This was/is the screwed up first chapter for the sequel of Anaheim, I posted it on TTH but then I remembered some people had no idea what that was so here is a little treat for y'all... Sequel is a long, long time away if at all.

June 9th, 2005

On the Road

"Favorite color?"

"Red, you?"


Three days ago neither thought they would be driving cross country with a complete stranger but here they were. Driving across the state of California in a beat up mustang and playing twenty questions. Xander still wasn't sure how he was convinced to take Harry along with him but it happened. He put an argument up at first but Harry managed to make a counter each concern.

Don't have a car? No problem, Harry was rich.

Don't want to be a mooch? Harry can't drive so Xander was told to think of it as being paid to be his driver.

Don't know each other? The two of them were going to be on the road for hours on end. No better time to get to know each other.

That was they were playing their little game, to get to know each other better. So far they were on question three. The first two questions being the obvious things like names and birthdays. Question four and on were probably going to be more intrusive but it was probably needed to settle both their paranoia's.

Harry thought for a minute for his question, he wanted to know his companions "story". Every American Hunter had one, or so they said. But he has heard that they were usually personal, the loss of a loved one being the most common cause. Though there were some stories that said that some were the victims finally lashing back.

So that was probably a no go till later in the game or not at all.

Start with simple things, like skills.

"So where did you learn to shoot a gun?"

Xander gave him a wry look from the corner of his eye "Would you believe Anaheim was the first time I've ever shot a gun?"

Harry turned his head and gave him a 'yeah right' look. "No, not really."

"Well, it's true… Kinda." Xander shrugged "A Chaos mage turned everyone into their costumes a while back, I was a soldier and well, somethings stuck."

Harry gave a nod "Possessions always leave something behind. No matter how good the exorcism is." He said thinking about his own parting gifts from Voldemort. He had to repress a shudder. He still had nightmares and Ginny would probably never fully recover.

"Tell me about it" Xander muttered before he asked his own question "So where did you learn magic?"

"Hogwarts." He replied simply, assuming the hunter would know what that meant.

"You learned form a pig with warts?"

Harry opened his mouth, shook his head and muttered something about Americans not knowing anything. "No, Hogwarts is the name of a magic school. It's where many children in England learn the Craft."

"Huh, I wonder if Giles went there?" He wondered out loud, switching lanes as he did.

"If he's magic, British, rich and or gifted then it's possible."

"Huh, have to ask him next time I call in. So your turn."

"Right," Harry drawled as he thought of his next question. "Hometown?"


Harry coughed in shock "Isn't that one of the Hellmouths?" Xander defiantly had an interesting story to tell, hell, probably stories to tell.

"Yeah, home sweet hell… wait one of? As in more than one?" Xander asked dumbly, resisting the urge to slam the breaks.

"Well, yes. Common theory is that they are where the demon gods died and rotted."

"Fuck." He said before lapsing into a hard silence "How many are there?" How many times was the planet threatened a day? How useless were their struggles back home?

"Not sure. I know the two biggest ones are in the states and that there is one under London" Harry said a bit sourly as a bad memory, a personal failure, popped into his mind. He lost the closest thing to an actual family because he wasn't strong enough to watch his back, because he was too weak, too stupid to stay focused.

"This world is fucked up"


Neither felt like talking much after that.


They plan was to head to San Diego right after they got the car. Xander wanted to see the zoo and sights and Harry was trying remember if it was San Diego or San Francisco that had the large supernatural community. But they were both grown, or growing, men and needed to eat. So they started to pull into a small road side town for a bite to eat.

"How hard can it be to remember? I mean one starts with D and the other with an F." He asked half amused as he searched the streets for a diner.

"Oh, be quiet will you." He demanded. "There's one."

Xander looked out Harry's window and saw what he was pointing to. It was a small dinner probably built in the sixties, a small old fashioned place and it was as good as any other place to eat. "Cool."

As the two made their way towards the building Harry stopped short to get a newspaper.

"Dude, why?" Xander asked, honestly surprised anyone still read the paper. Well old people did and grade school kids to cut out pictures but Harry was his age. Newspapers should burn him from how outdated they are!

"What?" his British accent making it sound more like 'wot?' "It's been ages since I had a chance to sit down and read the paper while I ate."

