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Recap of Chapter 2: Bella and Edward had their fun time in the forest, and are casually strolling back to the house. Bella asks if Edward can hear her thoughts now, and Edward explains her mind is still silent, but that it gives him a bit of peace. Edward hears Carlisle's thoughts about a possible cause of his crimson episodes, and they race back to the house. Everyone hugs and accepts Bella into the family. Carlisle sits down with Edward and Bella to explain what he's found. Some of the answers are not there, but he feels Bella has a gift although they still don't know what it is. He explains that when Bella and Edward had sex while Bella was human, the crimson came out along with the aging. Carlisle feels that Bella and Edward together may be "a new race of vampires", something different together than they are alone.


"I know it's a lot to take in." Carlisle sat leaning forward, elbows resting on his knees and his hands folded. He kept his expression blank, and I knew it was for Bella's benefit; his thoughts spoke clearly to me.

Edward, you need to find out more about what happens when you're together. Excuse my frankness, my old friend, but I think your work in the bedroom isn't done. His eyes flashed to mine, checking himself, trying to ensure he hadn't offended me. It may be difficult to concentrate, but when you are making love, you've got to ask Bella to help you while you're inside her. The change in your abilities seems to be strongest during your physical connection.

"It, it is a lot to t-take in, Carlisle," Bella stuttered and stood to speak. "But I think, I think I get it. I knew something was up, something like this." She turned to me. "When we, well, you know, we, uh. Oh, forget this." She looked over my shoulder to Carlisle. "Forgive my bluntness, Carlisle, but," and refocused on my eyes, "When we're making love, I can tell it's something… more, something other people don't have. The people I've talked to about this never say anything about the way it feels to me, like my soul's stretching and growing. That's got to be it, Edward."

"I think you need time to explore, Bella." Carlisle's manner spoke volumes about his professionalism. His hands pushed off his knees as he rose. "If you'll excuse me, I'll just leave you two alone." Carlisle exited at human speed, and I watched him go.

"So," she whispered, looking up at me.

"So, we need to talk," I replied, finishing her thought.

"I was thinking we needed to do a little more than talk." She tilted her face upward, pulling at my belt loops to bring my hips closer to hers.

"Bella, wait, love," I resisted, pushing her shoulders back. "We really do need to talk. You didn't hear what Carlisle was thinking."

Alarm passed through her expression, leaving worry in her eyes. "Why, Edward? What did he tell you?"

"Don't be frightened. You're not in any danger."

"I wasn't worried about me. You're the one who has been put at risk time and time again." She took half a step away from me, then turned her back and spun into a chair. "So… what. What did he say?"

"Now that you're more… durable," I smiled a little. "We need to test our limits when I'm inside you, my love. It may be har— difficult, but once we're making love, we'll see how far we can push my hearing. You'll have to help me, because when it comes to your body," my tongue rolled over my lips, "I find it difficult in the extreme to think of much else."

She crossed her legs, and the aroma of her arousal filled the room like heaven scent. "Okay, got it. Keep you focused. What else? What else do I do?"

"I'm unsure," I confessed. "I think the primary objective will be to continue the connection as long as possible."

"You mean, we have to keep fucking no matter what?" A licentious little smile danced across her features.

Her words were coarse, rough, so unlike her. Her wicked tongue curled around the obscenity like a lover's touch, sending an immediate jolt to my crotch and clenching the muscles in my belly. I felt my balls tighten and pull closer as my cock stiffened. I lowered my gaze, leveling my eyes into hers. I knew my expression had grown dark and my cock hard with need. I nearly growled as I spoke. "Bella..."

"No, Edward, we need to talk this out, remember?" She playfully tucked her legs beneath her, throwing her hair over her shoulder.

"I can smell your sex from here." I held her gaze, stepping closer. Her plump, perfect lip pillowed between her teeth.

Suddenly, she held her hand out to me, palm up. "And the scent of the precum bead on the tip of your cock, Edward? That's amazing." She continued to bite her lip as her brow furrowed in concentration. I moved forward, aching to touch her. Once again, she held up her hand. "Do you think I'm immune? I can smell you, too, Edward, and it's driving me crazy. But we do need to talk, or we'll never get through this. This seems important."

"We could talk later," I suggested.

"No, because we won't talk. I can hardly stand it now."

