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By the time we pulled up in front of the house, night had fallen and the streets of Forks were empty. I had grappled with the fear of the crimson unknown as Bella slept; when she woke, I put the worry aside. The porch light glared into the night like a beacon, heralding Charlie's unrest inside.

"I'm so afraid I'm going to make a mistake, Edward." She glanced to the porch just as Charlie's shadow passed across the front window. She spun back to me, panic stricken. "What is he thinking? Can you tell from here?"

"He's worried because it's getting late. He had hoped we'd be here earlier, although the flight would not have arrived until six, and it takes three hours to get here, without stops." I was giving her too much information, trying to make her more comfortable with the lie. "More than anything, he's anxious to see you, to find you whole and well, and he wants to talk to you alone. Remember what we talked about."

"Right. As little detail as possible, general statements, things I confirmed with Renee." After calling Bella's inquisitive mother, we'd collaborated on what Bella would tell Charlie. "It's too bad we can't just tell Charlie what we told Renee, so they both have the same story." She looked back to the front window. "But I guess that's out of the question."

Bella sprung the news about our tryst to her mother on the drive back. Though my family was in the know, we had decided to hold our small wedding as our on private secret; the concern of accidentally spilling the information to her mother never arose. Renee's excitement was audible over the cell phone pressed to Bella's ear. "Oh Bella, honey! Was it wonderful? Was he gentle? Was he sweet? Are you being safe?" Bella patiently and curtly answered each query, rolling her eyes at me as the rapid-fire questions continued, until at last, Renee's inquisition ended in "What will you tell Charlie?" Bella gave her our rehearsed story of the vacation: just hanging out around the house, talking and sharing, while I worked on my entrance essays for college. She recited the story perfectly, with conviction and confidence. As lies went, it was just generic and predictable enough to be convincing. She was getting better at lying, and though it worked for the present situation, I wondered idly if that was a good thing.

I opened the car door and stepped into the misty night. Bella met me at the hatch of the Volvo as I pulled out her bag. "Will you walk me to the door?"

"Of course, Bella. Do you take me for a cad?" I smiled, trying to feign my way through our first goodbye since our marriage.

Bella's worry about facing Charlie clouded her attention, and she my little deceit went undetected. She smiled playfully, a nervous trill affecting her voice. "No, in fact you're like the opposite of a cad. You're the only man I know that has to marry someone just to have sex with her." She glanced up at my face, her grin still in place. Her smile faded as she read my expression, warning me that my disguise was not working. "Of course, we both know it was more than that. Will you come back tonight?"

"I will be back before you wake up," I replied lightly, smiling. I laced my tone with mock strain. "Of course, I have to talk to Carlisle, and you know Alice will want a blow by blow replay of the ceremony."

"Or do you mean a blow by blow of the ride home?" She laughed gently at her little joke.

"Very funny," I replied with exaggerated pique. "You know Alice already saw that." Her expression darkened immediately. "Anyway, she'll want details."

"Good luck with that," she said sourly, turning her attention back to the front door. "Here we go."

As we arrived on the porch, she turned to me and wrapped her delicate arms around my neck. I pulled her closer, bending to give her a gentle kiss. "Good night, Mr. Cullen," she whispered and pulled her lip between her teeth.

I smiled, placing my thumb on her chin to gently roll her lip away. "Don't ruin the most perfect mouth," I whispered in return. "I'll be very put out if something should happen to my favorite lip," I said, then brought my lips to her neck, letting my wintry breath sigh into her ear. "Mrs. Cullen." She shivered and drew closer to me.

Charlie's footfall became evident on the other side of the door, waiting, listening for my egress before he greeted her home. "I'll see you tomorrow, Bella," I said loudly, and stamped my feet as I walked away. As I expected, the door swung open as I reached the car, and he pulled Bella into a bear hug without a glance in my direction.


The ride home left me with time to ponder the crimson blaze that had engulfed me, but the solitude brought no answers. I needed Carlisle's input, his mind tuned with the biomechanics of our bodies. I relived the events again and again, trying to make sense of the sensations, to identify the triggers, understand the unknown. As the house came into view, I realized I was no closer to an answer than when the incident itself had happened.

I pulled the car to the porch of the big house. The anxiety continued to build within me, my inability to decipher the mystery distending my nerves until they were as taut as a drum. I opened the door and stepped out.

Alice sat between Jasper's legs on the steps. Though Alice's eyes shone with excitement, she didn't rise or stir. She was resisting asking for the emotional details from the wedding to fill in the visual that had played in her head, and instead said flatly, "He's in his study." Her thoughts were scattered and impatient, her mood the equivalent of a small child who had been admonished for jumping up and down in excitement.

