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"Unbelievable! What a frickin' ripoff!" The violent tantrum set off by the victorious model was much more torturous than the humid heat and rocking motion of that bus ride home, more so for her (un)fortunate partner who listened nonstop. That anger quickly escalated while she stared at the 'meager' winnings presented to the Macross team: two tickets applicable to any upcoming movies, a pair of resort passes for the inevitable fall season, and a rather pathetic sum of petty cash.

"At least you got something. Plus you were showered with plenty of -gifts- afterwards." Kyousuke referred to the mountain of carnations tossed vehemently below her feet, given courtesy of the devote one-sided affection from the commenter Maku. He literally sung her name in the highest praise, only heard a split second before its intended ran off. It was official that she would pursue a restraining order on the lonely fellow later.

In addition, Kirino earned a rather well decorated sash to commemorate the victory (oddly enough, her name was already sown in beforehand). Sadly enough, it was also announced to have been crafted by the hands of Maku's wife. Truly, a unique relationship had been established.

"I should have burned it on the spot! That pervert is almost as bad as you!"

"Geez thanks, I'll try better next time to outshine-"

"Seriously, how can they assume to parade such an event so wildly without having the compensation to reward the winners?! Its downright illegal!"

"What did you expect then? A chariot of stallions to chauffeur you around for the rest of your life?"

"At least a stack full of limited edition collectables! Even 100 cute figurines might forgive this blasphemy!"

"Yeah yeah," Kyousuke trailed off as Kirino continued to vividly express her annoyance. Numerous pressing matters stirred in his mind than these absurd earnings. Most prominent: what did Kirino really expect to happen after their participation? The puny reward system given, a gleeful Saori and a pissed off Isshenji earning much less money (but much more fame and cheer)... it did not add up.

Kyousuke suspected sweet foul play at hand, some means to better seal the deal but met with disaster. In fact, he thanked the spontaneous arrival of their otaku friends, saving him face from humiliating himself during the heated lotion scene. From now on, he was damn sure to exercise caution in public.

He was primed to speak his mind, to batter her intentions once she rolled out of her rant, but he never got the chance. With an exasperated sigh, Kirino leaned into his naked figure, hand clasped loosely in his as though to measure her lack of strength from the day.

"Oh I can't believe how tiresome this was. I'm sooo drained."

"... speak for yourself, I took more of the blunt throughout." He started to emphasize his point by locating the nearest sore, on his shoulder and downward along his arm, but noticed that her focus set elsewhere. She still clung to that awful chest wound made worse, courtesy of Isshenji.

Kirino merely hummed in absent agreement as her free hand trailed along the marks, contouring on the loose specs like maps to his soreness. It was a truly awkward sensation- both physically and relatively, intensified by the vast stares cast upon them.

Of course they'd be the center of attention once they stepped on that bus. The winners of a mighty contest always took center stage among anyone, especially when every person there was in attendance. A mixture of awe and joy swept through the aisles when the siblings boarded, more or less eager to seek autographs or voice congratulations. Now, the feeling seemed more secluded and secret, murmurs whispering about how adorable this 'pair' looked.

Perceptions were proven by first glance once Kirino leaned into Kyousuke: one seeking the other for praise and comfort for a job well done... as expected. Among the joys also lingered fear... Fear and revere for this battle-worn mecha who unwittingly boasted his scars in public. He regretted not buying a replacement shirt back then, the unease growing by those glances and the tender scrutiny of his sister.

"...are you going to say it?"


"About how this happened?" Kirino raised her voice above a whisper, asking the pointless question. Her stubborn mule of a brother wouldn't respond to it, much less give the truth behind it. Still, she looked to him with those sincere eyes seeking any reply. All Kyousuke could manage to avoid being caught in the lure was stare out the window. The fleeting scenery was as quick as the flutter of his tired heart while the tension grew.

The final grasp came to an end after a defeat sigh from a withdrawing Kirino. "Fine! You owe me three favors instead. You better uphold your end."

"Wait, why do I owe you three now?"

"No, five. Because you are such an overwhelming moron. Better get use to it."

"Tch, fine, fine. I'll agree to it although I already regret it. What do I have to do?"

"Aahh, right there aniki~"


"Ahn! Yes! Uuuu, keep going! Harder, harder!"


"I-i'm gonna- gonna- AAAAAAAAHHHN~!"

