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Hinata quickly left the room while Tsunade glared at her back; she wasn't going to let this go. "You can try and run from this little Hyuuga gaki but you won't get far. I'm not letting anyone off the hook for something like this and even if you are a member of a clan."

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki and your father was Minato Namikaze better known as the 4rd Hokage." He couldn't believe it! The man that practically cursed him to live a life of hatred was his father.

"I know you hate him for doing what he did but he couldn't ask anyone to give them their child if he wouldn't do it himself." He nodded his head because he knew no matter how much he hated it but its true how could you ask someone do it if you couldn't yourself.

"This power you used was also used by your Kaa-san, she had such control over it that even when she was close to dying, she held down even Kyuubi with them for your father to seal it into you. We just thought it was just an ability she only had and it wasn't considered a bloodline." He moved to sit down in the chair on the other side of the desk.

"There is also the matter of you four and how you're living your life, with that said this village has nothing against what you're doing even if it is look down on for a student to date his sensei." Tsunade moved her hands under her chin when she looked at them making Anko looked away from her glare.

"I don't care what this village thinks about it because I'm going keep doing it." Tsunade smiled when she heard him say that and she looked at him.

"You truly would have made both your parents proud of you, I truly regret the day they died in order to stop the Kyuubi from destroying the village." He clenched his when he thought of Kyuubi killing his family.

"But we never could understand is how Kyuubi get free from your mother, it was sealed inside of her till after she gave birth to you. The seal may have been weaker but still to have it release like without any interference is a rarity itself, it was only her Uzumaki longevity keeping her alive." He closed his eyes; even his mother had been cursed to live the life of a host

"I would like to do a mission if that's ok with my team and you." Tsunade nodded her head before, looking over the mission pile and found one that may calm him down.

"Land of the Waves needs help with a group of attackers lately but they did ask for the hero of Waves namely you." He smirked before nodded his head and looked over at his team and saw them smiling back at him.

"Let's get going already!" Anko laughed, the four of them left the office but Tsunade wasn't a fool she could see that he's trying to fake how he is feeling right now. She did hope that this team can help him through the pain he's feeling right now but she also knows that she has to tell the council about this.

"Kushina-chan your son can be a pain at times just like you."She smiled before going back to doing paperwork that was the bane of every Kage. She truly wished she could just burn all the paperwork and drink all day.

Time Skip

Naruto and his team finally get to Waves after day of walking. Looking around he saw the name plate of the bridge and almost fell back in shock. 'You got a fucking bridge named after you? You got to be fucking joking about this"

Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and headed to Tazuna's house, approaching the house Naruto stood in front of his team and knocked on the door. Tsunami rushed to the door and opened it just as she was about to address the person her eyes widened in recognition. She yelled inside

"Come here dad and guess who's here!" Tazuna walked over to the door trying to find out why Tsunami was causing such a fuss. He grinned when he saw Naruto; he knew if anyone could help them it was going to be Naruto.

"So Konoha did what I asked them and send you to help but where is the rest of your team?" Naruto filled them in and they in turn filled them in about the late attacks on the village but he told them just how much money Waves makes now thanks to Naruto.

"I see so little Naruto-kun saved a whole village and became a hero, well I guess a part of you dream is completed." Naruto blushed and looked away causing the four women to giggle at him which in turn made him blush even more.

Inari hugged Naruto once he had got home and seen that his surrogate brother is back for a visit. Anko teased him like no tomorrow because of that and once they became tired and had dinner Tsunami shows them to their rooms.

"We only need one room." Anko said making the older woman look at her but did what Anko had said and gave them one room. They enter smiling causing her to blush but quickly go to her own room.

"That really made her run away, I don't think she used to seeing someone sharing room with three beautiful women like this." Naruto just rolled his eyes at Anko but lies down with Anko on his chest. Kin took her place at his right side and Tayuya is followed on his left. All three women are only wearing bra and panties making him smile to himself.