Jasper was feeding on Alice's mood, working to contain her disappointment and still allow her excited inner child to jump freely. His love for Alice was primary in his mind, the thoughts flowing over to his beatific expression. "Jasper," I nodded as I approached. He returned the nod, without speaking. I felt the serenity wash over me as I passed by, his gift extending out to me in silent offering. My thoughts were calm, focused and aware, sharp and crisp but without the anxious edge.

"Thank you, both," I said as I passed by, taking the stairs two at a time.

Carlisle's study door stood open, framing my father in a backlit halo. He had heard my approach and was ready to greet me, lifting his arms out in welcome. "Edward," he sighed, smiling. I embraced him, truly happy to see my father, my mentor, and my friend. He sensed my mood immediately.

What is it, son? Is it Bella?

"Bella's fine, she's well." I returned his embrace, then pulled back to face him.

"Alice said the honeymoon had gone well. I knew you could do it, Edward. Esme and I are both so proud of you," he said, pausing.

"Thank you, Carlisle," I murmured.

"But I can see there's something else, something bothering you. Did everything go as planned? Are you worried about your future together? What has you so tense?

"I need to speak to you, Carlisle," I said, my hand raising of its own accord to run through my hair. "Frankly. I hope you'll forgive my awkwardness. This is a somewhat embarrassing situation, but I really need your counsel." I watched his face, gauging his concern.

"You know you can talk to me about anything, Edward. We've been friends for too long to do otherwise." I'll hold my parental congratulations until later.

Again, I was indebted to Carlisle sensitive nature. "Something happened on the way home. I was completely unprepared for it, and I'm not sure what caused it." He motioned for me to sit, then turned, walking back to his desk and sat down. I moved with him, and took a chair facing the desk. He watched me with interest and concern. "I'm not sure where to begin. My timing may be off."

"What happened?"

"Bella was, uh… pleasuring me orally on the drive back, and for a moment, I literally saw red."

"Saw red?"

"Yes, it was as if a crimson film descended over me, and I felt the compulsion to have my way with her more strongly, like a fit or temper."

Well, after all, you are just newlyweds. I heard the tenor of his thoughts, as if my response were acceptable, natural.

"It wasn't anything acceptable, Carlisle. It was, extraordinarily… intense.

Were you angry, or upset? Were you thirsty?

"No, no, not at all," I said emphatically. "I was enjoying every second of it, although resisting responding to her body was far more difficult than it has been in the past. I found myself wanting to…" I was unsure how to continue, without being graphic and obscene. "I wanted to hurt her."

"But you didn't," Carlisle countered, unable to understand the violence of my mind. Your restraint has been heroic, Edward. "What did you do?"

"What I have done before – move my concentration away from the pleasure to something more mundane. In this case, I focused on the road. I reined in the emotions before they controlled my actions," I said, running my hand through my hair in stress. I willed myself still, until the right words formed in my head. "I will always be grateful for whatever mechanism took hold and kept me from my baser self. The stunning part was the suddenness with which it seized me; one moment I was simply enjoying the feelings, the next, I was in a rage, struggling."

"Edward. I know how protective of Bella you are," Carlisle began. I recognized his reassuring doctor tone immediately. "And as I've said before, your self control has been exemplary. But you are newlyweds, and this is a new sensation for you. Is it possible that this was a one-time incident, brought on by over sensitive response to a new physical stimulation?"

I considered this for a moment. Though I'd pleasured myself throughout the years, the excitement and stimulation Bella gave me was as no other experience in all my days; it was possible that I had been overcome with sensation. It didn't explain the crimson coloration, but it was plausible that the whole incident was a unique occurrence. "You could be right."

"Watch for the event to reoccur. If that happens, we'll investigate further," he said confidently, standing from behind his desk and walking to where I sat. "For now, I say enjoy the honeymoon." He clapped me on the shoulder, smiling as I stood.

"I suppose you're right," I said, as I heard Alice chirp in the background of my mind. Okay, I was good, Edward. Get your butt out here and fill me in. "I guess I'd better go talk to Alice before she spontaneously combusts." Carlisle chuckled, and the door burst open, disbursing a very irritated little pixie.

"Details, Edward! I want to know how you felt, how she felt, did she like the roses? Did anyone question the license after the wedding? I tried really hard not to watch after the wedding, so you've got to give me the whole scoop!"

Alice's exuberance was hard to ignore, and I did owe her one. "All right, Alice. Come upstairs and talk to me while I get ready."


I was exhilarated by the run back to the tiny Swan residence on the other side of town. After spending nearly an hour repeating everything to Alice, I was ready for the serenity that came with watching Bella sleep. Though she was not typically quiet, the deepness of her sleep combined with the dreamy somniloquy was fascinating and tranquil.

