then okay but personally I think its better to let those bastards kill each other. We would be doing the world a favor." Gokudera smirked as he thought of how peaceful life would be if that perverted pinapple and demon cloud guardian didn't exist.

"Well Tsuna we're more then happy to help you out aren't we senpai?" Yamamoto asked.

"Of course! Sawada we shall help you to the EXTREME!" Ryohei roared.

"Thanks everyone. Lets go!" Tsuna exclaimed. 'Before they destroy the school' he thought.

"Tsuna! Lambo wants candy!" Lambo complained.

"Shut up stupid cow! Jyudaime doesn't have time to deal with you." Gokudera yelled.

" Calm down Gokudera. He's only a kid after all." Yamamoto said as he tried to calm down the annoyed storm guardian.

"He no kid! He's a stupid snot nosed brat!" Gokudera roared as he ignored the rain guardian.

" Tako head you need to calm down to the EXTREME!" Ryohei boomed.

'How can anyone calm down when someone is yelling extreme in your ears all the time.' Tsuna thought sighing as he watched the scene before him. Seeing as his lightning guardian was on he verge of tears Tsuna decided to do something before Lambo pulled out the ten year bazooka.

"If you come with us right now I promise to buy you all the grape candies that you could ever want." Tsuna persuaded.

Lambo looked up at Tsuna for a moment pondering at what the brunette had said and the instantly reverted to normal and began laughing.

"Lambo's gonna gets lots and lots of candies. Candies, Candies Lambo's getting candies!" Lambo cackled.

Seeing as that problem was solved. Tsuna and his 4 guardians made their way to Nami-chuu.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~meanwhile at the school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chrome looked back and forth between her beloved Mukuro-sama and the cloud man. A murderous aura was being emited from the prefect while mukuro had an amuse smirk on his face. Chrome was flustered and confused on whether she should say something or just stay quite. Her shy nature taking over chrome just watched as the scene unfold.

"My my if it isn't Hibari Kyoya. Vongola's most feared cloud guardian." Mukuro said clearly unfazed by Hibari's murderous aura.

"Pinapple herbivore I will bite you to death for tresspassing onto these grounds and for associating me with that omnivore Sawada Tsunayoshi." Hibari growled as lunged at Mukuro.

"Bite to death! Bite to death!" Hibird chirped as it left its spot on Hibari's head and perched itself on a more safer location.

"Mukuro-sama!" Chrome gasped.

Just as Hibari's tonfa was about to make an impact with Mukuro's face a trident materialized out of nowhere and deflected the blow.

"My, my aren't we hasty." Mukuro laughed playfully as he jumped backwards.

"Hn" Hibari replied in a monotone emotionless voice.

'Mukuro-sama be careful' Chrome thought as the two strongest guardians of the Vongola charged at one another once more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Five minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Hibari and Mukuro exchanged blows with one another Tsuna and the remainder made there way to the roof top of the school while Tsuna worried about all the terrible things the two would do to him when he interrupted their fight.

'Uwah I'm sure Hibari-san will bite me to death for stopping his battle with Mukuro and Mukuro might try and possess me. NOOO! I don't want to be bitten to death or possessed!' Tsuna mentally wailed.

Soon his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening. He looked up to see Yamamoto opening the door to the rooftop.

"We're here." he stated, "Hibari senpai and Mukuro are up here. I can hear them fighting."

"No duh baseball freak." Gokudera scowled.

As the they opened the door fully and walked onto the rooftop Tsuna finally saw what he had been dreading. Hibari and Mukuto were going at each other ad if they wanted kill and the scary thing was they probably did. As Tsuna continued to stare at the two fighting he saw chrome looking at intenly at the fight her flashing from Mukuro to Hibari and then back to Mukuro. She didn't seem to notice the young boss and his friends.

"Chrome!" Tsuna called out.

Chrome whipped her head around to see her boss and his other friends.

"Bossu!" she exclaimed.

Chrome walked over to Tsuna and gave a small smile.

"Chrome what happened?" Tsuna inquired.

"Well, ... Mukuro-sama was bored and he had nothing to do and decided that he should pay the cloud man a visit." Chrome replied.

Tsuna dead panned. 'Mukuro was bored so he payed Hibari a visit! What! Well that's Mukuro for you I guess. Now how do I get them to stop?' Tsuna wondered.

While Tsuna was thinking about how to stop his cloud and mist guardians Lambo wandered to the middle of the battle field unknowingly.

"Tsuna. When is ore-sama going to get his candy?" Lambo whined.

"In a bit Lambo" Tsuna replied not realizing the danger Lambo had put himself in.

Gokudera turned to tell Lambo to stop bothering his jyudaime when he noticed where Lambo was.

"Stupid cow! Get out of the way!" Gokudera exclaimed but it was to late. Mukuro and Hibari had gone at each other head on at full force and Lambo was in the middle of it all. As the two clashed the blow sent Lambo spiraling into the air.

"Lambo!" Tsuna turned to see his lightning guardian go flying.

"Che. Stupid cow serves him right for fooling around." Gokudera scowled.

When Lambo came crashing down he was on the verge of tears.

"Go... To...Stay...Calm" Lambo quivered "I can't!" he cried and he took out the ten-year bazooka and pointed it at himself.

Tsuna noticed that the bazooka looked slightly different from its original form. Then he remembered that Gianinni modified it. Tsuna started to panic.

'If Lambo fires that who knows what will happen! I can't let him fire it.' Tsuna thought.

"No Lambo don't!" Tsuna exclaimed running towards him attempting to pull the bazooka from his grasp.

"Let go!" Lambo cried.

"No. Everytime the ten year bazooka goes off after Gianinni modifies it something bad happens so I won't let you fire it." Tsuna argued as he continued to pull at the bazooka.

As they both tried to pry the bazooka from each others grasp Tsuna accidentally tripped and fell causing the bazooka to go up in the air. The bazooka came hurtling down and as it made impact with the ground pink smoke dispersed causing everyone to stop what they were doing. An odd sensation came over everyone as they looked around. As the pink smoke cleared the group was suprised to find themselves in a forest.

'Something is odd' Tsuna thought 'We were hit by the ten years bazooka, if so shouldn't we be ten years in the future? Then why are we all in this forest?'

His intuition told Tsuna that they were not in the future at all but in fact the exact opposite. Tsuna had a hunch but he didn't want to belive it.

'No it can't be. Why do these thing happen to me?' Tsuna thought miserably

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