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Draco stared at the apple.

The apple stared back.

"You understand me don't you apple?"

Apple nodded.

"Yeah, well that's good because I don't understand myself."

Apple- no comments.

"You know, we have one crazy, mixed you world don't we?"

The apple stayed silent, empathising with Draco.

"And sometimes I feel, that maybe…I want to be an Apple just likes you!"

He raised a finger and bopped the apple on its invisible nose.

"I'm sorry for eating your brethrens, they were just too juicy and delicious to resist."

Apple looked disappointed and gave Draco the silent treatment.

"…Apple, don't be mad, please, I…I…need you"

Apple showed signs of curiosity, but still didn't respond.

"Appple," Draco moaned, "Don't do this to me, talk to me, please,"

Draco caressed the apples lone leaf.


"MISTER MALFOY!" Snape interrupted. "Do. Not. Eat. In. My. Lesson." Snape droned solemnly.

Snape stalked over to where Draco and Apple were sat, He held his hand out. "Give the apple to me, you can have it back at the end of the lesson.

"DO NOT CALL APPLE 'IT', YOU BARSTARD! APPLE HAS A NAME." Draco shouted, clutching Apple close.

"Detention, and hand apple over."

"Apple is a noun, speak in proper sentences."

"You are testing my patience."

"I will NEVER give Apple to you, do you hear me! NEVER!" Draco protested.

Snape sighed and went to fill out a Detention slip, also a note to madam Pomfrey.


It seems that Draco has a strange attachment to his apple, who he now calls Apple, with a capital letter. I do not wish to cut house points, so I am sending him to you for the correct treatment.


Snape folded the note and sealed it in an envelope. The then preceded to hand it to Draco, who was busy rocking the apple in his arms.

"Draco, leave Apple with me and go to the hospital wing, take this note."

"NO, I won't let you hurt her, go away!"

Snape snapped, he forcefully tore the apple away from Draco and pushed him out the classroom, locking the door.

"Now, we can continue with our lesson, turn to…"

Draco started hammering on the door. "APPLE, APPLE, I'M HEAR FOR YOU, LET ME IN, APPLE, I LOOOOOVE YOU, APPLE…APPLE…APPLE…APple…apple,"

His voice faded away, Snape smirked and looked at the apple and sighed.

"Who is responsible for lacing his apple with Amortentia?"

The class grew silent.

"Miss Granger, detention."

"What! Why me? You have no proof!"

"Huh, do you really expect me to believe that Longbottom brew a prefect batch of Amortentia, Miss Granger?"

Hermione looked shocked, "Was that a compliment sir?"

"No," Snape sneered "and detention to Weasley too, as he obviously thought of it."

Just then, Draco yelled "BOMBARDA" And blasted the door down, he looked around menacingly, with a mad glint in his eye.

He spotted Apple in Snape's hand.

"…." He yelled and started running in slow motion towards Snape, arms outstretched.

Draco pushed Snape over and said "Noooooooooooo….." as the apple flew from Snape's hand.

Then, again in slow motion, he jumped and caught it in mid-air, but somehow tripped on the air and went tumbling down. The apple slipped from his fingertips, and then everything went black…

2 hours later.

"Ouch," Draco woke up.

Draco swallowed and looked around him. He realized he must be in the hospital wing. He was lying in a bed with white linen sheets, and next to him was a table piled high with what looked like half the green grocers.


Loads and loads of apples.

"What's with the Apples?" He asked Dumbledore.

"Tokens from your friends and admirers," said Dumbledore, beaming.

Draco sat up and put his arm in something squidgy. "Ahh!" he screamed and retraced his hand. Looking at what it was, he noticed it to be yet another apple. A very bruised, messy apple, lying in bed beside him.

"I'm sorry Draco." A voice said meekly. Draco turned around and saw Hermione sitting beside his bed.

"I shouldn't have played that trick on you, It seemed harmless at first, but apparently to was stronger than I thought, I never meant for you to end you in the hospital wing."

"Granger, what on earth are you talking about? And why did someone put an apple in my bed, and why did people give me apples instead of sweets?"

"I'll tell you!" boomed a voice from the corner. Snape slowly moved out of the shadows, holding a official looking document.

"Stupid Potter and his friends thought it would be funny to make you fall in love with an apple. Miss Granger made some Amortentia, but instead of pouring it onto the apple, she foolishly dunked the apple into the potion, therefore unknowingly changing the properties of the potion and creation one 7 times as potent. They foolishly gave the apple to you, and you fell so deeply in love with it that you we were unable to separate you from it. When I did by force, you blasted the door down and foolishly jumped in midair to catch the apple, landing you in the hospital wing."

Draco groaned "So you're saying that this is all Granger's fault? And I suppose the apple next to me it the one I fell in love with?"

"yes, that would be correct, however, you are now richer by quite a sizable sum." Said Snape.

"Richer? How?" Draco asked, surprised.

"It seems that Miss Grangers new Amortentia potion rights sold for 7973427 galleons, she has offered half to you for compensation and potion tester."

Draco looked at Hermione amazed. "You created and new potion and just gave half the profits to me?"

She nodded, "We still haven't thought of a name, would you like to do the honours?"

Draco thought for a moment before grinning and replying


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