"British people are weird."

"And Americans are crazy."

It was an easy banter that the two seemed to achieve with each other, still a little awkward but it was kind of fun to have someone able to instantly play off what you said. Well Xander had Willow but she was a girl ad she tended to babble too much. This was guy banter, no gender lines to cross.

Harry felt similar, if only because he was having a conversation with somebody who didn't hate, admire or expect something out of him. It was nice just to be a guy.

So Xander gave a snort as he opened the diner door.



Xander suppressed a laugh "God that was so tweed"

"You meet one British man an you assume we all wear tweed?" Harry half asked half stated as he followed his companion into the restaurant.

"Hey, I've met more than one and the only one I like wears tweed so think of it as a compliment upon your country."

"Sure it is."

During their brief banter a waitress came over to seat them. After recommending the daily and weekly specials the woman said she'd give them a minute to decide. It was still early morning so they went with breakfast choices, though Harry seemed a little awkward about the food selection. Must have been a cultural thing.

Brunch was a silent affair as Xander dabbled into his own thoughts and Harry read his paper. As the meal progressed he noticed Harry seemed oddly serious and tense. Like when the met tense, which was a zombie invasion so that was of the bad.

"What's up?" he asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

Harry snapped out of his trance and stared at Xander for a moment. "It just this article… five people tortured and killed and one survivor, only because the police arrived in time. And all of them attacked by someone who said and could, apparently, proved to be in another place but could also be proven to be at the scene of the crime." Harry said, summarizing the basics of the article he just read. It was one of those conspiracy serial murder articles that was ranting about the innocence of these men, their rights and the use of modern make up.

"Weird, our kind of weird?" He asked, shoving in another mouthful.

Harry hesitated "I don't know. It's a small town like this five murders in such a short amount of time is suspicious." Tonks taught him a lot of thing but one of the biggest was how to spot when a Magical was doing something to the muggles. He mentioned wanting to be an Auror once and she dragged him through basics. God he missed her. "And I can think of two things off the top of my head that could be the cause of it." Harry let his mind wonder as he thought of other possibilities besides Polyjuice and a metamorphmagus.

Xander swallowed his pancaked "So where do you think we should start looking?"

Harry snapped out of his thinking "What? Just like that you want to look into this?"

"Yeah. People are dying right. We have to stop it." He said looking Harry straight in the eye "We can't just walk away from something like that."

Harry smiled. They really were the same type of person.


June 9th

Local library

"So why are we here?"

"To use the computer."

"And again why?" Harry asked after Xander got directions to the computers.

"Recon man… well more like a little bit of detective work." He explained as he sat down "I figure if we see the reports we can see a pattern and what type of victims whatever it is likes. We get both we figure out what it is and Slay it."

Harry looked at him for the 'Slay it' comment, both for its word usage and its implications, but figured it was the best choice. Even if it was human in nature it needed to be stopped and with no Aurors there killing was the best option.

The wizard watched absent mindedly as his companion tapped away at the computer. He never really understood the modern appliance, as his schooling was… slightly different. It was a useful tool to be sure but he just couldn't figure them out.

"Okay…" Xander trailed off his sentence as he skimmed the related articles on the screen "So far all I'm getting is that they were all married, or about to be, and live in town." He sighed "Not much of a lead is it?"

"Not much of one but it tells us what its after." Harry said

"True… So we follow basic cop shows and talk to the survivor."

Harry mulled over the suggestion "That… seems like a good idea but I doubt she will want to talk to us."

Xander gave a grin.

"We bullshit."


"Excuse me? Is there a Ms. Matthers here?"

Mandolin Matthers stared at the two young men on her doorstep with great levels of suspicion and distrust. They couldn't be more than twenty five and seemed to be dressed in their street clothes. The taller one had dark brown hair and even darker eyes. The other man had a messy head of black hair and startling emerald colored eyes behind his glasses. Both decent looking, the later more than the former, but there was a problem.

She didn't recognize them. And she knew just about everybody in the neighborhood.

So she asked a very basic question "Who are you." Ok, more like demanded it.

