This is my new story. Hope you guys like it.

"Sam! Sam!" The little girl yelled as she ran to the boy. He was waiting for her under a shade by the lake. It's their favorite place.

"Quinnie! You're late" Sam smiled at the girl.

"I'm sorry, I just…"

"It's ok" Sam cut her in the middle of the sentence "What do you want to do today?"

"No, Sam. I can't" Quinn said, looking down at her feet.

"What's wrong? Did I say anything that made you mad?" Sam asked. But Quinn didn't answer him. She just stood there, looking at the ground as a tear left her eye and fell right onto the ground.

"We're dad…gets a new job" Quinn tried to speak out those words in sobs.

"You have to leave Tennessee? Why can't you stay?" Sam asked. He didn't understand. Quinn was his best friend. She couldn't leave him.

"We all have to go…dad, mom and I…but…I want to stay here…I have no friend there...I want to stay with you..." Quinn said and she cried even harder.

Sam wanted to cry too, but he helped it. He's a boy and his dad had told him that boys don't cry. He thought for a minute and stepped closer to Quinn. He lifted up her chin up and pressed his lips to hers. Quinn was very surprised, but she didn't pull away. The kiss only lasted for 3 seconds but that was their very first kiss.

"My mom told me that a kiss would make people feel better" Sam smiled after he had pulled away from Quinn "She always kisses me when I feel sad or when I get hurt"

"But you said that kissing a girl is gross and you would never do that" Quinn said, blushing at him.

"Kissing you isn't gross" Sam said with a big smile on his face. Quinn looked at him and wiped away the tears on her cheeks "I'll miss you, Sammy."

"I'll miss you, too." Sam said.

"You will find another girl to be your best friend right?" Quinn mumbled, looking at her feet.

"No" Sam shook his head "You will always be my best friend, Quinnie. You can still come back and visit me sometimes then we can play together again"

Quinn nodded her head "Of course."

"If the kids at your new school bully you, just write me and I will teach them a lesson"

"I will" Quinn smiled and Sam smiled back in return.

"Quinnie! It's time to go!"

The kids both turned at the voice. It was Quinn's parents. They were there to pick her up.

"Goodbye Sam" Quinn murmured.

"Goodbye Quinn" Sam said and they both shared a hug. When they pulled away, Quinn ran to her parents and got into their car.

The car drove away...

The little girl turned her head and looked at her best friend. He was still standing there and waving at her. She smiled and waved back at him, until the car went farer and she couldn't see him anymore.

10 years later…

Quinn put on her cheerleader uniform and fixed her hair. She stood in front of the mirror and checking at herself one last time.

"Perfect as usual" She said to herself and grabbed her bag, heading downstairs.

"Hey mom" She said to her mom as she reached the kitchen.

"Why are you going so early?" Judy asked her daughter.

"Well, the cheerios and I are very busy. We have to get ready for the cheerleading competition this year." Quinn smiled and they both heard the car outside. Her friends were there just in time.

"I have to go now, see you later" The blonde said and gave her mom a kiss on her cheek before she walked out of the kitchen.

"Hey Santana, hey Brittany" Quinn smiled at her friends.

"You look great today Q" The Latina in the front seat said as Quinn got into the car.

"As usual" The blonde at the back seat smiled and Quinn smiled back at them "Thanks guys. You look great too. Ready to go?"

"Yeah. Let's go" Santana said as she started the car and they drove away from Quinn's house.

Quinn got to her locker to get some books. She had Spanish for the first period, so she took out her Spanish book and closed the locker.

"Hey babe"

Quinn heard the voice and turned around "Hey Finn" she said.

Finn's her boyfriend. They had been dating for a year. He's the quarter back, captain of the football team and she's the head cheerleader. They were the most powerful couple in this school.

"How's my girl this morning?" Finn smiled as he pulled her closer and kissed her deeply. Quinn didn't kiss him back, instead, she pushed him away "Not now Finn, everyone is looking"

"So? Let them enjoy the show" Finn grinned, leaning closer to her again.

"No! I'm late for class!" Quinn said, pushing him and walked away. He could be a great boyfriend but sometimes he was just so annoying.

Quinn held her books on her hands and walked to class. Suddenly, she slammed into a person at a corner and fell down onto the ground.

"Watch where you're going!" She yelled at the person.

"I'm so sorry" The guy said. He quickly picked up her books and helped her to get up.

"Are you ok?" he asked and Quinn nodded her head "Yeah, I'm fine"

"I'm so sorry about that" he said, scratching the back of his head.

"It's ok" Quinn said, smiling at him.

"I have to go now. See you later" He said and quickly walked away. Quinn stood there and looked at the guy. She had never seen him around before. He's probably a new student here. But there was something about him that very familiar. Did she see him anywhere before? Quinn kept asking herself, but then she decided to get that off her mind and went to her class.

Quinn walked into her Spanish class. Santana and Brittany were sitting in their seats, talking to her boyfriend, Finn and some other guys in the football team.

"Hey" She said to them and sat down in her seat.

"Hey babe" Finn smiled "I'm really sorry for what I did in the hall"

"It's ok. I'm sorry I was mad at you" Quinn smiled back at her boyfriend.

"How's the football team this year, Finn?" Santana asked.

"We have some new members. We're so gonna win the big game this year" Finn said, smiling at the cheerios.

"Oh, there's a new kid, Sam. He's an awesome football player" The guy in the mowhawk said.

"Really, Puck? What's his name? Is he hot? Where's he from? Is he..."

"Wow, wow, slow down San" Puck said "He's ok. But I'm hotter."

"I dated you last year and it was so not worth it" Santana rolled her eyes and everyone laughed. Quinn didn't join their conversation, she just sat there and smiling at her friends.

"Hello class" Mr. Schuester said as he entered the room. Everyone went right back to their seats. The teacher put down his bag and stepped in front of the class.

"Today, our class will welcome a new student. I hope you guys will be nice to him. Let's welcome, Sam Evans"

The end of chapter 1. Tell me what you think.