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Chapter 7: Resolve / Rocket Warrior

In space, the giant spaceship Gundam-like was in slow pace. It activates its thrusters to increase more speed. However, its speed is a bit normal instead of high speed, and it's still far away from Earth.

Two giant flaming orbs were reaching Earth at high speed. One of them shattered, revealing a giant mechanical Gundam-like in slate armor known as Sem-strut, engulfing in flames. Its arms are armed in mid-shield-like armors with lengthy silverish white blades. Both shoulder armors are armed with giant cannon-looking. The lens is yellow.

(A/N: I like its name in the U.S. version better. The Japanese version sounded so hysterical~ :D )

Sem-strut pulled its left armed blade back and slammed its flaming orb comrade, sending it straight to Earth at high speed. Now it floats there waiting for the right timing.


Kelvin, Hope, and Aaron were exhausted, searching for Geo's place non-stop. They drank their cold water bottles in thirsts.

"Kelvin, is there any place that we don't know about Geo's favorite place?" Aaron asked, winded, trying his best to remember Geo's favorite fun time when they were young.

Kelvin closed his family photo album. "That's all the place we've search. And we've got nothing."

"We'll take a little break afterwards. Let's hope these chaotic monsters won't destroy this city like before." Aaron sighed. He couldn't imagine the Repliforce War that nearly destroy Echo Ridge last year.

Hope was deep in thought, trying her best to remember her son's favorite place. She replayed her future grandson's words.

"Find the favorite place where Geo always goes when he was young."

She closed her eyes, focusing onto her memories when she and Kelvin played with Geo. There was a slide and a big round red sandbox filled with holes.

"Kaa-san!" her little Geo was calling her, smiling.

Then, that memory shocked her, opening her eyes as she finally remembers it.

"Kelvin! Aaron! I remembered Geo's favorite place!"

Both men faced her.

"You do! ?" Aaron shouted in surprise.

"Where is it, hun! ?" Kelvin hastily asked.

Echo Ridge Hospital

Jack and Tia managed to get everyone out of the city before the Metal Noise Jammer comes. They had to watch the hospital for them. Furthermore, all the injured were treated, still impale from those mechanical monsters.

"Nee-san, is that all of 'em?" Jack asked his sister.

"I think that's all of them. I've already got Virgo and Corvus to keep their eyes on the outdoor." Tia replied as she felt her dress was pulled. She looked down and saw a little girl, holding her Megaman doll.

"Onee-san... will Megaman rescue us?" she asked.

Tia crouched down to her level, patting her head. "Don't worry, he'll be here soon." she smiled at her.

The little girl nodded before leaving to her parents as Tia straightened up.

Jack felt a bit odd, hearing his sister about the Megaman part. "Nee-san, do you rally think Geo will come back?" he asked.

Tia closed her eyes, answering her younger brother. "I don't want to hurt her since Tendou had sent Geo to a different-dimension-that-we-don't-know."

"Let's just hope the others can keep up on them." Jack said, wishing the others good luck.

"I think you meant "Lady Luck"." Tia teased him in correction.

Jack turned to his sister with a confused look, "What's that?" Tia giggled.

"Let's keep our eyes on, Corvus!" Virgo said to her alien bird friend.

"When they're here, we'll alert our buddies and WHAM them!" Corvus shouted, sharpening his claws at the wham part.

All the patients were watching the fight between the StarForce and the mechanical Noise Jammers on the plasma TV. They watched as the StarForce were getting more outnumbered by the invasion of Metal Noise Jammers.

"Do you think they will win?" the injured man asked.

"If it wasn't for the Clone Megaman, the original Megaman will help them." another injured man said, pounding his fists gently.

"Well, this Clone Megaman did saved us from those giant robots." the injured woman pointed.

Back to the battle

The StarForce defeated less than a hundred of Metal Noise Jammers, but apparently, it wasn't enough. The Jammers transformed their right arms into black blades and made their combats against the StarForce. Even the Three Legendary AM-ians weren't strong enough to fight against them.

"AAAHHHH! !" they all cried, sparks bursting out of their armors and landing on the ground.

