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Chapter 1-1(NamikazeCest)

Klondike Bars, Yummy!

An invisible wind past between two beings, an imaginary tumbleweed rolled in the space separating them. Bright Blue eyes belonged to a young boy with golden blond hair and perfectly tanned skin, with three identical scar-like birthmarks on both of his cheeks.

He was twelve years old, turning thirteen in October. Pink lips stuck in a pout, he glared up at the redhead in front of him.

The redhead was tall, towering the short blond by at least a head. Like the former he had three identical birthmarks on his cheeks. His hair was currently in a high ponytail, his locks were as red as blood that fell mid-back when let down. His skin was pale, but not so much that it could be compared to snow.

Both sat at a simple rounded glass dining room table, a small square, tightly wrapped in silver sat in the middle. Mouth in a complete flat line, the older one glared equally as hard at the younger person in front of him.

"My dear younger brother, I'm the eldest—therefore I should get the last Klondike Bar. It's only fair," the redhead said.

The blond replied, frowning in the process.

"No, older brothers are supposed to be nice and hand over the last of things to their super awesome, I know all your secrets, younger siblings."

"I called it first. Besides, I thought Mom said you weren't allowed to have ice cream. Lactose Intolerant, remember?"

Blue eyes narrowed further.

"And you should watch your weight. I heard your fangirls talking about how much chubbier you've been getting. Even Mom and Dad are surprised on how the jeans they just bought you can't fit over your fat ass."

That was the last straw for the two of them. Now it was on like donkey-kong.

With a shout, each lunged at the single ice cream bar in the middle. Grabbing an edge, they fell to the ground, both trying to fully grasp the bar. Blond and Red mixed as they both clashed, trying their hardest to get the their prize.

"It's mine!"

"I saw it first."

"Well, I was born first!"

"You fat cow, you've already had enough food."

"It least I don't shit my pants every time I eat dairy."

"Give it here-"

"KYUUBI! NARUTO!" a loud shout made the brothers freeze, Kyuubi on the ground, his red hair splayed, his brother on top of him, and an arm stretched out.

From his position, Kyuubi stared at an upside down image of himself, only female. "Umm, hi Mom?" Kyuubi said. Both brothers were feeling very awkward at the moment.

Naruto stared at his mother, before darting forward, swiping the Klondike Bar from Kyuubi's grasp. "Mwuhahahaha, all mine! Thank you!" Naruto grinned widely.

Opening it, he moved toward the frozen treat, unfortunately Naruto didn't get a single bite before he found himself tackled to the ground. The bar once again plucked from his hand.

"Silly Naruto, did you think you would win so easily?" Kyuubi asked, pinning the blonds' struggling arms to the floor while dangling the ice-cream treat over his mouth. About to let go, the Klondike Bar was swiped from his hand. Both brothers stared in horror as the thing they were previously fighting over disappeared in two short bites.

"DAD!" they shouted, watching as a carbon copy of Naruto laughed and patted his flat stomach. Sheepishly, the man scratched the back of his head, a happy grin on his face.

He shrugged.

"It stopped you two from fighting. Isn't that the most important thing?"

Naruto and Kyuubi denied it vigorously.

"Well, it did and brothers shouldn't fight over idiotic things. As your father it was my duty to settle it fairly," he said, laughing at their speechless expressions. Walking past the two, Minato flowed into an easy conversation with Kushina about miscellaneous things that happened during their day.

Twin glares followed him. As if planned, the brothers turned to each other, smiles curling their lips.

"Revenge?" Naruto whispered.

"Do you even have to ask," Kyuubi stated, quirking a brow. In hushed murmurs, they began to plot. Blue eyes grew brighter with every word that came out of his older brother's mouth.

Kyuubi was such a genius, the blonde thought. It was amazing how he could make plans in five minutes flat that worked flawlessly. How things in his mind worked and clicked together was just…wow. He had never seen anyone on par with his older brother.


Maybe Itachi, a close friend and rival of Kyuubi's, he was a rather quiet one preferring for his actions to speak for him. Naruto would admit he was smart, really smart but his older brother was undoubtedly higher in intelligence... and looks. Naruto blushed cherry red. At ten, he had started to notice certain things about his older brother. It was like someone had placed sunglasses over his eyes, and then had taken them off.

