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Naruto standing against wall in a hospital room with a red hair woman swearing none stop in the bed. "Let me know already Baa-chan how is she doing?" Tsunade looks back to him with a vain showing causing him to just smirk.

"She's doing fine gaki and stop calling me that before I hurt you." Tayuya looks at the two of them before looks back to her friend Kin who is in the room with them. "Can I leave fucking now or are you two fucking dumbasses going to make me wait longer."

"Yes your leg as healed fully and only took six weeks without anyone knowing what's going on." Naruto smirks because he's shocked that they had kept all of this hidden but he is glad because they don't know how people going to react.

Two of them used to be members of sound and the same sound village that attacked and killed the 3rd Hokage. She looks at the two women that he saved and lets a smile grace his lips before looking with his blue eyes to see Kin standing next to Tayuya.

Kin is alive right now but it's all thanks to Naruto for giving her time to run away before the finales started causing snake ass to be shocked to see he only had two bodies when he used his jutsu. Tayuya he had found when he look around woods but he end up finding Kin taking care of her.

"Yes six long weeks of swearing." Tayuya looks at him before throwing a piece of bread at him causing to dodge out of the way. "What's going to happen to the two of them now?" Tsunade smirks because she knows this is going be fun and payback is nice to add to it.

"They're going to be your new teammates because you want to leave team seven thanks to Sakura being unfriendly." Naruto just stares at her and adds to that. "More like a fucking bitch." Tsunade moves her eyes to Tayuya with a deadly look in her eyes.

"I used be worried that the pervert is going rub off on him but you are one that getting him to swear." Tayuya smiles before looking at him. "Yea I finally got the shithead to finally start fucking swearing it's about fucking time."

"Then who is going be our sensei?" Tsunade looks back with such an evil grin he has ever seen in his life causing Naruto causing to really start worrying about this person. "That would be your favorite jouin Anko." "There is no fucking way hell no! No way is that scary woman going be my fucking sensei!"

"Let me ask who the fuck is this person Anko?" Naruto looks at her with pale face and looks to see Kin. "You remember her right? One jump into room saying she's single and sexy Anko and one cut my face and lick my blood." Kin's face pales and nods her head causing Tsunade to laugh and Tayuya to hope this person isn't that crazy.

"You'll be meeting her later today so enjoy your time carefully." She says last part to Tayuya then walks out leaving the blonde hair boy with two beautiful women older than him even. Kin is year older and Tayuya is about two or three years older.

"Let's get something to fucking eat already you damn shithead." Naruto just shakes his head before helping her sit up; she's still in the hospital grown causing her to look at him. "Fucking turn round so I can get changed." Naruto turns around and Kin goes over to help her friend to help her change her clothes.

"You can turn around now Naruto-kun." He turns around and sees Tayuya staring at him in her clothes at Kin had got her. Her clothes now are black pant and red tank top causing him to blush but help her stand up.

"I'm going see what she allowed eat or do, I'll be right now." Kin walks out of the room leaving the two of them. Tayuya moves her head to his neck not in a loving where but as a friend way, the two of them had got close over the six weeks she's been in the village.

"Thank you." Naruto looks at her. "What did you say?" Tayuya looks at him mad and hits him on the head. "Nothing shithead you're just hearing shit again, let's get fuck out of here already." Naruto smiles because he did hear her but its nice seeing her react like this to him.

Kin walks back in and moves to other side of Tayuya to help her over as well, she may be fully healed but she hasn't walked in over six weeks causing her still be weak. "Let's get something to eat already fucking Kami." Both of them just shake their head before helping her out of the room and slowly out of the hospital.

When they finally get out they start walking over to the ramen stand causing Tayuya to swear at him because they are eating ramen again. "I don't understand why you don't like it." Tayuya just hits him on the head with her flute causing him to laugh and earning him another hit on the head. Her hits aren't hard because fact she is weak and part of her doesn't want to hurt the baka in front of her.

When they place their order Naruto feels his cheek is being cut and licked causing him to notice Anko licking his blood with a smirk on her face. "Hello gaki, I heard the news." Naruto just pales and looks over to the girls which they just laugh.

"Holy fucking shit she really does lick your blood, that fucking creepy as fucking hell." Anko looks over to Tayuya with a smirk and glare causing the red hair to shut her mouth fast and look over at the blonde.