Strike Fighter clashed with the Metal Noise Jammer's attacks from both sides. He knocked their armed blades in the air then shuts his eyes, holding his pink-flaming sabers in 180 degrees before attacking. "BLITZ STRIKE! !" he spun at 360 degrees, slashing two Jammers then continued to fight the other Jammers.

"GGGRRAAAWWWHHH! ! !" the slashed Metal Noise Jammers cried in pain, exploding in defeat.

*BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !*

Strike Fighter lit off his pink-flaming sabers and put them in his belt. He reached his blasters from his back, "Strike Blaster!" he fried at the Metal Noise Jammers who were charging their armed cannons.

"GRAH! !" they growled, cried and shoots, misfiring their fireballs in the air and hitting the top of the building. The explosions occurred, dropping tons of rubble and pummeling down below Tendou and Minako.

Minako looked up and saw the rubbles, plumping down below Tendou. She quickly set her caged kitty on the ground before sallying, "Tendou, look out!" she pushed him out of the way as the rubbles crashed onto her left leg.

Tendou stumbled and turned, seeing Minako trapped. She had saved him. "Minako!" he ran towards her. "Minako, you okay! ?"

"Ughh... !" she groaned, trying to get her left leg out. "Te... Tendou... help me... " she pleaded.

"Master Tendou! This area is crowded with more mechanical Noise Jammers!" Draco shouted.

Tendou stood up and saw more hordes of Metal Noise Jammers behind the fight, walking towards them in their pandemonium roar.

The StarForce got back up and continued their fight with them.

"GAIA FIST! !" ScutumQuake fiercely punched two mechanical Noise Jammers with his right fist, knocking them away as they crashed into their comrades.

AssaultCerebrus transformed his arms into red cannons. "FLAME CANNON!" he fired at the enemies as some exploded in defeat.

"WHIRLWIND BURST! !" AquilaSky breathed out a giant whirlwind filled with sparks. His attack hit plenty of Metal Noise Jammers as they exploded.

Strike Fighter hid behind the wrecked car, firing his blaster at the enemies.

"Damn it!" he turned back to Minako. "Minako, we've gotta get you to a hospital!" he said as he moved the heavy rubble away from her left leg.

"Tendou... " Minako lightly blushed as Tendou carried her up in a bridal style, taking her left arm on his scruff.

"ACE! !" Tendou shouted.

Acid Ace stopped fighting and turned to Tendou. "What! ?" he slashed the Jammer before listening to him.

"Get Jack and Tia! Minako's injured!"

"Right on it!" he complied after slashing the interrupting Metal Noise Jammer.

Echo Ridge Hospital

Tia's Hunter-VG alarmed as she picked it up, reading Ace's message.

"Jack, go to Ace. I'll watch the hospital." she said to her brother.

"Got it!" he ran out of the hospital. "Corvus!" he called his alien partner.

"All right!" he flew to his partner's Hunter-VG.

"TRANSCODE! JACKCORVUS!" Jack transformed into his battle form and flew off.

Gemini Sparks stood away from the Metal Noise Jammers, charging and aiming their signature attack on them. "GEMINI THUNDER! !" they fired a massive of electricity straight towards them.

"GRRAAWWWHHH! ! !" they all cried and exploded.

StarPhoenix dashed to the group of Metal Noise Jammers, slashing them while running.

"HYA! !" after slashing them, he continued to fight more.

"GGRRAAWWWHHHH! ! !" the slashed Jammers cried and exploded.

Zero, WildUrsa, and HarpNote were surrounded by their enemies, growling.

"Just how many are these Noise Jammers! ?" HarpNote grunted, feeling defenseless.

Some of them jumped forward to them with their black blades.


Zero, WildUrsa, and HarpNote were ready to retaliate against their enemies.

"SPLASH LASER! !" blue fires were triggered, hitting the attacking Metal Noise Jammers. They screeched before exploding in defeat.

Zero, WildUrsa, and HarpNote were a bit lost until a certain orange-hair person with a blaster attached to his Hunter-VG landed in front of them.

"Hey, Zero! Did I miss some boisterous party?" Axl asked jokily.

"What took you so long, Axl! ?" Zero scolded.

"I have to finish my lunch!" the orange-haired answered.

*insert Daiki Kaito - Treasure Sniper instrumental*


The four them turned to their enemies, readying to retaliate - thanks to the hungry sniper.

