The Dark Masters

Chapter 2

Location: Kollin, high orbit

Leena heaved Rallen into a medi-pod in the ship's hospital bay. The unconscious spectrobe master winced slightly when Leena stuck an IV in his arm, but he soon calmed down. Callen slowly lowered Jeena into another pod, attaching her to an IV as well. Leena set the medi-pods' scanners on "total diagnostic" and she and Callen left the room.

"I'm worried about those two," Leena said to her partner, "Maja really put them through the wringer." "I know," Callen replied, "but they'll be fine, Spectrobe masters are a hardy breed." Leena changed the subject. "We should leave orbit. Maja will have every Krawl in the Sector on us." Callen nodded, "let's hit the Kiao system. The portal should buy us some time."

Several minutes later the sleek black cruiser was floating outside Wyterra's gravitational field. Leena's wrist unit beeped, indicating that the full-body diagnostic was complete. The dark masters pulled it up on the main projector. The two winced when they saw the readout. "My god…" Leena breathed, taking her mask off for a better look. "Just what the hell did that purple freak do to those guys?" Callen asked in a whisper. A multitude of red dots pulsed on the holographic images representing Rallen and Jeena, the dots stood for concussions, skeletal fractures, broken bones, and other injuries. The dark masters had never seen wounds on this scale. It was shocking to look at. The two decided to take turns watching the hurt officers. The spectrobe masters woke up a half an hour later.

"Huh? Where am I?" Rallen groaned, "Why am I like this?" Leena, who was sitting in a hoverchair across the room, slid over. "Maja beat you up pretty bad. We dragged you to our ship to heal you. But you won't be going anywhere for a while." "And why not?" Rallen said. Leena prodded Rallen's shin with her finger. The officer screamed in agony. "That's why." The girl said pointedly "your shinbones are in pieces, you've fractured your left humerus, and your collarbone is cracked. In short, you're a mess." "Wait a minute, Where's Jeena?" Rallen asked in a panic. "Over there," the blonde girl said curtly. Rallen turned and saw another pod next to his. "She'll wake up soon, now lie down, you'll need rest." As the female dark master left the room, she wondered how Rallen was going to react to Jeena's condition, which was even worse than his.

(Author's note: in this universe both rallen and jeena have prizmods/cosmolinks and maja has come back to life.)

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