"I'm going to be your sensei so let's get to know each other before I train you into the ground and you beg for your lives." Still having a smile on her face causing them to all become scared and look at each other.

"Naruto-kun you can go first." Naruto just shakes his head because today going be one long day. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki." He got hit by a flute again. "We already know your name shithead." Naruto just rubs his head before nodding but Anko just looks at them and smiles.

"Young love." Naruto and Tayuya at the same time yell out. "We aren't in love!" Anko laughs before poking him. "Go on lover boy." Naruto just hits his head against the counter causing Anko to smile again.

"My likes are Kin-chan Tayuya-chan." Earning him another hit from the red hair woman. "I didn't give you right call me that." "Like I was saying my likes are Kin-chan and Tayuya-chan." Tayuya blushes but hides it. "Training and ramen, my hobbies are training and eating ramen and my dream is to be Hokage."

"I guess it's my true my name is Anko Mitarashi and my likes are dango torturing people and interrogation which is my field before taking you genins. Sweet bean soup, my hobbies are tea ceremonies and torturing people. My dream is to have fun and not have a boring life." Anko pokes Kin.

"My name is Kin Tsuchi and my likes are training and talking to both Tayuya-chan and Naruto-kun. My Hobbies are training and talking to them and my dream is to keep doing my likes and hobbies." Kin pokes Tayuya before she just looks at her so called new team.

"My fucking name is Tayuya don't you forget it you strange fucking woman with fetish for torturing people. My likes are playing my flute and hitting shithead, my hobbies making new songs to play and hitting shithead again. My dream is to keep playing my flute and if you don't like it you can suck a dick or a pussy for all I care." Anko just laughs before looking at her. "You got one mouth on you gaki."

"I don't give a fucking bit and about time the food got here." Old man smiles and puts their food down and Anko looks and orders some ramen. "I'm shocked you're eating ramen." Anko just pokes Naruto again before giving him a playful stare.

"Just because I think dangos are the best doesn't mean I can't eat other food right maybe it's that you are saying that I can't?" Naruto just shakes his head causing Anko to smirk but he starts eating his food and once he done he orders another bowl causing Tayuya to be shocked how fast he eats

"How the fucking hell can you eat that fast!" Naruto just shrugs his shoulders and starts eating his 2rd bowl. When they finally got done Naruto had about ten bowls causing Tayuya just look at him. "You fucking eat more than the fat asshole on my old team; how the hell can you fucking eat that fucking much like that!"

"I don't know how or why but I eat this much and this fast." She just shakes her head before getting up, Naruto pays for everyone causing three women to be shocked but smile. They didn't think he would pay for them but Tayuya is the one that shocked the most because no one has ever paid anything for her.

When they get outside they see the rookie nine plus Tenten and her team. Shikamaru notices both Kin and Tayuya but tires to figure out why in hell are Naruto and Anko both with them like this.

"Why are you with these two people? They are sound members." Everyone else is shocked when they hear Shikamaru saying this but Naruto moves in front of the two girls causing everyone to stare at him.

"They are now members of Konoha and my teammates, if you want try hurt them you have go through me." Sakura just stares at Tayuya before making a fist and walking up to him but she tries to hit her only to have her fist stopped by Naruto and his fist to her gut causing her to fall on her ass.

"Didn't I just get fucking done telling you people if you want to hurt them you have to go through me or did you not fucking understand that?" Tayuya just stares at his back with shocked look on her face because she never had anyone stand up for her before.

People always told her what to do and never once did someone try to help her when she needed help even her own so called team didn't help her. They even tired forcing themselves on her but ended up being kicked in the balls and her walking away fine.

She staring at back of someone that's helping her but her hands goes to her heart and can't help but think of him. "Why am I feeling like this towards the damn shithead of all people, he's a fucking dumbass but kind one."

"How dare you help her tell me right now Naruto how dare you fucking help this bitch? She helped kidnap Sasuke-kun!" Naruto just looks at her but he starts making a fist because he sick of these lies this bitch is saying.

"Sasuke left this village for power and he wasn't kidnap so stop fucking telling these lies bitch before I'll do the same thing Sasuke did to me to you!" This first time everyone seen Naruto do this to Sakura causing them to try and figure out what in hell is going on.