"So these are the new Noise Jammers that appears on the news?" Axl asked, shooting the mechanical Noise Jammers.

"You missed some battles lately." Zero relied, slashing his enemies.

"Anger Punch!" TaurusFire gave a fearsome punch on the mechanical Noise Jammer, shattering their armors.

"RRRAAAWWWHH! !" they crashed against the wall and exploded.

"This is getting irksome." he said.

"Rogue Slash!" Rogue sent out a sonicboom at the Metal Noise Jammers, slashing through their bodies as they exploded. "Exactly how long do we keep this up! ?"

Tendou carried Minako, still waiting for Jack and Tia to pick her up. Minako's still wondering if Tendou will help them, instead of listening to some distant future disaster.

"Tendou!" someone called as they turned to the source of the voice. It was JackCorvus, landing down. "Is she the one?" he asked.

Tendou nodded. "Yeah, quickly take her to the hospital!" he handed Minako to him.

JackCorvus felt weird, carrying some girl he doesn't know in a bridal style.

"Wait!" Minako stopped JackCorvus before he took flight. He set her down carefully. She hobbled her way to Tendou then pulled him to a kiss.

Tendou widened his eyes, being kissed by his girlfriend's teenage mother.

JackCorvus whistled in amusement. "Tendou~ Way to find a lucky girl in our world." he snickered.

Minako pulled away, blushing for kissing the boy from the future, who just saved her twice, she secretly likes. "T-Tendou... please... Help them." she pleaded, picking up her caged kitty and going back to JackCorvus. He carried her, still feeling weird, as he took flight. He flew below the buildings so he doesn't give Minako's cat a fright. Minako watched him, then peeks over his left shoulder.

"Don't worry... Tendou will help us." JackCorvus said to encourage her. Minako slightly nodded, wishing Tendou will help the StarForce.

Tendou stares after her, not understanding how she has feelings for him.

"Master Tendou, look!" Draco alerted his master, pointing at the sky.

Tendou complied, seeing a giant flaming orb falling down. The orb shattered, revealing another flying mechanical robot-like body known as Sem-loke, however it's different than Sem-fray. The top is almost like Gundam-part except it has no arms. Its top body armors are metallic purple and silver except the head is bright green. The shoulders are larger than the airplane's wings. The front of its shoulders lens is bright green. The lower body armors are metallic silver with four blades on the bottom sideways.

Sem-loke floats down and sent out tons of fireballs from its shoulders lens at the city, including the StarForce. The Metal Noise Jammers activated their Barriers to defend themselves from the fireballs. Tendou and Draco quickly hid before the fireballs hits them. JackCorvus quickly sped up his speed before the fireballs caught him, Minako, and her kitty.

The fireballs smashed the city and the StarForce with high explosions around 'em.

*KA-BOOM! ! !* *KA-BOOM! ! !* *KA-BOOM! ! !*

"AAAAAAAHHHHH! ! ! !" they all flew in the air by the impact with explosions below them as they all crashed to the ground.

"T-This one is r-really strong... " VenomScorpius groaned.

All the Metal Noise Jammers deactivated their Barriers, then facing the enemies.

HarpNote stood up in determination, "N-Not if I can help it!" she flew up in mid-air, facing the giant Sem-loke. "Battle Card! AirSpread!" she transformed her right arm into a blaster as she fired her armed weapon at the giant robot.

Tendou and Draco got out of the building corner and saw his teenage mom confronting the giant robot she never faced.

The blaster caused small explosions at Sem-loke's armor, as though her attack didn't affect it.

"N-Nani (W-What)! ?"

Sem-loke bombarded at HarpNote as she quickly dodged the missiles, but one of them collided with her.

"AAAAHHH! !" she cried as the explosion occurred. Blood came out of her battle form, but not yielding to the machine. "Battle Card! HeavyCannon!" she transformed her right arm into a cannon, firing at the giant flying robot's armor.

Tendou gritted his teeth at the scene. He remembers what the bulky old man said to him about his warning.

"The future will become a disaster by a certain person who keeps destroying a tyrant being."

Tendou compulsively took out his Hunter-VG and puts it on the center of his waist as it shoots out metallic silver belt strap (not leather) on both sides, wrapping around his waist. He walked out, standing a bit far away from the battle.

