A Chicken Little Halloween Story

Chapter 1

It all started one hot day in the beautiful town of Oakey Oaks. Today was Halloween and everybody in town was excited, especially Chicken Little. It was one of his favorite holidays.

"Good morning, Dad," CL told his father Buck Cluck as he walked downstairs.

"Morning, son," Buck replied.

"So, what are you doin'?" asked CL.

"Just puttin' up some decorations for Halloween."

"OK, great," said CL. "So what are ya gonna be for Halloween anyway?"

"Batman," answered Buck.

"Cool! I like Batman!" said CL.

"And who are you gonna be?" asked Buck.

"Robin!" said CL excitedly.

Buck chuckled and said, "OK, son."

"Need any help with the decorations, Dad?" asked CL.

"Sure. Alright," said Buck.

"OK. Thanks," said CL as he went over to his dad to give him a hand.