I was a bit taken back. Bella had never refused me before, in fact, I had thrown obstacles between us more than she ever had. But she was right on all points; rationality was under the crushing torment of desire that threatened to deny planning and thought. I looked at where she sat reeking of desire, and reflexively licked my lips as I turned away from her. "You're right, of course. My apologies." I fell into a chair like a sulky child, and pinched the bridge of my nose.

Bella was at my knee in a flash. "Edward, please don't. Please don't believe for one second I'm not going to fuck your brains out as soon as we know what we're doing." I smiled, dropping my hand to run my fingertips across the satin of her skin. "Let's figure this out so we don't have to wait. It's what we both want."

"Well, don't wait on my account," Alice chimed from the archway, her hand on her jutting hip. "I can tell you a little about what I saw, if that will help."

"What did you see, Alice?" I drew myself up to sit straight as Bella turned towards Alice. "Bella and I were just talking about –"

"Yes, yes, I know. Look." Her mind's eye took center stage as I watched and listened. She spoke only for Bella's benefit, but her words sharpened the images in her mind. "Don't be embarrassed, Bella. I can't help it – I just see these things, ok?" Bella nodded curtly, swallowing hard. Alice ambled over and sat next to Bella at my feet. She picked up Bella's hand, holding it in hers. "While you and Edward are… hooked up," Bella legs laced around my hips as I thrust upward from the bed. "Focus on distance. Edward, you need to target the person you want to hear." She dropped her gaze back to Bella, and opened her mouth to speak as another image burst through. Bella's face, so close to mine, pinched in concentration, willing me forward as I thought of –

"Aro, Alice? Seriously? Even if we could project that far, why would we want to –"

Her eyes were back on me. "He's planning something, Edward. I keep seeing a trip to Forks," and the vision popped into her head of Aro greeting Carlisle at the forest's edge. "But I also see him staying where he is. The decision isn't firm; he's waiting on something." Aro paced back and forth, his papery skin puckered in thought.

"So how do I focus on distance, Alice?" Bella still held her hand, searching her eyes for guidance. "Edward's done this before, trying to listen to someone specific. But I don't know how to do anything! What if I can't do it? What if now that I'm… like you, I can't do it?" Panic rose in her throat, her voice cracking.

"Bella," Alice soothed. "You can do it. I've seen you do it." Bella legs laced around my hips as I thrust upward from the bed. Bella's face, so close to mine, pinched in concentration, willing me forward as I thought of Aro. The miles fell around me, and the voices dropped to a hum until the tenor of Aro's mind buzzed in my ears as if he stood in the same room.

"But how!? I don't know how!"

"Calm, Bella. Give me your other hand." I stroked Bella's hair tenderly. She lifted her hand to Alice, watching the movement as if her hand were not her own. Bella lifted her eyes back to Alice's confident gaze. "Now close your eyes."

Bella balked as the tableau played out in Alice's mind. She'd seen this scene before, reenacting her part precisely. As I watched, I saw myself move to speak in Alice's mind.

"It's all right, love. Trust her." Bella's eyes had darted to mine, but as I spoke, she faced Alice, closing her eyes gently.

"Now, relax." Jasper appeared soundlessly at the door, and I felt his presence weave around us. I let my eyes slip closed as she spoke, watching the double vision of her memory and eyesight play in my head. "What's the farthest you've ever been from home? Don't answer, just think. Remember the plane ride? Remember the drive to Volterra? Imagine yourself carrying over the distance, the hills rolling by underneath you. Imagine your spirit soaring to Volterra, down the tunnels, and into the antechamber. Do you have that in your mind's eye? Just nod if you do." Alice's eyes studied Bella intently. Bella nodded. "Good. Now, imagine yourself around Edward, holding him close, shielding him from all the thoughts around him. Imagine yourself flying back to this room. Imagine yourself here." Alice gently let go of Bella's hands.

Bella opened her eyes. "That's all there is to it?"

I opened my eyes. "She's a shield, Alice?" Bella's face snapped to mine.

"A shield? What…?"

"On her own, yes, she's a shield." She turned back to Bella. "You can protect people from other vampire's talents." She pushed herself to standing, and spoke to both of us. "With you two together, she shields you while you read, and both of your talents amplify. That's why you can hear farther away." She flitted to the door, standing next to Jasper, hand on her hip. "Are you in the least bit curious where you were, Edward?"