The excessive spasm rocked Kirino's body, the climax reaching her with heightened joy, before curling against Kyousuke' body. His fingers continued to service her despite the unsettling frown on his face.

"You can stop that nonsense now. You make this neck massage sound more erotic than it ever should be."

"Heheh, I thought that's what you'd want to hear: the pleasant cries of satisfaction from your dear little sister."

"Not. Ever." He squeezed with utter disdain against a tender part of Kirino's collar to emphasize his point, instead earning a mewing coo in its wake.

'At least this is relaxing' Kyousuke admitted in thought as he carried on his favor. She had quickly rushed him to the loveseat soon after changing into more suitable attire- an effort to avoid having their parents find out about their day together. He had little room to reject her proposal, considering he was well in-debt.

In comparison to a useless power struggle with a giant bastard, relieving his sister was a more tolerable punishment of the day. His still throbbing fingers worked against the loosened tendons, which turned out to be quite therapeutic for recuperation by both parties. In the meantime, the two siblings enjoyed the hyped action being presented on the anime network, just shy away from airing the next episode of Meruru (something that Kirino wouldn't allow them to miss). A necessary sigh left Kyousuke after he leaned more into Kirino as though he had given up his resistance.

"Well, I suppose this is one way to end a date. Sitting in front of a TV without a bother."


"...right? Kirino?"

"Not true. I'm still bothered."

The need to drop the bad subject riled his fingers to probe his intent into Kirino's skin, but it didn't extend deep enough. However, instead of the obvious, bothersome response...

"You didn't get enough tan to complement me."

Kyousuke nearly burst into laughter. This was so much more idiotic than he feared.

"Hey! I'm serious!"

"Hahahaha, I can't help it when I was below you most of the time! You soaked in more of the sun than I ever could," Kyousuke pointed out as he rubbed against skin. He even patted against one peculiar spot that appeared redder. It earned a stifled flinch from Kirino. "Haha, see?"

"I knew you didn't apply that lotion evenly enough! Now my perfect skin is tarnished- ruined!"

Kyousuke shook his head in playful sorrow. "It must be my fault. Oh how I've failed you!"

"Darn right, failure." Her pout was too playful to take seriously, but that was her intent anyways as she eased more into Kyousuke. Her hand reached up to cup his, but he resumed the treatment without disturbance. "What a shame."

"What, still on with the prizes?"

"No. I mean about our date. It... didn't go the way I hoped it would."

Kyousuke didn't immediately reply, frozen by the multitude of paths that expectation crafted. instead, Kirino responded for him with a hint of anger. "Did you really have to include everyone into everything we do?"

Kyousuke fell back, shocked by the spontaneous, erroneous accusation. "What the heck do you mean? That I somehow invited everyone along- to wait til you had me above you to wind us into trouble?"

Kirino scuffed the abated proposal, aware of the raised annoyance. "Of course not, you aren't smart enough to even bring the tickets! And your phone for that matter!"

Kyousuke flinched at the fact. Somehow he did forget to slip his cellular belongings into his shorts. The harsh truth of his naivety came back to bite him on the ass.

"I MEAN that you invite everyone along once they appear! During our most intimate times of all things!"

"That's not my fault at all! You've had me covering your timid foolishness for so long that I've taken it my duty to strengthen your friendships." To take a stab at her as well, he relied on his finger tap on her new sore. She flinched under the gesture and he merely smiled to chide her.

"Oh yeah? Two can play that game!" Kirino took to action with a backward jab into the injured center. The sharp strike easily toppled any attempt for Kyousuke to gain momentum, illustrated by Kirino's pompous grin. "You forget that you are more vulnerable than my perfect image!"

"Th-That was so- take this!"

"Ahw! You damn-!"

"Aaaaah! Grrrr!"

"Aahch! Aaach! Owowowowow!"


The aggression transformed into a ravenous furry of pokes and jabs, dangerous scuffing of bodies and cores, and enticing entanglement of limbs on that small couch as the episode of Meruru flashed on the screen. The heated taunts and laughs preoccupied its owners as they eased farther and farther into rest, exhaustion finding them in a rather coupling position. The two merely starred at each other upon realization, the implication of things to come at this pace reigning their thoughts. Kyousuke wouldn't be able to retreat underneath the pleasant sisterly cushion, circumstance made worse as their hands interlaced without permission.

