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"Once we get done with talking to these old fools of the council we're going to sit down for a long talk. It's going be a talk with all of us together no matter what." He said after leaving the house to them softly. Anko smiled and kissed him on the lip right in front of Yugao which caused him to blush badly.

"Don't tell me that little Naru-kun is now shy to be kissed in front of Neko-chan." Anko couldn't pass up the chance to tease him like this. She did however earn herself a playful slap to her head by Kin. Anko smirked and then moved her tongue out at the younger woman only for Naruto to laugh at all of this.

"Can we just get this fucking shit over with now? I'm getting fucking sick of how they treat Naruto-kun like this. She didn't have to hide how she felt for him anymore but Kin smiled at her. Her smile became a frown when they got inside the meeting room because she can see how many are giving him dirty looks.

"Now Naruto-kun let me ask you do you know why you have been called here today?" He nodded his head no at her but she looked over at Yugao to dismiss her. She did her duty by bring him to the council room and had no need to be here anymore but she didn't know just how close these two were.

When she nodded and tried to leave she was stopped by Naruto hand only to look down at him with a smile under her mask. Tsunade who had been watching all of this had smiled as well but she kept on staring at the two of them.

Tsunade was happy that he had someone like Yugao in his life like this because she has looked over all the files of his growing up. All times he was alone or beaten by the village and had no one at all to watch him when he needed someone the most.

"You have been called her to talk about you and the attacks on Hinata which the council believes that Kyuubi had control over you and you let it." He couldn't believe these fools would even think like that. How much does he have to prove to them that Kyuubi doesn't have control over him at all?

Naruto could tell that Hiashi Hyuga was staring hard at him but he just looked at the other members of the council. He wanted to see just how many of the shinobi side of this council are acting same as Hiashi but it seemed only he was giving Naruto dirty looks.

"I didn't attack her or was being controlled by Kyuubi or anyone else for that matter. I would think this council would know better to think that. How many damn times do I have to prove myself till you realize Kyuubi has no damn control over me?" He looked around room than stopped on Tsunade when he finished speaking.

The members of the council minus Hiashi had looked somewhat guilty but they didn't know what to say to the young man in front of them. The man that they had blamed him for something he didn't even do like this but they noticed a red headed girl staring daggers at them. If looks could kill them, they were all be died just by how deadly her stare was.

Shikaku was the first one of them to speak up but tired not to look at Naruto. "Then why did you attack her then? She came to us saying you had attacked her without any reason at all. It was like you had no control of yourself or was being tricked by someone. She couldn't believe it herself that you would even try to hurt her like that."

He just looked at Shikaku because he couldn't believe that Hinata would go to this length just to get back at him. He shakes his head but he looked over at his new family before he looked back at Shikaku only for his eyes to stare almost like he was piercing right into the man's very soul with his blue calm eyes.

"She had attacked Tayuya-chan out of anger but also jealously over something foolish because she was a fool at best. I only did what I did in order to keep her safe from Hinata's attack by using my chains to hold her in place. There was no of me attacking her like she claims with her lies." Tsunade stated that's what she seen backing up every single word that Naruto had told the council.

No one in the room went against what the Hokage said because even if it did happen there no point in trying to go against their Hokage. The Hokage has the finally say in anything that goes on in the village because it's her right to let things slide or to back up anything she would like to back up no matter what.

"There is also the matter of your bloodline and how your team is behaving right now. True normally it would not be wrong to do as you for have been doing with each other. Now you and your heritage are known to the village things will be changing for you and you may not like it but you have no say in it at all, do you understand Naruto?" Hiashi stated to him with a grin on his face but Naruto just kissed his teeth right now.

He wasn't going let this bastard act like this in front of his family because there was no way in hell he would allow anyone to hurt his family like this. He stared at the Hyuga in front of him before just looking at his family once more. He wasn't going to allow anyone to force him to do anything he didn't want to do because no one in this world has the power to control him like this.

That's when he remembered something that the 3rd Hokage had told him long time ago when he asked the older man just how much power the council had. He had told him in some ways they have good amount of power but they had no say when it came to ordering the shinobis of the village because only the Hokage had that kind of power to do so.

"I don't know who the fucking hell you think you are but nothing will be changing do you hear me? Nothing will be changing and no one in this damn room who can tell me otherwise because you aren't kami or even close to being her! You do not control my life do you hear me!?" He looked around the council as he took a breath before talking once more.

