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Psyche sat quietly on the sofa, cursing his 'current master' who's now in his room, sleeping. The young robot gazed on the mirror beside him.

"Psyche really looks like him… Why is that…?" he whispered. He stood up and took a good look to himself.

"I'm also skinny… and this face." He touched his cheek. "It'sh chou weird…" he pouted.

"Izaya… that yakuza was-"


Namie was stunned by the short kid in front of her.

"What exactly are you doing huh?"

The kid ran and hugged Namie tightly "Yow my momma!"

"Wha!" Namie grabbed his fur coat and threw him like a ball to the sofa.

"Awtch! Dwatch mean momma!" the young robot was teary.

"Orihara Izaya… Stop fooling around and meet that Yakuza!" Namie stomped.

Psyche ran to izaya's bedroom and opened the door.

"Mwaster! Momma's calling you!" he walked to izaya's bed and pulled the blanket that's covering his master.

"Swaggy human rabu!" he shook him.

"Ahh… mairu… stop it….."

"Imma not mai-chan! Me psyche! Psyche!"

Izaya gasped and stood up after hearing that name, then he slapped the robot unconsciously. "Ah! O-ow…" the robot cried .

"That name… annoys me!" Izaya shouted, still half asleep.

Namie banged the door.

"What the fuck is this?" She stared at the two boys who looked exactly the same. "So…? Orihara family sure inherits the genes of twins. Is that what your stupid experiment trying to prove?" she crossed her arms.

"Hah! Don't make me laugh Namie-san." He rubbed his eyes and yawned. "This little pink shit here is my creation… you see, I CREATED HIM." He pointed the crying robot. "Amazing huh?" he grabbed psyche and patted him on the head.

"A robot… that looks like you…? Just what exactly are you planning?" Namie asked.

"My spare… you see, if the joker's life is in danger and something bad happens to me, this little kid here will take care of everything." He smirked and squeezed the robots soft cheeks.

"You've gone nuts… I can't take you anymore."

"C'mon Namie-san… this robot's officially my character… check out the novels will you xP. Narita-san will get mad at you xD" he rubbed the robot's cheeks and squeezed it again… "Aahh… whaa… shutop it… buuu.."

Namie sighed. "Okay I give up…" she went out after.

"Ei! Be sure to read it nee~!"

Namie glanced and slammed the door.

"Seriously… she's a bitch." Izaya lied down again w/ psyche on his embrace.

"So she's not ma momma?" the robot looked at him

"She's our bitchy secretary… Namie Yagiri… she's in love w/ his younger brother and that makes her creepy and disgusting."

He brushed the robot's soft hair.

"Hnn… but master Izaya loves humans right? Is that also disgusting?"

Izaya stared at psyche's innocent eyes and chuckled.

"My cute spare… I want you to remember this forever…" Izaya smiled and psyche nodded.

"Loving humans will let you escape the everyday and inspire you to evolve… information will come on its own for you." Izaya smiled while talking and psyche recorded his every word. Even his lovely expression.

"And humans will lead you to a certain monster… they…" he paused and the robot waited. Izaya cleared his throat.

"They thought me… that monsters are cute beings and a gem…" he smiled again and embraced the robot.

"And that gem is our shizu-chan… nee, this is our little secret psyche. Don't tell this to anyone."

The robot nodded. "Even to 'that shizu-chan'?"

"Yeah… haha… even to him."

I really think iza-nii's the joker ^^ if celty's the queen and shizu-nii's the king, then the trolled informat is the Joker. (remember that episode? When he burned the cards? xD)