I Know You Can Feel This Too

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Chapter 19 – Coming Together

As she neared the landing to her second floor apartment, Abby saw a figure sitting on the stairs near the top and couldn't stop a sigh of relief escaping that Gibbs hadn't cut and run.

"Tobias okay?" asked Gibbs, standing up.

She smiled as she climbed the last few steps to join him, seeing nothing but warmth and affection in his gaze as he took her hand, gently. "I think so. I told him about… us and he was the perfect gentleman, as always. He didn't say much but said he understood. I still feel guilty though. I don't like hurting him."

Abby squeezed his hand and moved past him to her front door, reaching into her bag for her keys.

"Regretting it, Abbs?" Suddenly she sensed him right behind her.


She fumbled the key in her door as she felt his warm lips press a kiss directly over the flower tattoo in the centre of her back, and was unable to suppress a moan at the sudden jolt of contact.

"You sure?" he asked, quietly.

His mouth ghosted across her skin to slowly press an open mouthed kiss on each of the stick figures on her shoulders, her nerve endings sitting up and taking notice.

"Oh god, yes, Gibbs. I've wanted this... wanted you for years."

She felt his fingers trace her dress directly over her spine where the cross was etched, one of her tattoos he had yet to see fully.

"I know I said I wanted to talk but..." Abby braced her hand against the door, skin tingling at the feel of his hands, amazed at her reaction to a simple touch.

"Talking still overrated?" he chuckled, his voice a low rumble in her neck as he kissed the skin under her ear.

"No, just... " Her knees almost buckled as she felt his tongue on her neck. "Oh god, it's difficult to concentrate when I'm just so turned on, I can hardly think straight."

His "Me neither," was a low growl she felt rather than heard against her skin.

"Can we talk in the morning about her... about us? Tonight, I don't wanna wait. Can we just go to bed... I just... want you inside me, want you so much."

Abby almost whimpered as she felt his hands slide into her hair, disrupting Ziva's careful pinning for the second time that night. But as his fingers set up a sensuous massage on her scalp, hairpins once again tumbling to the floor, she couldn't have cared less.

"Works for me." His hands slid round her hips to her stomach and he pulled her back against his chest. "Want you too, Abbs... now." Grinding his hardness against her ass, he showed her just how much.

She leaned against his strength, pushing back against his erection. "Then let's get inside and stop giving the neighbours a free show."

When they stumbled into her apartment, Abby soon found herself pressed against the door as Gibbs covered her mouth in a slow, dizzying kiss. He tasted of bourbon, his mouth soft and warm.

It felt like they'd been building up to this for years.

Ten years of longing had brought them here and the overwhelming intense need meant that neither wanted to wait this first time. Tenderness and slow teasing would come later. Now it was all about lust, desire, hunger.

Tearing his mouth away to trail soft, nibbling kisses down her neck, Gibbs ran his hands over the silky fabric of her dress. He brushed his lips over her cleavage, tracing his tongue along the edge of her dress, smiling against her skin as he heard her moan. He let her slide his jacket off his arms and left it where it fell.

Finding the zipper at the back of her dress and sliding it down, Gibbs stepped back to watch the dress slip slowly down her figure and pool on the floor, leaving her standing there in nothing but a strapless black bra, lacy thong and heels, with tousled hair... and wearing his choker.

Raking his eyes down her beautiful body and back up again, he felt his heart rate increasing and cock harden even more. Abby shivered as she felt the path of his eyes almost as a caress, his gaze heated and possessive.

He moved behind her, nuzzling and kissing his way across her creamy shoulders and she reached behind to run her fingers through his hair before grasping his head. Gibbs trailed his fingers gently along the line of the choker before cupping his hand round her neck as her head fell back against his shoulder.

"Leave this on... only this," he murmured in her ear before burying his nose in her hair, and heard her moan in response.

Gibbs wanted to see her spread out underneath him wearing nothing but his choker as he sank into her warmth.

He stepped back slightly and swallowed hard as he saw the full cross tattoo for the first time... it was breathtaking, a work of art gracing the delicate skin of her back. He'd only ever seen the top half of this tat when she wore that Marilyn Monroe dress for Halloween.

"God, Abbs..." he breathed out, fingers brushing lightly over the lines.

She shivered at the barely there touch and shot a lazy, seductive smile over her shoulder, "You like it?"

"Beautiful." He stepped up close behind to wrap his arms around her, determined to explore every inked line later. "You're so beautiful," he murmured.

Abby turned, snaking her arms round his neck and pulling his head down into a heated kiss. His voice and touch had already turned her into a quivering pile of mush and he was still almost fully dressed.

Kissing her back, Gibbs hoisted her up and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, feeling his hardness pressed against her as he carried her into the bedroom. Even in those few feet, she managed to undo some of his shirt buttons as she ravaged his mouth, the extra height giving her control of the kiss.

He lowered her carefully onto the bed, following her down to trace his mouth down her neck to the curve of her breasts.

Abby arched up against him, holding his head as his tongue traced the edge of her bra. Undoing it, he flung it away and fastened his mouth onto a nipple, hearing her breathy moan as he bit down gently.

