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Now, let's watch the lifelong dilemma of the Kousaka siblings...

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"Good, and you better keep it that way... Aniki."

Even after a week passed since that awkward confirmation, Kyousuke was still bothered by Kirino's suggestive response. No measure of distraction nor bliss could rid his mind of that ambiguous expectation- that or the wonderful smile she made.

My Life is never going to be normal. Ever again," Kyousuke mentally admitted and rubbed his eyes yet again, probably the hundredth time that day.

Since then, Kyousuke managed a new routine prioritizing seclusion after finishing dinner each day: eat and avoid the hell out of his sister at all costs. At the table he would gulped down every bit on his plate before Kirino could direct one of her uncomfortable stares at him. So long as his father and mother didn't forbid his hasty tactic, he was willing to kep it up til the end of his miserable days.

Nowadays, Kyousuke could hardly glance at Kirino without the horrid reminder of some unwanted thoughts and memories. After all, he did fuck her... Drunk, obviously. Both were blissfully intoxicated that unfortunate night of drunken debauchery.

Surely he wasn't having these recurring thoughts of himself on top of her simply out of desire. Kyousuke blamed the fact that he was well aware that he was no longer a virgin that such notices hit him each day- the moral decision not to say he enjoyed his first time.

"With my own sister... Damn it," he grumbled in a low tone, once again rubbing his eyes.

He read somewhere that men were suppose to engrave every second (maybe every millisecond of the moment) into their soul because the first can never be reclaimed. The sheer tightness of her insides; the pleasant warmth surrounding him; the intense pulsing pleasure stroking him; his beloved name whimpered between short desperate breaths and hot, passionate moans-


"Urgh damn! Got to stop that!" Kyousuke disciplined himself with a rough trained slap across his face, one of few things that he could drift himself from farther reminders. Every so often he was determined enough to punch his crotch to prostrate any growing eagerness, but thankfully not on this occasion; the sole slap was just the remedy to drag him out of joy and into the woe of resuming his task at hand. Rather, his punishment with pen in hand.

"I better get this stuff done or else I'll be in more pain."

Several stacks of filled paper were arranged atop his desk- the sheer number of piles were as intimidating as the sheer quantity of text printed on each sheet. All of these documents were to-be-completed pieces assigned to Kyousuke after his father found out about...

Well, about the four empty bottles of grape wine scattered across the kitchen counter that next morning (better known as pinot noir, Kyousuke's regretting sober stated found out when Daisuke arrived with vengeance). 360 pages of pages scattered with whited out words were to be completed within 2 weeks' time. Meaning that these were to be turned in promptly tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, luck was on Kyousuke's side at the time. The needed blanks were a simple English-to-Japanese translation detail not uncommon at his grade school: just so happen to be Kyousuke's lone forte. Before the unwanted pleasures just earlier, Kyousuke managed 280 pages during the days that Kirino had not bothered him. At the current rate, he would be all done tonight to earn some much needed rest.

Like the previous week and week before last, Kyousuke did not get any sleep. Thanks to all the incestuous drama brewed by his little sister.

'Well, I guess not that much drama.' Kyousuke rationalized in his mind. He realized that despite how clingy she was after that time at the convention and the train ride back, Kirino did not approach him. About anything at all In fact, he would not be wrong to say she might be avoiding him. The break-away stares when they cross one another. The uncomfortable silence at the dinner table and her ungodly stares. Above all, no additional eroge that he must endeavor.

"Ah that's right, I haven't played anything like that...in so long."

A wave of relief washed over him at that single fact. He was going on 2 weeks without having to be bothered by the theme of little sister love-making. He almost forgot about using the borrowed laptop to force through a chapter or two over what horrors to expect from her.

'More than likely I bet she'll come at me full force to make up for this little vacation. I bet that much.' Kyousuke worried about as he jotted down the proper infinities on the paper in front of him. Kirino would not let him get away with being at ease, especially if she is not-

Kyousuke stopped short of writing the last radical of a word, then looked over to the wall separating their rooms. Not at all at ease... "...Making I'm overthinking it... Yeah, must be."

He shouldn't be, but he is becoming more conscious of a feeling other than his own- his sister's. She 'seemed' joyous at his coerced confirmation that she was his first... yet, she hasn't pressed on more after that fact? He was pretty sure that most girls get so clingy after sex. At least that what he was forced to learn after so many H-scene sessions.

Looking up at the clock hanging above his desk, he realized that the time was 23:57. Typically, his parents would be asleep right now, and Kirino would be -of course- locked up in her room playing the very same eroge he must while touching...

