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"come on you guys! Your slower than turtles!" yelled a blond girl that had long beautiful hair.

"ok Asuka, we are moving your the one who's walking too fast." said a young brunette .

" I agree with him!" exclaimed a bluenette that was walking beside the brunette.

The girl stoped and smiled scratching the back of her head " y-your right." she admitted " I was planing for this vocation for about months." then she started walking again after they were now close to her.

The three of them walked in the airport walking to their plain, which was headed to Malaysia. Asuka was so excited to see the great weather and breathtaking mountains. Also to her older brother, 'cuz he was studying there . and the reason they're going with her was because they had just finished they're high school and they wanted to celebrate they're graduation.

"hey Judai? You brought your deck right?" the bluenette spoke to the brunette that was of course named Judai.

"sure I did , Johan!" smiled Judai patting his bag meaning that he put the deck here.

"great! I brought mine too, so we can play together when feeling bored at the plain" Johan smiled brightly.

Judai blushed a little at the bluenette in front of him and turned quickly. Johan didn't seem to notice it but Asuka sure did , and gave it a little giggle .and She sure knew how Judai felt for Johan but he never dared to confess , he was afraid to lose Johan's friendship . everytime he wanted to tell him he would turn really red like a tomato and his tongue would not let the words out. She really wished that they would get together soon , she even tried to tell Johan about Judai .

Flash Back

"hi there Johan! Judai!" said Asuka while running to the double jays siting their stuff in their lockers.

"hi!" said Johan locking his locker.

"h-hi Asuka" Judai smiled , he was nerves 'cuz Asuka told him that she would help him with his problem.

" say Johan," Asuka whispered to Johan who looked at her.

" yes?" Johan answered shifting his gaze from Judai who was still putting his stuff in his locker to her.

"I was thinking about Judai." she spoke in a low voice, not wanting the brunette to hear her.

" so what's about him?" he smiled softly.

" I don't know , doesn't he seem a little bit weird these last days?" she said trying her best not to look that she totally knew what was with boy.

" actually, yeah he have." Johan said bringing his finger up to his chin thinking. " he was turning all red all of a sudden, doesn't talk alot like he used to and most of all he was avoiding me alot" he said a little bit sad.

Asuka toke her chance to say this " don't you think that maybe, just maybe he likes you?" she said , looking at Judai who finished locking his locker.

"of course he do,man Asuka you should already know that." he said " I mean, we're the best of best friends. Of course we like each other" he said putting his arm around Judai's wist, which ended up with Judai almost fainting .

End Of Flash Back

She sighed at the memory, Johan was absolutely not thinking about Judai more than a best friend. She of course didn't tell Judai anything , he would be crushed and heart broken by his first crush ever! she looked at them once more, and at how Johan was acting all stupid and laughing nervously, and Judai well Judai was tomato as usual and giggling and not looking Johan in the eye , because he know that if he did he would not look away from the boy's emerald eyes.

After their luggage was checked and as so as their passports they went to the gate they were suppose to go to catch their plain to Malaysia . then the people started to go and sit in the plain, so they waited till the crowed was gone and there was less people there . The woman that worked on the plain welcomed them in and Asuka gave her their tickets and the woman nodded and showed them their way.

" you miss will sit here, and you tow young men will be siting here." she mentioned .

" oh, amm ok" Johan said agreeing," ok Judai you sit here and I'll go and put this bag over there" he then went to put the backpack .

Judai sat on the seat next to the window , and sighed a deep long one, he rested his chin in his palm and looked lazily out the plain little window. "hi " said a boy that seemed at the age of Judai or a little bit older.

"hi" Judai smiled, the man slowly came closer and sat on the seat next to Judai's. Judai wanted to tell this person that this was his friend's seat,but he couldn't not couldn't that he couldn't try but that the man wouldn't LET HIM! "amm, excuse me-"

" -oh yeah! sorry, I didn't introduce my self, didn't I ?" the man then smiled. After cutting Judai " well I'm the famous Jim Cock" he said proudly.

" O-oh , right right" Judai scratched the back of his head. ' I really don't know who the he'll was he' Judai thought to him self.

"well mister Jim Cook can-"

" -of course you can ! just tell me your name already" Jim said smiling.

"a-a I'm Yuki Judai" Judai said nervously .Johan came 'AT LAST! ' Judai thought, it's not that he didn't like this Jim guy, he believes that he's a funny guy.

" amm, excuse me ? Your setting on my seat" Johan said sharply.

"what? This is not your seat! This is Judai's,and your only doing that 'cuz you want to sit next to the window don't you? Huh!" Jim said angrily , talking like he was talking to a 6 year old kid.

" I wasn't talking to Ju-"

" -Uh-uh, no more talking! Sit down and buckle up" he commanded, Johan sighed and looked at Judai who was watching sadly, and mouthed a ' I'm sorry ' to Johan who sighed and then smiled, he mouthed ' it's ok' to Judai . Judai smiled and layed his head to the back.

" say Ju-" Johan spoke and was cut from Jim. Again.

" -hello there , don't you have manners like mister Judai have here?" he spoke still using the I'm-talking-to-a-kid mode.

" what manners!" Johan almost yelled.

" amm well you didn't tell me your name?"Jim said.

" you didn't too" Johan mentioned.

" oh I'm very sorry, my bad. But I think that you should know me,shouldn't you?" he looked closer to the bluenette.

"what ?"

" that's right I'm the famous Jim Cook, the one that have those amazing programs on AnimalPlanet about crocodiles." he finished.

" sorry , but I never heard of you" Johan said .

" I know you kids these days, don't care about the beautiful animals we have in our mother nature" he finished with a dreamy look to the upper right.

" well, I like shrimps" Judai spoke.

" great ! That's awesome! " Jim started screaming like an idiot tlling them alot of informations about shrimps. Johan glared daggers as Jim started hugging Judai tightly.

" what's going on back here?" Asuka turned her body a little to the back to see what's going on .

" it's this crazy guy! He just keeps talking and talk-"

" Shhh-shhh-shhh, now that's not a good way to treat older people than you ! Isn't it?" Jim glared .

" what! Your only as old as me!" Johan yelled angrily.

" I'm afraid I'm not," Jim looked right and left. " I'm only just only 30" at that moment Johan's,Judai's and Asuka's jaws dropped.

" that's impossible!" Asuka yelled shocked .

" I was just kidding" he laughed "I'm only 22" he kept laughing till his face turned red and his eyes were covered with tears of joy.

" for a moment there I thought it was true" Judai said .

" oh well , now can I know your name?" asked Jim looking at Johan.

" I'm Johan Andersen " he pulled his hand and brought it in front of him. " nice to meet you mister Johan" Jim smiled, and Johan smiled too.

After 2 hours Jim was asleep like a dead man, and Judai was asleep resting his head in his palms. Johan was awake, looking at all the boring movies that were on the small TV in the plain. He then turned, and looked at Judai watching his beautiful double colored hair, and then to his extremely cute sleeping face. He sure liked Judai more than a friend, he smiled widely .

"not having dirty thoughts, aren't we?" Jim teased moving only his eyes to stare at Johan.

Johan blushed slightly." w-what are you talking about he's my best friend!" Johan screamed." I wasn't having dirty thoughts about him! I really wasn't!" Johan spoke.

" ok" Jim fell a sleep faster than lightning.

" sheesh , that man disturbs you even when your thinking, gosh this trip is going to be so long" Johan told him self .

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