Kirino's former grin wiped away to grimace, and she crept closer into her brother as if to bathe in the hitched breath close-by. He fought for sufficient words, anything to disspell this entrancement, but his logic left him at the soft rubbing of her legs against his. Her own breath lured him in as much did vice versa.



Names continued to whisper without need as distance drew near, the horrid chest pain threatening to return but remained ignored. Lips were moistened by curious tongues as they-

"Hello, I'm home! Oh boy what a day! Kyousuke, Kirino! I hope you're hungry for a very special treat-"



The very unexpected entrance of Yoshino interrupted a feeble display of laughter and merriment, versus the dramatic accumulation of repressed lust. As if a practiced art, the moment the distant front door snapped open and their mother's aloud introduction forewarned bad endings, the siblings sprung apart into desperate action to shroud their 'getalong'. Thankfully,the television was on and the nearby remote allowed just enough chance to exit out of her guilty pleasure, into a reasonably convincing comedy routine. The transition was just enough to bite off to make believable.

The only distinguishing issue not so easily disguised... was the bright hot flush beset on each sibling from their hot, rowdy mess. Somehow that bad luck wasn't missed by Yoshino's curiosity.

"My my, aren't both of your faces flustered... is the show that hilarious, I wonder? Or did something happen while I was at work?" The raised hand to her mouth didn't help calm Kyousuke's panic of being found out. He needed to act fast.

"N-not exactly just this, but earlier... uh-"

"Well I TRIED to get this lazy bum outside so we can get some sun, but he just had to wait for the hottest time to get up. Even after I offered to advise him how to lose some of his useless gut too. So stubborn!"

Despite grateful for the clever reaction, Kyousuke clinched his teeth at the playful betrayal. He wondered while she couldn't apply her strong narrative in a better light...

In counter, Kyousuke scuffed during a graceful retreat into the kitchen for a much needed refreshment. This amount of pressure really took a toll on his thirst. "I don't know who'd have the right mind to ever agree to listen to you. Not all of us want to be super active freaks."

"Freaks? Why you!"

"You might as well be enjoying exhausting yourself to death."

His pleasant smile remained unseen to his family as Kirino rant on about one of his many flaws. Despite the strain later focused into angst from his sister, the ploy seemed to work by the pleased chuckle from their overseeing mother.

"oh same as ever I see.I just wonder how this house will survive with the two of you at home together."

"Psh, fat chance! Id rather hang out with more considerate people."

"By all means, go," Kyousuke remarked before he took another sip. Yoshino paced forward and winked at Kyousuke as she passed, perhaps hinting her reminder of knowing his agenda. Work wise, that is... and nothing more, hopefully.

"Kirino, would you mind helping me prepare this meal? Your father will be home soon since I'm a bit behind schedule. This is a good time to teach you some other things, in fact."

"Teach about wha-"

"None of your business, dummy," Kirino cut him short and stole his drink. She didn't bother to check its content, demonstrated by her deliberate act of chugging the entire liquid. She slammed the drink back into his hand before shoving him out of the way.

"... you're welcome."

"Later. Favors."

He rubbed his forehead and tossed the empty can into the trash bin, only to be stopped by a tight clasp on his forearm. Kirino leaned in shortly and growled her words.

"Wear your bathing suit. When you take your bath. Got it?"

He stumbled to ask for clarification, but Kirino had already dashed out of range. As usual, she didn't intend to reiterate her intentions, Kyousuke left a blubbering mess of confusion and worry. His once parched mouth dried up and a hard loud gulp cleared his throat as he tried to envision the horror about to follow.

By some strange phenomenon, dinner went by without a hitch nor hassle. Matters were pressed to the fullest regarding the new glow of faces at the table, but the long wait from food preparation supplied Kyousuke ample time to formulate an elaborate excuse to counter the anticipation. His efforts were mostly futile, time after time, by Daisuke's request for explicit timelines, and Kirino seemed more than satisfied to watch her older, protective brother fumble with each scene. No doubt, this situational punishment exhibited the form of one of his debts.

Beyond that confrontation, words went unspoken between everyone. Nothing about upcoming plans, expectations, or thoughts were discussed about the siblings being at home for the short duration. Alone. Any words spewed from the mouths of his strict father or playful mother brought slight discomfort. He feared the potential of either dropping the death bomb at the dinner table, i.e. Kyousuke's secret employment. However, for the moment... Everything remained intact.

