Gene & Alex: The early years

That night, three days after her move to Evan's house and her new life, little Alex had a dream. She dreamt of a bank, surrounded by police cars and officers, whilst the shouting between them and the (obviously) robbers inside the branch was just one loud mass of noise. Suddenly, a bright red car screeched to an almost shockingly abrupt halt, right in front of the bank, and two figures came out. She could see a woman, tall, slim, with warm brown hair and lovely, huge hazel eyes, moving decidedly forward, only to be stopped by her car companion. He…HE was also tall, taller than the woman, broad-shouldered and long-limbed, with golden hair and the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she had ever seen…well…she HAD seen them before. Both their looks and airs commanded respect and they both oozed confidence, more so the man, whose booming, masculine voice, enhanced by his sharp Northern accent, had spread silence to the rest of the gathered crowd.

"Come out of there with your hands up NOW, you little scrotes! Forget about the bloody wolf; the big, bad LION's 'ere, an' e' doesn't mind blowing ya' house down!"

His companion joined in now, her voice delicate yet powerful, her upper class accent sounding perhaps both patronising but also commanding:

"You have no cards left to play Thomas, and you are NOT a murderer, so please…release your hostages and you and your friend come out with your hands up. It's not worth destroying all your future years. Come out now that you STILL have a choice…"

A pause…deadly silence, apart from the blond man getting his gun out and aiming at the building's entrance …a few more seconds later, two frightened women run out, followed by the two robbers, walking cautiously out with their hands in the air. The man lowered his gun and whispered something to one of them, whilst a police officer handcuffed both criminals, before walking with a sense of pride and contentment to his female companion.

Suddenly, the scene was deserted of the cars, the cops and robbers and the noise and the only figures that remained were the pair, mirroring each other by both wearing a smug grin on their face. The man grabbed the woman's waist and pulled her roughly to him as she yelped in surprise, before starting laughing. Her laughter got quickly smothered by his mouth. Their kiss was like the ones in the movies, little Alex thought, but certainly NOT the kind of movies her parents, and now surely Evan, would let her watch at her age! Their kiss is not the chaste one of the Sunday afternoon films, but of the "naughty" kind, found only in post-watershed programmes, of which Alex had only got short glimpses before her elders ordered her to bed.

When they broke apart, their beautiful eyes betrayed all: love, tenderness, pride at each other and a closeness, a "connection" she had never seen before…She knew who they were, these two adults who look a perfect match, and she knew this was not just a dream but a "preview" of the future- HER future. Her slightly embarrassed giggles from witnessing the "naughty" kiss woke her slowly up and the massive smile remained on her face as she swiftly fell asleep again, the first nightmare-free, deep, happy sleep since the tragedy befell her young existence. She now knew that, one day, she would find her knight again, who will come to save her and take her away, forever his, in his shiny red armour…