The taller one answered "I'm Alexander Anderson and this is Harold Dresdan." He made a gesture to his companion who was currently using a calming exercise at the abuse of his name "We are members of private contract group hired to investigate this case for the defense of one of the supposedly related cases. We were wondering if we could ask her a few quick questions. If she's up to it."

"Related cases?"

The man nodded again "Yes ma'am. I'm surprised you haven't heard actually." The man's voice was formal and his back straight as he spoke. He looked very official even in his worn out jacket. Almost military. "There have been four other cases with a similar MO of a spouse being tortured and killed by her husband, only catch is the husbands all have an alibi of some sort. As I said before we were hired by one of the husbands' lawyers to see if there is a correlation, maybe even a serial killer."

Mandolin opened her mouth and closed it a few times.

A serial killer?

In their town?

What were the police doing about this!

"Ma'am?" the taller one said to gain her attention "Is she free for questions?"

The woman paused and thought for a moment. "I will go check, come in and take a seat in the living room."

As she turned to let them in she didn't see the taller man wince at her for verbally inviting them in. "Thank you ma'am."

After Mandolin went up the stair Harry turned at Xander "I can't believe that actually worked."

"No one suspects you if you wear the stripes right" He whispered back, paraphrasing a quote from a movie. "Just look right or sound right and people will usually believe you."

"Huh, make sense I guess."

Xander turned towards his 'partner' "You have a better idea of what we're dealing with, so you have any ideas on what to ask?"

"I have a few questions to narrow it down." He said simply.

"That's good. We'll just wing it from there I guess."

Harry gave a vague nod before allowing a scowl to form on his face. "And what was with the names?"

"Couldn't really give out our real ones now could I?"

"My name isn't Harold." He could honestly say he hated when people said that, especially teachers that were trying to get strict or close to him. His name was Harry, not Haorld. It said so on his birth certificate.

"Isn't that what Harry is short for?"

"No." Harry's voice hissed in annoyance, something Xander noticed and filed away for later. He was going to stretch that into so much taunting material Harry was going to pull his hair out.

The two of them waited for a few more minutes before a bandaged young woman descended the stair hesitantly, her mother not far behind her.

Xander stood from where he sitting and extended his hand towards the wounded woman "Katharine Matthers?" Receiving a nod and a hesitant hand shake he moved one with a disarming smile "I'm Alexander Anderson. I'm sorry for what you've been through."

The woman gave a small sound of thanks before looking him straight in the eye "Do you really think Eric didn't do it?"

"I'm not sure ma'am but I've run into one case similar to this and my associate here seems to know a thing or two about this."

"This happened before?" Madoline asked horrified.

Harry was the one who spoke up this time, surprising the two woman with his accent "Not exactly, while I'm unsure of Alex's experience since we have only recently been partnered but I've seen and used many techniques how to make yourself appear exactly like someone else." Harry looked directly at the injured woman "They were mostly used by our side for deep cover, and if someone is using these methods and in such a… disgusting manner than they have more than a trial to worry about."

Xander thought Harry was laying it on a bit thick but it gave them an air of credibility and that dash of mystery women tend to love. Besides, they were eating it up.

"So he didn't do it?" The woman sounded so hopeful that the two had to suppress a cringe.

"It's a big possibility" Xander said with a nod "But let's get these questions out of the way to be sure."

They all took a seat at the table in the dining room.

Harry straightened himself in the chair and thought for a moment before he started to ask questions "Did your assailant seem to be on any sort of time constraint? Like as time went on he was in a rush."

"What kind of question is that!" the mother shouted before the daughter could give an answer.

"If it's one of the ways I'm thinking of yes. It dissolves in about an hour."


"Now did he seem to be in a rush at any time? His face sagging? Features showing up that you didn't see before?" he asked listing off what he remembered polyjuice looked like when it started to fade.

"I-I don't know. It happened so fast, it hurt so much. I-I couldn't concentrate. All I saw was Eric's face." The woman suppressed a sob.

Xander hesitated for a second but his compassion for the woman won out and his hand found itself on top of hers "It's okay ma'am. We understand that this is a hard situation but anything you can give us would help greatly."

The woman sniffled but nodded as he took his hand away from hers "Okay. But what should I try to remember? You said you dealt with things like this before?"