Events and what-if scenarios continued to storm about in the bother brother's mind during his solitary confinement in the upstairs bathroom. Despite the crucial overflow of thoughts, Kyousuke left his troubles for the hot water to soak and drown. His entire body ached and heaved under the thick, steamy pressure of raising vapor in the air. Compared to everything else, he was so willing to endure the great intensity of that small space. His tired eyes lingered over to his swim wear, dragged loosely on the cloth rack. He hadn't put on the pair as strictly instructed, and he had no plan to. He much preferred to be in his bare stock compared to that hindering netted confines.

Under the wonderful magic of rejuvenating fever, his mind began to wander- to ponder what Kirino meant for him to bring along his worn shorts... Surely, she wasn't expecting him to worry those bothersome trunks during a bath. The pointless display annoyed him quite a bit before the temper drowned.

The lurking warning behind her words were unable to breach his temporary serenity, though the irked sensation still bubbled atop the surface. His shaky hands brushed across that surface in a pathetic attempt to swipe aside those doubts. Instead, he tried to tend to the sores brought by the titanic mecha, and hummed blissful nonsense while he forgot sense of time. His body lingered on the verge of peaceful collapse when a rapping came intruding on the door.

He would have easily mistaken it for coincidence (intentionally, he noted) before the rapping became tapping, and tapping became pounding, and pounding became a fierce barrage of blows loud enough to wake the entire house and neighborhood.

It was a strongly expected development, however that didn't startle Kyousuke enough to barge from his dreary state. The recurring action in his life only merited a groggy sigh at the sisterly intruder. "Okay okay, I'll be done in a minute. Right when I was enjoying the peace... Just let me drain the water-"

"You better not be done! And I expect that water to be scolding hot!"

Kyousuke chocked on water due to her insinuating, outlandish outburst. 'I should have known better' rang true through his addled mind. Kirino expected for him to share the same bath with her! He flung himself without caution out of the tub, flailing about like fish out of water upon landing, and darted to the only obstacle separating him from disaster. He ran his hand across the lock, ensuring he hadn't made the mistake to forget its hold.

"Hell no! I'm not taking a bath with you! We are not kids anymore!"

"Duh, we are full grown lovers that share the same water, dumbass! Hey! You locked the door, what the heck!"

"Damn right I did! There's no way even your flawed logic will open this door! You might as well go back to your room and play eroge to your heart's content until I'm ready to leave! Got me?!"

Silence responded to him, and he took that in confident strides. For once, he had caged the beast out of his tranquility. "At last things are going my way-"

He didn't finish his statement before his heart leaped in fear from a metallic sound. A jingle rambled the door knob before an audible click gave away the source of his panic. He remember then, some time ago as a young boy, that once in the aftermath of an argument with his father, Kyousuke ran into this bathroom with the intent to be freed from the tyrant. However, the smirk that prided his genius came undone when his father used the-


Yet again, Kyousuke was cut short by the vivacious throw of the handle. The door flung open and hammered straight into his flabbergast face. Dumbstruck, quite literally here, Kyousuke toppled backward and landed onto the tub's railing. He made the poor choice to allow his hands to concern the throb of his nose as he yelled out.

"Owowow! Kirino! Why do you always have to- URFF!"


Kirino exited her once extravagant entrance the same moment she entered, the confidence slapped off her face at the indecent exposure staring back. She made sure to shove a powerful kick square into his crotch beforehand (triple damage?!). The obscure language that followed remained deaf beneath the numbing agony that Kyousuke endured once again for the day.

'Where did that sweet, sweet, lonely release go from this hell?! God help me or kill me now!'


"I was in my safe zone until you breach my privacy by breaking down the door!"

"I UNLOCKED the door, pervert! Only to be so grossly offended by my idiot siscon brother! Argh, I cannot unsee the offense I have received now!"

"That's even worse to admit unlocking the door! Don't you have any shame?!"

"DO YOU?! I wouldn't NEED shame if you'd stop being such a perv! I told you to wear your frickin' swim suit tonight! Not put them aside so you can- can- can flash me!"

"That's so absurd that I- I don't even know what to say to that!"

The needless bickering concluded with her humphs and growls that lasted longer than wanted. Judging from the withdrawn backlash, Kirino, at least, knew she was at fault (admitting such was another issue altogether). Kyousuke regretted the obvious direction that this scenario must play out, evident by his retrieval of said shorts and getting dressed; other options were unavailable with his sister anyways at this point... given her personality and bizarre determination.

