Someone Like You

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0
Summary: Inspired by the song of the same name by Adele. A Future-Fic where Steve struggles with the repercussions of the choices he's made and Kono and Charlie's evolving relationship is struck with tragedy. Kono/Charlie. Kono/Steve eventually.
Spoilers: Episode 1:14, He Kane Hewa' Ole

Thank you all for reading, reviewing/commenting, adding alerts and faves. And mostly, for still following along. I hope you all like the ending. I've included a brief summary of the preceding chapters since this Fic took so long to finish.

The story so far:

Chapter One – Dreams Come True
Steve is visiting the home of Charlie and Kono. We discover how Kono and Charlie started dating and get a glimpse of how it affected Steve. We also get some insight into a decision that Steve made regarding Kono.

Chapter Two – Out of the Blue
Another flashback reveals how Steve regrets his decision. In the present, Steve is nervous about seeing Kono again after avoiding her for months. For her, she's clearly missed Steve and he discovers that he still feels strongly for her. Through another flashback, Steve attends Charlie and Kono's housewarming party and discovers that they are engaged to be married.

Chapter Three – Our Glory Days
Once more through flashback, Wo Fat is captured and we see the beginning of Steve and Kono admitting and succumbing to their feelings for one another.

Chapter 4 – Hiding from the Lie
All good things come to an end and through another flashback, we see the beginning and fruition of Steve pulling away from a 'good thing.' In the present, Steve catches a glimpse of how happy Kono and Charlie are together.

Chapter 5 – I Wish Nothing But the Best for You, Too
Kono struggles with the aftermath of the end of her brief affair with Steve in a flashback, especially because he seems to be steering her towards Charlie. Also, Kono's last day with Five-0 has Steve second guessing his choices.

Chapter 6 – Sometimes It Hurts
Charlie is the victim of a car accident and Tutu Fong shares some words of advice with Steve, particularly regarding Kono.

Chapter 7 – I Couldn't Stay Away
Kono continues to deal with what happened to Charlie and the only person who can help her appears to be Steve. Tutu Fong makes an interesting observation.

Chapter 8 – I Couldn't Fight It
We find out where Steve was the night of Charlie's accident and Kono continues to heal.

Chapter 9 – Regrets and Mistakes
Steve receives more words of wisdom from Tutu Fong and both he and Kono get some postmortem advice from Charlie, causing them to take a step forward.

Chapter 10 – Bittersweet
Steve reflects while visiting Charlie and comes to a decision. Kono returns to Five-0.

Chapter 11 – Sometimes It Lasts, In Love

# # #

Five-0 Headquarters

"Hey, guys, where's Kono?" Steve asked as he strode into the offices and towards the conference table where Chin and Danny sat.

"She's getting the food, Boss," Chin answered with a smile.

"A month back and we've got her fetching our lunch," Danny smirked. "We're bad, aren't we?" he asked, chuckling.

Steve shook his head and smiled. "That's fine, just don't do it again. Let's not offend her so quickly, Danno," Steve said.

"Offend? What? She offered," Danny said, attempting to defend himself.

"She did?" Steve asked perplexed.

"Yeah," Chin said. "She did say today was an anniversary day," he added.

"Anniversary?" Danny asked. "What, for Charlie?"

"No," Steve answered. "For, when I asked her to join Five-0," he said.

Chin's eyes crinkled and he smiled. "Yeah, that's right. You remembered," Chin said.

"I don't think I could forget," Steve admitted. He looked at the two men and perched himself against the corner of the conference table. "Listen Chin, Danny – I know I didn't really discuss it with you guys. I hope that it's okay that I went ahead and accepted Kono back into Five-0," he said.

Chin arched a brow and stretched out in his chair while Danny just looked at his partner curiously.

"Accepted?" Danny questioned, gesturing to match. "Oh no, no, no. Like you had a choice?" Danny said, smirking.

Chin shook his head. "I know my cousin, brah," he added. "Seems like maybe she just gave you the courtesy of informing you, that she was coming back," he said, chuckling.

Steve laughed in return. "Yeah."

"Oh, ho! But it's not like you would ever try to talk her out of coming back though, right?" Danny said then, pointing at Steve and grinning.

Chin inclined his head and smiled, his eyes again crinkling.

Steve looked from Danny to Chin and rolled his eyes. He crossed his arms across his chest. "I don't know what you guys could possibly be getting at," he said.