Harry shrugged "The only other option I know of has two flaws. One, lack of information and two, they couldn't copy the persons voice."

"No, it sounded just like Eric." The woman croaked "And he knew things… private things."

Harry became thoughtful, the charms to copy a person's voice while difficult were doable and the knowledge could have been gained by Legimeins. But the woman hopefully would have noticed a wand in her face. Harry turned his gaze to his new friend. "How about you? Any ideas?"

Xander shook his head "The method I know is pretty nasty. I seriously doubt that its that."

Everyone gained some level of curiosity from that but it was the mother who asked "Why? What happened?"

"Just trust when I say that Eric would remember and probably be traumatized if it was the way I know."

The mother pressed "But what is it? Shouldn't we know every option?"

"Ma'am it's not pretty picture to imagine." 'Especially when I edit it so you believe it'

"Please." Katharine begged making Xander cave right away.

"Short story is that a mother missed her glory days of high school and decided to take her daughter's… including her face. Thought she was wasting it" Both women blanched as they let their imaginations fill in the blanks while Harry seemed to remember something. Probably the magic behind it or something. Xander didn't care, he just wanted to catch the bastard that would torture and kill woman while wearing their lover's face.

They spent a few more minutes gaining whatever information they could from the women but found it to be very little and not so helpful.

Xander was the first to stand "Thank you for your time." He said as he offered his hand to shake, soon followed by Harry as they made their way to the door.

After they gave their best wished the two men left the house and as soon as the door closed behind them Xander practically slumped where he stood. "God. I hate being formal."

"Could have bloody well fooled me with the way you were acting."

"I can lie with the best of them, I just hate being so uppity."

Harry let out a snort before he decided their next course of action "Come one. Let's look at the others' crime scenes." He learned a few spells from Shack and Tonks that could help alot.


When it came to major crimes in small towns situations got... confusing. Their departments weren't meant for major crimes but a misplaced sense of pride stopped or delayed them from getting help from the state or federal agencies. So when the duo arrived on the scene there was no patrol car or standing officer. Just some yellow tape between them and their goal.

The house was homey, a home where a young couple were hoping to grow a family from. If it wasn't for the blood they found stained to the floor of the bedroom. While Xander was looking around for any more mundane clues the police haven't taken away Harry was waving his wand in a half remembered fashion. Auror spells dealt mostly with detecting and tracking of magic, ill-used or otherwise. To be honest he didn't know much but his friends on the force taught him the basics.

There had been something there, it was feint but the spell managed to get a clip of it.

"Find anything?" Xander called out as he gave up finding any clues his way. The police seemed pretty through to his untrained eye.

"Shh." was Harry's immediate answer as he concentrated on the magic, trying to focus in on the fragment that the perpetrator left.

Xander stayed silent, he knew nothing of magic besides little details could mess things up. He was not having the whole town chasing after him again.

Harry's brow scrunched as he tried to follow the trail of magic the being had left. It was like whatever did this was bleeding or maybe shedding magic as it left the room. Whatever it was left through the window and trailed down the street. Calling over to Xander the two started to make their way out of the house. Harry knew he must have been a sight with his wand out as such but this was America, no secrecy laws.

"This it?" his companion asked as Harry lead them to a manhole.

"The trail is weak, I had to overpower the spell a few times to get this far and I only found this much because the thing is practically bleeding magic."

"Right..." Xander said absently as he took a stake from behind his back and started to lever the cover off. The wood snapped and he was down a weapon but at least the way was open. "A 'yep, that's it' would have done just as well... God that smells."

Harry rolled his eyes as he made his way down into what was apparently the sewer "Suck it up." Xander mumbled something before following down the hole.

As the two landed onto the slippery walk way they both pulled out their respective weapons, a wand the lit the way and a pilfered hand gun, an slowly made their way through the sewer. Fully expecting an attack from any and all sides. But apparently Xander wasn't paying enough attention to his surroundings as he slipped on something and bumped into Harry, who nearly fell into the nearby stream of waste.

"Oi, watch it!"

"Sorry slipped on something." Xander said as he righted himself and looked at the offending object "Hey, Harry, shine that light over here." The wizard did as he was told and they both found themselves cringing. Xander had left a boot print in what appeared to be a pile of blood, flesh and teeth. "That is just wrong."