"It looked like my room, except… Where'd the bed come from?"

"Alice and I got it for you for a wedding present, just until we can get something… better," Jasper replied. "Alice has taken some measures to ensure you'll have the right environment."

"We wanted to give you something more elaborate and private, but there just wasn't time, so we just had to make do. Come with me." Alice turned on her heel and vanished up the stairs. Bella glanced at me, and we sped behind Alice.

She stood outside my room, smirking. Bella and I approached slowly, my arm gently around her waist. "Don't worry; I didn't hide your precious things, Edward. Your journals are over there," she said pointing to the far wall. "Do you like?"

Alice never forgot details. I had admired this bed one day in Seattle, long before Bella was on the scene, and here it stood, large and magnificent. The black iron vines curled up the bedposts, forming a canopy of flowers overhead; the gold damask on the bed smelled of lavender and fresh linen, inviting. "It's perfect, Alice. Thank you." I leaned down and planted a kiss on the top of her little pixie head. "What do you think, Bella?"

"It's so big. And the flowers on the top, that's so cool," she replied, awestruck. "When did you get this? How did you get it in here?"

"You can thank Jasper for that." Jasper appeared beside Alice, snaking his hand around her waist.

"Thank you," Bella gushed. She turned to me. "Well?"

"We'll leave you to your work," Jasper grinned, pulling Alice away. His thoughts lingered over the prevalent sexual tension between Bella and me, tasting it. I noticed the tightness of his clothing in his thoughts. "You and I have a bit of work to do, too, little missy." And they were gone.

Bella turned back to me and I scooped her up into my arms. "Mrs. Cullen," I purred into her hair. "I have some very nasty things I'd like to do to my wife."

"Nasty?" She arched an eyebrow.


"Oh, I see." She leaned into my neck. "How will we ever concentrate?" Her lips brushed the skin of my neck, discovering a heretofore unknown erogenous area on my body. I shivered with pleasure, bending my head over hers.

"Do that again."

"What, what was it you liked?" The wisps of breath across my collarbone tantalized me, and again, I shivered with blissful delight. "That?" Her lips settled into the crook of my neck, and my eyes closed of their own accord and my lips parted. "You like this, my husband?"

I set her down on the bed and followed, landing atop her. "Yes, I like that very much, love." She giggled a tiny laugh then licked my skin. I growled and nuzzled her hair, seeking out a similar spot on her soft and silken skin.

She arched her back, hands flying to the back of my head as she pulled me closer. "Oh God, Edward! Bite me, bite me there!"

I knew we had things to do, things to explore, important things to test, to experiment, and yet, everything Carlisle had said, everything he asked, every plan Alice had made fell away from me like a glass full of roses shattering on tile in that moment. My reasons for hesitancy were lost, and before me was a beautiful, wanton woman who had beguiled me from the first day, from the first moment I'd laid eyes on her. And she wanted me – me! – to bite her neck.

I clamped to her neck and drew my teeth against her skin. She moaned and shivered, her legs wrapping around me as she clutched at my back. I washed my tongue over the bite, soothing, sensitizing, and bit again, letting her flesh roll gently between my teeth. In all my years, my bite had only conjured death, but now, for the first time in my existence, I was begged for more and felt powerless to do anything but to do as I was bade. Her skin was delicate and delicious, a feast to have over and over and over again.

Bella's hands tugged at my belt, my hair. I pulled myself away, stripping quickly. She sat up on the bed and began to pull the shirt over her head. "Bella, stop. Please." She held my gaze, confusion and pain storming across her eyes. "No, love. Allow me."

I knelt naked before her as she moved to the side of the bed. Without breaking contact with her eyes, I undid the buttons, one by one, starting at her throat. I glanced down as I finished the last button, opening the shirt. Her unveiled skin, hard, satiny, seemed to call to me, to my heart, to the life I held within me, and I moaned. She leaned forward, taking my mouth in hers in a fierce kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth tasting, sucking. I pushed the shirt away and stood to throw it aside.

"Edward, stop. Please." I found her eyes, my own expression full of questions. "Allow me." And she bent forward, taking the length of my cock into her mouth. I watched her with utter fascination, standing motionless as she licked, sucked, and swallowed my erect member again and again. I knew we had shared our virginity with only one another, but the sheer perfection of her touch… how could she know it would drive me to the brink of senselessness, insane with pleasure. As if reading my thoughts, she moaned around my shaft as she pulled back. "You like?"

