Feral Scream Part 1

"Encarved into this lofty peak, at Tempus 12. A noble birthplace! It is time!" Megatron announced to Terrorsaur, where they were standing on a mountain in the middle of a storm, about to create a new protoform from a blank stasis pod.

"Um, what are we cloning again?" Terrorsaur asked.

Megatron glared at him.

"Never mind. Guess we'll have to wait and see then." he muttered to himself.

"The clone cells, Terrorsaur! Infuse them into their new host!" Megatron commanded.

Terrorsaur pulled a switch and several metal claws penetrate the shimmering protoform inside the pod.

"Now, Install the Transmetal driver."

Terrorsaur drove his hover board to the top of the machine and installed a glowing red sphere into it. Megatron then helds out the other half of Rampage's spark.

"And now, I bequeath you, half a spark! From the very core of a nightmare!"

Something shot out of the protoform and grabbed the spark from Megatron's hand.

"Ah! Hungry for life, yessss." he said eagerly, "Ready!"

Terrorsaur pressed switches and buttons randomly.

"Stand by!"

Terrorsaur pressed a final button and the protoform glowed as lightning struck the top of the machine.

Megatron raised his arms and yelled into the roar of the storm, "From the tempest fury! The sparking lights! Hahahahahaha! To sigh a new life! Transmetal 2 life!


"Sheesh. What's with all the fancy talk? It's just another protoform." said Terrorsaur.

"Oh, it is far more than just that." Megatron said, his voice quivering with anticipation.

The machine flashed. Megatron covered his face until the new protoform stepped forward on clawed feet. Megatron observed his creation.

"Ahhhhhh, yessssss."

Dinobot 2 growled and looked around.

"Welcome, yessss. Welcome, Transmetal 2 Dinobot! To a new body, a new mind, a new allegiance, to the Predacons!" Megatron said evilly.

Terrorsaur regarded the cloned Dinobot with disgust.

"We cloned him? I've had enough of him to last me a life cycle."

"You fool! Dinobot was one of my best lieutenants. Now, he is back and, most importantly, under my control!"

"I still don't like him." Terrorsaur remarked.

"I agree." said Depth Charge, emerging from behind some rocks, "But then, I'm not crazy about any of you."

"Ah, we have a guest." Megatron said pleasantly, "A stirring opportunity to, ah, 'ahem', test your metalment, Dinobot."

"And to think I was wondering who to shoot first." said Depth Charge, unimpressed.

He fired at Megatron and Terrorsaur, who were knocked backward as Dinobot 2 lunged at him.

Feral Scream Part 2

Terrorsaur and Dinobot 2 searched the jungle for the Transmetal 2 monster and stopped at a cave entrance.

"Raaawk! He's here! I can detect his unnatural Transmetal scent."

Dinobot 2 growls threateningly. Terrorsaur rolled his optics.

"Oh, you know that I didn't mean you. By Primus, he hasn't changed at all!"

"I will subdue and retrieve the target." Dinobot 2 said.

He transformed to robot mode and stepped forward. Terrorsaur blocked his way.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm in charge here!"

"Are you? Can Megatron confirm that?"

"We still need a plan." Terrorsaur insisted.

"I am the plan." Dinobot 2 said menacingly.

Shaking his head, Terrorsaur followed him into the cave. It was deserted.

"He's not here."

Dinobot 2 nodded.

"Target has fled, for now."


From behind leaves, Terrorsaur and Dinobot 2 watched Cheetor convulsing with metamorphosis.

"What is happening to him?" Terrorsaur asked.

"That is not the priority. Take him now." Dinobot 2 demanded.

"But I thought you were the plan?" Terrorsaur said sarcastically.

"Do it!"

Terrorsaur sighed, then emerged out of the leaves just as Cheetor seemed to explode, shattering his old body and becoming the feral looking Transmetal 2 he was before. Terrorsaur stopped abruptly.

"Cheetor! Watch out for the other bot!" shouted Optimus from the ground.

Cheetor's new gun flipped off his back into his hand.

"Which bot?" Cheetor asked, "Oh, you mean this bot right here?"

He aimed his gun behind him casually and shot Terrorsaur point blank in the face.

Go with the Flow

Terrorsaur laughed with delight as he saw the unguarded human female below him.

"Well, well. This must be my lucky day! Beast mode!"

Transforming to beast mode, he swooped down and grabbed the protohuman in his claws.

"Una! No!" Cheetor shouted. Inferno shot Cheetor several times, causing him to fall down. When Depth Charge arrived, Terrorsaur and Inferno retreated with their captive.

On their way back, Terrorsaur struggled to hold on to Una, the protohuman, and keep up with Inferno at the same time. She began to whack at him with a rock attached to a stick. It didn't hurt him, but it irritated him a great deal.

"Urraaaak! Terrorsaur to Megatron! We have the female human, but there's a problem!" he spoke into his comlnik.

"She'd better not be injured." came Megatron's voice from the comnlik.

"No, she won't stop hitting me!"

"She's primitive. What else do you expect? Make sure she arrives safely. Megatron out."

