The Swat Kats the Enforcers and katseye news watched in horror as lieutantant david steel confronted Soundwave'' prisoners your keeping prisoners you need to teach them without respect this was all buissness but now its personal you understand me'' steel said to Sondwave. Soundwave laughs yes I understand you steel no prisoners only trophies bee I think their going to kill us! wheeljack said. You your time is up barricade cursed to wheeljack barricade pushed wheeljack forward wait wait wait wheeljack begged for mercy we surrender we're your prisoners move it barricade slamed wheeljack forward took aim towards wheeljacks chest. Can't we talk this out we're all a bunch of good chaps I mean uh... Barricade shot wheeljack in the chest why did ya... barricade shoots wheeljack again. Soundwave laughs triumphfuly and grabs bumblebees arms and holds them together so he can't escape his own says goodbye to his fallen brother wheeljack Soundwave slams bumblebee said we got to help him its too dangerous jake Felina told jake and chance with tears in her eyes Jake tries to use the grappilng gadget that wheeljack made but Felina stops him and holds his head in her hands and kisses him quickly and tells jake she wants evey thing to turn out as it was. They watch in horror as soundwave aims his gun at bumblebees head. Tears went down jakes felinas and chances faces as bumblebee was about to feral and the enforcers were here to kick some decpticon skidplates Feral yelled on my order give the decpticons eveything you got ready now!missles were hitting soundwave as bumblebee ramed his cannon into soundwaves chest soundwave blew into pieces. Starscream leaped from behind a schoolbus and screamed at felina jake and chance thought you were working for us humans they ran and hid behind a bank truck starscream grabbed Felina and said to Jake try and get your little friend back boy!starscream laughed Jake used the grappling gadget from wheeljack to attach it to starscreams eye bingo Jake said succsessfully be careful jake i will he repiled starscream yelped ow my eye my eye starscream with jake attached to starscream his live was in danger. starscream screams in agony I cant see i cant freaking see you human scum he screamed ow my eye he flew on top of a buildng Jake jumped of of starscream and landed on the building. Then he jumped on to starscream and stabbed his other flew on top of another building and bumblebee jumped up the building and saved Felina and Jake starscream blew up into pieces.