"Stupid question, silly girl," I growled, and pushed her back on the bed. "I love. I love you." I pressed my mouth to hers, letting my lips explain the depth of my pleasure. Her body writhed and moaned below me, and I longed to taste her more deeply, more intimately.

My kiss broke away from her mouth to rejoin her at her collarbone, her breast, her navel, her sex. My hands were never still, sliding across her skin in constant motion, a hunger set loose against her body. The exploration of her body would be always incomplete, taking constant vigilance and devotion to map out each spot, every inch, each fold and wrinkle that gave her joy. I set about my work.

The ambrosial scent of her femininity beckoned me with its siren call. I pushed my face against her lips, thrusting my tongue inside her womanhood then retracting, fucking her with my tongue, lapping at the sweet wetness that was my reward. Again she moaned and writhed, her legs now over my shoulders. I grasped her hips from underneath, and pulled my face up to her clit. The hard nub of skin pulsed against my lips and tongue, and Bella's breathing became labored. Swirling around the tiny mound, I sucked and battered her flesh with my soul kiss as I slid my fingers inside her. I pumped her pussy as her clit grew impossibly harder, her muscles stretched and taut. Her hands laced into my hair as she drove my face against her. She let loose a long scream as she clenched around my fingers, bucking her hips and smashing my face to her box. I rode her orgasm with her, slowing and flattening my tongue as she descended from her high.

She didn't speak, she didn't move. I pulled my face away from her body, an old fear welling inside me. Had I hurt her? Had I displeased her? I opened my mouth to speak.

She moved with such speed and grace, she took me completely by surprise. Her mouth was once again on mine, her tongue twisting and battling with mine. "You taste like me," she breathed, her voice husky with desire and sex. She replanted her kiss, pulling me up to lie beside her. She looked into my eyes. "God, Edward. Never let me go."

I moved closer to her, my penis resting against her belly. She looked down, taking my member in her hands, stroking and caressing my length and fondling my balls. She handled me with the gentlest of care, watching as the little drops of precum glistened on its head. "I want this." She looked up into my eyes. "I want you inside me, Edward. I need you."

I slid her body up until she was face to face with me. She wrapped her legs around me. "I need you, too, Bella. More than I can say, more than I can bear." And with my last word, I slowly pressed inside her, feeling her slick walls slide over my rock-hard shaft. She sighed closing her eyes.

I pumped my hips against her, slowly, luxuriating in the sensation as I watched her face. Her eyes half opened and I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was. All my years of restraint, of denying myself evaporated into the ether as we lay joined; this, this union, this deep need at last fulfilled – this is why I had been born.

"Edward, promise you'll never let me go." She rode me slowly, lying on the soft pillow of her hair as I ground her onto my burning cock.

"I promise, love." I could never leave her, never. I would not survive without this, this bond of love.

"Swear." The earnestness and need in her voice was an aphrodisiac, and my manhood swelled impossibly harder.

I punctuated my point on a push. "I swear, Bella." With her in my arms and joined as we were, I would have given any oath, sworn any promise she asked that would keep me with her as long as she desired. That the oath she demanded was nothing but my life, my love, my desire, it was easily made.

I righted us, sitting face to face on the bed, my legs hanging down. My hands moved to her temples, pulling her hair away from the beauty of her face. "My wife. My love. My heart." My cock accentuated each word, pushing deeper into her as I spoke. "I am beyond my own life now, Bella. I am your life as you are mine. Together," I paused to kiss her swollen mouth. "Only together, from now until eternity." My thrusts became more demanding, driving as deeply as I could into her tight wetness. She understood my urgency, moving in rhythm with my vows, until she was impaling herself on my member, bouncing with pleasure.

I felt myself disconnect from the earthly plane, taken to a new level of sensation through our lovemaking. Background voices came into sharper focus and Alice's voice sounded in my head. It's happening now, he's hearing me right now, Alice's eyes were bright with excitement as Jasper held her hands. I let her voice drop and drift, swept away in the desire and sensuality of our bodies melting together in harmony. But where could they have gone? Vegas? Canada? What if he… what if she… I just need to know she's okay. Alice said she'd call when she'd heard something, but it's been two days! The panicked bass voice trailed away, replace by a laughing female thought. I told you, you can't see the dress until I'm walking down the aisle, Jacob! The voice was familiar; Leah. You know I won't look, Leah. I want it to be just the way you've always dreamed, sweetheart. I realized I'd just heard La Push some fifteen miles away, if not further. Jacob and Leah running through the forest. I slowed my thrusts.

