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Now, Let's see the lifelong dilemma of the Kousaka siblings...

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'Good, and you better keep it that way… Aniki.'

Even after a week had passed since that awkward confirmation, Kyousuke was still bothered by her response. No amount of distraction or discomfort could rid his mind of her ambiguous expectation, or that wonderful smile she wore.

'My life is never going to be normal. Ever again,' Kyousuke mentally confirmed as he rubbed his eyes once again for the hundredth time that day.

Since then, he maintained a new routine of seclusion after dinner every day, purposefully avoiding his sister at all cost. At the dinner table, he would rush to finish his meal before getting dragged into an uncomfortable stare with Kirino across the table. As long as his father and mother doesn't decline his leave, he was willing to keep it up until he could officially move out in a few years.

Nowadays, Kyousuke could hardly look at Kirino without being plagued by some unwanted thoughts. After all, he did fuck her... Drunk, of course; both were blissfully intoxicated that unfortunate night of subconscious debauchery.

Surely, he wasn't having the recurring vision of himself on top of her out of desire. Kyousuke blamed the fact that he was well aware that he was no longer a virgin, yet unable to thoroughly enjoy his first time.

"With my own sister…" He grumbled in a low tone, once again rubbing his eyes.

Men are suppose to engrave every second-no, every millisecond of the moment in their soul, he argued to himself. The tightness of her inside; the overwhelming warmth; the intense pulsing pleasure; his name whimpered in-between every few seconds of passionate moanin-


"Damn it, got to stop that!" Kyousuke continually slapped his face to stop the indulging process, as well as a good hit to the groin just in case. The hit did the trick, albeit the horrid pain. Kyousuke took a few deep breaths before he picked up the pen on his desk.

"I better get this stuff done or else."

Several stacks of paper were arranged across his desk; all the piles were as intimidating as the fierce font of the massive quantity printed on them. All of these sheets were pieces of punishment for Kyousuke after his father found out about…

Well, the four missing bottles of grape wine (known as pinot noir, Kyousuke found out through a stern talk) upon the morning of his parents' return. 360 pages of blanked-out articles assigned to him to be completed in 2 weeks' time. At this point, those would be due tomorrow morning.

However, luck was on Kyousuke's side for this misfortune. The assignment turned out to be an English-to-Japanese translation assignment: Kyousuke's forté in school. Before being distracted from the haunting reminder, he managed to finish 280 pages in the days that Kirino had not bothered him. At that rate, he would be done in time to get some much needed rest.

Much like the previous week, Kyousuke did not get much sleep, thanks to all of the incestuous drama brewed by his little sister.

'Well, maybe not too much drama,' he rationalized at the thought. He realized that despite how clingy she was after the convention, Kirino had not approached him about anything. In fact, it seemed like she avoided him also. Break away stares. Uncomfortable silences. No additional eroge that he would be forced to endeavor.

'That's right, I haven't played something like that in so long!' A wave of relief washed over him once acknowledged. He was going on 2 weeks without having to be annoyed by the theme of little sister loving/love-making. He almost forgot about the whole matter all the while worrying about what to expect from her.

'More than likely, she'll come at me full force to make up for this vacation,' Kyousuke worried as he jotted down the proper infinities for the articles. Kirino would not let him get away with being happy, because she apparently was not…

Kyousuke stopped working on the paper and looked over to the wall separating their rooms. "…Maybe I'm over-thinking it."

Suddenly, he became so conscious over her feelings for the matter. She SEEMED joyous at hearing that she became his… 'urgh, first'… but other than that… wouldn't she be more attentive to him? He was pretty sure that's how most girls acted like after doing the nasty. At least, that's how they're portrayed in most series.

Looking up at the clock hanging above his desk, he realized that the time was 11:57pm. Typically, his parents would be asleep right now, and Kirino would be locked in her room playing those eroge games while doing…

"Don't want to know that," Kyousuke stopped himself and he put down his pen then walked to his door. He stood in front of it like a challenge, yet he didn't open it. Should he go and ask? Wouldn't he only fall into a trap and be forced to play yet another game?

Quite frankly, deep down he missed having that connection with Kirino (albeit not with that theme). Their whole awkward affair was the only thing that joined them; what brought them together after not speaking to each other in such a long time… Not even acknowledging the fact that they were siblings.

"…Damn it."

Reluctantly, Kyousuke opened the door. He ignored his quickened pace to stand before her door. All he knew was that he was at her door, and was greeted by complete silence. Of course, he'd prefer the silence instead of muffled moans resonating from her game, yet…

Kyousuke intended to knock softly on her door, but it suddenly opened. Crouched over, Kirino emerged while backing out as though trying to sneak out. She didn't get far before she bumped into Kyousuke and let out a loud yelp. He quickly covered her mouth as he looked downstairs.

"Shhh! Don't be so loud, you'll wake them u- ofph!" Her knuckles connected with his chin once she broke free of his clutch.

"What are you doing in front of my door? You frickin' siscon!"

"S-siscon? I wasn't even doing anything! Why the hell were you sneaking out of your room like that?"

"Why the hell were YOU outside of YOUR room at this time of night?"

Although it could have happened at a better time, Kyousuke felt relieved to have this sort of conversation with his sister again. If only she'd turn down the aggression of her tone.

"I just… wanted to know how you're doing. You haven't exactly been pestering me lately."

To that, she only remained silent. Despite the overall darkness in the hall (minus the dim light coming from his room), he could distinctly see her silhouette. Much like usual, she wore some very short shorts (a bit blue from what he could tell) and a pink tank top. That same hair clip attached at the ordinary spot, and a frown upon her face that ate into him. Yeah, something was up.