He started to notice how pale and unblemished Kyuubi's skin was. He noticed his older brother's lean body, the very nice set of abs, not to mention his legs…that, he admitted, were damn fine. The blond had noticed other things, of course. Like Kyuubi's smile.

If Naruto were to pick on thing that he liked best about Kyuubi (beside his brain), he would choose the smile. That smile, his true smile that Kyuubi rarely ever showed.

It was sort of impossible to explain, a had to be there sort of thing. Not to mention his older brother's personality which came in second to his smile.

He listened no one but himself (and Mom). He constantly broke the rules, getting in trouble more times then he could count. While Itachi was subtle, Kyuubi was loud and fearsome. In short, his brother was a very hot badass.

Along with that, his brother was the leader of the Demons, a famous underground gang. His brother from what he heard was the infamous Nine-Tailed Demon fox. Though his brother refused to tell him what he actually did in his gang. No matter how much he pleaded, he couldn't get it out of him.

It hurt when Kyuubi didn't trust him enough to actually tell him what he did. Naruto would never tell a living soul what his brother did, illegal or not. Furthermore, whenever Kyuubi brought someone home whether girl or guy, it broke his heart a bit and a funny feeling always formed at the pit of his stomach.

Naruto sighed. He sometimes felt disgusted at how he felt for his own flesh and blood. Other times he had accepted it.

Briefly, he allowed himself to wonder what would happen if Kyuubi ever reciprocate his feelings. … Kyuubi walked into his room without a thought, closing the door, he turned to Naruto. Sauntering over to him, Kyuubi leaned in really close-

"Naruto!" Kyuubi said interrupting his flow of thoughts, at the same time jabbing the blond in the ribs with his elbow.

"Ouch, what the heck!" Naruto grumbled, rubbing his side. "What did you do that for?" The blond asked, inspecting the slightly reddened skin.

"You just started to space out while blushing. But besides that freaky behavior, Mom and Dad are staring at us weirdly," Kyuubi replied, nodding off to the direction of their parents. "It's kind of creeping me out."

Their parents looked completely serious. They hadn't seen either one like that since Kyuubi had vandalized his school's gym and Naruto had failed his math class resulting in summer school. It meant business. Hopefully they wouldn't say that they needed to talk to them.

"Boys, we need to talk to you." Kushina said. Well that dream was shattered. Both brothers gulped, they briefly glanced at each other.

Reluctantly, they approached, heads bowed. Kushina and Minato stood there staring at the two. Minato took a deep breath, but was interrupted with confessions.

"I accidentally dropped Dad's toothbrush in the toilet after I peed."

"I destroyed half of Dad's porn collection!"

Minato grew red in the face, rushing upstairs. When he had left, Kushina crossed her arms. "My boys, that was subpar, what are you—five?" Her arms crossed, wrinkling her paint splattered t-shirt. She huffed slightly, tsking under her breath. In her day she was the best pranker to ever grace the Konoha. People constantly feared when she would strike next, and who would be her next victim.

What her boys displayed to their father was well pitiful to say the least.

"At your age Naruto, people should be afraid to go to the bathroom let alone step in the house. Kyuubi Uzumaki Namikaze, what was that? That was poor. I'm afraid boys you must work harder. You'll never carry on the long-standing Uzumaki heritage of being the best prankers.

Kyuubi and Naruto could say nothing in response. They agreed with their mother, those pranks COULD be done by five year olds. Pranks needed to be more elaborate and outgoing, to really sock it to someone. Not this low grade, not worthy of mentioning types of things.

I feel like I've failed in raising you two..." Kushina grew quiet. There was a long silence before Kyuubi and Naruto dropped to their knees.

"Mom! Don't give up yet, we'll try extra hard. We'll even prank the neighbors without them noticing. You didn't fail at all. We've still got plenty of tricks up our sleeves. Right Kyuubi, dattebayo!"

The redhead nodded, already mumbling about his newest ideas and how they would work. Kushina cocked her head to the side, hearing Minato footsteps coming toward the stairs,"Ok boys, make Momma proud but get back in your original positions. Your father is coming back and we've got something important to tell you.

Minato walked downstairs, his expression dark and peevish, "When did these events happen?"

Kyuubi and Naruto shared a look.