"Go to hell you and how dare you say that he left this village? He was taken from this village and you act like this bitch had nothing to do with it." That is all Tayuya could take before moving in front of Naruto with face showing just how pissed off she is right now.

"Your Sasuke left on his own to join for powers don't you dare fucking yell at him like this, you're just a fucking horny bitch who can't wait to be on her hands and knees to be fucked by your worthless Uchiha." Sakura is about hit her but Anko stops her this time and looks at the bitch in front of her.

"Don't you dare attack my students and if you do that against I'll have you up for attacking a Konoha shinobi." Sakura moves back before looking at them one last time before walking away but other rookies just leave as well.

"Why did you do that for me shithead now people may just end up hating you?" Naruto just smiles to her before looking at her light brown eyes causing both of them to turn red. "Yes it may hurt if they do hate me but hell the whole village hates me as it is nothing that I can't handle." He smiles but she knows this smile is a fake one, a mask that he's wearing.

"Why are you wearing that mask and I seen you wearing it since I first met you, also why do you think village hates you?" Naruto looks at her before taking her hand in his causing her blush but get little mad because of that. "I'll tell you but not here ok? Let's all go back to my place to talk."

Two other women nod and Tayuya just nods before hitting him on the head but her hand is still wrapped in his. They slowly walk to Naruto's place but Anko smirks because they may not realize it but they will soon.

On the way there Naruto starts to remember just how he found Kin trying to heal Tayuya causing him to smile because that day was the day that changed his life forever. He's never going to regret what he did because he's happy that he did do this.


Naruto is walking around the forest to clear his mind from all that just happened, the fail mission to bring back Sasuke and the fact he put that damn jutsu through his chest like that. "Sasuke I thought of you as my brother and you do this to me! You tired to kill me and why dammit why!"

He hits a tree but he notices someone swearing that they were found but Naruto goes to the source of where he heard the voice. He sees what looks like an old wore out little hut but he is shocked that something like that's here.

He knows that shinobis do come here to train and spent months here without leaving so he just figures it must be one that a shinobi made long time ago. He goes to the door and opens it but once he does he sees a senbon almost hitting his head.

He sees a teenage girl with long black hair and black eyes but he knows her from the chuunin test and she's the one that he helped fake her death to get away from that freak asshole. "Kin is that you?" She sees Naruto lets out a smile before nodding her head but he sees one of five people that helped Sasuke get away from the village on the bed barely hurt.

"You're one of the people that helped Sasuke leave the village why?" The red hair just looks up at him causing her anger to grow pissed. "You're here to kill me now because your fuck boyfriend is gone?"

"What? Sorry I like girls." Naruto stares at her like she's crazy then she just trying to throw something at him. Kin moves her hands to stop and keep her in bed so she doesn't end up hurting herself.

"Naruto-kun wouldn't hurt you because he's one that saved me remember? Naruto-kun can you please tell her that you won't hurt her." Naruto moves over to the bed and looks at the hurt woman before he sees that her legs are badly hurt. He sits on the bed next to her legs before looking at the two of them.

"How badly is she hurt? Kin looks at him then back to her swearing friend who keeps yelling at Naruto but both of them just ignore her right now. "Her legs are broken and her body isn't doing so good, I don't know what to do to help her." He can see tears coming down Kin's eyes before wiping them away.

Naruto stares at the two sound shinobis before closing his eyes to begin thinking "If I do that then I'll have risk being killed for aiding an enemy but if I don't she may die. Can't let someone die and Kin crying that I really hate seeing a girl crying."With that Naruto finally makes up his mind, he looks at her one last time before standing up.

"I have a way to help you girls but I may end up being killed for doing this but hell I can't stand by and do nothing, you just have to trust me ok?" Kin smiles because if there is a way to help her only real friend then she'll take the risk and trust him.

"Why the fucking hell should we trust you fucking shithead you may just being try get us alone to have fun with us!" Naruto looks back at her before he knees down so his eyes are close to hers before he flicks her on the head lightly.

"First off if I wanted to do that I could just do it right now, I thought you were a smart one. You can either trust me or walk again or wait for that asshole find out you fail you mission and he'll find you then he'll do two things. One he'll kill you out right or use you as a lab rat; you have two paths in front of you. Come with me and have chance to live or die like that." Naruto takes a break before continuing on.