"Tou-san... I don't know what you'll say to me if you come back." he said, somehow starting to defiance the three strange people in white cloaks' distant future warning.

While HarpNote's battling, she suddenly heard Aaron's voice.

"Sonia, Hope found Geo's favorite place!"

"R-Really! ?" she asked, but the missiles hit her, causing an explosion. "AAAHHH! !" she cried and began to fall down.

"Sonia! Sonia!" Lyra called, but the girl was unconscious.

*Daiki Kaito - Treasure Sniper instrumental ended*

Her battle form was automatically cancelled, falling down from high height.

"SONIA! !" the StarForce shouted (except Rogue), seeing her impaled.

"DRACO! !" Tendou called his partner loudly. "WE'RE FIGHTING! !" For some reason, he decided to save this era!

Draco was surprised, seeing his master sudden change to save this era. "H-Hai!" he slowly detached his armor.

Tendou ran towards the scene, shouting "HEENSHIIN...! !" he screamed out his transformation as his body was consumed into a ball of light. Draco's armor went inside the ball of light as his body transformed into his Sword Form. The transformed body flew inside the ball of light and towards Sonia as it caught her, falling down slowly for a safe landing.

The others were curious, wanting to know who saved Sonia from her fall. The ball of light vanished, revealing a dark blue Megaman none other than Tendou, combining with Draco's armor. Draco Sword was attached to his back. Tendou was carrying her in a bridal style as he landed.

-His armors are dark blue. He had wings of Cygnus Noise form. His lens is red. He has silver mask below his lens. And his streamlines are green.-

Echo Ridge Hospital

The doctor finished treating Minako's left leg after saving Tendou. Tia helped her in the wheelchair while everyone else was watching the battle.

"Minna (Everyone)! Check this out!" a boy called out as the whole group saw what's on the TV screen. It was the Clone Megaman, in his dragon armor, entering the fight with the StarForce.

"The Clone Megaman's helping the StarForce? This is new!"

Minako widened her eyes in joy, seeing Tendou in battle and helping the StarForce. She placed her caged kitty on her thighs.

"Fluffy! Look, Tendou is helping!" she whispered his name softly, making her baby kitty looking at the TV screen.

"Meow~ " the baby kitty woke up, seeing the dark blue dragon armored hero at the TV. "Meow~ "

Sonia woke up and saw her future son... who saved her.


Tendou set her down. "Go get Tou-san before I change my mind." he said, facing the giant flying robot monster.

Sonia didn't know why he changed his goal, but nodded as she headed to the injured StarForce.

"Minna (Everyone), Hope found Geo's favorite place!"

"She did! ?" VenomScorpius retorted in surprise tone.

"We've gotta get there and see Geo!" she said.

Strike Fighter and the Three Legendary AM-ians got up.

"Girl, we'll fight the enemies." AssaultCerebrus said.

"You and the others go get Geo Stelar back." AquilaSky added; said to Dan.

"We'll take of them." ScutumQuake finished.

"Tendou's my partner... and I'm not letting him fight solo!" Strike Fighter puts his blasters behind his back and took out his hilts from his belt, lighting them up in weapon exchange.

"Aw man! I just got here!" Axl pouted.

"*panting* Finally... I get to see how strong that weakling is... after missing for a week!" Rogue winded, throwing Laplace Blade in the air as it reverted back into Laplace.

"Minna (everyone), look out!" Zero shouted, pointing at the giant flying monster.

The StarForce turned, seeing Sem-loke charging its attack to maximum power.

Behind Sem-loke, at the sky, a meteor appeared plunging towards them as it crashed Sem-loke's charging attack, interrupting it. The meteor destroyed Sem-loke's left shoulder, exploding it. It began to crash near the StarForce.

" ...wwwwWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! ! ! !" a scream was heard.

"Did that meteor just screamed?" TaurusFire questioned himself, as though he was hearing things.

"DUCK! !" Acid Ace yelled. The StarForce ducked as the meteor crashed behind them with a big BOOM!

*KA-BOOM! !*

"WHAT WAS THAT! ?" Gemini White asked, turning to the fallen meteor.

