-Chapter 1-

Kanzaki Nao has given birth to a baby girl, who is now a teenager.

Coincidentally, Akiyama Shinichi has got his wife to give birth to a baby boy, who is also a teenager now.

Of course, Nao and Akiyama are still keeping in touch.

They even had a contest to see who would give birth to their baby first.

Seems like Nao won.

It was probably the first time she had won something without Akiyama's help.

And now, this is the tale of Kanzaki Natsumi and Akiyama Shinji.

-Natsumi's POV (Point of view)-

What the...

What's this thing doing on my doorstep?


Something just came in the mail!"

Mom was smiling gleefully.

She probably knew what was inside.

"Maybe Akiyama already replied to my letter!"

Her smile drooped when she saw the parcel sitting there.

"L-Liar g-game... 2nd time around?"

The parcel had those words scribbled with a blue marker.



Mom proceeeded to open the box carefully.

"Liar game... I thought we destroyed it already."

Mom was quivering, what has happened?

Inside, there was...


100 million yen!

"T-This is horrible..."

Mom is really acting strange, we won a windfall!

I read the card attached to the parcel out loud.

"Hello, this is the 2nd Liar Game.

You are going to participate in it.

But this time, the number of participants are different.

You can go to the 2nd Liar Game in GROUPS.

You can go to the 2nd Liar Game with groups of 2,3,4, or the maximum 5.

For the people going alone, you will be disqualified.

-Nao's POV-

So, in groups?

Maybe I'll go with Natsumi to the 2nd Liar Game...

No, I can't frighten Natsumi with this silly game made by those heartless people.


-Akiyama's POV-

Oh, I just got a call from Nao.

I picked up the phone.

"Hi, Akiyama Shinichi here."


What the-?

I haven't heard her scream like this since the Liar Game!

"(Sigh) What?"

"C-Check your doorstep, is there a parcel with a lot of money...

That totals up to 100 million?"

I got up and checked.

No big parcel.

"No way, I check it."

Then, I heard something I didn't expect to hear.


Now you could pair up with me!"

That got me confused.


Nao started talking a lot.

"You see, seems like THEY started the new Liar Game.

The 2nd Liar Game.

You must go in groups.

Groups of 2,3,4, or at the most, 5 are allowed to participate.

If you go by yourself, you'll be disqualified!"


I kinda get her drift.

"So, you want me and my son to come and be members of your group?

I guess I'm in.

My son is quite a genius himself, I'll go explain your story to him."


How nostaglic.

Well, this sounds fun.

Let's show the kids what we're made of!


I saw Shinji lying on the bed, reading a copy of his favourite manga.

"Shinji, I have something interesting to tell you.

It's about my friend, Nao, and she needs some help.

She wants me to be what I was last time."

"What were you in the past?"

I swear I heard Shinji gasped when I said...

"A con artist."