"Yes my plan may be long shot but you can have your legs back and live again if this works or if it doesn't we'll die not just you two. I'm doing something that would get me killed if this plan doesn't work out like I'm hoping it will." He looks at her but he sees her scared before moving his hand to her cheek rubbing it in a careful and caring way.

"Don't be scared ok? I'll keep you both safe and that's a promise of a lifetime." Tayuya just hits him on the head with her flute before looking away with a blushing face. "I don't need your fucking help but if I don't take it then Kin-chan will bug me to no end, so I'll let you help us but I don't trust you at all."

Naruto smiles before picking her up in bridal style causing her to turn even redder but Kin begins to giggle at her friend. "Kin you need take yours and her headband off and get rid of them." Kin does what he asked and Tayuya looks at his eyes and truly sees no lies in what he's saying but she does see a mask that's he also wearing.

"Let's get going I'll take you two to see Baa-chan." They just look at him before he begins to walk out of the hut fallowed by Kin causing her to smile at him.

Flashback ends now.

Naruto opens the door to his place letting the three of them walk in before closing the door behind him. He leads them to the kitchen where he sits down on a sit and the other fallow after him sitting in a sit of their own.

"Now will you fucking tell me already, you made me wait this long for fucking kami sake?" Naruto just stares at her before looking over at Anko earning himself a nod from her. "Twelve years ago a nine tailed demon attacked Konoha but it couldn't be killed so it was sealed inside a new born baby."

"The 4rd Hokage wanted everyone to see this baby as a hero but they blamed him and hated him all his life, they attacked him and tired to kill him since the day he was born. That baby is me and I'm the one that holds the Kyuubi inside of me." Tayuya just hits him on the head with her flute but Kin looks sad at him.

"What kind of dumbass reason is that to hate you? Man this fucking village is really fucked up in the fucking head isn't it?" Naruto nods but Kin hugs him to death causing him just smile before rubbing the girl's head but this makes Tayuya mad but hides it.

"Why the hell am I mad at this? I'm not jealous no way no fucking way I am jealous over this orange wearing shithead." Tayuya looks back over but Kin leaves his hug and sits back down on her sit before Naruto looking at the three of them again with his blue eyes.

"Tell me why in hell are you wearing all orange like that? It's like you got so fucking death wish or something like that." Naruto just shrugs before looking around. "I don't have any say in it because these only clothes I can buy. People beside ramen owner makes me pay for things five times more than it cost making me buy this and eat ramen from the only people are nice to me that are none shinobis."

The three women are just becomes shocked because first hitting him and hating him but now they find out they're doing this to him. Anko couldn't' believe this life he had to live, yea she had hell from people but it's never this bad.

"This village is royal fucked up, what kind of fucking village is this? Why the fuck do you even stay in a shithole like this? I really don't know why the hell you are fucking letting them do this to you." Naruto didn't' know what to think when he's seeing her mad over something like this but he's touched that he is.

"Because I stay here to keep the people that are nice to him safe, they are the people I will keep safe no matter what." She just looks at him like grow two more heads but Anko smiles before looking at him with a devil of a grin. "Are we some of these people Naruto-kun?" She starts asking in a teasing way causing Naruto to blush.

"Yes you three are people that I would do anything to keep safe, that's something I'll never go back on saying because that's my way." They just look at him shocked again because they didn't think he would say that, hell Anko was just teasing him.

"I just need to find a place for Tayuya-chan to stay at." He gets hit on the head again. "I'll stay where Kin-chan is staying." Kin looks at her friend before pointing to Naruto's bed. "He's letting me sleep on his bed and he's sleeping on the couch."

"You're letting her take your fucking bed and your sleeping on the fucking couch, grow some balls and share the damn fucking bed because starting today we three will be and you have no fucking say in the matter." Naruto just looks at her and looks at Kin before Kin looks back at him.

"Is that really already? I mean I'm a dude and you're a girl." Anko couldn't help but laugh at this but Tayuya let out howl of laughing as well making both Kin and Naruto look at each other with blushing faces.

"Tell me Tayuya-chan have you spent time in the same bed as a man before?" She blushes looks away before nodding her head no causing Anko to pat her on the back. "I think out of three girls here none of us ever let dude get that far so far." They shocked someone Anko age never did it yet.

