So what's up its graveyard girl 19 sorry to all the people who waited for me to write this it's just my life was very hectic but now I can write because now I don't give a shit about life and its problems so let's get on with the story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing if I did the toma what have his lover apollonius back that or he would take Apollo as his lover and they would little angels together.

Apollo: WHAT . You sick bitch I'm not gonna swing that way.

Me: It's my story I can do it if I want so shut up .

Toma : I sounds like a grand idea I want to see what Apollonius looks like when he c-

Me: whoa okay there horn dog keep your pants on and your fantasies to yourself (all though I wouldn't mind see that)


Thinking is this

Angel talking is this

Regular talking

YUTAKA's angel side

(Yutaka's pov)

Arg why does life have to be so difficult.

Yah that what's going through my head at this moment , interesting right?

So the year is 0011 just eleven years after the great ca-something or other.

The world's population has dropped to a meager 2 billion small right? And it's always dropping because of shadow angels.

Seriously why can't they just leave us alone what did we ever do to them .

But for the rest of us life goes on .

Hi my name is Yutaka Nakamura I used to live in japan but now I live near the DEAVA base.

Life is pretty hectic because of the constant shadow angel attacks but personally I really don't blame them.

Just look what we have done to the world.

We destroyed a lot of the rainforests and we put over amounts of carbon dioxide in the air .

Well enough with ranting I guess I should get going.

CRASH . WTF was that . I looked up and saw this fucking huge robot . oh shit I'm screwed .

So yah hi there right now I'm running at like 50 miles an hour to get away from the robot and guess what it sucks up people.

Yah I'm so totally fucked right now. Come on DEAVA where are you when we actually need you .

Woosh .Guess I spoke to soon well at least I know I am in reliable hands.


I herd the the vectors shout and suddenly a big aquqrion appeared.

Angels music (ending hym from the first episode)

what is that and why does it sound so familier.

I look up and see a charibum. It dances so beautifully. Such passion such essance almost like i'm being entranced

Wake up little one who sings melodys and is in sync with rebirth. Come and sing .Please birth this world into a new era come and become one with the earth and spread your wings. Come dance in the allegro of time my sweet sleeping child for you have been sleeping far to long. Angel of rebirth.

I look up at the charibum and notice as if its staring and me why? why is it staring at me dont look at me dont look.

Suddenly the charibum picks me up and brings me up to the head of the angelic machinery. I know by now i must look like a frightened little rabbit try to get away from the fox but it's no use i am in tranced by the machine the machine that changes life itself .

It's hot,My body it feels like i'm on fire, but it feels so good. something wants to come out of my back it feels almost as if its trying to escape from the confindments of my sink.

RIP Flap

Ah it feels good please dont stop. I come out of my trance only to see that pure white wings have sprung from my back .

authors comments - Yah i know its crappy but i dont have very much cofindence in my self but i will try harder like i said i am like ayame amd ritsu from fruits basket .

I'm so much like the both of them that my friend etheier call me aya or ritsu . Ever since i was little i had problems making friends i was always so shy but the i finnaly found someone and his name is jerett my savior (also my boyfriend). He was always so nice to me but he had to move away in second grade and i was left alone again. Then i found jordan she's so nice and i think i might have a littlebit of a crushon her i'm bi people dont judge me . Then fith grade came along and it turned sour from there . when i was born i was born into a poor native south american family and my mother was only 18 so she couldn't take very good care of me then the time came when she could not longer take care of me so she gave me too a rich women who sent me to an orfanage and there i tangoed with death the sepperation from my other was too much for me and i kept having fevers and i kept crying . but eventually i got over it and quieted down. Then a couple from american desided that they wanted to adopt another child my adopted sister is from paraguay im from bolivia. so they took me and i went to the states and thats where i stayed. as i was saying i was born into the year of the rabit and according to my zodiac sign im supposed to be attached to my mother. unfortualtly in fith grade my big sis tore her acl and minisucus. So my sis got all of my mothers love and i was left alone to deal with the consequences . I tryed to tell my mom hey i need love to your giving emma way to much but she just wrote it off as jelousy which in the beginning it was but this had turned in to suicidal. I had tryed to kill my self numerous time but never had the courage to go through with it then i found the song shinitagari by miku hatsune and it gave me a new sight on the perspective. No one would really cared if i died people die every day so what does it matter. But then i realise it would make my mother sad so i decided agains it. But from now on i am a crazy fucked suicidal perfect little girl . on ther other hand i see my sister as a failuer. and i hate her for what she has done. but i promis not to commit suicide untill after the story okay yays.