"What's wrong?" Bella panted, slowing in unison.

"Nothing, it's just –"

"You hear them," she finished. "I know, I can hear them - Leah and Jacob, Alice. And Charlie. He's worried and scared." She came to a stop, her arms around my neck. "I know they're there, Edward. I hear them, too. I was trying really hard to ignore them." She bit her lip and added, "I was busy," she snickered, pulling herself to my lips and planting a quick, soft kiss on my mouth.

"It's sort of why we're here, though."

"I know." Her brow creased. "I'm just greedy, I guess." She started to pull away; I held her in place.

"Hey," I whispered, letting my emotion gentle my words. "You're not going anywhere. Stay with me, let's work through this. I'll never let you go, love. I promised." I leaned into her, kissing her deeply. "Let's see what we can do."

"Okay, what first?"

"Remember what Alice told you? Let's try that – but maybe not Italy first. We heard La Push," and just to emphasize my point, I gave her a little la push of my own. Her sharp intake of breath let me know she'd gotten the point. "Let's try for the British Columbia where we were married. I'll listen for Marge."

"Okay." She closed her eyes, and began to slowly bob on my manhood. It was a kind of heaven, her movements rubbing slowly against my sensitivity, her eyes closed in concentration. I watched her absorption as the murmurs in my head rushed by. Suddenly, Marge's friendly and confident voice took form in my mind. So, number 3 is gone today and that couple from Manitoba's coming in tonight. Nice kids. I hope it works out for them; they have a tough road ahead of them with a baby already on the way.

"I hear her, Bella."

"Okay. So do I, something about a couple having a baby?" Her eyes were still closed, her attention narrowed and intense with her corradiation of effort. She bobbed slowly: up and down, up slowly, down fast, up softly, down with force.

"Yessss," I hissed as she flexed the walls of her pussy around my length. The soft friction of her body against and around mine was sweet and delicious. She continued to move, a smile playing at the corner of her lips.

"Let's try Renee in Florida," she whispered as she came down, grinding on my cock. "You up for it?" I flexed my hips, pushing my cock deeper to answer. "Mmm. I like that."

"Your body is driving me mad," I mumbled against her skin. We were so connected, conjoined, I found it difficult to tell where she ended and I began. I twitched my love muscle, letting her feel the intensity of my desire. A small but sharp squeal escaped her throat, and I sucked the skin of her neck in response. "Bella, your skin… your skin is all I want…"

"All I've ever wanted," she finished for me. "Concentrate." The pounding pulse of her thrusts onto my cock made thinking near impossible. "We've… got to… try… Try Edward." She stopped her agitation for a moment, grinding her hips to mine, impaling herself more deeply. "Try."

Of course she was right; she was perfect, an angel sent to fuck me to Heaven. I let my eyelids fall shut, disassociating myself from the warmth that squeezed me, sucked me, slayed me and thought of Renee, Florida, miles away.

A bitter sapidity rolled across my pallet as I became aware of the cessation of Bella's movement. I opened my eyes, and found myself staring directly into hers.

"What's wrong?" We chimed in unison.

I broke the tension. "Please, love, you go first."

"Um, it's just that… it's my mother, Edward. It's just sort of…"

"Creepy? Yes, I got that. I could taste the 'ew' factor in the air," I acquiesced. She rested her head on my shoulder, her chest to mine, and I could feel the change in her body: her sex that had been so wet and inviting seemed to shrivel around me, losing its slick grip, and my body responded with a similar lack of excitement.

"I kind of need to, uh…"

"Get back in the mood?"


I kissed her collarbone gently, then bent my head to rest on her shoulder. We held each other, motionless, listening to the soft susurrations of our breath. Moments passed, until suddenly Bella raised her head, her body at attention.

"Hey, what is that?"


"On the nightstand, there – that book," she said questioningly, pointing behind me. I pivoted around, Bella still in my arms, craning my neck to see. On the nightstand sat a trade paperback in dark blue, a grey necktie its only decoration beside the title that read, "Fifty Shades of Grey."

"I think that's Alice's idea of a joke," I huffed.

"You know that book?"