Before he could drive her halfway out of her mind, she hauled his head up to claim his mouth again while attacking the remaining shirt buttons. Abby heard some of them fly off in her eagerness.

"Oops," she giggled.

She felt her stomach flip at the grin he gave her.

She managed to get his shirt off with much tugging and rolling over the bed, both of them dissolving into laughter when the sleeves caught at his wrists and more buttons popped, as she'd been too impatient to undo his cuffs.

She stilled when he was free of the shirt finally, cupping his face in her hands, eyes roaming over this face she loved. It was the first laugh they'd shared in weeks.

"Oh, I missed this smile," she whispered. "Missed you so much."

"Missed you too, Abbs," he murmured in reply, kissing her gently.

"Please try not to push me away again." She knew she was asking a lot coz that's what he did when he was hurt or angry.

"Promise I'll try." It was the best he could do, for now.

Satisfied with his sincerity, she dropped another quick kiss on his lips. Time for talking later.

Running her hands across his chest and through the sparse silver hair, she pressed close. His rougher skin felt wonderful against her bare breasts as she kissed him, teasing with her tongue.

While she was temporarily on top, Abby took the opportunity of attacking his belt and zipper. Tugging his pants down, along with his boxers, she felt her breath catch at seeing him naked in her bed for the first time. She ran her eyes over his firm but not overly muscled body, toned arms and legs, hard erection drawing her gaze.

Before she could start exploring every gorgeous inch or even have a taste... one little taste, he'd rolled them to pin her to the mattress.

Sliding her thong down, Gibbs settled between her thighs and her legs hooked over his hips, pulling him closer. He bent to kiss her again while his hands ran down her body, sliding his fingers between her legs, groaning when he felt just how wet she was.

Rocking his hips against hers, her juices coating his cock, he teased them both.

She felt the tug deep in her stomach as he brushed against her. He pulled back, poised above her looking down at her dazed emerald eyes, his breath catching at how lovely she was... a fantasy come to life, spread out underneath him wearing nothing but his birthday present choker.

She reached for him, not above begging she was so impossibly turned on. "Need you... now... please. We can go slow later."

He lined himself up and slid slowly but steadily into her, both of them groaning at the sensation of being finally joined. Feeling him stretch and fill her as he began to move, hips undulating with each deep thrust, she felt the pleasure building inexorably.

He set a strong pace and she raised her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. He slid one hand to fist in her hair and the other under her shoulder to brace himself as he sped up, head buried in her neck, loving the needy whimpering sounds she was making.

He felt his self control slipping and she was right there with him, grasping his shoulders, dragging her nails down his back, making him growl. Abby heard herself moaning and gasping, the only other sound his heavy breathing as she sensed his thrusts becoming erratic.

Abby started to tremble, the incredible feeling of him above her, around her, inside her sending her hurtling towards the edge. Sliding his hand in between them, he circled her clit before pressing down firmly, and that was all it took.

She arched up against him, her whole body tensing, feeling her release rip through her, muffling her scream into his shoulder. She was dimly aware of his cock spasming inside her, and felt him shudder above her as he spilled deep inside. He collapsed on top of her, breathing ragged. Abby felt the aftershocks rippling through her as they clung together, his weight feeling so good as Gibbs pressed her into the mattress.

When they both became aware of their surroundings again, Abby wrapped her arms round him, hugging him close as he nuzzled her neck, not wanting to let him go.

Gibbs pulled gently out of her eventually, dropping a soft kiss on her lips as he rolled to the side. He gathered her towards him and she flung a leg across him as she snuggled into his side.

A satisfied contented haze settled over them as he gently stroked her hair and back, and the sweat cooled on their bodies.

After a while, Gibbs shifted to face her, propping his head on his hand as he trailed his fingers gently over her face and down her body. She saw him looking at her intently as if wanting to memorise every line, every curve, every hollow and heard him murmur, "Mine."

Abby felt her heart swell, reaching up to stroke his face, smiling, "Always have been, Jethro."

Across town, Fornell was sitting on his couch drinking scotch.

He thought through the past couple of weeks and especially tonight, the feel of Abby in his arms, hearing her laughter, the soft touch of her lips as she kissed him goodbye.

He'd watched those two dance around each other for years – Gibbs too damn scared to make the first move and Abby too afraid to try in case she destroyed their friendship.

As far as Fornell was concerned, seeing Gibbs charm, seduce, use... whatever the hell he was doing with that damn lawyer, had been the last straw. He couldn't stand to see Abby hurt any more and so he'd made a move.

Gibbs and Abby had both needed a push in the right direction... and he was feeling pretty damn smug that he'd been the one to provide it.

He'd purposely tried to make Gibbs jealous enough to make a move.

And the results had been... interesting to say the least.

But it had worked.

Mission accomplished.

He didn't like deceiving Abby but felt no compunction about giving Jethro a good kick in the ass. It was all for a good cause after all.

It wasn't often you could outwit the Marine, but Fornell had figured he'd be so distracted by his jealousy that Gibbs wouldn't realize he was being played until it was too late.

And so it had proved.

He got up to pour a refill, lifting it to make a toast to himself, smiling at his reflection in the mirror.

"Good job, Tobias."

The end.

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