"I don't give a fucking damn about clans or fucking damn bloodlines because I'm with whom I love and nothing will ever change that! Not you, not the fucking kami of this world because no one will take me away from the ones I love, you can try but you will fail." He stared at the members in the room once more but only anger showed in his normal calm blue eyes, anger aimed at them.

Through his anger he made a fist so hard that he started to cut himself while little bit of blood coming down his fingers because of how pissed he was at this very minute. He felt a hand on his fish only for him to look to see that it was Anko's hand but he looked at her eyes, these eyes that he loved so much.

"Stop Naru-kun, please stop don't let your anger control you. Don't let him get to you like this or you'll just give him more to use against you and your family." She felt his fist open up slowly at first but she took his hand once it was fully opened up.

She held his hand so softly but her eyes looked over at Tsunade because she didn't want them to hurt. Tsunade could see that her eyes were begging her to end all this before it got into something worse that no one can stop. She didn't want Naruto to do something he would regret later in his life because that was the last thing she ever wanted and Tsunade felt the same as Anko did right now.

Tsunade just remembered something about her family and the laws that her family created for this village. She grinned because the council had forgotten so much over the years and she was going to gladly remind them of a few laws they seem to have forgotten or didn't want to even share with little Naruto right now.

"You forgotten one big important thing members of the council and that's my family made the laws that this village and they are the ones we have to follow no matter what. Naruto does nee dot bring back his clan but also his bloodline but he is the one that will pick who to bed and who not to bed. No one here can change that fact and try to force him to bed any woman they desire of him to." The Hyuga clan head was now the one to kiss his teeth in anger because his plan had backfired on him like this.

He wasn't the kind of person to let things backfire on him like this but he wasn't going to simply give up. He would make this bastard pay for insulting his clan even if he fully known that it was his fool of a daughter own fault for the insult to his clan. He weren't let him get away with this no matter what but he had to wait for the right time to act.

Tsunade was glad she had remembered these laws herself because it helped the person who she seen as a son right now. She looked over at him because she does know he has to realize just what kind of duty he now had. The duty to bring back his clan and his bloodline no matter what but also he may need more women then he already has.

"Naruto-kun I know that you don't like this at all but please do your best to make it work for you and your new family. That is all for today." The meeting had ended and the members left one by one leaving team outcast and Yugao standing there alone. Naruto didn't know what may happen in the future but he did know that he had his family with him and that all that mattered to him right now.

"I truly can't believe that they had tried breaking this family up like that. I mean what the hell did we even do to deserve something like that? We did nothing wrong and yet they can't let us live in peace!" He didn't know what to think but his voice sounded so sad that all four women just stared at him.

Anko rubbed his back to try her best to cheer him up even if it was a tiny bit because his voice just sounded so sad to her ears that she couldn't do anything when she heard it. She never wanted him to become this sad because her heart hurtled when she heard that kind of tone in his voice like that. Her eyes still locked on him but her fingers moved to his whiskers before rubbing them slowly.

"Don't worry so much because as long as you don't let them break it up then you will always be together then and don't' ever forget that. The day you forget something as important as that is when you let everything fall apart no matter how hard you try to fix it." Yugao looked at him then at the rest of this family.

"Now the five of us need to have one hell of a long talk together and there is no getting out of this talk no matter how much you try. No matter how much you try and run I'll come and get you then dragged you here by your hair but also tied you in rope." Anko was about to open her mouth to say a comeback but Yugao's glare just stopped her before she could open her mouth to even say a single word.

They walked out of the meeting room but he moved his hands to hold Anko's hand only for the other two women to give a cute pout. The neko anbu just laughed hard but she watched the crazy family behave but she smiled because she was glad that her son finally had not some one person but three women to give his big heart to.

They headed back to their home without knowing that Hinata had been spying on the meeting place pissed off right now and standing beside Sakura. The two of them left together but both showed just how pissed off they were. They became pissed because he had gotten away with what he had done to them but that didn't stop the two of them from making a new plan.

Once inside their home Anko sat down on the couch followed by Kin and Naruto but Tayuya had other plans in mind and sat down on his lap. Yugao smirked at that and sat down on the chair near the couch they are sitting on but she just stared at the red headed woman sitting on her son's lap like that.

"How did this all start? I haven't met you two and I know Anko isn't the kind to normal date someone much younger than herself like this. After all I have known for her so many years even if she can be a pain in the ass at times." The five of them had a long talk that lasted for hours but Naruto tried his best to tell her how everything happened.

Naruto said his goodbye to Yugao and watched her leave the house with a smile on her face. She had learned a lot over their long talk together and knows that he's in good hands right now and she didn't have to worry about him at all now. She did her part to get him to this part and now it's his three girlfriend's job to get him the rest of the way.

