Ok… I can't take that fanfic due to its effin' drama AKA "the dying message" by Ruka-senpai. (Well, I guess I can call her that xD)

So, I made this story to lessen my sadness… it's just… well yeah, I cant anymore watch that video ( www. youtube. com/ watch?v=obbWGhCMF8c

Because… I might scream in agony again… orz.

Anyways, Ruka-senpai is a great writer. And she's one of the reasons why I started doing some smuts, err… I mean Stories, lolzie ^^

"Shadow of the damn it!"

Izaya throwed the pillow…"I can't sleep! Arg!" he turned around, moved a lot and turned again.

"That story... gets in my nerves for some reason! Argh! I can't... die so easily!"

He selfishly talked to nobody but to himself.

"Hmph! And that… robot." He gripped the pillow.

"Shizu-chan kissed him so many times… oh yeah! Let me count it, maybe 400 times! Ahh!" he scratched his head and sat.

"Physche… you are born to this world to be love… and for me, I wish you are never been born flea!"

He lied down again and sighed.

"Maybe… in real life… shizu-chan, really really loves me…" he chuckled and grabbed the pillow to cover his face…

"Hmm, since I'm free tomorrow. How about doing something really… unexpected…?" he looked at the sleeping head of celty.

"Nee… head princess? Something that can make me love humans more."

He smirked. Then finally, he fell asleep.


"What's with you calling that old pervert here?" Namie complained as she points shingen

"Look Namie-san… This old pervert here is useful for my experiments. That's why you need to be more… patient and understanding." Izaya replied while busy reading the book shingen lend to him.

"You two." The man in the gasmask sighed. "Stop calling me that." Namie glared at him.

"So? What are we supposed to call you then?"

Shingen stood up and brushed his hair. "You can call me…Daddy…"

Izaya threw the book to shingen but he managed to dodge.


"This book is fucking absurd. Making a robot's easy for me. I don't need to follow those steps…" he removed his glasses and clasped his hands.

"Hooo… as expected from Orihara-kun. Then, it's meaningless to be here eh?" shingen sat again.

"No… I still need you for my second experiment." Shingen widened his eyes. "Second…?"

"This second experiment won't be easy though. It's not a robot but a Dullahan."

Namie and shingen was confused to Izaya's words.

"To make it short, I will create a Dullahan named tsugaru, the strongest Dullahan in ikebukuro." He smirked. "What do you think? I, Orihara Izaya who loves humans so much will create a monster that can destroy humanity. Hahaha! Laughable!"

Namie simply walked and continued to do her works and whispered. "Seriously… this guy's insane."

"If shizu-chan risked his life for creating a robot, why would I not?"

Shingen and Namie who's completely in confusion ignored the informat…