Next morning

When Anko woke up felt his hands under her panties again making her just shake her ass into his hands. "It's time to do what we are getting paid to do." She woke the rest of the team up; they got changed into their gear and head out of the house.

"Where do you think there are based at?" Anko took out a map that Tazuna had given them yesterday and looked to where he had told them where attacks started. She then tries to find a pattern to the attacks and she points to northwest of the village.

"This is where their ship or ships maybe at." Naruto nodded his head to her in a agreeing and they head to where she had pointed to. While they are walking there Naruto can't help but notice how much has changed over the time he's been gone. The buildings no longer look poor and destroyed instead new and better.

"So much as changed since the last time I had been, the houses and everything looks so much better now." Anko pulled him into a choke hold making him stare up at her so he could now see her grinning face.

'It does seem to be all thanks to you, how many people are you going to save Naru-kun?" Naruto gave her a foxy smirk and looked around again still not believing his eyes. He can't believe that the once poor village he had remembered is long gone.

He felt glad that he could help this many people at one time, he looks over to the sea to see the ship coming in. The ship they are looking for a ship with a skull on its flag. "It seems they're coming back to attack again, now Naru-kun how about you use that chain to destroy their sails."

Naruto starts to walk on the water; he takes a breath to clean his head because he still doesn't fully know how to use this. He can only try at this point and hope that it will come through for him.

The chains come out of his hands and wraps around the sails slowly breaking them from the weight of the chains bring down against them. He just keeps adding more force to it making it fully destroy the sails leaving the ship without it sails but no longer moving.

That's when team Outcast slowly moves its way to the ship on the water making sure that they look out for any enemies that may attack them. "Kin-chan it's your turn now." Kin throws ten senbon's quickly and without anyone knowing around the ship. Each one has wire strings with bells on them.

"Now it's time for the fun Illusion bell needles." The bells start to make sound waves that slowly go into the ears of everyone that's around them. They start to see multiple of things as they begin to hallucinate thanks to the sound.

Anko nods her head and the four of them jump onto the ship but the men try to do something but because of the multiple of each of them they keep trying hit the fake images. They quickly deal with the ones on top of the ship but soon after they see the captain and 3 more come out but these guys didn't get bothered by the Genjutsu,

"I see you killed off all the weaklings on this ship but you will pay for damaging this ship you fools." The eight of them begin to fight with each one of them against one each; Anko was fighting against the captain.

Each one of them says the same thing Suiben - Water Whip making a whip of water come to their hands. "You are Kiri shinobi's then? Maybe ex ones I should say to that." Captain smirks when Anko says that.

With Tayuya

"Demonic Flute Phantom Sound Chains" Tayuya keeps playing her flute, the man in front of her starts seeing his arm melt off making him horrified. He keeps staring at it until he realizes it's all just fake, he broke the Genjutsu and noticed that 3 demons were now attacking him.

He dodges two but the last one slammed him into the side of the ship causing him just shout in pain before jumping back to his feet on the water. Tayuya started playing her flute making the demon with the hammer hit the shinobi, just as the Shinobi was hit his whole body splashed into water.

She quickly orders the biggest one of the three to attack him, the Kiri Shinobi attacked with his whip only to have to find himself being forced back onto the water on his back moaning in pain from being slammed into the surface.

"Damn you bitch, I'll kill you!" He got back to his feet and started hand signs at a fast rate making her think of what to do next. "Suiton: Suigudan" Tayuya notices area around her starting to move at rapid rates causing her to jump to avoid the water spinning drills that came at her.

Tayuya orders the one with the claws to attack when the attack hit causing the enemy shinobi to be thrown back and bleed from his side badly but he didn't have time to see the other two coming behind him to finish the job.

With Kin

The Kiri shinobi tries to attack with his water whip only to keep on failing because of her speed. He can feel two needles going into his arm before finally getting a hold of her with his whip slamming her into the ship.

He smirked turned around to head over to his teammate that fighting Naruto only to be stopped when he saw three strings to his right leg. He looked down to see three senbon that now inside his leg causing pain to move up his body.