Harry gave a nod as he stared at the pile in morbid fascination. After a while he got out of his stupor and started to send a few scanning spells at the pile. "Well, whatever left... this is what we're looking for."

"Great..." Xander drawled before placing his opinion "So, maybe a lizard demon or something? Changes appearance like a chameleon and then sheds it?"

"Maybe... I don't know..." Harry contemplated while he was trying to remember that damn identification spell to tell human magic from demon magic. "Expect anything I guess."

Xander snorted "Dude, I'm expecting giant snakes and gators to try and kill us while we're down here. Damn straight I'm expecting everything." Harry couldn't help but let out a snort.

As the two went further into the dank sewer system Xander started wishing that he had brought a flash light with him. He brought a now broken stake, a gun, a reload and a knife in his boot but he couldn't be bothered to grab a flashlight? Mistakes are made and will be learned from.

As they took a bend around a corner something caught his eye. "I think we're getting close."

Harry stopped and peered over his shoulder "What makes you say that?"

"Because there's another pile of puke rendering crap next to your face." Harry turned his head and gagged as he noticed the slime pile laying haphazardly on a pipe. The worst part was that it was at nose level, giving him a nice full smell of the thing.

"Good God!" Harry exclaimed as he moved himself as far away as possible from the wall. Xander snorted and pushed the wizard forward. The further they went into the caverns the more piles they saw along with a few piles of clothes spread here and there.

"Looks like this thing has been here for a while." Xander said as he shifted through the nearest pile of clothes, trying to find a clue of any sort. What they were hunting was, who it stole the clothes from, why it was attacking these couples, how it was taking another's face or maybe where it was now.

Harry pushed more power into his wand to strengthen the light, revealing more piles of flesh and clothes "Who knows how many murders this thing has gotten away with." Harry said with disgust as he angled the light around the room. As the light spread to the area behind his partner Harry saw a snarling Asian man with white luminescent eyes looming over Xander "Alex! Behind you!"

Xander turned to see what Harry was yelling about and quickly found a fist in his face. He's been hit harder, a lot harder but the surprise of the blow had sent him reeling. Shocked and now holding his bleeding nose Xander couldn't do anything as the figure ran down the sewers, well, not until Harry dragged him to his feet and they both took chase after it.

Shots and spells flew through the narrow halls but the creature managed to turn the corner in time. "Fucking bastard!" Xander yelled as he sped up his pace, getting ahead of Harry in his angry pursuit. He fired another two shots as the probably demon turned another corner and with practice eased quickly climbed and escaped through a man hole.

In his angered and instinct driven rage Xander ignored Harry's call for him to wait as he sped up the ladder and continued his chase. That son of a bitch wanted to play cat and mouse? Fine. He liked a good hunt anyway.


Harry gave a sigh as his eyes scanned the empty alley. There was no sign of Xander. He called for him to wait but the younger man kept on his chase. He really didn't think his new friend would make such an amateur mistake as to run after an unknown enemy without someone to watch his back. Not to say he was any better but still.

Harry was canvassing the street, looking into the side alleys and such, when a familiar voice called out from behind him.

"Yo!" Harry turned with his wand trained at the source to see his wayward companion flinching back with his hands held high in surrender. That was not the action he was expecting out of Xander. "Whoa. I come in peace!" and was he always that loud?

Cautiously Harry lowered his wand "Lose him?" It was more of statement than a question but Xander took it as question anyway.

His face scrunched into a scowl as he nodded. "He's a quick guy, I'll give him that. But sooner or later he my stake are going to become good friends." There was something wrong with the way Xander was talking but he couldn't put his finger on it. Maybe he was over reacting, after all he hadn't known Xander all that long.

Shaking his head slightly Harry jerked his head in the direction of their parked car "Let's head to a motel and try to gather what we know." Xander just nodded his head pulled the collar of his shirt as he looked at the blood on his shirt.

"Yeah, sounds good. I might need to get some new clothes on, blood attraction attention and all." Harry gave expressionless glances towards Xander the whole way to the car. Something was seriously off. The way he talked was... goofier, his posture slouched, his walk less smooth and missing what could only be called a predatory stroll.

