My very first fanfiction! I'm terrified and happy at the same time! Sorry if there's any misspelling. English is not my motherlanguage, so please be gantle on me!


"You did the right thing son." Thaddeus said as he stared at the shattering pub with Ianto. "You would have disappeared."

"Yes. I know." Ianto responded and sighed before he continued. "You should go now before the rift sucks you too."

Thaddeus turned to look his son. "What are you planning to do?"

"I…I can't just leave him, dad." Ianto felt tears rising to his eyes. "He seemed so lonely and…" His voice broke and he lowered his head to look at the bomb, heavy in his hands. "This, dad, this is my last change to be by his side again. It may not work. I just have this hunch, that maybe the rift can't be sealed completely. Maybe it will explode to the other side, I don't know." He wiped the tears away and turned to look at his father. "But what's the worst thing that could happen? I'm already dead you know." Ianto tried to smile but failed.

Thaddeus looked at his son and slowly nodded. He knew how he felt and there was nothing he could do to stop him now. The time was running out.

"Okay. I'm proud of you, son." Ianto looked surprised but nodded. There was nothing to say. It didn't matter anymore. Thaddeus reached out his hand and tapped Ianto's shoulder. "Well then, goodbye."

"Goodbye dad." Ianto felt tears streaming down his face. "Please say hello to mum and Lisa for me. And… to Tosh and Owen." Thaddeus smiled and nodded before he disappeared.

Ianto stared at the space where his father had stood before he turned to look at the bomb once again. He wiped his face and sent a little prayer. To who? He didn't know. Maybe to Jack. Maybe to Jack's Doctor. It didn't really matter. He just hoped that someone would hear it.

Ianto took a deep breath…

…and pushed the button.


First thing he felt was a horrible headache.

Then he felt cold and hard floor under him.

Next thing he recalled was that his knees were sore, probably covered with bruisers.

Over all he didn't feel like a dead man at all. That's when he felt the courage to open up his eyes.

First thing he saw was a bright light, shining right into his eyes. Ianto grumbled and covered his eyes with his hand. His headache was unbearable. Ianto tried to remember what was the last thing he had done? Then he remembered Jack's tear filled eyes and a horrible feeling like suffocating. The Thames house. But there was something more, a strange feeling like something had happened after that. A button. He remembered looking at a bomb. Yes, that was it. The most haunted pub on Wales! He had pushed the button and hoped that he would survive and here he was. Breathing and feeling quite normal if the headache didn't count. But where exactly was here?

Ianto slowly sat up and looked around. He was at a long corridor which seemed to go on forever. He saw no windows so it was impossible to determinate was it day or night or was he at Earth at all. The ceiling was high and round lamps lighted the hallway. A light hum seemed to go on and off every two minutes, probably air-conditioning.

Ianto tried to stand up but everything started to spin around him. He searched support from a wall and tried not to throw up. The feeling passed away quickly. He shook his head and tried to gather his thoughts. Somehow his touch made the wall transparent, like a small window appearing to it. Ianto quickly withdrew away from it but when he saw what was out there, he slowly walked back. Staring out of the window, not quite believing what he saw. He was in space, or to be exact in a spaceship.

"Just my luck…" He whispered to himself as he stared outside. Slowly he lifted his hand to touch the window. At the same time his fingertips brushed the cold glass the window disappeared again, leaving only solid wall to its place.

Where the hell was he?

"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

A very familiar voice, which send shivers down his spine (and not in a good way) echoed through the hall.