"I'm not dead yet you fool." She rushed at him in order to kick him but he grabbed her leg only for her to use her other leg to knee him right in the balls. He let go of her leg and clutched at his crotch, she took this time to throw few more senbon's inside his chest.

She noticed that she had missed his heart causing her to frown but wait for him to come at her before she does her next attack. She isn't one to go head to head with people but when she has to then she will.

He pulled out the senbon's causing bleeding and blood to spurt out of his chest at a rapid rate, he didn't pay attention to the blood and rushed at Kin in an attempt to finish her off but she kept dodging and throwing senbon's at him.

"Damn you bitch!" He couldn't move his legs thanks to the senbon that hit him in the pressure points to stop him from moving. Kin grabbed a kunai from her pouch and slit his throat before looking over at her teammates.

With Naruto

Naruto stared at the Kiri shinobi in front of him with hatred and rage; he despised people like these Kiri shinobi. Naruto bared his teeth at the man in an attempt to intimidate him

"I'm not going let you hurt any of them or this village anymore!"

"You think you can stop us? You're a fool do you know that kid?" Naruto saw red, he sent chains at him but the shinobi dodged them but he couldn't dodge the clone that was behind him.

The clone kicked him in the middle of his back sending him forward into the real Naruto who had a rasengan ready to hit him, the ball of Chakra made contact with the man's abdomen ripping through his chest sending him flying back into the ship. He shook his head before getting off the demolished wood of the ship.

Naruto can see that he hurt the man badly but the man just wouldn't give up, Naruto shook his head at the man's stubbornness.

"Once I get done killing you then me and my friends over there will enjoy your teammate's bodies till they break. Then we just kill them or sell them."

Naruto's eyes turned red and slitted when he heard that from this asshole's mouth because it only pissed him off to the point where there isn't going to be any mercy.

"You will never get close to them or do anything like that to them!" He pointed his hands out and fired out chains that went right through the man's legs and arms which causing him to scream out in pain as the chains went right through the bones of his legs and arms.

Naruto then created a rasengan and slammed it into his chest again but this time he can hear his bones breaking while his rasengan kept grinding into him. "I can't believe I got done out by a kid of all things." The man throws up blood as he finally felt death come for him and take him away.

When the three finished fighting they head over to their sensei only to see that she was already done, she smirked at them. 'Took you three awhile get your enemy done with." She moved over to them and moved her arms around Naruto.

"I am proud of the three of you nevertheless." She kissed Naruto and gave him a playful grin, Naruto looked at her first then over to his teammates who were now giving their sensei a glare. Anko just grinned at them and cut his cheek and licked his blood before he gave her a kiss.

When the team gets back to Tsunami's house they can see them smiling at the team, he gives them a bright smile in return to theirs. When they finally get up to the house Naruto just looks at the three of them.

"The bandits are taken care of and will not be bothering you anymore." Tsunami hugged him and kissed him earning a growl from the three other women. Tsunami sticks her tongue out at them and smiles after doing that.

"How about you stay here for tonight?" Anko shook her head no because they need get back to village to turn in their mission. "I'm sorry but we need get back now to tell the Hokage-sama that we are done with the mission."

"That's a shame but I understand, take care of yourselves now." The family waves to the team as they leave; Naruto just waves back to them with a smile on his face. When the team gets back to the bridge he looks once more at the bridge name before leaving.

"My first mission ranked c with my old team was here and now my first mission with my new team is here as well." They smiled to their blonde haired teammate and moved away from land of Waves knowing that they did a great job on this mission.

"Once we get back we will turn in the mission and sleep but tomorrow you are all back on training of hell." Two of three just turn paled while other one starts to yell happily earning him two hits on the head by his teammate's playful hits that is.

"This is going be the best team in the world." The three women smile at him; he closed his eyes while walking. He opened them to see that all three women smiling at him, he only smiled back to them; this is going to be a good life.