"Only by reputation," I answered as a similar thought occurred to me. "Do you know that book?"

Bella's bottom lip was in for a test as she ground her teeth into it, looking down. "Well, I, uh," she stammered, clearly uncomfortable. Her embarrassment was so palpable, I could almost see the remnants of her blush. "Maybe I looked at a page or two."

"You don't have to be ashamed, Bella. Many women have read the book; it's a national bestseller."

"I know. And I'm not ashamed," she declared, still looking down.

"Baby," I whispered lifting her chin with my forefinger. "Did it get you hot?"

She lifted her eyes to mine through her lashes and nodded.

"Tell me about it," I begged. My manhood responded instantly.

"I just," she swallowed, feeling the growth of my shaft below her. "There are some things he did to her that sort of reminded me of… well, when you do them to me." Her body squirmed and shifted, poising herself over my cock once again. "It made me want you."

"I'll do anything you want me to, love. Anything." Her lips tickled my tip, and I wanted nothing more than to join with her again, hard, fast, furiously.

"Then let's get this show on the road. Where should we go?" She settled only a tiny bit over me, so that only the very head of my dick touched her downy folds; it was erotic, maddening, frustrating, and glorious. One hand clutched and fisted in the duvet covering the bed, the other supporting Bella's back. I swallowed the pools of venom in my mouth, trying to compose an answer that did not sound like a plea.

"Shall we try for Phil, instead?"

Bella's expression clouded over for a moment as she bit her lip, still holding herself above me. "Let's just go for it. All the way, all the way to Volterra. What do you think?"

"I think I will shred these lovely linens and demolish this beautiful bed if you don't give me your body soon, Bella."

"Can we do it?" She lowered herself a little more, and I struggled against the urge to ram my hips up into her. "Oh who cares? Fuck me, Edward!"

"Your wish is my command," I grunted as my hips flexed to meet her descending wetness. I sighed loudly, pulling her down, grinding up into her. The need was so great, the need to be inside her, possessing her, possessed by her. I pulled her back onto the bed, all the while forcing my rock hard shaft in and out of her tight little box. She moaned, stretching back atop me, letting me do the driving. She was perfection, beauty, sex; I could not get enough, but I would never stop trying.

She pumped deliciously over my rod, forcing herself down over my bone. The sensation of her passion was powerful and vivid, and I could resist no longer. My balls tightened close to my body as the orgasm drew up my legs and out the end of my manhood. "Ungh! Fuck, Bella! Fuck!" I erupted, losing myself in time and space; I was no longer connected to the world, to reality, rather only connected to her. I gripped her hips with all my might, clutching and holding onto whatever shred of sanity I had left as the waves of pleasure overtook me. Images of Bella in all her forms, clumsy, shy, embarrassed, aroused, excited, sleepy – they all crashed through my skull in a mix of love and need and want as guttural noises issued from me without thought or meaning, and I rejoiced in the openness of my heart and mind.

My wife never slowed, never rested. It seemed the strength of her new life agreed with her wholly, and she reveled in the absence of fatigue. What a sight to watch her! She leaned forward on my chest, lifting and dipping her ass over me. I became lost in the rhythm of her movement, the allure of her features. My nipples were erect beneath Bella's pressing hands. Her walls began to tighten and squeeze, and her face was a mask of concentration. Watching my beauty as she prepared for her own orgasm filled me with satisfaction and yet, I still longed for her. I could not get her close enough, more connected to me. I wondered idly as she forced her sex over mine again and again, her hair poured around her shoulders and down her back, I wondered if I could hear her mind, would then my need be slaked? I drove my hips upward, and pulled away as she moved, increasing the friction in tempo with her thrusts. Her perfect, pert breasts bounced and trembled as she worked my rod, but she did not come. She was holding back, and the reason eluded me. I slid my hand to her clit, rubbing the tiny nub with my thumb to help her let go.

"If you do that, I'll come," she breathed with exasperation. My hand dropped away immediately. "I'm trying to concentrate on Volterra."

"Oh," I replied lamely. In the heat and passion of my orgasm, I'd brushed aside the reason for our lovemaking, the test of our talents together. I closed my eyes, focusing on what I could hear and let the cadence of her strokes mesmerize my thoughts. I focused on the tenor of Aro's mind, his presumed authority and confidence, his utter fascination with his own abilities. It felt as though I moved in time and space though the meter of her movement anchored me to the bed.

