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The demon smirked behind its prison, waiting patiently for the moment to strike, the moment of weakness. It flicked its nine tails back and forth, posed as if it were about to pounce. Naruto stood and stared at it, in a kind of trance. He stepped forward, arm reaching out, zanpakuto raised and pointing at the demon. Then, before his very eyes, the demon collapsed and screamed an ear-splitting cry, wailing in agony and pain.

Naruto blinked and stepped back, out of the trance. The demon continued screaming. Naruto widened his blue eyes, turned around, and bolted. Away from the demon, away from the noise, away from… away from…

"What have we got here?"

Naruto opened his mouth slightly, and started to scream the same horrifying scream as the demon.

He was melting. The flesh dripped from his skin, leaving only the bones. He held up his hands, terrified, and glanced up, eyes wide with sheer terror.

And he saw something- no, someone. A man, upside down, grinning widely at the blonde, a zanpakuto at his side. "Well, this can't be good. Nope. This is the worst possible situation ever. Ever."

Naruto tried to run, run away, anywhere as long as it was far away from this man that just screamed dangerous. "So, you're just gonna have to leave. Yeah, leave. That would be nice. Leave, scram, go away…" His smile grew even wider, a maniacal spark in his eyes. "…Die."


Naruto woke up with a start. His heart was pounding and his body was covered in sweat. Blonde hair stuck to his pale forehead. His breathing was irregular.

"What…what…?" Naruto gasped, scanning the room he was currently in. Something wasn't right. This wasn't his house. Where was his headband? Where was the scrolls that were normally scattered on the floor? He wasn't home. This was not Konoha.

Panic flooded him instantly. "Where am I?" he asked to himself.

"…Where am I?" he repeated.

His heart pounded even faster than before. Was it an enemy shinobi that kidnapped him? What happened to him?

A raven haired boy.


A pink haired girl.

What was he seeing?

A small group of enemies.

Why were they wearing masks?

One man standing out from the rest, brown hair swaying in the wind and his clothes stained with blood.

He looked so familiar…


"What was that…?"

"Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto," a commanding voice filled the room. "You are in so much trouble young man. You made me say your full name."

Naruto gasped again and whipped around, seeing the Yondaime- no, his father- leaning against the frame in his shinigami clothes. That's right… He thought, remembering. I'm in the Soul Society… With my dad… and I… went back to Konoha with… Rukia, and then Byakuya found me and… and…!

"ARGH! Byakuya, you shitty bastard, making me look weak in front of no one!" He suddenly screamed, flipping a nearby table over in his rage. Minato sweat dropped at the action, eyes following every object near his son that went flying.

"Naruto," he cut off Naruto, who was about to flip his bed. "Naruto, you ignored the regulations of the Soul Society and went to the Shinobi world- with Rukia, who could have died! Do you have any idea what kind of thing you did?" Minato's eyes pierced into Naruto's blue ones. Naruto trembled at his father's stare. He had expected anger, rage, fury, but instead his father's eyes were filled with disappointment.

"N-no…" the blonde mumbled, the floor suddenly starting to look a lot more interesting. Naruto stared the pattern, mentally counting the circles on the planks. He was lost for words. Why should he be in trouble? He didn't do anything wrong- there was nothing wrong with the Shinobi world for god's sake! And ignored the regulations? What regulations? Rukia went with him, it was alright! "What… what regulations?" Naruto asked, his head still down.

Minato raised an eyebrow. "There are rules against going there. Didn't Rukia tell you?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Eh… no. Actually, I think she was the one who suggested we went there." Something else flashed through his memory, something he was going to ask his father...

"Oh! Dad! There's something I need to ask you!" Naruto finally glanced up, his face full of excitement. Minato would have shared the excitement at any other time- him and Naruto needed a lot of bonding to do, he read before that sharing emotions is a good way to bond. However, the current time was not the right time to follow his copy of 'Fatherly Bonding Time-IX'. It was time to go on Minato's lecturing mode, the mode he only uses when telling off one of his squad, or when he used to lecture some of his students.

And seeing as Naruto was his son, he needed to be one hundred per cent serious about lecturing. So none of the interrupting crap.

"Naruto, that will have to wait for-"

"But dad, this is important! It's about my friends- well, my rival and my maste- ex-master!" Naruto interrupted.