Time skip

When they arrived at Konoha they entered the village and made their way to Tsunade's office, after being told by Shizune that they could go inside they entered the room and inside the office And gave their report Tsunade gave them a smile because she's happy that they did their first mission together without any problems. "Good work you four but do tell me how do you think you did on your first mission together?"

"It went great and no one got hurt, so when do we get a next mission?" All of them just gave him a playful slap upside the head this time causing him to laugh. He gave each one of them a kiss on the lips before Tsunade told them to leave.

The four of them walked back to their home, once inside Naruto gave them another kiss on the lips. "How about I make us some dinner before we go off to bed?" He only got a kiss on the lips from each of them and three pairs of hands pushing him to the kitchen.

"Maybe we should thank him somehow because he is doing everything for us and I know I if eat your cooking Tayuya-chan I may die." Tayuya gave Kin a glare before moving to her room, Kin followed after her.

Anko walked to her room and opened he wardrobe, she started looking for something to sleep in, she quickly started looking for any teasing clothes that she could wear to thank Naruto like Kin had said.

Naruto started to cook dinner with a smile on because he doesn't mind cooking for them because he truly enjoyed seeing them happy. "Hopefully they like this food but we'll see when they try it."

When he finishes cooking he puts four plates down on the table then he lays the food on each of the plates before moving them out of the kitchen. "Dinner time, get in here before it gets cold." He walked back inside the kitchen to look at the food he had made. It was just a simply beef and rice but he just hopes they like it.

Kin walked out in a blue nightgown that goes down just a tiny bit passed her butt, she is the first one to walk over to the table and sit down. Naruto had to stare but looked away in respect and pretended that he was looking at the closed door of the other girls. He heard a click and saw

Anko's door open, Anko came out in a nightgown that only came down pass her butt a little bit just like Kin but his eyes focused on to her top when he saw that she was showing a lot of cleavage. Tayuya came out of her room with just a long shirt on, both of them walk over to the table before taking their seats they gave him a look. Naruto just took his own seat; they all started eating his food.

"I guess you're enjoying the view right now?" Anko teased him and continued to eat her food but her eyes noticed the blush on his face that started forming thanks to her making her smirk happily at the result.

"Yes I do like what I see but tell me, is that really a bad thing to like seeing my three girlfriends like this?' He tried his best to tease back but Anko who still had a smirk on her face while the other 2 were sitting there with bright red blushes on their faces. She moved her leg against his crotch under the table making him blush deeper.

"Behave yourself now Naruto-kun can't have they blushing too bad otherwise you will stay red forever." Both other women glared at Anko making her let out a laugh while her leg still rubbed against his.

"You need to behave yourself to Anko-chan." He moved his leg against her leg only for the other two girls in the room to notice what was going on. They gave her glare deadly to her she turned to face them both and stuck her tongue out at them.

The dinner itself became more of a yelling match but in truth they all enjoy in because they truly were becoming a family. Naruto moved all dishes to the sink and headed to his bedroom alongside Anko who has a devilish grin on her face.

When the two of them get inside their bedroom she moved to the bed and sat down but her eyes never left him. "So it seems you enjoy our outfits we wear around you or do you wish you could see us without them?"

He moved over to her because he isn't going let her win this time, he moved even closer with his lips touching her bare chest. He slowly kissed the open area before moving up to her neck than finally to her lips.

She moved her lips to his and gave him a tender and loving kiss, she moved him on the bed and her on top of him. She kissed him once more and this time it was filled with even more love and in a tenderly way like the first one.

"You are my teddy bear do you know that?" He smirked but moved a hand to her hair to untie her hair letting it go down her back. She gave him an evil look but moved her head at his neck with her breath hitting against his bare skin.

"So what kind of teddy bear am I then?" He teased her only to get a glare from her in return for his tease. He slowly wrap his arms around her back and held her so close to him but she could only smile at the warmth he's gave her.