"Oh, no?" Chin asked. "So, you haven't been in love with my cousin since probably the beginning?" he asked.

The Five-0 team leader snorted and tried in vain to suppress a smile.

Danny laughed and clapped his hands together. "You look like you're about to burp out the alphabet," he said, continuing to chortle. "I'm offended. Really. Seriously? What? You think we're blind, Steve? Screw you pal, after all this time -" Danny said, still snickering and his hands still flailing about.

"Boss – brah, I did the same thing you did," Chin said, interrupting Danny's rant. "I gave up what I had with Malia, remember? Because I thought I was doing the right thing. I was trying to protect her too," he said. The older man, snorted and shook his head again. "It was probably the dumbest thing I'd ever done. 'Noble' as Kono called it, when she finally found out. But it was still dumb. I'm just lucky that woman gave me second chance," he said.

Danny leaned forward on his chair. "We don't blame you for what you did, Steve. You were born with some freaky superhero gene," he said, laughing again. "But, I mean look at us," he said, clearing his throat and gesturing to himself and Chin. "We aren't exactly the best examples for relationship advice either," Danny admitted. "I mean, come on. But, I will tell you one thing – after Rachel, I learned to not make the same mistake twice."

Chin chuckled. "Yeah," he said. "I think we learn better the hard way," Chin said. "But Charlie, that kid was walking on clouds the entire time and so was Kono," he said after a beat of silence. "It was nice to see, but things happen, however unfortunate."

Steve gulped and nodded his head in agreement.

"Look, Steve, you love her and you're getting another chance here," Chin said.

"Yeah," Steve said.

Danny shook his head. "Yeah? Just try not to blow it," Danny said. "Because the first time you did, we about kicked your ass. But then we saw them together. Her and Charlie – and it made sense," his partner added. "It really did. But now, it's your turn," he said, pointing at him. "Again."

"I know," Steve said. "And trust me, I don't plan on messing it up."

"Good," said Chin. "I'll hold you to that, brah."

# # #

"Those two left awfully quick," Kono noted as she and Steve were the last two remaining at Five-0 HQ, cleaning up their food dishes.

"My fault. Sorry. I told them today was a half-day and they jumped at it," Steve said, chuckling softly as he grabbed a handful of napkins to wipe the conference table.

"Cuz always had a way of ducking out of household chores," Kono mused.

"And Danny pulled some excuse having to do with Grace out of nowhere. She's a 'tween'," Steve added, incredulous.

Kono laughed then. "Wow, Steve, I had no idea you even knew what that was," she said, smiling.

He laughed too. "Uh, Gracie," he said, by way of explanation, knowing that finishing the sentence was unnecessary. Kono just smiled.

They continued to clean up in comfortable silence before Steve spoke again. "Hey," Steve said as he put down a bag of used utensils and moved towards Kono. "I've been meaning to ask you something," he said, shaking his head as if what he was about to ask her was a bad idea. "Remember that time, you asked me why I wasn't at the hospital when they brought Charlie in?" he asked.

Kono stopped collecting the containers of leftover food and looked at him. "Yeah, but I – I shouldn't have confronted you like that. I never meant to accuse you of never being there for me, Steve."

He nodded. "I know. But you should know, I would have been there," Steve said as he closed the distance to her.

She shook her head. "I know. Chin told me later, how you found the man that killed Charlie, that night. I just – I don't hold it against you, Steve. You know that, right?" she asked. Steve nodded and she gave him an understanding smile. "Plus, I'm guessing, I can't get rid of you now," she said, suddenly laughing.

Steve laughed too, then cleared his throat slightly before speaking again. "I used to focus on what a fool I had been to let you go. And I was okay with it, because of Charlie. I figured down the line, if I was lucky enough, I would eventually, find someone like you," he said as he moved to wrap his arms around her waist to draw her in. "I truly thought I missed out on this – you and your love."

"But you didn't. You never really did – Steve," Kono admitted softly, as she rested her hands on his forearms to look him in the eyes.

Steve's gaze momentarily left hers as he looked elsewhere for his next words. "Since, I'm getting a chance at it again, I definitely don't want to make any mistakes this time around," he said as he kissed her temple.

"You won't," Kono said, almost sounding as if she was making a promise for the both of them.

Steve ducked his head and kissed her quickly on the mouth before releasing her to ask, "oh? You're sure?" He pulled his head back to look at her.