Kyousuke cleared his throat and adjusted those shorts to its tightest fit (more so for his protection than hers).

"W-Well, what are you waiting for? Get in. You'll look like a true brocon standing in the hall outside the bathroom where your brother is-"

"D-Don't go saying that! Idiot!" Kirino quickly spurt into that abysmal bathroom, shutting the door as swiftly as her entering maneuver, obviously more wary of their predicament during the shouting match.

Not a second past before Kyousuke's brow raised by her choice of apparel. If he had to have anticipated this action, he imagined she would have chosen to wear her adorned swim suit. Not coveted behind a tall towel shielding her body from naughty deductions. Given her long-winded intent to farther their incestuous relationship, he figured Kirino would be more broadcast at her focus through attire. From what he could identify, those pure white pieces were not brought along.

She grasped the tip of the towel tightly, her hesitant figure the very vision of a timid newly wed presenting herself to the one she loved-

'Whoa, not thinking that,' Kyousuke scolded himself for the trailing metaphor. His persistent glance at her body didn't remain unnoticed, met by Kirino's miffed huff.

"D-Don't just sit there and watch me. Tch, and you say I'm a pervert-"

"I... can't help it, when you haven't made the favor clear yet. This is the favor right? Some showing off-"

"Stop talking and scoot. Make room for me." She slowly stepped forward, pushing a baffled Kyousuke aside to slip a foot into the water. She was careful to handle her angle well, not giving an centimeter of exposure for Kyousuke to look past. The still sweltry bath brought a smile to her face and excited a shaky coo. "Yeah, that's the way I like it!" Without warning, Kirino pulled at the fastened knot that held her towel in place, alluding to its preceding drop, earning Kyousuke a dangerous glance of bare skin. The very thought shot his body to action, intercepting the towel to be redirected upward.

"What the hell! Don't strip in front of me-Omph!"


The desperate hurdle caused the siblings to slip, bringing them down against the elevated slant. The two were drowned in the broiling water without notice to their dangerous contact; Kirino's chest buried into his face as hands braced against her mounds. Without thought, he found himself squeezing and realizing a late fact. Though it was bare color, there was fabric covering her.



"PERVERT! SISCON! STOP GROPING ME!" Kirino shot out of the tub, covering herself with her small hands in uncertainty and protection. Kyousuke shielded his eyes from the sight, convinced that she was completely nude regardless of evidence.

"G-Get more properly dressed then! I can't believe you'd come in here nud-"

"Don't be such a shut-in pervert! Of course I'd have something on! See?"

"No! I'm not seeing!" Kyousuke refused to falter his hands. The last thing that should happen between them in this haughty predicament was looking at each other's bare selves. Kirino ripped his hands aside without warning. Needless to say, Kyousuke was shocked at the sight.

"Such an idiot... I'd have millions of fans lining up to see me like this..."

Much to his prior farfetched conclusion, Kirino wasn't in the nude... One could suppose. Instead, some miraculous kluge of skin toned wear clung to her chest and waist. The impression left by the vague distinction suggested to the naked eye that she was, in fact, naked if seen from a blurred distance. The only mismatch to this tanned image was the crimson blush splattered across her face.

"What... What the heck is that stuff? It's so... I didn't buy that on Friday!"

"...I bought it myself from one of the conventions long ago. It was suppose to... be a surprise. Then you ruined it by your idiocy..."

"Well- it sure is... so *cough* revealing..." Conscience reminded him not to gaze down, but that guilty pleasure deep inside, combined with the angst urge for pleasure, dominated his self-control. He ended up ogling his nervous sister so thoroughly, his mind memorizing the wet accentuated curves, especially the way the thin fabric clung so close to her-

"...Ew, stop looking already. I didn't buy this so you could molest me with your eyes."

"I-I wasn't!"

Kyousuke could only wrought in his spot as the growing awkwardness arose. Whether from the convection or womanly lure, something naughty was at growth down below. Kyousuke derailed the emitted sensation with irrelevant notions and images, but in doing so instead merited the wrath of an ignored sister's foot.

"Oh my god, move already! I'm getting cold!" Kirino impatiently shot back into the body of scolding water, this time more cautious of the distance between them. In particular, she kept aware of the position of Kyousuke's hands and the look in his eyes. Likewise, he ensured to keep to himself as best he could.