As the smoke cleared, revealing a white astronaut suit. The astronaut's arms were spread out wide. The legs were on the air as they slowly slumps down, widely spread.

The stranger got up. "OW... That hurt!" he groaned loudly.

"Oh. It's just an astronaut." Gemini Black shrugged.

"Wait a minute. Is an astronaut's helmet supposed to be a rocket head?" QueenOphiuca noticed.

The strange astronaut's outfit was white. The helmet is a rocket-like with black lens on the face, plus with angry white marks on orange eye lens, making the face more angrier. He had orange streamlines on both sides, trailing from his shoulder to his legs. His back had a thruster. The shoulders are silver with black armor. His forearms had attachment armors: left wrist had a orange O symbol; right wrist had a black square symbol. His ankles had attachment armors: left ankle had a blue X symbol; right ankle had a yellow triangle symbol. He had black armors on the knees. The belt he wore seems heavy and it's silverish blue, except it contains four capsules-looking with numbers and a black picture of his body at the center. And a lever was added on the right side of the belt. The belt straps is metallic silver (not leather).

"Man, I need to work on my landing more often!" he complained, standing up, scratching his helmet as a head.

"Um... 'Cuse me! Are you an astronaut! ?" WildUrsa asked the stranger.

"Huh? Oh, no, no! Ore wa (I am) Fourze! Kamen Rider Fourze!" he called out manly, then saw the monsters. "Now there's some monsters I've never fought!" he said, cracking his knuckles. "I'll help you out!"

"Alright! We've got ourselves a new fighter!" VenomScorpius raised his right pincer/fist in the air.

"And we're friends now!" Fourze finished.

Everyone became silent when they heard Fourze's last line.

"How the hell we become friends at first glance! ?" QueenOphiuca accusingly pointed.

"That's one odd Kamen Rider we encountered. The one with three powers in one body, uh... sorry, I forgot his name. He was way better." Gemini White nodded.

"Ditto." Gemini Black replied to his twin/partner.

Sem-loke slightly turned to its insect enemies as it sends out tons of fireballs at them.

"You guys better run!" Fourze shouted.

"Battle Card! SuperBarrier!" Megaman (Tendou) called out as he grabbed Draco Blade from his back, and swung it, sending out a blue sonicboom at the fireballs. The blue sonicboom becomes a blue rectangular barrier, blocking all the fireballs. "Go get Tou-san, NOW! ! Except you, space-guy, you're helping us!"

"Alright!" the StarForce left the area.

"Sonia, you know where Geo's parents are! ?" Ace asked.

"I'll call Aaron!"

"Yosh! Time to help out my new friends!" Fourze said in excitement as he stood next to Tendou.

"-_- When did we become friends?" Tendou muttered.

Strike Fighter and the Three Legendary Admins stood next to them, facing the hordes of Metal Noise Jammers.

Come on! Come on! Come on! FOURZE! !


"IKUZE (Let's go)!" Tendou shouted as they charged towards the mechanical Noise Jammers.

Come on! Come on! Come on! IKOUZE! ! (LET'S GO! !)

Sem-loke bombarded at its running enemies as the missiles misfired, hitting the ground around them, causing massive explosions.

Come on! Come on! Come on! OH YEAH! !

Megaman, Strike Fighter, Fourze, ScutumQuake, AssaultCerebrus, and AquilaSky clashed their attacks on the mechanical Noise Jammers.

HAI SUKUURU kara housaou-chuu (We're broadcasting live from the high school)

"HYA! HA!" Tendou swings Draco Blade at the Jammers, sparks bursting out of their armors. He dodged the Jammers attack and slashed the attacking Metal Noise Jammers.

"RRRAAAWWWHHH! !" it cried, exploding in defeat.

BAAGAA katate handling na every day (Handling a burger one-handed every day)

"HA! HIYA! !" Strike Fighter slashed the Jammers with his pink-flaming sabers, sparks bursting out with each slash. He closed his eyes and spun 360 degree, slashing the mechanical Noise Jammers around him.

"GGRRRAAAWWHH! !" they cried as they explodes.

Mada mada tarinai yume wa large size (I got a large size, I can't get enough)

AssaultCerebrus punched the Metal Noise Jammers around him. He leaped back, charging flames in his mouth."Crimson Flare!" he breathed out flames with crimson energy in spiral motion, around the flames, at his enemies.