"No! Argh!" Terrorsaur screeched irritably.

He and Inferno flew into the mountain where they were building the Disrupter Ray. He roughly shoved Una at Megatron.

"Now I understand why we hate humans." he spat.

"Get over yourself." Megatron ordered, "And get back to work."

Master Blaster

Blackarachnia struggled to get free of the Quickstrike controlled Optimus, then saw the other Maximals beaten and locked in a cage.

"Hrm. Six little Maximals." chuckled Megatron, standing with Inferno, Terrorsaur, Rampage, and Dinobot 2, "Well, I've almost collected the whole set!"

He burst out laughing.

Terrorsaur addressed Blackarcahnia.

"You know, it's funny; remembering all those times you dissed the Maximals, and now you've gone and become one of them. How ironically appropriate."

"Rampage, see to the traitor." Megatron ordered.

"But boss . . . you said-!" protested Quickstrike.

"Silence fool! I need you for more important matters."


Optimus lowered the Transmetal 2 arachnid to the ground. Megatron turned to the other Predacons.

"Dinobot, Terrorsaur; Depthcharge is still out there somewhere. Find and dispose of him."

"Ugh. Do I have to work with him?" asked Terrorsaur irritably.

Before Megatron could answer, Blackarachnia made a bid for freedom. Rampage jumped into the air, transforming to his massive Transmetal crab mode, and grabbed her in one of his claws.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh." he admonished her.

"Inferno, guard our guests." Megatron gestured at the beaten up Maximals.

"As you command, Royalty." Inferno said promptly.

Megatron turned to the ancient Autobot spaceship behind them.

"The Ark, awaits!"

Nemesis Part 1

"There! That will be our new colony." Inferno declared.

"Ewww. I don't wanna move in there! Got all them hairy critters in it!" Quickstrike cringed. "Un . . . unless . . . unless you mean, we's gonna slag 'em! Oh! Oh! Please tell me that's what you're planning!"

"The Royalty demands a new colony and we shall take it, by force!"

"Is a human camp really the best you can do?" asked Terrorsaur.

"You got any better ideas?" demanded Quickstrike.

"Well, no. But surely we can find someplace better."

Inferno and Quickstrike looked at each other.

"I suppose we could build a new colony." Inferno suggested.

"Build one? Outta of what? Rocks an' wood? You're kiddin' me!" Quickstrike said exasperatedly.

"No! We could burrow under the ground and construct a . . ."

"We're not ants, Inferno! Think realistically." instructed Terrorsaur.

"I could build it!" insisted Inferno.

"How about this: We slag those critters anyways, then build that underground base!" said Quickstrike eagerly.

"We are not living underground!" snarled Terrorsaur.

"But let's just slag those things anyways!" Quickstrike practically shouted.

"You are losing sight of the objective, Quickstrike. We need to find a new colony." said Inferno told him insistently.

"You know what? Fine." said Terrorsaur, giving up, "Let's take the human camp then. We're just wasting time here."

"Now you're talking! Haha!" said Quickstrike excitedly.

"For the glory of the Royalty!" shouted Inferno.

Quickstrike rushed out into the village. Inferno and Terrorsaur followed him.

Nemesis Part 2

"The humans are retreating. We've got them now!" Terrorsaur exclaimed.

"Yee haw! Little runts never stood a chance! Hahaha! Like shootin' protoforms in a stasis pod!"

"The Royalty will be pleased!" Inferno said happily, "The new colony is ours! Ready for . . . huh?"

Inferno looked up to see one of the remaining humans raising an axe. As he raised his gun at the human, the ground shook. He, Quickstrike, and Terrorsaur looked around in alarm and saw a huge war ship hovering in front of them.

"What is that?" asked Terrorsaur, sounding frightened.

"The Royalty! My Queen! We're down here!" Inferno shouted, waving his arms around.

"Oh, I don't like the looks of this!" Quickstrike said anxiously.

Then the ship fired and all three of them are consumed by flames.

So, in my opinion, the answer to how much the war would have changed would be "Not much". I believe that the seasonal arcs would have stayed the same (The Vok, the attempt by Megatron to destroy the Autobots, the discovery of the Nemesis, etc.). Waspinator didn't have a majorly effective role in the show except being comic relief, so therefore Terrorsaur would have had a similarly small, yet noticeable role in the show until the very end (Except, unlike Waspinator, he would have died, I am more than positive). The only differences with Terrorsaur's presence would, I believe, have been that Dinobot and Terrorsaur's rivalry would have continued up until Dinobt's death, and the creation of Dinobot's clone (with whom Terrorsaur would have had a similar rivalry with), and, obviously, that Terrorsaur took over the Metal Hunter weapon instead of Megatron.

I hope you enjoyed this possible version of the show that never was (F.Y.I, I will not be doing a Beast Machines sequel because: I never liked BM, and since Terrorsaur would have died in Nemesis Part 2, he would not have been involved in BM anyway. As far as Waspinator's role, let's just say that Thrust could have been a new undiscovered Maximal character in this scenario).