The predicament turned for the best and worse in that pathetic lapse; both bodies were trapped in the tight, hot confines of that small tub, nervous cores touching without knowledge.

Neither pulled out of the erratic strangle, nor could either rip away each other's curious stare. The heightened breaths hitched in a struggle to overcome the thick air. The heat consumed any common sense to reel out in conversation or joke. Kirino sought out a word to call Kyousuke, much like Kyousuke reached into his addled mind for a defense, but nothing came other than her closed in-

Kyousuke composed himself sooner than expected, able to pass the enclosing sister back down into the opposing corner. It was enough to give his mind and hormones a breather for the split second, despite just a short distance apart.

"Okay, we've both had our share of creepiness, thank you." Calmed in a state of focus, Kyousuke took in a deep breath and plunged his head downward. He didn't stay down long, of course, blasting upward in a loud meaningful cry due to the temperature. That helped alleviate the burning and pulsing sensation down below, stopped short by Kirino's locking clasp.

"Sh! Not so loud! Do you want to get both of us in deep shit?!"

"You know... I'd rather get beaten to death than carry on with this wrongful nonsense. We are too old to-"

"Don't repeat your moronic declarations. This has nothing to do with age-related moralities-"

"Oh yes it does! It totally does- Ouch!" Kirino punched him right in the arm socket, concluding the end of that conversation. She gestured a rotating finger, instructing its recipient to obey. However... The recipient's clouded mind and naivety was too thick.


"Turn around. I'm washing your back."

Kyousuke, ready to contend for the reason not to indulge her pleasures, instead let out the familiar sigh of defeat in the fleeting resolve. He lifted himself up, then plopped down in her direction.

"I can't believe I'm allowing this-"

"Just hush."

The awkward silence lurked with a haunting flow along with the continuing thicket of vapor, before an unsettling touch reached his back. The cool feel sparked his spine with uneasy electricity before Kyousuke fell into her arms. Instead of an accompanying embrace, she smacked him forward and commenced her massage.

"Ew, not going to hold you like that. Siscon."

It was very much a novice at work- a nervous mediocre attempt to massage another person. She must have been pouring her soul into this pathetic attempt though, given the harsh forceful treatment bound to the unsettled rhythm and squeeze. It rained great pain onto the poor soul beneath her. Nonetheless, Kyousuke gave no complain, or sense of such, despite the stinging sharpness from pinched nerves. Kirino, oblivious to his twitching blight, carried on with an annoyed scuff.

"Geez, you're so tense! How long have you been in here? You must have stunned your muscles."

"Nngh! I nngh! Wish I did!"

Kirino squeezed harder and harder before tapping atop the pressure, an act to tease her brother, instead causing more damage than bearable. To slip out of the torment, Kyousuke twisted around and turned Kirino on her spot.

"H-Hey! What are you-"

"I don't need this treatment! No, don't even deserve it! Instead, I'll massage you again! You must be so tired from today!"

"Wha- I don't need it! I want to-!"

"F-Favor! I'm calling the favor!"

"Eh?! No! I get to call the favors here!" Kirino slapped his advancing hands aside to contend with unrelenting dominance. As always, his fumbling actions roused her aggression further, but he would rather take on that backlash than return to that damnation.

The siblings sat there, basking in the heat of their argument and surrounding without muttering a word. Complaints would have been the first set to ring, since neither could relax their legs properly due to the poor positioning. More or less, Kirino found herself straddling Kyousuke's bowlegged lean, her own legs riding up his side. To make matters worse, even the mostly calm Kyousuke was becoming susceptible to a long pent up temper. It was a total disaster of a night in that small bath.

Despite the humiliation of meaningless struggle and detrimental mindsets, Kirino chuckled lightly and pressed into her brother. Obviously, he gave some resistance to this sudden change.

"Don't get any-"

"Relax already. You're... making me more nervous than I already am..."

The words weren't as assuring as she desired, demonstrated by his still standing stronghold. After a lag in agreement, Kyousuke did relax and let his sister collapse onto him. He should have voiced his opinion that he'd prefer her to turn around at least, since her chest pressed into him so suggestively... yet he must have been too tired or riddled.

"...That's better," Kirino commented aloud before she let out a relieved sigh. He knew her words were true because her once racing beat calmed down.

"Yeah. Sure made this water too hot... seemed much colder before..."

"...I don't mind. I like the heat..." Unintentionally, her legs settled better into his lap. Cascading events of sensations began that drifted down to his lower self once again.

