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Chapter 1

Ari P.O.V.

A year. An entire year Victor and I had been searching for Liora. For our precious cub. We were getting close now. The humans who had taken her hadn't covered their trails as well as they thought. At first, we'd just searched for all the facilities we could, and raided them, but we were wrong. They weren't keeping her in one of them full time. But we'd found a lead. Hopefully this would be the end of the search, and we'd have her back.

I was lying in bed, and Victor's arms were wrapped round me. My head was resting on his chest.

"It's been too long, Victor. Too long since we've tucked her into bed, or hugged her, or read to her or played with her." I said.

"I know, Kitten. But it won't be long now. Mort's sure he's managed to find where they're keeping her. Only a few more days now, and we'll have her back, safe and sound."

"I hate to think what they've done to her."

"So do I Kitten. But we'll find whoever did this, and we'll make them pay. I promise." Victor said. He kissed my forehead. "Liora will be back with us soon, back where she belongs. And I promise it's going to stay that way this time."

I nodded. Once we had Liora back, it would be damn hard for humans to get to her again. We'd moved to Genosia, and had a set of rooms in the main compound on the island. Liora's room was apart of the suite, and it was all ready for her, for when we got her back. I closed my eyes, and allowed myself to drift off to sleep, eagerly anticipating the events of the next few days.

Third Person P.O.V

Liora didn't like it where she was. Not one bit. Ever since she'd been kidnapped she'd split her time between three different places, each of them with their own horrors. Some days she'd be in that place with all the very clean, cold metal tables, with sharp things that hurt her, and unkind white coats. Other times, she lived in the orphanage. She hated the orphanage. People there lied. She could smell their lies. They always told her that her mamma and daddy were dead. But they couldn't be dead. They healed, like she could. Then there was the fact that she was able to smell the lie every time they told it. There was pain here too. Like at the clean place. But this was different. She didn't get enough food here. And she was beat here. Then there was school. It was both a pain, and a refuge. If she could get away from the kids for a long enough time, then she could find somewhere quiet to rest, and think. And she did go on some of the trips.

Like today. The whole of lower school were going to the museum. She had been allowed to go by the care workers. But one of the two she hated worst was coming with them. Edward was stiff all the time. As if he was waiting for something to happen and was trying to brace himself.

He should brace himself, because when my daddy and mamma come to get me, he and others will be in for a world of pain for keeping me from them. Liora thought. She adjusted her hat, making sure her ears were comfortable under it, and stood from her seat to leave the bus with the others, and climb the steps to the museum.

Liora tried for the thousandth time to try and remember what her mamma and daddy looked like. What had those white coats done to her? She couldn't remember what anyone from before looked like. No matter how hard she thought on it or for how long, the images refused to come. The pain the white coats had caused her must have done something.

Liora walked into the museum, keeping to the edge of the group. They walked through the large building, looking round at the exhibits and Liora couldn't help the feeling that something big was about to happen. The large group of children and their supervisors had gone quite far into the museum when an alarm went off and the main doors closed, and locked down. The lights went off, before the back up generators came back on. The light given off by the bulbs was a lot dimmer than before. People started panicking, and running, and that was when the mutants that had been at specific places in the museum struck.

This in turn caused further confusion and panic, especially when Edward pulled out a gun, and began firing at the mutants. Some unseen force pulled his gun from his hand, and shot him in the leg.

Liora took advantage of the confusion and ran off. The other children in the group had also run, so she wouldn't draw much attention. Her hat fell off, but she didn't stop to get it. She needed to find a way out. She needed to get away. She wanted to go home, and now the moment was here. Who knew when another would come round?

The screams and shrieks were loud, she needed to get out, she was getting a headache, and her senses were starting to get muddled. She heard someone land behind her, just before she was picked up, her arms pinned to her sides. The person who had her bent down, and then jumped. They jumped high, right up to the balcony on the second floor. When they landed, Liora started to struggle. She had to get away. She had to find her way home.

"Calm down tyke." A voice said. A man's voice, the voice of her captor.

He adjusted his hold on her, giving Liora an idea. She ducked her head and sank her sharp fangs into his hand. He let out a yell, and his hold loosened on her. Liora slipped out, landed on the floor, and took off running. She ran through several other rooms and dodged behind a display case, as two people entered her current room.

"Gee, Toad, what happened to your hand?" one voice asked.

"I found her Pyro, and she bit me quite hard too. Aw man, Tiger and Sabertooth are gonna kill me for loosing her! I've already let them down once!" The second voice, the one who'd grabbed her earlier, replied.

