Just some little donut.

It's the end of the day.


They are sitting on a veranda. Or rather, Wolfwood is, while Vash is more sprawled out across it, with his head kind of in the priest's lap.

Dust and smoke settle, and for once, there's peace, even though it's a mortal one.



Looking down.

He's smiling at him.

"I can see the sunset reflected in your eyes. Did you know?"
And his heart makes a sudden violent beat, like when you miss a step on the stairs, and it's really kinda like that.

He sort of chokes and moves to put on his shades.

" – ! Hey! Stop that! Did you – did you just blush? That is so swe – mblgh!"

With that, Vash gets his mouth shut rather unusually – it doesn't keep him from smiling though.

The sky is wide, clear and dark blue above.