Minato frowned slightly, confusion clear on his features. "Kakashi and that duck butt boy? What about them?"

Naruto breathed in, and looked Minato straight in the eye, his own sky blue ones glowing with slight hope. "Is it possible that the Sharingan eye- and Byakugan I guess- can detect not only chakra, but our spiritual energy too?"

Minato blinked a few times. The question had been… surprising. Not at all the question he had been expecting. He had been expecting a question along the lines of, "What will happen to me?" or "Can I get off without a punishment?". He already had the answers to both questions in his head ready.

His mind reeled for a few minutes, processing the information. Something must have happened… he deduced, deep in thought.

"Uh, dad…? Are you okay?"

The sound of his son's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. "Huh, I thought for longer than expected," he muttered under his breath. "Anyway," he raised his voice slightly, so Naruto could hear him, "I will have the twelfth division look into that. But don't think you can avoid this, Naruto."

Naruto let out a small moan.

"Had Byakuya not been there when he was, you would have died from the pure spiritual energy. Rukia was about to go into a coma. Listen, son," Minato kneeled so he was facing his son, his face serious, "you know more than anyone else about protecting friends. So you must know that going there is the exact opposite of protecting friends. Please promise me you will never go there again."

It was not a question, it was a statement. Naruto swallowed. "Y-yes, I swear."

A wide grin crept its way to Minato's mouth. "Well, then! Time for my favourite part of this!" He clapped his hands together, his mood way too happy for the situation. "Punishment!"

Naruto groaned.

"With Rukia!"

Naruto smiled slightly. If his punishment was with Rukia, it couldn't be that bad…

"And decided by the lovely Unohana and I!"

Minato leant into Naruto's ear and whispered his punishment. He pulled back and watched with amusement as his son's face went through many emotions, mainly disgust, horror, terror and shock.

He chuckled quietly. His son's first punishment was going to be a fun one.


He would have to get Rukia for this later. It wasn't his fault! She should have at least tried to stick up for him when Byakuya was telling her off (He didn't know if he actually did, but she should have tried to mention something to him!), but no, apparently it was his fault as much as it was hers. Damn women!

Although, he did run away from her, but that was only because he needed to see his friends again. He had an excuse, whereas she just went there for her own enjoyment.

"Hello, Uzumaki," Rukia's clear voice rang across the filthy hallway, her light footsteps echoing across the walls. Naruto glanced over his shoulder and glared at her, a peg holding his nose together.

"Why didn't you say anything? It wasn't my fault," he growled. Rukia smiled and laughed, a peg also holding her nose.

"I didn't want to face this alone," Rukia gestured towards the hallway, which was covered from top to bottom in pure filth. They were located in the eleventh division's headquarters, a place that rarely got clean, mainly because the fourth division would be kicked out of there by the eleventh company (until Unohana had a talk with them).

Naruto and Rukia had been given the worst punishment imaginable.

They must clean the entire eleventh company headquarters- including the shinigami.


"So… where should we start first?" Naruto flung the broom over his shoulder, eyeing the mess with a determined glint in his eye. "Obviously this is just a small part of the place, and this will probably take a couple of hours at least. So everything else would take well more than two, maybe three days. Not to mention the members." Naruto shuddered at the thought of giving sweaty, disgusting men (for he had yet to see a woman in eleventh company apart from Yachiru, but she was a girl so that didn't count) a wash. His pride will never be the same again.

Rukia pointed towards a corner of the hallway with the tip of her broom. "You start there," she shifted her broom to the other side of the hallway, far away from Naruto's corner, "and I start there. We work our way in and when we meet at the middle, we go open the rooms and clean a side each." A look of disgust flashed across Rukia. "It'll take time, and it will be the most disgusting thing we have ever done."

"But we will go through this!" Naruto suddenly shouted, a fist pumped in the air.

"Yes! We will go through together!" Rukia shouted along with Naruto, mimicking his actions.

They glanced at each other and then towards their challenge.

"We are going to die," they both commented, a cloud of depression hanging over them.


"What… am I wearing?" Naruto gaped at what he had on.

Rukia grinned. "Isn't this so kind of my brother, to design clothes for us to wear?"

Naruto continued to stare. "…Am I meant to be… a bear crossed with a beaver?"

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