Acquisitions, such a delicate game. So many little players who think themselves big. Perhaps a little visit to Forks is all I'll need. Just to check on the shield, of course, just to ensure she will be changed. Alice did a splendid job displaying that little transformation – so very tantalizing, those snippets and glimpses! And Alice herself, quite a morsel. The blonde could be an issue… Though he'd cooperate for Alice… I'm being greedy, aren't I. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tripping over my own avarice. At least some things never change.


"I hear him, too, Edward," she panted. "Just keep listening. Find out what he's going to do."


"Yes, Jane? What is it, dear one?"

"There is a growing threat from the east. An uprising." She offered her hand in explanation, and Aro took the tiny appendage in his hands.

The Romanians! On the move! Gathering Europeans and – what's that? Werewolves? Can the beasts be so ignorant as to stand against us? He watched the images of rebellion and discontent play out as I watched him. This is so odd. Well, let them come. I hear something else, here, too. An echo? Does someone watch my moves?

My eyes flew open and I gasped as I saw the thought form in his head. We had reached clear around the globe, and somehow, he had sensed my presence!

"What's wrong, Edward?" Bella's eyes were on mine and her movements slowed, though her walls still pulsed and squeezed my swollen member. "What did that mean?"

"He could hear me," I breathed. "I don't understand how… Let me think." I glanced around the room, taking in visuals as anchors while I concentrated, forcing my mental presence to stand outside Aro's notice.

That is most curious, but today is a day for curiosities, isn't it? An uprising after all these years, hmpf. Acquisitions and keeping them, my, my my. Such a delicate game indeed. My little trip will have to wait. First, we must settle the unrest. Perhaps we will snag an acquisition or two there.

"Brothers! Jane brings the most interesting news!" He dropped her hand and turned his back to her. "Caius, you'll be pleased. The Romanians are planning an attack. Let us counsel on our line of defense." He turned back to the diminutive vampire. "Thank you, Jane. You've served us well today, dear one. Please ready your brother for our… guests."

"He's not coming to Forks," Bella whispered as I sighed in relief. She shifted back, my cock still inside her, letting her body relax. She let out a long, low breath.

"Are you all right, Bella?"

She laughed, an angel rejoicing. "Yes, Edward, I'm more than all right! Do you realize what we've done? We've projected halfway around the world!" She laughed again, falling forward onto my chest.

Though we were still joined, I felt a grimness take hold of me. Our achievement, our successes, my own unattained desire – so much had changed and yet, frustration still remained. Bella herself had changed, now durable and everlasting. Our lives would intertwine infinitely, and together, we would face the world and whatever triumphs and challenges our combined talents would bring. She still had so much to learn about this life, about herself, about… I shook my head , cursing myself for my own morose and pessimistic nature. Didn't I have most everything I'd wanted? Wasn't this enough?

"Edward?" Bella pulled her chin to my chest, looking up at me. "What is it? What's wrong?"

I shook my head again gently, a pained, weak smile coloring my expression.

"No, you need to tell me, Edward. Nothing between us, remember?"

"We've achieved so much today, Bella, so much more than I ever imagined."


"Nothing, love. Please. Ignore me."

"Edward," she said flatly, drawing up so that she knelt on top of me. "You may have noticed it is impossible for me to ignore you. From the first day I met you, I've never been able to get you out of my mind. You've been in my thoughts, my dreams. Edward, you are my life now." She fell forward, softly biting my jaw. "Besides, you're inside me. How am I supposed to ignore that?"

I flexed my rod inside her, and she gasped. This love, this closeness. We could go on forever, never growing tired of each other. Our bodies were as compatible as our minds… Her mind. I sighed again.

"Why don't you just tell me?"

"Bella, it's silly and minor," I mumbled, realizing I sounded like a pouting child. I tugged on her hand, pulling it to my lips and kissing her knuckles. "Let's make love." I leaned up to kiss her.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Tell me this instant."

I looked up at her, her expression angry and impatient. "With everywhere we've been, everywhere we've gone, I still can't hear the one thing I want to hear most in the world. I thought perhaps after your rebirth that I would… but no."

"What?" Her brows pulled together, forming that little v that gave away her thoughts.

"I still can't hear your mind, Bella."

She fell to my side, her hands sliding across my skin, her arms encircling me in a hug. "Edward, I'm so sorry."