He didn't put two and two together until they were at the car. Harry was deeply disappointed in himself. After hanging around one shape shifter for a few years you would think he'd be able to tell when one was fooling him. So as the Xander look alike rifled through the trunk of the car Harry pressed his wand to the back of its head. "Where is he?"

"Uh, dude, chill."

"I can do that, but I'm better with fire." To prove how serious he was he twisted his wand into the shifters neck "Now tell me where Alex is."

"I am Xander!" the voice sounded a little panicked and the name unfamiliar. This was not his companion.

"I'm giving you till the count of three. One,"

"Alright, fine you caught me," The figure twisted around quickly with a crow bar in hand, slamming it into Harry's head "But I got you first."


Harry regained consciousness some time later with a groan and a curse. "Ugh, my bloody head."

"Oh, good you're awake!" The voice was way too cheerful to be his friend's, it was like he was on a sugar high or something. Harry tried to move but found himself tied to a support beam "If you're looking for your stick don't bother, I have it." He wasn't but now that the fake motioned it he wanted it back. Opening his now blurry vision, the blighter must have taken his glasses, he saw the fake waving his wand around electing a stream of weak sparks from the tip. While obviously a bad match his captor was apparently a wizard. So a Metamorphmagus? No, that wouldn't explain the flesh. What were they dealing with? "Cool!"

"Give me back my wand!"

"Hmmm, nah, I think I'll keep it." The fake said dismissively as he stowed it in his back pocket. An idiot move but kettle calling the pot black and all that. As he strained against the ropes again, finding them too tight for him to even more a centimeter, a though popped into Harry's head.

"Where's Alex?"

The fake's face scrunched for a moment before clearing with realization "Oh! That's right. He told you his name was Alex didn't he. Poor little Zeppo trying to sound all grown up." it mocked and let out a laugh "Anyway I wouldn't worry about him. I'd be worrying about you"

Why was it whenever his opponent captured him they had to be clever? Not that he was complaining, it kept him alive a time or two. "What did you do with him?" The two may have just met but they were still... comrades in arms, freshly made friends through blood and that was something.

"Do you really want to know? I mean you two just met... I mean we just met." That seemed to amuse the fake "Maybe you're gay or something... Well, Larry did think I was gay... I don't give off a gay vibe do I?"

Harry looked at him in a pure dumb shock "What?"

"Eh, never mind." It waved off the whole weird line of thought "I got things to do, people to see again. You know how it is." The fake smirked as it picked up a sheet and draped it over Harry "Now you hold tight while me and Katherine get reacquainted."

Harry struggled blindly as the fake made its way out of the chamber.


Mandolin Matthers opened the door to her daughter's home with a brief look of surprise on her face "Mr. Anderson? What are you doing here? Did something change?"

"Yeah, well, I have a few more questions I would like to ask if you don't mind."

Mandolin let him in but she couldn't help but feel something was off.


After he was sure the shape shifter left Harry unleashed his escape plan. Most people didn't expect or plan on the fact that maybe, just maybe, the person they were trying to hold could turn into a small hawk. Most of the time it was the magical ones that were that arrogant too. Again he wasn't going to complain about a habit that kept him alive.

After his bird form squeezed out of the ropes he found himself tripping to the ground as he shifted back to a human. "Damn sheet." He muttered indigently from his spot on the floor.

"Harry, that better be you and not that freak of nature."

Harry gave a grunt as he stood "Yeah, its me."

"Thank god! Get over here and get me some clothes!"

"What?" Harry asked as e stopped on his journey to where his friend was tied. He could just make out the corners of a man's bare shoulder's behind a beam.

"Dude stripped me!" The wizard suddenly found himself reluctant to release his friend "Hey! Are you going to untie me or what?"

Harry weighed his options for a moment and decided that the woman's safety outweighed his discomfort. Walking over to his still captured friend he let out a sigh of relief "Thank god, you still have underwear on."

Xander was starting to get tired with his friends hesitance so he growled and strained the ropes as far as his shark steroid muscles could go. "Untie me already!"