"About six months ago," Naruto thought aloud. "On Kyuubi's birthday. So that would be December 10th."

Minato fixed his glare on his eldest son, who shifted uneasily. "I should probably have told you two months ago, but…Ruby Red, African Savanna, American Pie, and Sundae are gone." Minato looked at his sons dumbfounded. He wasn't sure whether he should ground his sons; after all they were accidents or just give them a warning. Right, now he was to stun to speak.

A shudder ran down his spine, he could cry, he had been brushing his teeth with a urine soaked toothbrush, and Kyuubi. His beautiful porn was gone! Why did these types of things happen to him?

Ignoring her husband, Kushina started, "Your father and I will be leaving for a business trip.

"Wha-! You guys just went to Greece, a month ago. I thought you said you wouldn't have to go anywhere this summer!" Naruto shouted, unable to control the familiar sense of dread whenever his parents were called to travel somewhere.

"It will be short this time, sweetie." Kushina said trying to make it seem like it wasn't so bad.

"How long?" Kyuubi interjected with a tired tone. He wanted his parents to stay, but duty calls, again. He finished the thought bitterly.

It will last two, maybe three, weeks." Minato replied this time.

Naruto wilted a bit. He hated whenever Mom and Dad left. Two or Three weeks were short, compared to how long they were usually gone. The time length always made him so nervous something would happen to them, or worse, what if they vanish like Amelia Earhart? Either way, he would never see them again.

"Okay," Naruto muttered quietly, bangs hiding his eyes.

That picture tugged at Kushina's heart. She wanted to stay here with her little ball of sunshine, but… this trip was too important. She wished Minato weren't so essential to the trip, either, so that he at least could stay.

"Naruto…" she said. She made to draw the boy into a hug right as Kyuubi bent down to his little brother's height, an arm loosely wrapped around Naruto's neck, the genuine grin Naruto loved so much on his face.

Playfully, Kyuubi administered a noogie. "I never knew you were so much of a girl, you know Mom and Dad always come back. Besides," Kyuubi leaned closer. "I thought you loved my company." His hot breath against the shell of Naruto's ear made the boy shiver.

Face hot, Naruto pulled out of Kyuubi's hold. "I-I-Idiot, who told you that and I'm not a girl."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night," Kyuubi smirked.

Naruto directed his attention back toward his parents, who were watching in bemusement.

"When are you leaving?" He asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"In a couple of hours."

Naruto stifled a panicked gasp. His parents were leaving so soon, probably because this was a last minute sort of thing. He understood. Still, though.

After a few seconds of silence, Naruto shifted from foot to foot. He knew his parents were waiting for him to give an okay. A fake smile found its way on his lips, "Make sure you bring me back something!" Kushina beamed in relief.

"Of course we well, we always do! Besides, we're going to Italy. A special city there claim's to be the best glassmakers in the world. I wonder if they would make a little ramen bowl for you, or would you prefer an authentic Venetian mask?"

From the sidelines, Kyuubi and Minato smiled. Minato was reluctant to draw his wife from such an animated talk, but after a few minutes, he looked at his watch and winced.

"Honey, come on. We need to buy tickets, book a hotel, and pack." He said, grabbing his wife by the wrist and pulling her upstairs.

Naruto's smile dimmed.

He sounded like a clingy baby, but he wanted Mom and Dad to stay. They were always leaving for some business trip, sometimes on special days. Other important people were there when his parents weren't, but it still didn't make the loneliness go away.

Kyuubi sighed, loudly and over-exaggerated.

"You are such a wuss," he said gruffly, pulling the boy into his side, "and I'll kill you if you tell anyone about this..." His brother said as he pulled out his Mom's white and gold headband and Dad's braided bracelet.

"Mom and Dad always come back. I promise you that. When I was younger to assure myself that they would come back safe, I would take Mom's favorite headband and Dad's special bracelet wearing them every single day. It helped me whenever they would be gone.

Although you'll never amount to the awesomeness that is me," Kyuubi and Naruto both laughed at that, "you are like me when it comes to Mom and Dad, so it'll help your scrawny ass."

Releasing the blond, Naruto smiled at him gratefully before dashing upstairs with the items on. When the redhead was sure he was alone he sat down at the table. His head lying on the cool glass, "It's getting harder to be around him."