"You have no need to apologize, Bella. It was only my ego that was wounded, something I should have released a long time ago." I gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Let it go, sweetheart. It isn't worthy of your attention. Please."

She lay beside me, her arms still clutching me tightly. Moments passed, and though I should have known, I asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking how I can give you what you need."


"No, wait. Listen," she explained, pulling up on one elbow. "We've been around the world. It took concentration and," she swallowed loudly. "Sex. If we can get around the world, what would happen if we both focused on my head while we, as we… well, you know." Her fingers circled my nipple, and I returned the gesture on her petal-soft areolas. "I mean, we are a 'new race of vampires'."

With blinding speed, she raised herself on all fours, her head pointing to my toes and took my member in her mouth. The heat of her wet tongue around my shaft was so unexpected and erotic, I let out a long, deep moan. "Yes, Edward, that's what I want." She rubbed the flat of her tongue against my sensitive head; I had to hold back the orgasm that threatened. Once again, it was difficult to accept that Bella had been as inexperienced as I given her cock-sucking talents. She seemed to follow some unwritten map of my most sensitive, needy areas, and gave me exactly what I wanted, what I needed, as the need arose. Her long hair formed a curtain, blocking my view, so I swept her hair to one side, watching as her mouth and cheeks distended with each downward thrust. One of her hand pressed up beneath my balls with every upward suck, while the other jacked the expose flesh my shaft. I was punch-drunk and in love; my tiny cocksucker, giving me her all. I had to reciprocate.

I lifted one of her legs, placing my face directly below her glistening sex. Extending my tongue, I lightly teased the hard nub of her clit. She did not cease her ministrations; it was her turn to moan and send vibrations through my swallowed sex, exacerbating my excitement. I needed more, I wanted more of her. My hands reached around her perfect ass, and, finding her wet center, my long fingers plunged deeply inside. She grunted, sucking harder, faster, deeper. It became a kind of contest, one we would both win.

"Edward," Bella gasped, fisting her hand over my cock. "Try it. While I'm here, try it now." She replanted her lips to my penis and resumed sucking and pumping. I was lost in the pleasure, unable to decipher her meaning. Try? Try… Her lips pulled up, her teeth slid down. My God, I would not last long if I didn't…

My thought trailed off as an image popped in accompanied by the sweetest voice I'd ever heard. I love this man, mmm. How is it that his cock tastes so good? How can he be so good at this? Oh, he hears me now! Oh God! Edward! I love you! Remember? Images of the drive to Port Angeles, the concert, the day in the woods, the deer so close, the tree growing from the rock; it all crashed through my head with immediacies of affection. She loved me. I love you. Each act, each touch, each caress was guided by her love for me. She had no prior knowledge of sex, she'd been pure when we met, but her body and soul had responded with the acceptance of my love, and reflected love back to me. Baby, give me what I want. Her imagination feed a picture of my orgasm, the orgasm she invoked. I was helpless against her need, and let my ejaculate fly, shouting her name into her crotch as I came.

She never lifted her head, never missed a single beat. My balls relaxed as she slowed, though my body was still rigid with desire. I tongued her pussy as I fingered her slit, listening to the slap of wetness against my palm. Her legs began to tremble, and I increased the tempo of my swirling tongue, circling the nub. The voice, that sweet, perfect voice! God, how does he do that? How could he be a virg- Oh! She opened her eyes and looked down, and I could see my chin buried in her sweet center as she saw it. I flipped her over, my service never stopping. Right there, oh sweet Lord! Her body convulsed and shivered, and I knew I would be forever addicted to the stereo of her orgasm, seeing her with my eyes and through her in my mind.

Bella made a small whimper. I pushed myself up her body, letting my kisses mark the trail I would follow. When I reached her mouth, her delicious, honeyed lips, I swept my tongue across before planting my mouth on hers. She sighed.

"Had enough for one day?" I asked, jokingly. My body had other ideas, however; I was still hard and excited.

"Never. I guess you're stuck with me."

"I know myself, my feelings, and forever is exactly how long I will love you. I can't speak for what the future holds; who can say what tomorrow brings?" My face drew into a lopsided smile. "Who besides Alice," I laughed. "I guess we'd better tell Carlisle."

"Carlisle?" Bella exclaimed. "What are we going to tell Charlie!?"

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