Kono's brown eyes sparkled with warmth and so much affection. "We've lost some time, but it was time well spent, elsewhere. It just makes this time together, even more worth it," she pointed out as she wound her hands up and around his neck to pull his head down for another kiss.

"Yeah, it is," Steve said, smiling as his mouth met hers again.

# # #

Manoa Valley
Honolulu, Oahu

The last of Kono's boxes were packed and loaded into Steve's truck and there was just one thing left to do.

"Tutu?" Kono called as she rapped lightly on the back screen-door of the old woman's house.

"Hi Kono," Tutu said as she opened the door the admit Kono. She hugged the younger woman and pulled her away to hold her at arms length. "You look good, honey," she said with soft chuckle.

Kono smiled shyly and reached up to tuck a loose lock of hair, that had fallen from her pony-tail behind her ear. Tutu moved towards her living room, beckoning Kono with a wave, she sat down on her sofa and patted the patterned material, indicating that she take a seat next to her.

"You're all packed, ready to go?" Tutu asked with a gentle smile.

"Yes, Tutu. Thank you so much for everything, you're – you're sure it's okay?" Kono asked.

"Of course, honey. You can't stay here forever, yeah? We know this is what Charlie would have wanted for you, you know that," Tutu said, patting Kono's knee this time. "I'm happy for you, Kono. And I know, my grandson is looking down on you and happy for you as well," she said.

Kono nodded and reached out to hug the old woman. "Thank you, Tutu," she said, pulling the keys to the little house from the pocket of her jeans shorts. She placed them gently on Tutu Fong's coffee table.

When they reached the back door to hug goodbye, Kono watched as Tutu looked through the screen to spy Steve below with his truck, waiting patiently for her. Tutu turned and smiled at Kono, her eyes slightly moist from impending tears. "That Commander McGarrett is a good man. He'll take good care of you," Tutu said.

"Yeah, he will," Kono responded. Her own eyes shiny and full of fondness for the old woman.

# # #

Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett's House

Chin and Danny had just brought in the last two boxes from Steve's truck and placed them on the living-room floor before collapsing onto the sofa.

"Hey. Pizza will be here in a few," Steve told both men as he emerged from the kitchen and handed them each a Longboard. "Kono upstairs?"

Danny nodded before taking a long pull from his beer bottle. "Who'd have thought she would have so much stuff?" he asked.

"Yeah. She's my cousin and I love her. But, she's still a girl, which means, she's always going to have more stuff than I'll ever want to have to move on my own," Chin said, snorting and taking a sip from his beer as well. He smirked and watched as Danny stretched out next to him to prop his feet on the coffee table.

"What's up with you?" Danny asked, gesturing towards Steve with his beer bottle.

Chin looked from Danny to Steve and arched a brow. "Yeah," chimed in Chin. "I know you're happy about Cuz moving in with you but you look like the cat that ate the canary. What's up brah?"

Steve merely shook his head and looked up to see Kono descending the stairs. She took one look at her cousin and Danny and laughed. "Really?" she asked as smirked at them. Both men on the sofa chuckled.

"How's the unpacking going?" Steve asked as she came to stand next to him.

Kono smiled and nodded. "Almost done, just these two left I guess," she said gesturing to the two boxes on the floor near them.

"Three," Steve said.

"'Three' what?" Kono asked.

"Three boxes," Steve said, pulling a velvet box from the pocket of his cargo pants and getting down on one knee before her. Chin and Danny immediately sat up.

"Will you look at that?" Danny asked, chuckling.

"About time, Boss," Chin said, his eyes crinkling.

Kono gasped quietly before reaching out with shaky hands to take the box from Steve. Opening the box to reveal the simple solitary diamond ring, she removed it from the velvet liner. Steve helped her by taking the ring from her and slipping it onto her ring finger. He grinned and looked at her expectantly.

Her brown eyes glowed and shone with a happiness that he was amazed to be the cause of. That was when he knew, that he was meant to make the mistake of letting her go. Because eventually, they were destined to find each other again. And this time, he wouldn't give up and she wouldn't let him. Because Steve had learned that this time, he had something to offer her finally, other than his love. He had – himself. And that was what she wanted and needed. And he was more than ready.

Kono breathed a "yes" and Steve stood and swept her up in his arms and kissed her as Danny and Chin cheered.

The End.

# # #

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