Perhaps I have a muse now, because there's this inner voice in my head telling me to make another chapter about the aftermath for this. Sigh…


Sunlight streamed through the window, rays of the golden light falling onto Goku's face. He stirred slightly from his dream, and then woke up. He yawned hugely and stretched, feeling great for some reason. Maybe it was the dinner Chi-Chi cooked last night.

That's it! Chi-Chi was the reason why he felt so joyful. Last night was one of the best in all these seven years. She's still very skillful, even after seven years and still as energetic as ever, he mused. For a wild moment, he pondered that maybe she cheated on him, but then decided that she was too faithful and loyal to him.

Now thinking about it, he was the world's luckiest man to have such a mate to never abandon him. Goku's nose suddenly caught a whiff of pancakes drifting from below, in the kitchen. He immediately jumped up, throwing on his gi and dashed downstairs.

Yep, there stood his beautiful angel, busy flipping the delicious to-be-breakfast. There was already a stack on the counter, taunting him. The children were absent from the table, so it was safe to assume that they were still sleeping.

Quietly, he crept up to Chi-Chi and wrapped his warm arms around her abdomen, burying his face into her neck. She gave a squeak of surprise, then chided, "Don't scare me like that, Goku! Can't you see I'm trying to cook here?"

He grinned impishly in her hair. "Yeah, I know, but you're even more irresistible than the food." Her face became tomato red from embarrassment. She tried to shake him off, but he tightened his grip.

"What, you don't want me hugging you?" he teased, thinking that she would just give up. But, no, Chi-Chi did not.

Instead, she dished out a threat that would make all saiyans begging on their knees. "If you don't let go now," she threatened, "then you don't get breakfast."

The effect was immediate. Goku abruptly let go of his wife, startled at her threat. She can't do that! Chi-Chi smirked triumphantly. "That's just cruel, Chi!" he exclaimed.

Just then Gohan stumbled in, rubbing his eyes from sleep. He had not slept properly last night, due to certain noises emitted from his parents' room that disturbed them and it kept him up. He was used to it when he was young, but seven years of complete silence in the house made him a very light sleeper.

Upon smelling pancakes, though, he perked up. "Is that pancakes I smell, mom?" he called out hopefully. Chi-Chi responded with a quick yes before scolding Goku for trying to steal a piece.

Within thirty minutes, Goten was up, and the family sat together at the table.

Goku, as the pig he was always at eating, quickly doused the food with maple syrup and dug right in. Goten followed his example, but Gohan, raised as a much more disciplined and polite child, picked up his fork and knife and cut the pancakes into pieces before bringing them to his mouth. Chi-Chi smiled warmly, happy that her family was whole once again.

Goten finished eating first and began talking. "Mommy, daddy?" he asked.

"Yeah?" they answered at the same time.

The little demi-saiyan had a very confused expression on his face. "Why were there cat noises last night?"

Goku and Gohan choked on their food, while Chi-Chi turned bright red.

"T-that was nothing!" Goku spluttered, fighting furiously not to blush.

Goten's confused expression became more profound. "Why do you look nervous, daddy?"

Gohan decided this was the right time to intervene before his little brother poked around too much. He cringed at the thought of a much traumatized Goten. "Hey Goten, why don't you and I go to Bulma's for the day? That is, if mom lets us," he said.

Chi-Chi mouthed a quick thank you to her son and said, "Sure, why not?" The two demi-saiyans immediately jumped up from their seats and ran out the door, the older wanting to get his brother out of the house as fast as possible.

The mother gathered their dishes and began washing them. Goku stood up, bringing his dirty dishes to her.

"Say, Chi," he started with an all too innocent tone, "with the kids gone, you wanna do something together?" Goku was always smarter and much slyer than his friends and family often give him credit for, and this was one of the occasions.

She frowned and said, "I know what you're thinking, Goku, but don't you have friends to meet? Like, Piccolo, for instance?"

He shook his head cheerfully. "Nope! Not at all. I'm free all day, and I know you are." She gave no reply. "What, Chi-Chi, you don't want to be with me?

"C'mon, Chi," he purred seductively, "I know you want me, too." Goku suddenly spun her around, forcing her to face him. And he kissed her ferociously, catching her by surprise for the second time in twelve hours.

And that marks the end. A GokuxChi-Chi fic (not one-shot) is currently under construction, so keep your eyes peeled for it.