"No no no, don't want to know that," Kyousuke stopped himself from any more and put his pen down before walking to his door. He stood in front of it as if poised for a challenge- as if aware that soon that certain person would slam the door open with a new task for him. He dared not open it. He dared not step out there and confront her about it- even ask for one.


... Yet shouldn't he be doing just that... If she won't do so? Was this not just a type of trap arranged him into forgoing yet another damn game?

Quite frankly, deep down he already missed that connection he had with Kirino- the one and only he could have with her (albeit without the erotic theme). Their whole awkward and 'glorious' affair was the only thing that joined the two; what brought them together after not communicating properly in such a long time.. To the pint of not acknowledging one another as siblings.

"...Just damn it."

With reluctance Kyousuke found himself opening the door. He ignored his quicken pace to stand in front of her door. All he knew was that he stood at that door and he was greeted by complete silence. He'd much prefer this silence rather than the muffled moans resonating from her games, or her own outbursts of praise at certain events, yet...

Kyousuke intended to knock softly on the surface, but instead the action was missed because of the door suddenly opening. Kirino merged in full crouch while backing out of her room, as if trying to sneak out. She didn't get far before she dumped into Kyousuke, reacting in a loud yelp. Kyousuke stumbled to silence the noise with his hand while he looked downstairs

"SHH! Don't be so loud! Do you want to wake them u-OMPH!" Her knuckles connected with his chin the moment she broke free of his clutch in a sort of signature move style seen in a certain franchise.

"What are you doing in front of my door? You frickin' siscon!"

"S-Siscon?" He was taken aback despite the common use of the insult. "I wasn't even doing anything! Why the hell were you sneaking out like that anyways?"

"Why the hell were YOU outside of YOUR room like that in the middle of the night?!"

Although it could have occurred at a more better time, Kyousuke found some relief to relive this match with his sister again (much better than completing papers).If only she'd turn down the aggression in her tone...

"I just... wanted to know how you're doing... You know. You haven't exactly been, pestering me lately."

To that, she only remained silent. Despite the overall darkness in the hall with some light from behind, he could distinguish the loom on her face. Much like usual, she also wore those blue, very short shorts and a pink tank-top that leaves room to the imagination. That same hair clip simmered lightly against the dim light, but wasn't enough to stop him from focusing on the frown on her face. Yeah, something was up.

"... Doesn't give you the right to lean against my door to find out."

"I wasn't doing that or intending to. Besides, I told you what I was doing, now tell me why you were sneaking out." Again, she remained silent. "Just tell me. Not like I'm going to be mad-"

"I wanted... to see you."

Kyousuke became flustered. Irked at the thought, but flushed all the same. Like that first night when he confirmed her obsessed hobby, she planned to enter his room without his knowing and force upon them an embarrassing situation. Can't she ever do something more normal- like during the day?

"What about?"

Kirino glanced side to side then down the stairs without giving an didn't like the manner of secrecy was conveyed, neither did he like the moment she took his hand and tugged backwards.

"In my room. Not out here." Instinctively, Kyousuke yanked his hand free.

"H-Hell no, what are you planning?"

"BE QUIET. GET. IN. MY. ROOM. NOW." Her sharp staccato was not a force to mess with, however that didn't suit well with Kyousuke. The two remained still in an intense stare down. Neither moved nor flinched at Kyousuke stood his ground, as though re-enacting a Western movie. He could only fathom what disaster awaited him in that room. More games, more exploits, the reminder of blood at the corner of-

'No, not again!' Kyousuke decimated the thought before it emerged, and stared down his sister. To some surprise, Kirino was not erupting in the usual angry, serious face that demanded compliance. Instead she wore such a serious sad, needy expression that tore at his nerves. He could only compare this to the time their father threatened to destroy her collection.

Despite himself, Kyousuke let out a sigh of defeat and entered the room. Without delay, Kirino shut the door behind them. Kyousuke dared not turn around to face her. She didn't even walk forward or pass him. The two stood still and shared the uncomfortable silence.

Who was going to be the first to talk, Kyousuke wondered. He had nothing to say without being blunt. After a few seconds, he could not bare the silence any more.

"Why are you-"

"I need... more life counseling."

Kyousuke swung around to catch the avoiding glance from his sister. Somehow he was caught off-guard once again by such a common procedure they share, but referred to something much more foul.

"It is about- that night- when we-"

"... A bit."