"…Doesn't mean you have to lean up against my door to find out."

"That wasn't my intention! Besides that, I told you what I was doing so tell me why you are sneaking around." Again, she remained silent.

"Just tell me, not like I'm going to get mad."

"…I wanted to see you."

Kyousuke was flustered. Well, maybe a bit irked as well. Like that first night when he confirmed her hobby, she planned on sneaking into his room and get caught in some embarrassing situation. Can't she ever do something normal?

"…What about?"

Kirino looked from both sides of the hall and down the stairs without giving her answer. Kyousuke didn't like the secrecy she was trying to convey, neither did he like the fact that she took his hand and tugged.

"In my room. Not in here." Instinctively, Kyousuke yanked his hand free.

"H-Hell no, what are you planning?"


Much like a Western cowboy movie, the two had an intense stare down. Neither of them moved- neither flinched, in fact- as they held their ground in the hallway. He could only imagine what disaster awaited him in her room. More games, more exploits, she might even jump onto him for some more-

'No, don't think of that!' Kyousuke decimated that thought the moment it popped up, and looked down at his sister. To his surprise, she wasn't harnessing her angry, serious face which demanded his compliance. Instead, she was actually giving him such a sad, needy face. He could only compare it to the time that their father threatened to destroy her collection. Surely, Kyousuke didn't bring this about.

With much reluctance, he let out a defeated sigh and walked in. Without much delay, Kirino shut the door behind them. Kyousuke didn't turn around to face her, nor did she walk around to face him. His strong back remained towards her as they both shared the silence.

Who was going to be the first to talk? Kyousuke didn't know what to say other than being bluntly direct. He couldn't stand the disgusting silence anymore.

"Why are you-"

"I need more life counseling."

Kyousuke swung around to catch the avoided glance of his sister. Somehow he felt surprised by the same procedure they always had gone through. He knew what she would refer to.

"Is it about that night when we…"

"…A bit."

"Seriously? Life counseling? We need a damn professional psychiatrist! Do you not realize how seriously messed up we are?" His voice began to raise without concern for their sleeping parents below.

"…I don't want anyone else's help with this."

"Don't come to me for help then! Because of me, I ruined so many things! Damn it – I mean, we DID it, Kirino! No amount of 'life counseling' will remove that from our past-"

"No! Don't speak like that!"

Kyousuke froze upon hearing her rebuttal though the building rage inside him continued to rock through his body.

"I don't want to forget something like that. I just- cant-." She looked aside as she blushed. The quickening sniffles warned him that she was about to cry, if not bawl. Without thinking, he found himself cradling her head in his chest despite the disgust he felt.

'What the hell- what the hell am I suppose to do?' He thought to himself over and over again as he listened to her sobbing. He tried to calm her down by tightening his grip around her, but that only caused her to twitch more and wrestle out of his hold. He braved a fake smile to comfort her.

"Fine, then we just… we just don't talk about it anymore."


Kyousuke didn't know what to say to help the situation. This was completely extra-extraordinary that he doubt anyone could fix. Here, his sister cried over the intercourse they shared for their first time [as virgins]. He knew that this was going to scar them both for the rest of their lives.

"…Life counseling. I want you… to take responsibility."

Kyousuke was baffled by her continuation of the proposal. He couldn't refuse, right? Yet at the same time, accepting this counseling would only deteriorate the scenario to something worse. What the hell was he suppose to do?

"I suppose… I'll have to."

"…-oyfriend." Kyousuke couldn't make out the word she spoke. He wiped her face clean of fallen tears before reconfirming.


"I want you to be… my boyfriend."

Kyousuke chocked on the lack of air after hearing her better. He smacked against his chest to recover himself from the shock. Kirino only stood in wait of his [forced] compliance while looking to the side. If he could see a bit better in that dark room, she must have been blushing profusely.

"Wh-What are you saying? Do you understand what you just said?"

"I know what I said, idiot. I want… Aniki to be my first… for many things."

"…Uh- I- Uh-"

"You've already done the worst of it, so… man up."

Quite honestly, what could Kyousuke do? He had been brutally dragged into the inferno reserved only for him after indulging Kirino in her secret hobby. His mind abruptly remembered the sacred message atop Hell's entrance: 'abandon all hope ye who enters.' That passaged burned true at that moment.

"If I refuse?"

"…I'll tell dad that you sexually harassed me. Siscon." Of course, that was her response.

"Looks like I have… no other optio-"

Before he could finish, Kirino lunged at Kyousuke and buried herself in his chest. Just from her tight grasp, he could tell that she was utterly serious. Despite the foreboding mischief, he wrapped his arms around her.

Only for a few seconds though, before Kirino pushed him back. "You don't get to do that, pervert."

"…What the? You're the one instigating this-" Again, before he could finish, she pushed him out of her room.

"I'll give you your mission tomorrow, Kyousuke. Get that stuff from Dad done so you can get some sleep."

He wasn't able to complete his remarks by the time she shut the door hastily. Though… he guessed there wasn't much else to say. He's fucked.

In the middle of walking back to his room, he heard her door click open slightly. He didn't turn back in hope that she wouldn't punch him or some other form of violence. However…

"…thank you… Aniki." The door shut quietly for the final time that night.

Kyousuke's heart jumped at the mention. Every time she would reserve that title for the sincere moments to which he could not fight back. That night; hearing her whisper his name so pleasantly amidst their engagement…

"Yeah," he whispered as he shut his own door behind him. He sat down at the desk, but could not find the drive to finish the assignment set before him. He looked over at the wall once more before he forced the pen into his grip. Automatically, he submerged himself into translation work so he can get that much-much-much-needed sleep.

"Everything's about to get more complicated."