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"That hit the spot!" Jack had just finished Ianto's plate and was stretching at his bench. Ianto felt tired. His head had started to pound again. "You want to go to bed? Sorry, but I only have one cause the sofa is full." Jack looked devious.

"I don't mind that but if you are thinking what I think you are… I am really tired." Jack tried to look innocent.

Ianto just smiled and got up. Jack followed his example.

"So, you have met me before." Jack was grinning slyly and walked slowly towards Ianto. "Did we do anything special?" He raised his eyebrows at him. Ianto couldn't help but smile. He wanted to be close to him but he knew that this Jack wasn't the same. Jack was now standing just inches away from him. His 51st phenomenon were filling Ianto's nostrils and making him dizzy.

"Well, we did do some… things." Ianto couldn't resist him anymore. He leaned in and kissed Jack with all he got. Jack pulled him closer putting his arms against his shoulders and started to back off to the bedroom.

Ianto pushed Jack to the bed and hastily removed his waistcoat. Jack sat up and took Ianto's lips against his. Ianto ran his fingers through Jacks, way too short, hair and behind his ear and bit the other man's bottom lip at the same time. It was a habit of his and he knew that Jack loved it.

"How did you do that?" Jack pulled back and looked Ianto with disbelieve.

"You liked it?"

"Hell yeah!" Jack was grinning like a mad man.

"Don't complain then."

Somehow Ianto ended up under Jack, his tie and shirt removed. Jack was kissing his neck now and slowly made his way down.

A thought crossed Ianto's mind as Jack was sucking his nipple. "How old are you?" Jack lifted his head up and kissed Ianto.

"26. Why?" Ianto couldn't help it, laughter escaped through his lips. "What? What so funny about it?" Jack was smiling and tried to search something from Ianto's face.

"I'm sorry. It's nothing." Ianto pulled Jack to a kiss again but he was still smiling. Jack was the same age as he was! They were the same age and having sex in Jacks apartment! It felt surreal and absolutely amusing.

But when Jack got back to his work Ianto soon forgot everything about the number twenty-six.


Later on Jack woke up curled by Ianto's side and his head on the other man's chest. That's weird, normally he didn't like affection after sex but now he felt comfortable. He could hear Ianto's heartbeat against his ear and feel his slow breathing. Jack slowly sat up careful not to wake the other man. He looked at Ianto's peaceful face and he had this weird hunch again. What was it? He met this man only twenty hours ago. Suddenly he felt distressed. He couldn't breathe properly. He needed to get away from this room as fast as he could.

So Jack dressed his clothes and ran away.


Ianto was surprised to see that he was feeling just fine when he woke up. He didn't feel like throwing up anymore and the headache was gone. He turned around to look at Jack but the other side of the bed was empty.

"No way…." He jumped out of the bed and hastily dressed up. Where the hell did Jack go? He couldn't just leave him here! He needed to get back to Earth. Maybe he should have told Jack everything last night but he was just so tired and distracted.

Ianto ran out of the bedroom and stopped. Where would he go to search for Jack? He didn't even know what planet he was in. How could he possible find him outside? Ianto ran hand throw his hair and cursed to himself. How could he be so stupid? He knew just well that he would be just a one night stand to Jack. He probably thought that Ianto would be gone by the time he would come back home. A realization came to him. He was at Jack's flat and he would be back! The only thing he had to do was wait for him to return. Ianto looked around. But what the hell would he do in the meantime?


By the end of the day Jack was a bit drunk and struggling to get his key to fit to his lock. He hoped that he wouldn't have to confront that man again. He made him feel confused. Finally the key turned and he was able to open the door.

"What the…?" Jack's mouth hanged open as he gazed his apartment. Or at least it was supposed to be his, but how could it be? He could see the floor and the windows were clean. There were no clothes at the sofa and all the dirty dishes had been washed. How could this have happened?

"Welcome home." Jack turned around and saw Ianto standing there smiling to his shocked expression. "It took me five hours, twenty three minutes and fifteen seconds to clean this mess up." Something clicked on Ianto's hand.