"Seriously? You want life counseling about that? We need a damn professional psychiatrist for that! Do you not realize how seriously messed up we are because of- of that?" His voice rose without concern for whom it might disturb.

"I don't.. want anyone else's help with this-"

"But don't come to me for this! Because of me,I ruined so many things! Damn it I- I mean we DID -IT- Kirino! No amount of 'life counseling' will erase that! I can't go back and-"

"No! Don't speak like that!"

Kyousuke froze upon hearing this rebuttal, despite this being the only way he could let out his pent up rage.

"I don't want to undo that. I don't! I just- can't-" Kirino started to weep beneath her blush. The quickening sniffles warned her brother of the upcoming bawl that would follow. Without hesitation he rushed up and cradled her head in his chest, despite the disgust he felt to indulge this farther.

"What the hell... Just what the hell would I have me do then?" He whispered out, hoping that maybe she did not hear him. He regretted not being able to find a simple answer on his own, and the fact that he cannot undo the errors of the past that caused such a commotion in their lives. He tightened his grip around his sister in hopes to calm her, but found she only twitched more before wrestling out of the hold. He braved a fake smile to comfort her fragile state.

"Fine, we'll be fine. I think we should just... not talk about it any more. We can bury this all."

"..*hick* sniff."

Kyousuke didn't know how Kirino will respond to his suggestion. If they could just do what he said, he wouldn't be in her room now watching her break down so fast. This was such an extra extra-extraordinary scenario they forged and probably could never be mended. Here, his sister cried over their virgin intercourse for them both.

"... Just life counseling. I want you... to take responsibility."

Kyousuke was baffled, to say the least, by her continued proposal. At this point he couldn't simply refuse, right? Yet at the same time, accepting this counseling would only deteriorate their relationship to something far worse.. What the hell was he suppose to do?

"*Sigh* Guess... I'll have to."


Kyousuke couldn't make out the word she spoke among weeps. He wiped her face clean of fallen tears and freed her hands.

"What was that?"

"I want you... to be... my boyfriend."


Kyousuke chocked on the lack of air after hearing her better. He nearly fell backward from the shock. Kirino only stood in wait of his compliance with what could only be described as yearning. If he could see better in that dark room and managed some sort of composure, she must have been blushing profusely.

"Wh-What are you saying? Do you understand what you just said?"

I know what I said, idiot. Listen carefully. I want... you to be my first... for many things. First is being my boyfriend."

"... Uh- I- Uh-"

"You've already done the worst possible thing, so... man up."

One phrase ran through Kyousuke's mind: just what the hell is going on? Did his little sister seriously propose that he begin an actual relationship with her? That of a lover's route just because they were drunk and made love? He could understand being dragged into her room to be beaten senseless because of it, but to entertain the notion more? Kyousuke knew this was fucked up too much for it to be real. He could imagine himself already standing at hell's gate with the message: Abandon all hope ye who enter. Here his first step was being made for him.

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll tell Dad that you sexually harassed me and took my virgi-"

"Okay okay! Enough! Damn it, like you would give me any other options-"

Before he could finish, Kirino lunged at Kyousuke to bury herself in his chest.. Just from the tight grasp, he could tell was she completely serious about it all. Despite the foreboding mischief and long road this would forge, he wrapped his arms around her in agreement.

Kirino only allowed this for a few seconds before she pushed him back. "You don't get to do that yet, pervert."

"What the? First you instigate this and hug me, now I can't-" Before he could breath another word, Kirino pulled and threw Kyousuke out of her room with little effort.

"I'll give you your mission tomorrow, boyfriend. Ge that paperwork done now so you can get some sleep. I can't have a sleepy partner on the first day. Idiot."

He had much to contest against about what was being said, alas he left the moment to itself as she shut the door hastily. In truth, he had nothing to say anyways. He was fucked quite thoroughly there now in his first relationship. With his sister no less.

Just as he turned around to return to his room, her door clicked open. He dared not turn around should she sneak in a punch or two just because. He began to walk, but then...

"Thank you... Aniki." The door shut more quietly for the final time that night.

Kyousuke's heart jumped at the mention. Every time she would reserve that title for the sincere moments to which he could not fight back. That night, he recalled, hearing that and his name so pleasantly in between heated breaths...

"Yeah," he whispered as he shut his own door behind him. He sat back down at his desk, yet he could not find the drive to resume his work. He looked over at the wall once before his grip tightened on the pen. Automatically with a sigh, he submerged himself into translation after another much faster than he had before.

"Everything's about to get more complicated."