Once he closed the door Kin kissed his lips hard followed by the other two women. He smiled brightly at them and headed to start cooking their dinner but he couldn't help but think of them while he cooked the food for them to eat. He truly didn't mind doing all the cooking if it made them happy like this but he smirked because he still can't believe they love his cooking this badly.

Once he got done they shared another peaceful dinner together once they can hear the door being knocked on they just looked over at it. They didn't want anyone to bother them already since what happened with the council today but it seemed that they had no say in stopping whoever was at the door because knocking didn't stop.

Naruto got up from his chair and headed for the door but once he opened it he wanted to see just who the person knocking on the door at this time of the night. He also wanted to yell at whoever it was for knocking on someone door at this time of night.

He could now see a smirking Jiraiya standing with his eyes staring at his student as if he was proud of him for something. "So you're the one knocking Ero-sennin? Why are you even here but tell me how the hell did you know where I was at right now?" Jiraiya just shakes his head but walked inside the house but Anko gave him one hell of a deadly glare that even caused him to somewhat pale at.

"I have good news for you gaki but I still can't believe you went and bagged not one but three ho women, great job!" he did a pervert thumbs up with a smirk on his face that caused three said hot women to each kicked him in the balls a few times. He looked up in pain but still had that same perverted smirk on.

He held his balls in pain but in his mind it was so worth it because he had new stories to write for his books which would be later known as one of his best sellers. He smiled thinking of all the money he would make with these golden ideas.

Once the pain finally stopped he stood back up but still had three sets of deadly glares aimed right at him. "The news is that I'm about to give you is that I'm taking you on a three year training trip with me!" Naruto was shocked but looked over to see his family had become sadden by the fact that he would be gone for so long.

"I can't leave for that long and I can't leave them like that, I'm sorry Ero-sennin but I just can't do it." He smiled at his family that just smiled back at them. Jiraiya just rolled his eyes at this scene in front of him. He had a strong feeling that his gaki of a student would do this when he told him the news.

That's also why he had a backup plan to use just in case this did happen but he wished he didn't have to use it because who would turn down training trip with him? No one in the right mind would turn down training from someone as great and powerful as he was but this gaki would in a heartbeat.

"You truly are too easy to read because I had an idea you were turn training trip down for that same reason. That's why they can come with us on the training trip if you agree to go." He smiled and moved over to his family but they just each kissed him on the lips but Jiraiya started writing in his notepad with new ideas.

"We leave in two weeks from now so be ready or else." He walked out leaving a happy family to get ready to leave for three years. He smiled to himself because he knows all four of them need time away from this damn village and the people inside of it that keeps on trying to cause them pain.

"We have a ton of work to do in order to get ready for this three year training trip." Naruto smiled but it hit him hard that he's not going to see Yugao for three whole years. He did know that she can't go with him because of her anbu duties.

"I need to go tell Kaa-chan that I'm going to be gone for a long time now." Anko had understood his reason and had a feeling this was going to be hard on him. She moved her hand to his back and gentle started rubbing but he eyes never left his blue sad ones.

"You go and tell her but we will be waiting for you here, this is something you should do on your own. So don't worry ok?" He smiled and headed to her place leaving three women to start getting ready to leave for three years.

Once he got to Yugao's door he knocked on it but once it opened he noticed that she was in her sleep clothes. Which is a long blue nightgown on but she seemed to be surprised to see him standing there at this hour of the night.

She didn't know something happened to bring him all the way over here like this but she hoped nothing bad happened. She has watched enough things go wrong for him over the years and that was why she hoped his new family would keep things good for him. She doesn't know what happened but she did know one thing and that she was going to find out no matter what.

"I didn't think that I would see you again in the same day like this but tell me is something wrong?" He nodded and she moved to the side to let him in once he was inside she closed the door. They walked into the living room but he just looked around because her place was still the same as ever.

"I just wanted to tell you that Ero-sennin is taking my team on a three year training trip. I just wanted to tell you that because I'm going to miss you very much." She truly felt touched while she heard him say that to her because she was going miss him dearly as well.

"I'm going to miss you as well Naru-kun." She hugged him but her eyes were closed. The truth was she's sad to know that she won't be seeing him again for long time to come. She always loved it when he was nearby so she could tease him or just make sure that he was ok and never in pain.

She knows that there are people after him and these people even she can't beat in a fight, she wants him be safe. She does know that there is no place safer than with Jiraiya but the training will help him greatly. A tear came down her face because she didn't want let the person she become her son go like this.