Both of them had fallen to sleep sharing the warmth of their bodies in a peaceful sleep. Something that neither of them truly has had in so many years which is all thanks to the village for the hell they have caused the two of them.

Morning time

Naruto got up and opened his eyes but saw no Anko on him or anywhere in the room with him. He slowly moved to his feet and left the room and saw Kin walking out of the bathroom only in a towel still wet.

"The shower is all yours now Naruto-kun." She walked passed him, he turned his head to stare at her, she noticed his eyes trailing her body she teased him by moving towel down little bit before moving back up and entering her bedroom.

He finally got himself over control and walked to the bathroom, when he opened the door and walked in he saw a fully naked Tayuya who is now facing him. He could see every part of her which made a huge blush go to his face.

Tayuya on the other hand had a fully red face mixed with embarrassment and anger while she walked over to him forcing him to move back against the wall of the hallway only for the two of them to see a flash. When they see where it came from they see Kin holding a camera beside a smirking Anko.

"So this is your doing Kin!" Kin smiled before running to her room, Tayuya to quickly go back into the bathroom. She moved her hand to her chest after slamming the door but her eyes just close.

"Why did Kin do that? Is it because she wants me to be naked in front of him like that? Why the hell am I blushing over this! It only the shithead that seen me."She moved a hand down her chest and her arms after.

"I wonder did he enjoy seeing me naked. Or does he not think I'm good to enjoy?"She slowly get dressed but the worry didn't' leave her mind she had to know. She quickly pulled him into the bathroom and closed the door once more.

"Tell me right now did you enjoy what you just seen? Naruto didn't know what to say out of fear for his life. He looked at her and noticed a blush on her face that matches his own but her seem be a lot worse.

"If I yes that I did will you hit me?" She shakes her head no at him but a smile did come across her lips before moving closer to him. She moved her lips against his but his arms go to her back and slowly under her tank-top that she's wearing now.

When the kiss end she left the bathroom for him to take his shower but his mind couldn't get off thinking of her. When he got done with his shower he walked out with a towel covering him but he could see Yugao standing in the room with her eyes on him.

When he got back into living room after going to his bedroom to change into his clothes he only stared at Yugao. "I'm glad you're here because I had given Anko a long talking to." He just rolled his eyes because she always has been someone that looked out for him.

"Your talk didn't scary her away did it Kaa-chan?" Yugao looked at Anko who seem be getting ready to tease her by the look on her face. She glared back at him now for calling her that in front of Anko of all people.

"How did you become his Kaa now? You never told me you adopted him nor had a son in that matter?" Yugao blushed and looked at her best friend before she sat down on the couch along with Anko at her side.

"After Itachi killed his clan, there was no longer an Anbu that had kept Naruto-kun safe, I was asked then to take over for him. That when the two of us met and soon after we had because somewhat of a strange mother and son like you see now."

"How come you didn't tell us this?" Tayuya who had a smile on her face because she found out he had some good times in his life inside this village. She moved her arms around him from behind while she listened to everyone talk.

"It wasn't something we really told anyone before not even the 3rd Hokage but we had a feeling that he had found out and didn't say anything. We just didn't want anyone to ruin it or make his life more hell." The women nodded their heads because it is something they all could understand.

"On to the reason I came here, the council has called you all for a meeting, this meeting is about your attack on Hinata and your powers. They seem to think that you had attack Hinata out of hate or maybe Kyuubi." Once he heard that he saw red, these fools could not bear to leave him alone.

"I truly am sick of these fools in my life and getting in my damn way. If Hinata wants to say she was attacked and not the one that attacked then I'm going to remind them how it happened. I'm not letting her get away with this." He started for the door only to be stopped by Anko with her arms around him in a loving embrace.

"I know you are but can't go pissed off or it will end even more badly for you then. Now let's go and be calm ok?" He nodded his head once more before they follow Yugao once she put her Anbu mask back on.


You learn why and how Yugao and Naruto got close soon. So you don't have to worry I'm not going forget about telling you guys/girls why and how it happened in better detail.