"What's with the looks? I never did that because everyone scared of me because damn asshole of ex sensei turning evil and giving me this damn cursed mark." Tayuya is shocked see another person with that but she looks closer to her neck and notices her mark is old and maybe first time ever made.

Naruto looks at her before closing his eyes again like he always does when he's thinking he opens and looks at Anko eyes. "I guess all of us are people this village may hate?" Anko smirks before nodding her head.

"I guess we are team outcasts, which does have a good ring to it." Anko stated before bursting into laughing causing other three teammates to do the same. They look at each other and smile because they are truly a team and now they know it.

"I have to go and you three should sleep early tonight because like I said tomorrow going be hell for you." She walks out with a smirk on her face causing the three of them to look at each other and shiver.

"Do you think she is really going to do that to us tomorrow?" Naruto nods his head to Kin before she just pales then heads over to the bed before looking back at the two of them. "Is this really going be ok?"

Naruto looks at Tayuya who nods her head before pushing Naruto to the bed and hitting his head with the flute. Once the three get to the bed Tayuya moves Kin on the right side then Naruto in the middle. She took the left side causing Naruto to blush that he had a girl sleeping next to side of him like this.

"Shithead if you try anything to us in our sleep I'll kill you, wait no I'll make you see tons of gay people going at it in a genjutsu if you dare try to do anything to us." Naruto pales before nodding his head as Tayuya smiles before closing her eyes.

Naruto just closes his eyes letting sleep take him but he slowly wakes up in a normal place he has seen few times now. He walks to where the cell that holds Kyuubi is but when he gets there he starts to think that something is off.

"Hello little kitsune come tell me are you here?" Kyuubi sends its claws pass the jail only to but stop so short of him but he just smirks to the Kyuubi. "So the big bad Kyuubi is mad is he?" That just pisses off Kyuubi even more.

"I not a fucking dude you fucking fool, why does everyone think strong beings are god damn males." Naruto looks shocked but looks closer into the cell. "It's hard not to your voice sounds like a male and you can't really tell a girl or dude from a fox."

"I guess you are right, maybe I'll just turn into my human form." She turns into a woman around Anko's age but she has chest that could rival Tsunade and long legs that could look like go on for miles causing Naruto to just stare.

She move closer to him but stops at closest she can get thanks to the cage but she moves her hand out and uses her finger to lift his chin up to see her crimson reds and crimson long hair. "My eyes are up here not down there, in order see them you have buy me dinner first." Naruto just snaps out of it and backs up little bit.

"Kyuubi really is a girl." Kyuubi smirks before nodding her head and looking at him. "How about you get rid of this damn cage and give me better place to sleep?" Naruto looks at her like what the hell you talking about.

'This is your mind and you can change how you want, so you could give me no cage and better place?" She asked looking at him. "It's lonely here and dark but also wet thanks to your damn mind being like this."

Naruto closes his mind and thinks about changing it but once he opens his eyes he sees that it really did change. There is no longer a cage but what looks like field of grass and a long bed with crimson color blanket on it causing Kyuubi to smile to him.

"Thank you for doing this Naruto-kun but it's time for you to wake up now." Naruto looks at her before he leaves his mind and slowly walks up to see how Kin and Tayuya are sleeping on him. Kin hugging him from behind and Tayuya has her chest against his with her legs wrap around his causing him to blush.

Tayuya wakes up but her eyes move and starts to look at him but the sunlight hits her face at the same time causing him to just stare at how beautiful she is. He moves his hand to her face and moves few hairs way from her face causing her to smile but when they hear Kin saying good morning Tayuya starts hitting him and moving her legs away from his.

"Looks like you two are having fun already." Kin gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom but Naruto just looks at Tayuya. Tayuya just hits him again before getting up letting Naruto finally off the bed.

"Today is the day we do our first things as a team. " Naruto smiles before finding new change of clothes and once the three of them are ready they leave his apartment to see Anko waiting outside with a smirk on her face.

"Are you ready for my training now?" That's when three genins just pale before they start fallowing after her only to be lead to the forest of death. "This be where you are going train from now on and don't be late or else." She lets the last with an evil grin and looks at Naruto.