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La Vie En Rose

The Awakening

My eyes fluttered open and the contours of the furniture in our basement bedroom popped out at me despite the darkness in the room. My body tensed, as I tried to piece together the gaps in my memory. I knew where I was, but I didn't know when it was. My skin was cold, and I could hear a car door slam outside, it was two houses down. I was hungry, hungrier than I had ever felt in my life. I sat up abruptly, the sheets falling away from my naked body.

Eric's hand caressed my back. "Welcome back, Lover." His voice overflowed with love, concern, and relief. He had been waiting three nights to greet me.

"I'm hungry," I said as I touched my neck, remembering the night that he turned me. There was no wound, just smooth skin and taut muscles.

Eric chuckled, "I'm sure you are. We are leaving for the airport soon, so I have arranged for you to feed from an IV bag that Ella collected from a donor center."

Eric slid out of bed and moved to go upstairs. I followed as he sped away from me, ascending the narrow staircase in a blur of speed. "Catch me if you can," his playful voice called down to me. I willed my body to move and pushed myself forward, stumbling over the top step, surprised that I was already there. "Excellent, you are a natural." He was clearly very proud.

I smiled at him, and felt my lips slip over the bumps of my fangs. I reached up to touch them, and then felt their sharpness with my finger. I stared in amazement as the prick in my finger healed while I watched. I licked my finger clean, pushing my tongue between my long teeth like a cat grooming myself. With the promise of blood, I felt a lurch in my stomach.

Eric was heating the bag of blood, and poured it into a glass for me. He put it in my hands, where it warmed my cool fingers. I inhaled deeply, and closed my eyes. The rich aroma of life overpowered me, and I drank quickly and deeply, letting the metallic flavors wash over my tongue and down my throat until the glass was empty.

Caught off guard, I dropped the glass, where it shattered on the floor. I was suddenly overcome with feelings and memories, but not my own. I was running on a beach, in Southern California, collecting abalone shells. The memory morphed, and I was sitting in a classroom in high school, half listening to the Texan drawl of my teacher. Then, I was in college and starting a sordid affair with my poli sci professor. He was married, and breaking my heart.

I sobbed and felt cool bloody tears run down my face.

Eric was at my side, touching my arm. "Lover, what is it?" I felt his concern flow through me, his touch calming me as it always did.

"I'm remembering her life…"

"Whose? The donor's?" I nodded. It had to be.

I took a deep unnecessary breath, a force of habit. As I exhaled, her memories faded.

"I was so overwhelmed with her happiness and sorrow. Thank goodness it didn't last very long." I was still shaking when Eric embraced me. He wiped the tears off my cheeks and licked his fingers, his fangs descending.

"Are you still hungry?" He asked. I nodded again. "Perhaps we should stick with True Blood, just to be safe."

He popped the top off a bottle of blood and warmed it, handing me the bottle. He stared expectantly. The flavor was all wrong, and the texture was a little too thick, but it didn't make me throw up, so I swallowed it. I scrunched my nose and said, "Well…it's food, right?" Eric shrugged. I didn't think I could eat any more, so I asked, "When is Ella coming to pick us up?"

Eric looked at the clock on the wall and said, "She'll be here in about an hour."

"Good. I'm anxious to find out where she got the blood from, I have some questions. Can we shower? I feel…sticky."

The hot water of the shower felt marvelous, infusing my body with its heat. "No wonder you love to shower, the hot water feels so good!" Eric smiled at me again. Showers were pure pleasure, especially when I had Eric to keep me company.

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