The Dark Masters

By Shadowrallen

For the NPP officers Rallen and Jeena, this was not a good day. Maja had crashed in on the two's first date, and then promptly tried to kill them both, ranting on about ancient weapons, Dark Spectrobes, and dead krawl. The assault had the two totally off guard, and the battle was over in less than two minutes. The restaurant was in ruins, Jeena was slumped unconscious in a corner, and Rallen was choking in the iron grip of Maja's right pigtail. "Damn…you…Maja" Rallen's vision was dimming as Maja squeezed tighter, savoring his helplessness. In the corner, Jeena stirred. Weak and half-conscious, the girl's blurry vision only registered a purple splotch holding a white one in the air by a purple line. Hurt as she was, Jeena still put two and two together. Slowly, with immense effort, the girl raised a shaking hand and pointed it at Maja's head. "Blaster" she muttered. Then, with her last ounce of strength, Jeena pressed the fire button. As Jeena slid to the floor, the bolt she had fired sped through the air and connected with Maja's jaw. The High Krawl yelled in pain and dropped Rallen, who fell to his knees gasping and coughing.

"Damn human," Maja hissed, "I changed my mind. I think I'll kill the female first." Maja raced toward the spot where Jeena lay, her purple hair standing up like cobras ready to strike. "Pinsaka! Iku ze!" The command cracked through the air, causing Maja to hesitate. Big mistake. The Dark Spectrobe materialized in front of her. With a roar, the purple-black creature punched Maja, sending the High Krawl flying. Maja used her prehensile hairdo do catch herself, and then got a face full of blaster rays. She screamed, then looked angrily in the direction the blasts had come from. A masked girl knelt on top of the chandelier, a sniper-style blaster mounted on her arm. Maja used her hair to pick up a nearby table and heaved it a t the girl.

"Hiyah-ho!" A gloved fist made contact with the table, blasting it to splinters. "Leena, there you are!" Another masked figure stood below the light fixture. "Callen, you're late!" The masked girl yelled down. Callen looked like an NPP officer, except that his armour was purple. His hair was deep indigo and he wore a black and orange prizmod on his arm. A white mask emblazoned with purple lines concealed his face. Leena had shoulder-length blonde hair and was dressed in an outfit similar to Jeena, the only differences were that her vest was purple, not grey, and a black prizmod clung to her arm like a giant beetle.

"This place is trashed as it is," Leena said, dropping to the floor, "A fight here would be pointless." "Right!" Callen replied, "Let's grab these morons and split!" With that, Callen and Leena grabbed the prone officers and raced out of the building, running nonstop to their craft. By the time Maja reached the hanger, the ship as already in orbit.

End of chapter one