"Right, sorry." Harry apologized as he removed the ropes as quickly as he could "Come on, he went after that Matthers woman looking like you." As Xander stood Harry felt compelled to add "Well not just look like you, he knew stuff about you. He thought he was you."

"Great." Xander groaned as he started to scavenge chamber for clothes of the victims. "So what? We have a Vulcan mind meld going on?" When he received a confused look from his British companion he sighed " Seriously? Have you ever even heard of Star Trek? Never mind. Think mind reading."

Harry gave a nod of understanding after he got the translation "Yes, it would explain a few things... but there's one more thing" his face twisted into a grimace "He took my wand."

Xander let out another groan as he thought about the implications of that little piece of information. After finding a pair of jeans and a blue t he grabbed Harry by the shoulder "You can still pop us over there right?"


Mandolin knew something was wrong but she didn't follow her gut. Now she knew she should have as she laid on the ground watching as Mr. Anderson chased after her daughter up the stairs. She should have realized Mr. Anderson was acting strange, she should have remembered that the killer could disguise himself and now, because of her screw up her daughter would be killed.

Trying to rectify her mistake she tried to crawl to the stairs ignoring the blood pouring from her head wound. When she made it halfway to the stairs a loud pop creped through the air soon followed by the front door slamming open. Her gaze dizzily traveled to the sound, to her mild surprise it was the two men from earlier. She felt a mild relief in the back of her mind that it wasn't the nice boy from earlier trying to kill them but as soon as that thought settled the dread started to come in again.

"Harry, you get her, I'll get the wannabe." Harry gave a nod and move down to the injured woman. He wasn't going to be much help until he got his wand back, it didn't mean he wasn't going to run up as soon as he helped the woman as much as he could. He had a mean football kick.

Meanwhile Xander had rushed up the stairs and followed the sounds of a struggle. Storming into the bedroom he saw the fake slamming his shoulder against the bathroom door. Xander didn't wait a second as he launched a fist to the back of the shape shifters head, slamming its head into the door cracking the wood.

"Ack! Cheap shot!" it complained through a newly broken nose. Xander barely listened as he viciously grabbed the back of the fakes hair and slammed it into the door a good five times, leaving a bloody hole in the wood. Dizzily the fake looked at Xander from where he was slumping "What the hell. You don't fight like this. I know you! I am you! I am Xander Harris!"

Xander crashed a knee to the small of the shifter's back crashing it to the floor and grabbed either side of its head "The problem with that theory is..." for some reason he felt this sentence, this quip, was more meant for himself than the shifter "I'm not sure I'm Xander Harris anymore." It was almost sad how easy it was to kill whatever it was. Just one hard twist and, boom, dead.

Letting out a shaking breath at his self revelation he patted down the corpse and retrieved his partners weapon. It was funny looking at it, the corpse. It looked like him lying there. His face bloodied and neck at an odd angel, nightmare fuel for weeks to come.

He was jarred from his thoughts as the bathroom door slowly opened to reveal a shaken Katherine. She looked at the scene for a moment, looked at him and then the corpse before letting out another scream and slamming the door shut. "Katherine? Look it's okay,"

"Go away! Go away! Go away!"


How was he going to deal with this?

Screw it, he wasn't hanging around for the cops to show up.



AN: This was originally going to be chapter one of Anaheim's sequel but like 3000 words in I realized that this would have made a better... chapter 4 or 5. So it wasn't done as... thoroughly as I would have done it if it was the real deal... okay I tried a little harder on this than I let on.

The basic story would follow the pair of them as they tried to do the "tourist of America" thing but with Xander's luck "walks into a bar in the middle of a fight" and Harry's luck "when he walks into a bar a few bad guys follow him" and both their habits of getting middle of other people's troubles, well... it would be one interesting trip.

Extra note about the whole "I'm not Xander" comment it works like this, I see those possessions like a healing gash. If you leave it alone it'll heal and no one will notice that faint scar but if you keep picking at it again and again it'll leave such a dark impression on you everyone else can't help but notice. So in cannon he stopped picking, it this story he dug deep into his flesh. The more he drew on them the more his ID was eaten and replaced by the Hyena and the further the Soldier invaded his Superego. Eventually the Ego would mutate into something else.

Again, tell me what you think and peace.