This will be my new Megaman StarForce story after Dark Galaxy. Enjoy the opening and the scenes! I don't own them except the transformation, new Battle card, new allies, new characters, and the song for each characters.

Shizuka ni shizuka ni maku wa kiritoshi (Softly, so softly, let's raise the curtain)

Geo transformed into Megaman, fighting a couple of mechanical Noise Jammers with Acid Ace until someone stopped him. Megaman and Acid Ace widen their eyes at his appearance.

Kakusei no yoake ni aoi honoo wo (and light the blue flames at the dawn of awakening.)

"Tendou... " Megaman (Geo) said his name quietly as Tendou dashes toward his teenage dad, beginning to fight him with Draco, Sword Form. He made a fierce and diagonally slashed at Megaman's (Geo) chest, blood bursting out.

*Fast motion*

The screen made a slash, creating the title:

Megaman StarForce: Megaman vs. Megaman - Movie War 2011

*Fast motion end*

Bokura wa make wo shiranai yowasa wo dakishima aruita (As we walked, we embraced a weakness that knows nothing of defeat)

Sonia furiously pinned Tendou down, after punching his face, "TELL ME WHY'D YOU KILL GEO, YOU BASTARD! !" yelling at his bloody face as tears came down.

Atarashii kiba de jidai wo kizame (So carve out an era with your new fangs.)

"Tell me why should I kill my Tou-san (dad)! ?" Tendou yelled at the three strange people, covered in white cloaks. The three people were: a big bulky old man with an oxygen gas mask, a skinny looking man with a strange looking eye patch on his right eye, and a little kid wearing a white hood with a strange looking eye patch on his left eye.

Shizuka ni shizuka ni maku wa kiritoshi (Softly, so softly, let's raise the curtain)

"Hey, kid! Why don't you leave and we'll take care of her instead~ ?" the motorcycle gang leader asked Tendou who was defending a defenseless girl named Minako Ayuzawa, holding a caged kitty. Tendou gave him a death glare.

Kakusei no yoake ni aoi honoo wo (and light the blue flames at the dawn of awakening.)

Megaman (Tendou) stood, forming his Finalize Combo into Tervus Megaman, fighting the StarForce who were avenging Geo with rage.

Mamoritai anata ni deaeru sono hi made wa (Until the day I can meet you whom I want to protect.)

"You wanna fight me?" Tervus Megaman formed his forearms into lengthy red blades and his preparation stance, "I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON! ! !" he charged towards the raging StarForce, slashing them as they made their combat.

Yuushuu no bi yori me no mae no deko (Choosing over the greatest beauty the forehead I see before me.)

In space, an enormous Gundam-like spaceship fires five giant orbs, sending them down to Earth. Three giant mechanical robots landed on the city with a loud thuds; two giant mechanical robots floats in the air as they fired and smashed the city.

Itoshikute itoshikute hoka ni wa nani mo nakute (My beloved, my beloved, you are all there is for me.)

A rocket-looking hero shows up and assist the StarForce, "Ore wa (I am) Fourze... Kamen Rider Fourze!" "Tendou! Ganbatte!" Minako cheered, praying for him to win the war on the giant robots.

Koko kara miwatashita keshiki zenbu (The whole of the scenery you once saw from here,)

The StarForce were fighting tons of mechanical Noise Jammers with sparks bursting out of the slashed Jammers.

Matomete tsuretete akeru sa hanasanai ne (I'll bring it all together, and bring you here, so don't let it go)

In space, Tervus Megaman (Tendou) and Red Joker Megaman (Geo) fired their finishing signature attacks at full blast at the giant spaceship Gundam-like.

Zutto nariyamanu ranbu no merodii (of the wild melody that plays on without end.)

The giant spaceship Gundam-like fires its enormous lasers at the two Finalize Megaman. Both father-and-son Megaman formed a giant energy shield to defend Earth with all their might.

The opening for this Movie (fanfiction) War was Bleach opening 13 - Melody of The Wild Dance. Hope you like this. Btw, as you can see the title, it can only have 50 letters, in space. This story will update until I finish my dark Galaxy story. Please comment or review!