"H-Hey, don't move like that."

"Why not? There's not a lot of space in here to get comfortable-"

"I mean... you are doing something... that you shouldn't," Kyousuke mumbled and withdrew a bit from below her. Kirino required a moment to decipher the suggestions, then bursts upward immediately.

"Th-That's so gross! EW!"

"I'm just warning you, thermal expansion..."

She appeared unwilling to settle back onto him, wary of the position of his crotch. Only after subjecting himself to a vow that he'd 'behave' and 'stay still and low' did she readjust. Another awkward moment later, and they were finally relaxed into the cooling water. He didn't mind the pruning taking over his body as Kirino switched between peaking at him and some random spot on the nearby tile. He had no idea what to say under this scrutiny and ambivalence. Should he recommend recommencing that massage to get everything over with? Should previous concerning questions brought to mind during the day be resolved now?

"...Um, should yo-"

"So... we won, huh?"


"Today. The contest. We won."

"Well, we survived... to better say."

"Yeah. Heh, I thought you were going to wind up a bloody pulp at the end."

"Don't remind me... At least I don't have to see that bastard again until school starts back up."

"...So you're not going to hang out with him again?"

"Hell no. Never."

"...You'd rather be with someone else?"

"Of course. Anyone is more caring and gentle to be around-"

"Like Neighbor Girl?"

"Oh definite-" Kyousuke withdrew his breath right away. He carelessly stepped on the active mine thrown at him, one well primed to detonate in a beautiful blossom of fatal explosions. He looked to her awaiting the roar, yet she continued to look away.


"I-I mean there are many others who I want to hang out with."

"Such as?" Kirino sought to throw him another mine, creating a labyrinth of explosives for him to traverse. To choose his destination for being caught. Kyousuke wasn't going to fall for it this time.


"?!" Kyousuke flicked her attention to his statement before backing into a cradle, the great crimson burning brighter than before. "Sh-Shut up, you don't mean that."

"Maybe... Guess this sitting with you in a scroungy bath tub dictates that."

"You know you'd rather hang out with those two."

"Those two-"

"Your best friends that you drag into our lives. Then there's your frickin' fiancee to think about..."

Kyousuke rubbed his temple in agitation; she was pushing him beyond the close limit. Combined with the heavy aroma of the vapor, he had no room left for tolerance."You know the truth behind that crap. You know what? I'm done. Starting to prune." Kyousuke didn't wait for Kirino to move aside, lifting from beneath her legs. Kirino fought against his movement, preventing any deeper retreat.

"I just got in!"

"Then get out of the way. I want out."

"No fair! Why do you always do this?!" Kirino smacked Kyousuke against his wounded chest, earning a crisp grunt.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"You are never comforting me! What the hell kind of relationship do you think we are in?!"

"Maybe because I don't want to! Did you ever think about that?"

Kirino gasped at the response, perhaps too confident that he'd begin begging for forgiveness right then. Instead of providing her a moment to recover, Kyousuke pushed her aside with his stronger strength, giving him the chance to grab his towel and walk towards the door.

"Kyousuke, get back here! You still owe me favors-"

"To hell with those favors. Bother me later tomorrow with that nonsense; I've got other things to tend to."

The outburst went uncontested for a long time, Kyousuke feeling the agony of guilt burdening his shoulders as he stood beside the door. He was more than ready to exit before he turned to watch her changing expressions. He thought the frown occupying her face would cause her to cry, the height of pity to Kyousuke for being such a poor boyfriend, but it disappeared behind blind rage.

"Fine! Whatever! Go to your damn room and waste your day! Not like I wanted to celebrate the week with you anyways!"

Kyousuke didn't even respond or amend the error, settling with pushing the door behind him as he hurried to his room. The steam clouded his judgment, he knew so well, yet he was not willing to apologize at this late of a stage.

'This is all her fault anyways. She can think about it while I'm at work tomorrow.'

With the anger-filled steam pumping his movement, he changed into his sleep wear and immediately dropped into the bed. That night, he was not disturbed by dream nor person...

A/N: Uh oh, sibling strife already in the making... Steamy matters can be a bit too much, even for the most neutral people. Speaking of, even my own budding harem has hit a few bumps; I'll just have to steam them down... I hope. If I disappear for awhile... Then even these marvelous talents of mine have failed. See you in the next chapter for Kyousuke's first day on duty!