"I know it going to suck big time that we can't see each other but this is a chance you need to take. This trip will make you so much stronger no bring sad ok?" Her eyes were now opened and staring into his peaceful blue eyes. She didn't want to look sad in front of him but she also didn't want him to become sad either.

"I understand and when I get back I'll tell you everything that happened." She gave him a smile but rubbed his head only for her to then kiss his cheek lightly. She hoped he will bring her many stories for her to listen to. Stories that she will love to hear and hope that nothing bad will happen to him on this trip.

"When do you leave?" She moved to the kitchen to get them both something to drink and came back with two glasses of juice. She looked at him before she handed him his glass then started to drink her own juice. She seen him take a spit but looked at her with a funny look only to cause her to let out a little giggle.

"You still buy the same kind of juice since we first met each other? I'm leaving in two weeks." She smiled once more before she kept on drinking her own glass of juice but she couldn't believe he was so shocked. In her mind it was something that was cute which it one of the things she loved about her son.

"Yes and that's because I know it's the kind of juice that you like. I have kept buying it so when you do come visit me we can drink some together like this. He smiled back at her because he truly was glad he had met her that day. That day he lost a big brother but found a loving and caring mother to watch over him always.

"Do you still remember how we met? You were so shy that day it was cute." He blushed but nodded his head to her because he could never forget that day no matter what. It was the day his life changed for the better.


Naruto an eight year old kid hiding behind the aged old Hokage. In front of the Hokage was a young woman with long purple hair but on her face is a neko looking anbu mask. Only thing that showed was her two beautiful black eyes that just stared at her leader. She was waiting for the Hokage to tell her why she had been called her like this.

"Neko-chan you are ordered to take the place of Itachi Uchiha as the one to guard little Naruto-kun here." He moved aside to show her a shy little boy that was now staring right at her. She just smiled under her mask before she looked back into her tiny blue eyes.

"It's nice to meet you Naruto-kun." She kneeled down in front of him but she took off her mask and smiled at him. "My name is Yugao Uzuki and it's nice to meet you and let's get along ok with each other ok? He nodded his head slowly back over to her but she could tell he was scared. Right now she couldn't blame him because he just lost Itachi and now getting to meet someone new like this.

"Are you hunger?" He nodded once more over at her. "Hokage-sama is it ok if I bring him to my house to cook something for him." He just nodded his head but she looked at her. She didn't know why the older man was watching her like that.

"If you want he can live with you, but that if it is what you two want to do." Naruto nodded his head because she had seemed to be a nice woman but she just smiled. She rubbed his head but also nodded her head at the Hokage.

Flashback end

"I could never forget that day because it was the best one that ever happened to me." Yugao smiled but hugged him once more. She felt the same way about him when he came into her life because that was the best thing to ever happen to her. She was just happy that he liked living with her even if he didn't live with her anymore.

The two of them sat down on the couch and talked for a while but he noticed the time and realized he had to go home now. "I need to go but I'll come back tomorrow to spend more time with you ok?" She nodded and walked him to the door before she kissed his cheek as her way of saying goodnight.

She watched him walk away from her house but she just looked sad because they only have two weeks to talk together before he's gone for three years. She walked back inside her house after closing the door but she smiled at the photo of them on her wall.

"At least I know you are in good hands." Her smiles stayed on her face as she went to her bedroom to sleep because she does know Anko weren't let anything happen to him. She may not be there to keep him safe but she does know he has four people to watch out for him.

Once he got back inside his home he noticed only Anko was up waiting for him but once she noticed he was home she smiled. She walked over to him and gave him a long kiss filled with passion for him. He moved his arms around her then just rested his head against her neck with his breath hitting her bare skin.

"Did you enjoy your time with your kaa?" He nodded his head but moved to the bedroom followed by Anko but once he got inside he looked at her once more. She slowly took her clothes off down to just her panties before moving over to the bed.

He stripped down to just his boxes and joined her in the bed but she just looked at him with a smirk on her face. She moved her mouth to his neck to kiss it and give a little bite just hard enough to leave a good sized mark.

"Are you trying to mark me now Anko-chan?" He teased her but she just gave him a grin before claiming his lips with her won. She then moved a hand to his neck where the bite mark was before she gave him a nod of her head.

"Maybe I should give you one to?" He moved his mouth to her breast and bite around her nipple which caused her to let out a moan. Once he let go she just gave him a glare before turning into a deadly smirk.

"You know I'll get you back for that." He just smirked back before the two of them held each other slowly falling into a peaceful sleep together.