Tonight was no exception. Her soft tresses framed her face as they fanned out on the pillow, a sleeping angel with a mahogany halo. I stood over her, watching, deep in my private enchantment that was the mystery of Bella Swan. The slow and steady rise and fall of her chest was hypnotic; I let the rhythm capture me in its spell as I speculated about our lives ahead.

Bella had asked me to change her, and I had resisted the request. I could not leap with the inner delight that grew from the pit of my stomach up through my chest; I could not revel in the pure joy that overwhelmed knowing that she trade her very life to be with me. No. I had to be strong, to remember what was at stake. Though I would gain the deepest joy, it came at far too high a price for her.

I continued to watch Bella as my mind raced on. What would she know of her soul? It was her soul that cried to me now, her body and blood now mine for the taking. I could not steal her soul; I could not rob her of entrance to those Hallowed Gates in the realm of the Savior. While I had broken commandments without remorse. I would not allow this for her. She was everything, her life, everything. I would prize her humanity above myself.


Her lips spoke my name, but her eyes never opened to recognize me. My sweet girl was dreaming again, dreaming of me. Immediately, I was beside her on the bed.

"What is it, Bella? I'm here," I whispered in her ear. Her scent distracted me, and I began placing small chaste kisses into the hollow behind her ear. I continued kissing down her neck to her collarbone. "Speak, love. Tell me of your heart."

"I want you, Edwerrrrrrr," she purred in her sleep. Her hands twitched in sleep-motion, reaching for me unconsciously. I was immediately hard and breathless, overjoyed that she would want me even in her dreams.

"I'm here, my love. I will do as you bid," I murmured as I planted soft kisses along her jaw. A chill ran down her muscles, and she rolled to her back. I reached down, pulling the quilt from the foot of the bed to wrap across her neck and chest.

"No, mmm, " she moaned in her sleep. "There. Kiss me… there." Her feet rumpled the covers weakly as her hands moved to her waist.

I felt my erection pulse with need. "Bella, do you want my mouth on you?" I whispered teasingly. The moan of her reply was all I needed.

I moved to the foot of the bed. The sheets fell away from the tucked-in closure easily, and I slid beneath them. The scent of her sex was everywhere, overwhelming, like an intense erotic bouquet. I tugged at her boy shorts, pulling them to her knees to expose her beautiful, sweet pussy, and with all the gentleness I could muster, lapped my tongue into her soft folds. Her clit was moist and hard and I had no trouble finding the center of her pleasure. She moaned lowly as I slowly dragged the flat of my tongue across her soft flesh, over the firm nub of her clit, and back again.

I pressed my mouth around her lips, lightly sucking, flicking her sporadically with my tongue. The warmth of her heated flesh against my mouth began to warm and numb my skin, arousing me and spurring me to whip my tongue against her. Still she moaned, and her hands moved to my hair, holding my head against her. Her body still responded with the dullness of sleep, but the rhythm of her heart told me she would wake before long.

The sheets were wet below her. The temptation to be inside her was agonizing, but I seemed incapable of pulling my mouth away from her mound. I pushed her panties down, freeing her legs, giving my hand access. "Yes, yes, Edward yes," she sighed, and I knew she was no longer asleep.

I stilled my tongue and pulled the sheet off my head. Bella's excited eyes peered down at me, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She pushed against my head. "Don't stop, please, don't stop," she panted, and I was all too happy to oblige. I threw the covers back over top of me, and went back to my oral investigation of Bella's core, adding my fingers as a substitute for my cock. Her tight little box clutched and released my fingers, her breath matching the convulsions of her muscles. Her lips warmed mine as I worked her clit, all the while growing harder myself.

Suddenly, Bella's body began to constrict around my finger. I didn't need to ask; she breathed "Oh God!" and fell deeply into the pillows, her orgasm shaking the bed. I sucked her clit with steady pressure as she came and relaxed. As her pussy loosened around my finger, I pulled away from her, sliding up to lie beside her in bed. She threw her arms around me, pulling herself as close as possible to me. "Oh Edward," she breathed into my neck, and her body convulsed in spasms.

"Bella!" I pulled away, searching for her face. The tears flowed freely, the picture of abject misery. "Bella, love, what is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she sobbed. "That was just so… intense." She pulled me close again, in a weak imitation of a kitten's stranglehold. "Just hold me, please," she wept into my neck.

I held her tightly. "Shhh, shh, little Bella. It's all right, shhh," I repeated over and over. Soon her hold began to loosen and her breath deepened. I adjusted my arms, cradling her as she slept, humming her lullaby as she dreamt.

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