Come on, switch on

"RRRRAAAWWWWHHH! ! !" the burned Jammers cried, then explodes.

Regular future sonna no fusaiyou (A regular future ain't for me)

AquilaSky flew forward, slashing the Metal Noise Jammers with his wings. He flew up in air afterward. "Wind Vortex!" he flaps his wings, creating a tornado on his enemies.

The mechanical Noise Jammers were caught in it, roaring in defenseless.


Omoitsuki meijin mirai e blast off! (I'm gonna be famous! Blast off!)

"HAA! !" ScutumQuake punched the Jammers with his heavy fists, smashing them one by one. He jumped forward in the air towards the group of enemies, "Hammer Weight!" he body slammed them, causing explosions underneath him.

Koushiki nanka imi ga nai (Being formal is meaningless)

Fourze punched and kicked his new enemies, but the armors were hard. "Oww! These guys are hard!" he whined, then he took out a small blue capsule with the number 8 on it. He kicked the enemy away, taking out the dark blue capsule and replaced it with number 8 on it as he switched it on.



Hito no hanashi dake de shitta kini naranaide (Don't act like you know just 'cause you heard some rumors)

His right leg was armed with a blue attachment, plus a chainsaw appeared on his foot. Fourze swung his kick at the enemies, sparks bursting out.

"Much better now!" he said, continuing to swing his kick at the enemies. "Time for a different Switch!" he took out the previous capsule, taking out number 8 and replaced it with blue capsule that had number 2 as he switched it on.

Kakan ni TAFU ni CHARENJI (I'm tough, bring on the challenge!)



His chainsaw leg was now changed to a leg-size missile launcher with five missiles. He switched on another capsule on his belt on the far left.

Genkai nante bukkowashite yare jibun no te de (I'll break down my barriers with my own hands!)


A radar appeared on his left arm as Fourze aimed it at the enemies.

Come on! Come on! Switch on!

"Target aimed! FIRE! !" he shouted as his legged-missile launcher fires five missiles at the enemies.

"RRRAAAWWWHHH! !" the explosions occurred around them, causing them to fly in the air.

Kinou yori Step up! (Step up higher than yesterday!)

"AGAIN! !" he fired another set of missiles at the flying enemies as they exploded. "Now for the big guy!" he confidently said, switching the capsule on from the far right.


Going goin' my friends! Taikken datte toppa shite (Even break out of the atmosphere!)

A large orange rocket appeared and armed onto his right arm, then the thrusters burst its flames. Fourze leaped in the air, flying towards Sem-loke. He switched the last capsule he didn't use.


A leg-size drill appeared on his left leg, spinning rapidly.


Come on! Come on! Switch on!

Sem-loke bombarded at the rocket-warrior, but he swiftly dodged them due to his armed-rocket. The missiles explodes in the air. Fourze pulled the lever on his belt, readying for his finishing blow.

Tabidachi no Countdown (It's the countdown to a journey)



The rocket thruster boosted at its maximum power as Fourze aimed his legged-drill at the giant robot.

Tomaranai Growing Chou shigeki-teki school days (Can't stop growing! These are super exciting school days!)

"RIDER ROCKET DRILL KICK! !" he pierced through the giant robot's armor and came out from behind as he flew back. He smashed his legged-drill on the ground, cracking. However, landing the drill caused himself to spin rapidly. "WHOOOAA! !" he immediately switched all the capsule off as he finally stopped spinning, and then made his finishing pose.

Come on! Come on! Come on! IKOUZE! ! (LET'S GO! !)

Sem-loke's body begins to spark, and fell forward. It slammed on the ground and causes a huge explosion in defeat.

*BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !*

"I feel sick." he said while stumbling.

Come on! Come on! Come on! FOURZE YAY! !

Echo Ridge Hospital

Everyone went in excitement after seeing the rocket-warrior defeating the giant robot with a simple kick on TV. Even Jack, Tia, and Minako were a bit astonished, seeing their new Kamen Rider ally that helped them twice.

"Alright! That new StarForce rocket-warrior was amazing!"

"He should be the strongest!"

"Clone Megaman isn't evil after all!"

"Nee-san, is it possible to obtain four powers in one body?" Jack curiously asked, finding it odd.