The two voices were familiar to her. But she couldn't place them. Liora frowned, trying to remember those voices.

"Come on, let's keep looking, she can't have gone far." The first voice, Pyro, said.

The two men left the room and Liora slipped out of her hiding place, and headed for one of the doors that she hoped the two hadn't gone through. She wasn't aware however, of the two watching the room from the door they'd just walked through. The two mutants hurriedly followed her, being sure to keep their footfalls as light as possible.

"The tranq." Toad hissed quietly. "She'll panic otherwise."

Pyro nodded, and pulled a syringe from his pocket and handed it to Toad.

Liora stopped at a point where three corridors met. There were still screams, and the sounds of fights. She didn't know which way to go. Which way was the way out, so she could find someone to help her get home?

"Liora." A voice said.

She span round to see a man with brown blonde spiked hair. He held his hands up in a calming gesture, allowing her to see the hand guards. Liora started backing up.

"Liora, take it easy. I just want to help, ok?" He said. She recognised the voice. He had been in the other room, Pyro.

"Leave me alone!" She screamed. "I just want to go home!" She turned, and started running away, but Pyro was quicker. He caught hold of her, and lifted her up.

"Toad, now!" he said.

Toad came into view, and Pyro grabbed hold of Liora's chin and moving her head to one side. Liora kicked and screeched, and even hit her captor with her tail, trying desperately to get free, before the needle entered her neck. She hated needles. But it was no use.

Toad injected the tranq into Liora's blood stream and she soon succumbed to the strong drug, falling unconscious. Pyro handed Liora to Mort who placed her over his shoulder, and pulled out his lighter.

Two security guards came running round the corner. Pyro threw a fire ball at one, and Toad disabled the other, covering his mouth and nose with green gunk.

"Come on, let's get out of here and meet up with the others." Mort said. "Can't risk losing Liora again, can we?"

They took off running for the exit, bypassing the suffocating security guard, the other having fallen off the balcony. They found the one door that Paddy had left unlocked when he'd deadlocked all the exits, and headed out onto the alley. Toad pulled out his mobile, and pulled up the pre prepared text message, and sent it to the others. Soon, the Brotherhood mutants who'd taken part on the raid came out the door. Sabertooth and Tigris were the first.

Tigris rushed over to Toad and Pyro, her eyes gold, and flashing. She held out her arms for Liora.

Toad pulled Liora off his shoulder, and handed her to her mother. Tigris held her small cub close, and inhaled her warm scent, which was laced with the scent of the tranquilizers. Tigris nuzzled her cheek affectionately as Sabertooth came over and wrapped his arms round his mate and cub.

Magneto and Mystique were the last out.

"Should I lock the door?" Paddy asked.

"Yes." Magneto replied, closing it.

There was a loud click, as the lock slid into place.

Blaidd and Wolverine approached Sabertooth and Tigris.

"How is she?" Blaidd asked.

"She seems fine. We need to go." Tigris replied.

The Brotherhood mutants plus Blaidd and Wolverine got into cars and jeeps, or in Wolverine's and Blaidd's case a bike, and sped away from the museum. Wolverine and Blaidd took off toward New York, while the Brotherhood mutants headed for the docks to where their boat was waiting.

Sabertooth and Tigris were in a jeep, and Tigris was holding Liora close, running her fingers through her hair. She relinquished control to Arianwen, and she sighed happily.

"I promised you we'd have our cub back, Kitten." Victor said.

"Yeah." Arianwen said, her hand not stopping from stroking her cub's hair gently. When they got to the docks, they weren't the first, but they weren't the last either. They left the jeep where they parked it, and got onto the large boat. They headed below deck, and through to the cabin area. They walked into their room, and Ari shifted Liora into one arm. She was so small and thin. She hardly weighed a thing. She weighed as much as she had when she'd been born.

Ari grabbed the bed covers, and pulled them back. They were in for a long trip back to Genosia, so she was laying Liora down on the bed. She lay her down in the centre of the bed, and brushed a lock of hair away from Liora's face. Ari slipped Liora's shoes off and pulled the covers up over her.

Ari looked up from where she was sitting, and smiled at Victor, who smiled back at her. Victor wrapped his arms round Ari and sat down next to her on the bed, and they both watched their cub sleep.

"She's back home with us now Kitten. Right where she belongs." Victor said.

"We'll keep her safe from now on." Ari said, almost like a promise to Liora.

"Yes, we will." Victor said. He kissed Ari deeply; before they settled down to wait for her to wake up, or their arrival at Genosia, whichever came first.

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