"What is that? No. Answer me this first: What are you still doing here? I don't own you anything." Jack sat to the sofa and huffed.

"Well no, you don't own me anything… yet, but you will in the future. So I kind of need your help again." Ianto seemed to think hard. "I remember this one time when you taped something on the SUV's side mirror and I had to clean it up. It was hell. You promised to make it up to me, but you never did." He was smiling now.

"What are you talking about?" Jack was so confused now.

"Okay. I was planning to tell you a lot of things yesterday but I was too tired." Ianto sat opposite Jack to one of the armchairs.

A thought occurred Jack's mind. "'Sir.'"

"What?" Ianto frowned.

"You called me sir back at the ship. It's been bothering me ever since. Why?" Jack leaned forward.

Ianto looked down for a moment before he turned his gaze back to Jack. "Because you were the head of Torchwood. I guess you have heard of that before, haven't you?"

Jack was thinking. "Yeah, back at my training period. It was some sort of company on Earth which was fixated on alien threat and technology."

"Something like that." Ianto smiled.

"So you mean, I'm going to go to Earth and become its leader? Why the hell would I do that? And why are you telling me this?" Jack was getting suspicious. "I'm not supposed to know about my future."

"When have you ever cared about that?" Ianto laughed. "Well you stayed there because you wanted to meet someone, someone really important to you."

"Did I found him… or her?"

"Yes, eventually, but then you came back."

"What for? I've been an Earth once before and believe me it's not that amazing." Jack shook his head. He couldn't but think that this man was lying to him.

Ianto seemed to think. "For me." He finally said and stared to Jack intensively.

Jack didn't look away. "Are you trying to get me to trust you?"

Ianto could see that Jack doubted him. "Actually, yes I am." He sighed. "I need you to get me back on Earth."

"I can't take you back there." Jack sounded angry. "It's against the rules and I can't afford to take that risk to lose my job."

"Because of your brother?"

Jack flinched. "How do you..?"

"Yes, I know about him. Actually I've met him, but believe me you can't find him through the time agency."

Jack was shocked. All these years he had been looking for his little brother and told no one about it. No, he had told someone. "John! It was John who told you, didn't he?!" Jack was furious. He had trusted his past to his partner during their two weeks' time loop and now he was telling it around to some strangers.

Ianto was getting annoyed. He never thought telling the truth would be so complicated. "No, Jack, I've met John Hart once but he wasn't the one telling me about your brother." Actually John was the first one to mention him, but Ianto wasn't going to tell that to Jack.

"Oh yeah? Then who the hell was it? He has been telling it around, right?"

"Okay, then think about this Jack: I bet you never told John what your brother looked like?" Ianto raised an eyebrow to him. "Because I know he had same brown hair as you do, but curlier. He had same colored eyes and same shaped nose." Telling the truth, Ianto had never really paid much attention to Gray's eye color, but he could guess.

Jack went silent. He wasn't looking at Ianto anymore. He just stared to his hands. "Was he…" Ianto could hear Jack sniffle. "Was he angry?" He lifted his gaze to Ianto, eyes filled with tears.

Ianto didn't know what to answer. "Yes…yes he was, but…" He gulped. "He forgave you. He's going to forgive you Jack." He smiled to Jack and tried to keep his own tears at bay. He couldn't tell the truth. He wanted to believe that after Gray died he would have understood his older brother.

Jack just nodded and blinked his tears away. "How long have I known you?"

"A little over two years."

Jack looked out of the window. "Okay, I do it."


"I'll take you to Earth." He turned to Ianto again. "I don't know why I feel like I trust you because we met only yesterday but I still am."

Ianto just nodded.

"Tell me something." Jack seemed to be uncomfortable.


"Where am I, back at Earth? Still your leader or something?"

Ianto was silent for a while. "To be honest, I don't know."

"Oh… so we are still… you know… a couple?"

Ianto started to laugh.

"What? Why are you laughing again?" Jack was getting angry again.

"Sorry, I'm not laughing to you, it's just…" He cleared his through. "Yeah, you could say that we are a couple." Ianto was blushing.

Jack smiled.