AN: A series of Gray/Juvia one-shots, some may loosely tie together where as others can be read as stand-alone. Rating will most likely change to T in future chapters...

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Love in the Rain

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#01 Fairy Tail Endings

Because she deserved her own happy ending too right?...

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If she was in a fairy tale, Juvia knew she wouldn't be the main character.

She wouldn't be the damsel in distress, nor the beautiful fair maiden, nor the trapped Princess guarded by a fire breathing dragon.

If anything, she would be the character who was the main characters rival. The evil-doer, the wicked witch, the one who trapped the princess.

Just like she had once entrapped Lucy Heartphilia in her own water prison.

And who had come to save her but him?

The Knight, the hero, the one who fought against herself – the witch – in order to rescue and protect the princess.

And yet, she had been the one to fall for him instead.

And it had been the Dragon who had rescued the fair princess.

Whilst the Knight rescued her...

All in all, it was rather a messed up fairy tale.

The Dragon saving the Princess, whilst the Witch pined after the Knight.

"Juvia is no princess but Gray-sama; in Juvia's eyes you will always be the Knight who rescued her."

And if the former pair could defy all fairy tale logic and end up together, then why not she?

"Eh? What are you talking about? I'm no Knight…"

Even if she was the Witch...

"As if I'd be such a pansy who rides a white horse. If I was in a fairy tale, I'd be the dark lord of course!"

She would capture her own Knight, Prince, whatever-you-wanna-call-it regardless

"Then what of the witch?"

To hell with fairy tale clichés…

"The witch huh?..."

She too would grasp her own fairy tail ending!

"Hm. Well I guess even evil witches and dark lords want their own happily ever afters... So why not together?"

This feels a bit stumbled in places, but oh well...

Also, if you didn't catch it: Princess - Lucy / Dragon - Natsu / Witch - Juvia / Knight - Gray (So I guess there were hints of NaLu in there too)

Next chapters will be more focused on interaction between the two.