"That I don't know. He's much different than OOO (Oz) we encountered." she answered.

"Um, Miss Tia. What's this Kamen Rider? Have you met one before?" Minako curiously asked.

"It's hard to say."

"Actually, you wouldn't understand if we tell you this." Jack spoke.

"Interesting." ScutumQuake said in amazement, punching the Jammer.

"YAHOO! ! How'd you like that!" Suddenly, his radar capsule alarmed, "Huh?" Fourze switched it on as the armed-radar appeared on his left arm, revealing a high school girl's face with a blue blazer on the screen.

"Gen-chan! Where are you! ? Hurry and get back!" she ordered impatiently.

"O-Oh, come on! I was having fun with my new friends." he slumped his head in yield. "*sigh* Alright... " he switched on the capsule on the far right.


The large orange rocket appeared on his right arm. "I'm off! Hope we can meet again." his rocket thruster lit off flames, as he flew off.

"Tendou, what do you think of him?" Strike Fighter asked, slashing the mechanical Noise Jammers.

"I'm voting for that three-powers-in-one-body-guy better. Four powers in one body is complicated - if it were me." Tendou answered, slashing the enemies.

Echo Ridge

Sonia and the others arrived, meeting up with Hope, Kelvin, and Aaron.

"Thank goodness, you're all safe." Hope said worriedly.

"Hope, where's Geo?" Ace asked.

"I'm betting he's somewhere near." Bud bet.

"Everyone, calm down. We'll lead you there since Hope told us about it." Kelvin said.

As they all began to head towards the destination, they suddenly stopped and saw the sky becoming dark, thunder rumbling.

"What's going on?" Kalin asked.

Thunder began to sparks around the dark clouds.

*BOOM! !* *BOOM! !* *BOOM! !*

While Tendou and the others were fighting the Metal Noise Jammers, they also noticed the sky darken.

"What's with the clouds?" Strike Fighter questioned, slashing the Jammers.

Giant legs began to appear below the dark clouds, descending the body while the thunder wasn't affecting the mechanical armors. The mechanical titan was reveal as Sem-strut as it landed on the ground with loud thud. It raised its right armed-blade up, commanding the thunder to strike the city, which causes massive explosions, sparks bursting out in the air.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! ! !" Tendou, Strike Fighter, ScutumQuake, AssaultCerebrus, and AquilaSky were flying in the air by the impact as they crashed on the ground.

Sem-strut made some beeping sounds from its lens. "Everything... will be... destroyed by Dis-human!" it mechanically said.

"Dis-human?" Megaman (Tendou) repeated, confused by the name.

Sem-strut's shoulder cannons fired lasers at the city, causing explosions. A few skyscrapers were destroyed, breaking into rubbles and falling down from high height. It took a loud stomp, walking slowly and fired its shoulder cannons. It swung both its large armed-blades to slash the building as the targets explodes.

Megaman (Tendou) threw Draco Sword in the air, transforming himself back to his original form. His armors on Tendou's body were detached, moving back to Draco's. Tendou banged the wrecked car in anger. "Damn it! What's with these giant robots! ? Those guys didn't tell me about them!"

The others were on their way to Geo's favorite place and saw the mechanical titan in slate armor, firing its shoulder cannons.

"How can Tendou beat that thing! ?" Ace asked.

"Whoa~ I can imagine that thing will be a giant chicken sandwich!" Bud said, imagining it in his head.

"Bud, is it really the right time to talk about food?" Zack asked, riding on his shoulderS.

Soon, they all reach the destination.

Luna twitched her left eyebrow, "You serious... ? This is Geo's... favorite place! ?" she asked, seeing... the Echo Ridge playground.

Talk about embarrassing.

Everyone else was a bit lost and confused, seeing Geo's favorite place... is actually the Echo Ridge Park! ?

An explosion occurred on the battlefield behind them, seeing like their heads explodes.

*BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !*

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ! ! !" Megaman (Tendou) and Strike Fighter were in the air, while massive explosions appeared below them.

To be continue...

The battle theme when Fourze assists the StarForce was "Kamen Rider Fourze opening - Switch On!" Will Tendou and Dan defeat the mighty Sem-strut? Please review or comment!